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Running with the wolf


Lila woke up on the warm sand. Her head hurt badly. Her clothes were soaked. The water laped at her feet. What happened? Where is Mum and Dad? Why dose my head hurt SO BAD? She sat up and looked around “Mum?! Dad?!” She yelled frantically “where are you?” No one answered. She got to her feet, and started to walk towards something shiny in the sand. She picked it up and she gasped, there in her hand was her Mums bracelet. “No!” She cried and she started to run down the beach. “MUM!! DAD!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!” She shouted, she fell to her knees, a tear trickled down her cheek. She whipped her cheek with her sleeve, then she got to her feet and went to the spot where she woke up. She saw a barrel on her run and she wondered if she could open it. The wood of the barrel was soft and easy to open, inside the barrel there was a apple and a knife there was a rock and some rope. she took out the apple. She was STARVING. Looks good. she took a bite of the apple. Surprisingly it was ripe! She looked at the forest, I can’t stay here forever I need to find a cave or something to seek shelter. She took a deep breath and walked toward the forest.....

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