Fire and Ice


The world is split into two different sections. North and South. To the North is the Kingdom of Ice, Ajola. And to the South, the Kingdom of Fire, Epirah. In the Kingdoms, those born with "special" abilities are rare. The ability to bend the nature of your home. When a poor Ice bending girl, by chance meets the prince of the Fire kingdom, they obviously don't get along. But when a war is on the verge of breaking, will they be able to work together to save the land? And what will they do with these new blossoming affections they have for eachother?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Thousands of years ago, before you and me, there was a land, a land that was separated.

The Ajolians to the North and the Epirians to the South. Two kingdoms divided. Fire and Ice. Ice and Fire...

Jung Minsu:

Jung Minsu woke up one evening to the sound of swords clanging. Fighting. Her village being attacked. She immediately got out of bed, running to where her mother was cowering in the corner.

"Minnie," her mother said, "I want you to run. Run and never look back"

"But mother I-"

"No. Run," her mother insisted, "And whatever you do, hide your power. Hide your gift."

Her gift...The ice running through her veins. It was more like a curse. Here in Ajola, the ability to bend Ice is a curse. A horrible curse that could get you killed. But not in her parents eyes. No. They loved her for who she was. And her father had given his life to ensure her safety...

Her mother continued, "Run South. Run to Epirah, and be safe. But whatever you do, never use your ice."

And so she'd run. She'd run, leaving everything behind. Her mother, her friends, And she'd run, young as she was, to Epirah, and she'd finally escape this horrid place she called home.

Mark Tuan:

As the prince of the kingdom of Epirah, Mark had many responsibilities. Responsibilities he chose- and got away with- neglecting. But being next in line for the throne was one he couldn't ever forget.

There was many things Epirah was not. But what they were, was of accepting the ability to shape flame.

Naturally being a hot headed person, some may ask you if you were a Flame Seeker. That's what they called them. Flame Seekers. Those who could take their natural landscape, and turn it into something beautiful. But they were rare.

"Prince Tuan," a guard said, walking up to Mark

"Ha-ha, very funny Jackson," Mark replied smoothly, looking at his best friend-and personal body guard.

"Hey Mark, Your father wants to see you," his friend said, "And he asked me to personally escort you to him"

As they wandered through the castle, to the throne room of the King of the Fire Kingdom, Mark had a vision.

He was older, maybe by a few years, and he was walking through a village near the border. He'd always loved the Dahlia's bloomed right around this time. This village was the only place they could grow, due to the slightly below average temperature. Suddenly, northerners began to flood the square, attacking the people. And just before they got to him, they were skewered by ice. Giant icicles erupting from the ground. And in the middle of it, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. In the middle of it was an Ice Bender...

Note: Hey mochis, Jiwoo here. What do you think of chapter 1 of my new story? I have a thing for Mark Anyways, don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments. I'll read them all! Love you~ Have an AMAZING weekend!
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