Midnight, Towards the Dark

A Prank or Two

Rosalie had the perfect idea of how to freak Emmett out. This phase mostly involved me, and William. Rose would be in this as well, but wouldn't play a big role.

I walked up to Emmett, who was sitting on the couch and sat next to him.

"Hey Emmett!" I said cheerfully.

Emmet grinned, having no idea what was going on. I felt sincerely bad for him. This was a part of bonding. Bonding by harassing family members.

I popped myself next to him.

He totally ignored me. Good.

"Emmett, did you know that Rosalie said I could take you?" I asked, trying to hide my smile.

He freaked out.

"Ahh! I think Sophie's hitting on me! JASPER!!!"

Of course. Any emotional changes hits Jasper. Heehee.

William glared at Emmett, and Rosalie glared at him as well. Emmett shrunk under their gaze. Jasper ran downstairs, with Carlisle on his tail.

"Jasper! How many times have I said this?" Carlisle yelled.

"It wasn't me!" Jasper yelled.

Carlisle, too busy to talk, ignore him and went straight to his office without giving us a second glance.

After they were both gone, we all snickered softly, trying not to let anyone hear. Edward explained to Emmett what was going on (paper) and Emmett gladly participated. (And apologized to Rosalie a thousand times).

"Alice!" Bella sang.

Alice waltzed downstairs, and dragged us with her to her little room. Where Jasper was sulking and being a dreadful little cloud. I shrugged at him and then turned my attention to Rosalie. We pretended to chit chat.

I couldn't help but overhear Alice...

"So, you know how we're all dating right?" Alice asked Bella.

Bella nodded with a smile. "What about that?"

"Well, who's most handsome? Emmett?" Alice asked, giggling.

Jasper was listening now. He tried to look bored and gloomy, but his eyes were focused on their conversation.

Suddenly, Bella winced. She was to think of something super gross, so Jasper would know how she felt about Emmett.

"What about Jasper?" Alice whispered softly, giggling.

Bella didn't say anything, but Jasper looked disorientated. Bella was supposed to think of something super romantic. An experience with Edward perhaps or something. Obviously, it worked.

I glanced over at Jasper.

"Jasper! Are you alright?" I asked.

He nodded and rubbed his head, looking very scared.

Sorry Jasper. Sorry.

It was time for William and Esme's part.

Esme was washing her hands. William stood next to her, and smiled.

"Here, do you need a backrub?" he asked nicely.

Esme nodded, "Of course! Thank you!" she said with absolute surprise.

So Will began.

Jasper heard, and quickly ran downstairs. We were "spying" on them, and Jasper joined us.

"Oh gosh! Will's hitting on Esme!" he said.

Of course, the vampire hearings triggered it.

Carlisle fled downstairs. Will jumped away from Esme, and Jasper looked like he was facing doom. Jasper really should've lowered his voice. Rose was counting on Jasper being too shocked to keep quiet.

For the first time, Carlisle looked mad. Well, just frantic and mad.

"Jasper!" Carlisle said, trying to keep his tone down.

Of course. All the love that was going on was his fault. He can control moods. Rosalie had gotten her revenge. For messing with her emotions, he'd take the toll of messing up everyone's emotions.

Esme quickly calmed Carlisle down and told him to hunt with her, saying she had to tell him something. Carlisle relaxed a bit, and they flew out the door.

We all stared at Jasper. It was very hard to not laugh.

Will grabbed my hand and we fled upstairs to avoid laughing in front of Jasper.

I started giggling, and Will was still trying not to laugh. Jasper could hear us, but he wouldn't know what I was laughing about.

Maybe Rose and I would get along!

By tormenting family!

Isn't that funny?

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