Midnight, Towards the Dark

Worry Worry, Pressure

I was panicking. I hated to say so.

William's POV

All day long, Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper were bottled up in the library, and surfing the internet for reasons why Sophie still had human blood inside her. It was a very complicated situation.

Rosalie even looked worried! And how much does it take for Rosalie to get worried?

Sophie didn't look nervous at all! She actually looked a bit relieved when she knew that she still had human blood inside of her!

I turned on my heels and left the room. Alice and Bella seemed to be trying to calm the now panicking Sophie. She probably just realized what danger her life was in.

Why did I ever ask Carlisle to save her that day? I mean, we have to be lots more careful now, and she isn't even complete!

I closed my eyes to tune out everything that was echoing throughout the house. Peace and quie-


My meditation was ruined. I glanced out the window and saw Sophie run out the door and towards her own house. Oh, so she slammed the door on people who were trying to help her.

Just great.

"So, when are you gonna tell her?"

"Bella..." I said.

She shrugged. "Hey, she's gonna realize it sooner or later and ask you. Then you won't get a chance to lie," she grinned and I knew she was right.

"I know, I know," I mumbled.

There are no secrets in this house of course. Rosalie had brought Emmett to Carlisle just like I brought Sophie to him. See a similarity?

Bella rolled her eyes and shut my door. I kept staring at the windows. It might've been hours, but probably only seconds had passed.

Alice was coming upstairs.

"Will! You're going to have to tell her sooner or later! I've seen it!" she said behind my door.

I groaned as she opened it and sat down on an empty chair.

"It's none of your business."

Alice sighed, "Of course it's my business! Anything that's going on in this house is my business!" she said in shock.

Of course. There are no secrets in this house. Of course...They all know, I should know they all know.

"Alice, it's my choice," I repeated.

She shrugged, "With Sophie's powers, it's hard to say..." she mumbled.

Of course. Sophie's talent is just hard to avoid. You can't avoid it. Unless you're Bella and you have mental shield powers. I have none of these powers.

Sophie looked worried at school the next day. Her way of talking to her friends also became harder. She went around every human that crossed her path.

"Hi Sophie," Alice greeted.

Sophie saw us coming. Her crouched figure straightened a bit and she flashed a smile at us.

"Hey guys! I was just wondering when you'd get here!" she said happily.

She motioned at the empty seats around the table. One was left empty, but Sophie didn't seem to care much about it. She stared at us, before looking like she was going to explode.

"Uh, Sophie?" I asked.

She groaned.

"The smell! It just bothers me so much! I can't help but feel like I might attack anyone at this second!" she hissed softly.

Alice shook her head, "Pull through, and you'll be fine," she advised.

Sophie swallowed as if trying to get rid of the thirst, and obviously failed. Her eyes glanced around the room, as if trying to pinpoint which human tasted the best.

"Alice," I said.

Alice grabbed her left arm, and Sophie suddenly stiffened.

"Alice..." she said.

I didn't bother. Alice had to hold her down. She obviously was stressed by everything that was going on, and this was slipping through her.

Sophie kept wiggling though. So I grabbed onto her right arm.

Alice suddenly raised her hand.

The teacher noticed. "Yes, Alice?"

Alice looked at the teacher with pleading eyes.

"Sophie doesn't feel good! William and I were wondering if we could drive her home," Alice asked.

I glared at Sophie, and she faced the teacher.

Since, all teachers were charmed by Alice, she agreed. This was a little mean, to use these looks to charm teachers, but this was an emergency situation!

The teacher reluctantly agreed, and then told us to be back as fast as possible.

Alice thanked the teacher, and we both grabbed Sophie, dragged her right out to our car.

"Ugh, thanks. The smell was getting too strong for me," she moaned.

The red was back in her face. Frustration probably.

I told Alice to drive, while I tried to comfort Sophie. She was feeling extremely guilty that she even wanted to attack people. Her friends!

"We all do that. Now, if you did attack a classroom full of children," I mumbled.

That would be bad, and we'd probably be killed by the Volturi as soon as it happened. Unless, we killed everyone in the entire school ourselves.

Alice sped up the street. She ignored any other cars that were coming towards us, or honking their horns.

"I think," Alice mumbled, "It's time for you to spend another relaxing night at our house. You and Rose can do whatever you two want, and please just relax."

Wow. Alice is giving me permission to harass family members! She really wants me to calm down. I nodded in agreement and grinned.

"Tonight?" I asked.

William nodded. "Sure, why not? Tomorrow's Saturday anyway. Your mom won't mind right?" he asked.

I shook my head. "I don't think so. Could I freeload at your house till the time school ends?" I asked.

William laughed. "Sure Sophie."

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