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Fall of the great Luna Queen


A queen was laid to rest in a sacred place, with her crystal pendant still attached to her neck. The prophecy said that only the woman with the purest heart of them all will be blessed with this pendant that holds immense power. The fall of the supernatural queen only leads to the rise of the werewolves queen, the moon goodness’s daughter.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Background of Leto’s life

Long ago, about 50 years in the past, a legend once existed. It was believed that the purest woman will be able to inherit the Luna queen’s pendant and as a result will rule over the supernatural world. It was 50 years later when a woman called Lisa brought a beautiful girl with striking red hair into the starlight pack, she called her Leto. Celebrations took place as the pack’s doctor had finally given birth after great difficulties. It was at that unsuspecting moment that rogues brutally attacked the pack. With fear dripping down in Lisa’s heart, she made a heartbreaking choice. In order to save her baby girl’s life, she quickly ran to the waterfall and left her there, with hope that someone will find her. With the battle still happening, the rogues didn’t realize her disappearance. When she was on her way back to the battlefield intense pain filled her heart, weakened her knees and it was then when she realized that the pack had lost its Alpha. Painful howls filled the air, and it was then that she realized that the rogues had succeeded. Since they where ambushed, the pack wasn’t prepared for the fight and many of the starlight members were killed. With a duty to protect Luna Sylvia, she shifted into her brown wolf, took one look at her daughter and headed to the battlefield. Not long after, every member of the starlight pack laid dead on the ground, from children , warriors to the alpha. It was that moment that Leto not only became a orphan but also a rogue. As the rogues realized that their mission was completed, the left starlight pack and went back to their territory, unaware of the little girl by the waterfall.

Author’s Note
This is my first book, please don’t mind the spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Mention your thought on the first chapter in the comment box. Enjoy!!
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