Midnight, Towards the Dark

Slumber Party!!

When we got everything worked out with my mother (it was simple), I ran over to their house.

I burst through the door

"Finally Sophie! You're here!" Alice yelled excitedly.

She knew when I would get here...

Anyways, this seemed like fun.

Everyone was gathered up in the living room, as if just waiting for me to arrive. Alice hopped up and clapped her hand.

"Alright Alice, what have you got planned?" Carlisle asked with a chuckle.

Alice grinned. "We are going to have an official Cullens' slumber party! For Sophie. First, we're going to do pranks, for the pleasure of Rosalie and Sophie." Alice winked at me, and Rosalie rolled her eyes, but leaned back.

Everyone, but Jasper, all cracked up. Alice clapped her hands to get everyone's attention again.

"Sophie and Rosalie are going to be planning out a series of pranks. Blue and red team. Edward, Bella, Esme, will be on the blue team with Sophie and Rosalie. Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, William and I will be on the red team. Blue team is in charge of pranks. One hour. Blue time wins if red team falls for at least five pranks. And...go!" she yelled.

Immediately, everyone on the red team scattered.

"So, what's the plan?" Bella asked.

Rosalie grinned, and motioned us all to go outside. A good fifty miles later, she explained the plan to us.

"We're going to sabotage Carlisle this time!" she said happily.

"How?" Bella said.

Rosalie chuckled. "Any situation, where someone's life is threatened puts him on edges. Let's make this dramatic. We need to make it look like we were planning another prank, and then you," she pointed to me. "and Edward are going to start flirting. Bella, I need you act so mad, that you 'slit' her throat and set her on fire. Not really. We're just gonna set fire to a wood that'll be placed next to Sophie. The kitchen is stone, so that'll be fine. But we should bring water just in case," she added.

Esme was concerned about scaring Carlisle too badly, but Rosalie assured her it'd be fine. Edward wanted to veto scaring Carlisle, but Bella said it's one of our best shots before he agreed as well.

Rosalie drew the rest of the seven pranks she had came up with on a piece of paper, explaining everything to us in great detail. Gosh, Rosalie seemed evil!

"And go!" she hissed.

We all raced back to the house, and we started 'building' stuff together. We all kept our voices low, even though we knew they could hear us from upstairs or anywhere in the house.

"Edward! That t-shirt looks really good on you!" I whispered softly, peering extra attention to Bella. Bella glared at me, but turned her head back to Rosalie and put...powder?

Edward grinned. "Thanks! Guess what? Bella said the other day that it sucked. I'm glad somebody appreciates my fashion!" he added, glaring at Bella.

"Unlike some people," Bella said, turning her attention fully to us, "I know the difference between necessary and unnecessary. That is unnecessary. Only Alice would say it looks good," she added.

Suddenly, we heard loud thumping noises.

Rosalie screeched.

Emmett, without hesitation ran downstairs. He ran over to Rosalie to see what was wrong with her. Her hair was stained by the trash, and she had leaned gracefully over, to make it look as if she fainted.

Of course...why didn't I realize this? Alice! She can see everything! Unless, it's a split second decision!

I grabbed the mustered and squeezed it onto Emmett's hair. The mustered came from the Cullens, pretending to be normal, and human.

Rosalie started cracking up and we all started laughing.

"Fell for it Em! Sorry," she added, batting her eyelashes.

Emmett looked upset for a moment, before crackling up with us. He immediately disappeared though, in case we launched another attack on him. I heard Alice from upstairs. She was screaming at Emmett, who kept apologizing.

I started laughing and they all joined along with me.

The pranks we did were hilarious. We all planned them out, but somebody would change something. I poured hot chocolate all over William's head when he thought the chocolate would pour from the other hallway, and from a trap Rose had made.

William complained a bit, before disappearing as well. Alice got even more mad.

It was an all out war.


Carlisle carefully made his way over to us.

"Peace! I don't want anything, or spying," he added.

He carefully grabbed a book on his table. Who says we can't prank him now.

I grabbed the wooden block that Bella had gotten for our original plan and set it on the ground as quick as I could. Bella seemed to see where I was going, so she took out the match we were going to use, and set it on fire. The fire touched my pants, making look like my pants were on fire.

Carlisle gasped.

"Bella!! What are you doing?" he yelled.

I cracked up and Rose poured water over the fire. Carlisle relaxed, but that was still hilarious.

"So, we win?" I asked.

Alice groaned softly and ran downstairs.

"Yeah, I guess," she mumbled.

Alice, had something weird planned out next.

We would dress-up. And Alice would take a wonderful picture for her scrap book of memories.

"Bella! Edward! C'mon!" she yelled.

Then, she handed us all clothes. Each costume was covered with a sheet over it. I h0pe it isn't anything exposing...but Alice was a fashion freak, and she would do anything to make an outfit look good.

We each took a bathroom, and each took about two seconds changing.

Once we were done, we all gathered inside the living room and stared at each other in shock and amusement.

Carlisle and Esme were dressed up as medieval people. Esme had a puffy dress, and tried to not trip over it, as Carlisle had a very...seemingly uncomfortable suit. Alice....

Jasper and Alice were dressed up in an old fashioned, 1800's Civil War era suit and dress. Jasper looked proud. Of course. He was a confederate. This was his thing. Alice looked extremely happy that he was happy.

Emmett and Rosalie were posing as rock stars. Rosalie made everything look good, while Emmett made it look fashionable and good on everyone.

Bella and Edward had a kind of...wedding styled dress? I guess. Bella's dress was white, and Edward had a tuxedo on, so yeah.

I still couldn't figure out what mine was. It was a blouse, with regular jeans. I had thought Alice would make me wear something that'd torture me more. She didn't.

"See? I did different eras! Well, Bella and Edward are an acceptation, but isn't it cool?" she asked happily.

I see. Twenty first century stuff.

William seemed to be confused. He wore a normal shirt and stuff he usually had worn to school.

"PICTURE!" Alice screamed.

Alice...you are insane.

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