Midnight, Towards the Dark


William's POV

When we had first moved into town after I was able to control my thirst for human blood, I found nothing interesting.

It was all boring. The classes were ones I had taken before.

One day, Alice pointed something out to me. I remember her exact words that day.

"Will! Listen up!" Alice yelled.

My attention snapped to her, because we didn't need to talk that loudly to be heard.

She sighed as if I was being insane.

"Will, I can't stand it anymore. Do you know how many people here are staring at us? Like Sophie! You know, Sophie?" she asked, slowly pointing at a table, where the girl snapped her head around to talk with her other friends.

I couldn't help, but laughed. Alice seemed to think I wasn't taking it seriously enough. Everyone else came soon, and I was released from my misery.

Sophie, as Alice had said, was staring at us. Once she noticed that I too was staring at her, she immediately stiffened, but did not turn away. She had green eyes, they were light and clear.

I felt an urge to wave, but she finally turned away after her friend had called her name twice.

This girl was...different. She didn't flinch when I stared at her, which most people did.

Bella caught me staring and accused me of liking her. Jasper immediately tensed, so did Edward.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked in confusion.

That was when I got the full story of Bella and Edward. I was scared by it. How would Sophie's life turn out, if she was turned into a vampire as well?

But, I watched her more. I couldn't help myself. She was always kind to people, never talking harshly, or hurting anyone on purpose.

Sophie also had a close relationship with her mother. They were very close, and there was enough proof of that right under my nose.

However, one day, Carlisle discovered something.

There were knives, all around the forest, each laid out, and seemed to be a trap. I also saw, that Sophie always walked to those areas. She was fortunate not to have stepped on them.

Well, we went hunting that week. All of us wanted some 'real' prey, so we went over to a forest, not too far away, and came back.

I was tired, and wanted to check up on the traps set by the mysterious person, it had became a habit. But, there weren't any traps. That was the suspicious part.

Carlisle was inside, when I heard the gunshot.

It was at least two miles away. I could make it.

What I found was disturbing.

Sophie's body, sprawled on the forest ground, covered in blood all over her arms and legs...

I quickly stopped breathing and picked her up. I didn't know what I was going to do, but brought her to Carlisle. They thought I was insane.

"We're breaking the rules again! Carlisle," Rosalie had insisted.

Carlisle couldn't just watch an innocent person die, and either could the rest of them.

So he did it.

"I hope she just doesn't hate us," he mumbled.

The transformation was shocking. Of course, I had gone through it before, but now, I was witnessing it on a full scale.

She was screaming in pain, pleading with us to kill her already. Asking us why we were torturing her. Each of these times, we walked away and did what we usually did.

Those two days were so long, I couldn't imagine what was going on inside her.

When Carlisle had announced it was over, I felt so relieved.

Alice was also very protective. She had said "We're going to be really good friends! She's going to be best friends with me and Bella!" she claimed.

It was as if Alice had already called dibs on her, and nobody else could take her for themselves.

Bella just said, "We'll see how it goes."

By now, the whole house knew what I felt. Protective, overprotective. But the one that understood (surprisingly) was Edward.

He took me out on a walk, fifty miles away from the rest of them, for some privacy.

"Don't let it overwhelm you. She's special by the way, I can feel it. It's a special kind of feeling when a vampire is born special. Protect her. Transforming her was your decision in the first place," he instructed.

He knew. Bella knew.

Those two sympathized with me, comforting me whenever I was down and upset. Alice was more... "There's no problem!" before tapping her forehead.

When the two days were up...she had opened her eyes. Crimson red. I felt bad. The green eyes she used to have were so pretty and light.

Her question caught me off by surprise! I had answered her so quickly, I didn't even process what I was saying!

Embarrassed, I ran out of the room.

She was touring the house with Alice when she had said thanks, and I saw that indeed, she was kind. Brave. She had asked if her mom would be alright.

That's when I knew, I loved her.

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