Midnight, Towards the Dark


I stared at William with amused eyes. Okay, so he admitted he was jealous. Then, I felt worried. He was jealous, but maybe he just thought I was part of the family.

When I had opened my eyes, into my new life, as a vampire, I had rarely noticed him. He was just kinda there, keeping tabs on me.

It wasn't until my mom had begun my imprisonment did I see how protective he was.

"Bye guys!" I said, waving as they dropped my off at my house.

A lot of stuff was on my mind.

For example, what did I think of William?

I loved him of course, but on that high of a scale?

Before I became a vampire, the only thing I felt for the Cullens were a sense of admiration. They always acted so...confident. Others might've described it as "too full of themselves" but I thought they weren't actually trying to be like that.

It was just natural!

William was...I guess you could say, the easiest, yet the hardest one to understand.

Once you think you got him figured out, he turns out to be completely different!

My mom said hi to me, before going back to making dinner. I tried my best to return the gesture, it didn't look convincing.

"Sophie!" she yelled.

I silently groaned and came back downstairs.

"What's wrong?"

I really didn't want to have to explain this to her. She was strong, and always knew what was right and what was wrong. I'm sure she could kind of understand the situation...

Taking a deep breath, I started talking.

"Well, you see, a few weeks ago at school, this guy wanted me to go out with him, and I said no. William, William Cullen, asked me what I was thinking when I said no. So I said that I didn't really like that guy in the first place. So then I asked him if he was jealous," I inhaled sharply, realizing I haven't even breathed for thirty seconds, which a normal person would've.

My mom took a minute to suck all of that in.

"What'd he say?" she asked intensely. A little too intensely.

I fidgeted.

"Well, uh..." I paused for a moment. "Well, he said that the guy who asked me out wasn't good enough for me," I said quietly.

Mom's eyes were now shining, as if she had won some big lottery prize

I was shocked! Instead of scared, my mom was excited?

"He said that he excels in certain categories," I mumbled.

Wait a minute! He avoided my question! Well, kinda. He had said he excels in certain categories, so I guess it was an indirect yes. That...

My mom cut off my thought process.

She smiled a big fat smile, for a minute, I was worried her face would split apart due to it.

She hugged me super tight, and I fought the urge to push her away. If I did...well, there'd be more than just a few bruises and broken bones.

"Sophie! I'm so happy for you!" she said, finally letting me go.

"Uh, about what?" I asked.

She almost squealed like a little girl! I could tell!

"Sophie! You obviously like him! And he obviously likes you! This reminds me of high school. Anyways, what's he like? His personality? I've seen him, but I don't know that much about about them, tell me everything!" she exclaimed.

I was now suddenly worried that William was inside my room right now, because I heard a tiny little breath. A quick one.

"Yeah, uh, mom. Thanks for telling me, I'll talk to you later, at dinner, gotta do homework! Bye!" I flew upstairs, using vampire speed when my mom couldn't see me anymore.

William was in my room.

I awkwardly looked at him, and the laughed nervously.

"Hi..." I said quietly.

He looked like he wanted to die of embarrassment. I glanced quickly at my mirror. My cheeks were redder than ever before, probably containing all the blood that was left inside my system.

He nodded a brief greeting at pointed at my backpack.


Yeah, I need help with my homework.

I sighed and pulled out my Calculus textbook and notebook. I really want to melt into a blob right now, and just sink.

"I'm guessing you heard that conversation," I mumbled.

William nodded, "Yeah."

When I looked up again, instead of embarrassed, he was amused!

"Are you seriously thinking this is funny? My mom could be hyperventilating right now..."

He agreed.

"She could. Or she might not be."

I sat stiffly on my chair, and glanced through all the problems.

Several of the other classes had easy homework, and others had hard ones. After the transformation, I had discovered classes had gotten fairly easier.

While others, like calculus, remained harder.

William's POV:

She was sitting in her chair, doing her problems, while I looked outside the window.

She thought it was amusing for me?! No!

It was embarrassing, and I only laughed to shrug it off! She does not understand how much pain that was. I have to keep track of her mom now...she's dangerous.

When I turned back to her, I heard a soft breathing.


Sophie was asleep?!

I stared at her in bewilderment. She had one hand over her textbook, and she rested her head on the other one. She was definitely not a full vampire.

I felt protective of her. She was going to be a target for the Volturi soon if we don't figure out what going on. Plus, I also have another worry.

She has human blood inside of her. She craves human blood. Would she-

But she would still be alive, right?

No. Nothing is positive right now. Carlisle, Edward, and Jasper are still trying to figure things out.

Sometimes, I wondered about the future.

I brushed a strand of hair from Sophie's face. A scent of vanilla and chocolates swirled around me. She didn't stir, and she kept on snoozing.

Did anyone feel as protective of someone as I feel protective of Sophie? I highly doubt that, even though Bella does insist Edward was a big worrier.

Ha. Edward being worried for a vampire who can't be affected by mental powers. Even as she was human.

Sophie still didn't wake up after ten minutes. It was time I went and reported back to Carlisle on my latest discovery. Is she perhaps, some kind of half vampire? Like Renesmee?

I glanced at her one last time, before launching myself out of the window.

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