Midnight, Towards the Dark

Medical Issues, For A Vampire

Esme had explained everything to Carlisle.

We still haven't told Jasper. Yet. Alice said we would tell him when he would accidentally say something about me being in love with him.

"Mom!" I yelled.

My mom looked up from the TV and waved at me. She patted the couch to let me sit next to her. I obeyed and watched the TV show.

"So, I just realized something," my mom started.

I looked at her questioningly.


"I just wanted to say...ever since winter break, you've been extremely close to the Cullens," she accused.

I nodded. "Yeah, I know."

"Why do you keep going there? It is really just your friends? Or is there one of them that you like?" she asked.

I stiffened.

"Mom! They're just really good friends to me! They're like...a second family. Only to you mom," I added.

"All of them are friends with you, right? Plus his parents?" my mom asked desperately.

I nodded. "Yeah. Jasper's still a little tense on the edges, but they all love me like I'm their own family."

My mom seemed to relax.

After the little questioning session, I ran upstairs. First thing I did was check my face. After conversations like this, my face would always get a little red.

I snapped my head around and almost screamed.

"Will! Please do not scare me like that!" I hissed softly.

William shrugged and stood next to me.

"The problem. Your face has a blush to it. Why? It's obviously not makeup," he said.

He touched his fingertip to my face.

"It is a bit hotter than our usual skin. We should probably talk to Carlisle about this-"

"No! I'm fine! What's wrong with a little bit of blood?" I asked firmly.

"You're not a full vampire! The Volturi, the coven in Italy I told you about, could kill you! For not being a complete vampire! They killed children, and threatened to kill Bella before as well alright? So who says they're not going to kill you? They also tried to kill Nessie!" he exploded.

"Look, I'll be fine. I'll tell Carlisle if this doesn't go away in a week. That's a fair time, and I think that's good enough," I answered.

Will didn't look convinced, so he sighed.

"If you say so...I gotta go home," he mumbled.

It's been a week. Whenever something embarrassing happens, my cheeks still heat up. William forced me to go to Carlisle.

My excuse to my mom was, "Alice need some help picking out her clothes for some family gathering. I might stay over night, just in case. I'll eat dinner at their house. That okay?"

My mom has let me out of the house easier than ever before. It's probably because she knew Carlisle and Esme were people to be trusted, and had raised seven wonderful teenagers, without exploding in frustration.

Before I even knocked on the door, Alice opened it for me.

"Oh gosh, he was right!" she said, as she pulled my arm inside and shoved me to Carlisle.

"Her face is red!" Alice said.

I was about to say, "It isn't," when she slapped me. Hard. Okay, now it was red. It didn't hurt, but this was a way to tell if there was blood left.

Everyone gathered around me, looking at the cheek Alice had harshly slapped.

"She's right!" Rosalie breathed.

Jasper tsked. "What do we do?"

Carlisle examined my face more carefully.

"Edward, Esme, Bella. Go get a needle," Carlisle ordered.

I stiffened. He's gonna poke my skin open! Could my skin be opened with a needle? Well, if I still have blood in me, it might mean my vampire skin in that area isn't as hard!

Esme brought the needle down. It was sharp.

"This won't hurt a bit," Carlisle said.

I closed my eyes, trying to make this pass as easily as possible. It was hard.

He poked the needle on my skin. It didn't hurt at all.

But then I peeked open my eyes, there was a drop of blood. On the needle.

They all breathed in the smell. Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper all covered their faces and hurried out of the room. Esme sighed and looked at me apologetically before walking out the room as well. The only people that remained was Carlisle, Edward, Bella, Alice, and William.

"What's wrong with her?" Bella asked, voice full of concern.

Carlisle sighed.

"I'm not sure. We'd have to do some research, but we do know one thing. There's still blood in her system. It may not be too much, but it's definitely enough for somebody to drink. She still has a possibility of dying. Plus, her skin isn't as hard as ours..." he whispered.

Will was suddenly standing next to me, tense and worried.

Carlisle started heading upstairs.

"Edward, a little help? Oh, and get Jasper as well," he said before going to his office.

Obviously, they were going to see what was wrong with me!

I sat down on a chair. A little bit confused. Why? Why didn't this happen to any of them? They were totally fine!

Maybe this is where I got my talent. Too many questions unanswered.


Bella wasn't looking good. She actually looked really worried. I was now worried for her as well!

"You'll be fine," Alice mumbled.

"So far," she added at the end.

So she couldn't see that I had human blood left over. She only saw what would happen if I were a pure vampire. Wouldn't that just make it easier?

William said that the Volturi might hunt me down. Only now was I beginning to draw all this in. What do I do?

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