Midnight, Towards the Dark

I'm Not Brave At All

I jerked up from my calculus textbook to hear my mom calling me for dinner.

Did I just...fall asleep?

"Hold on a sec mom!" I yelled.

I grabbed my phone from my desk, and dialed Alice's number.


"Alice! Alice, I fell asleep!" I yelled urgently.

She paused for a moment.

"Yeah, Will said. Carlisle's working on it. We'll talk to you about it at school tomorrow. They're yelling about which source to use, I have to go calm them down, bye!" she said.

And she hung up.

Great. Now I know for sure the Volturi will hunt me down and probably kill me!

Next morning, the doorbell rang.

I, of course, was awake. I tried to slow my reaction down a bit.

My mom bolted downstairs and flung the door open.

I heard Alice's soft and calming voice.

"Hi, I have to talk with Sophie...about a school project we're supposed to turn in today. It's worth a lot of points, and I just want to talk over it with her. I already called her, and I just wanted to tell you. We're going over to my house, Esme approves," she quickly explained.

My mom seemed to have agreed.

"Go ahead Alice. She's in her room. Wake her up if you must," she said with no pity.

I wanted to say, "Traitor!"

Alice came upstairs, and sat down on my bed. I was wrapped in my blankets, and I felt utterly helpless.

"C'mon, Carlisle wants to talk to you," she motioned for me to follow her.

I only shrunk into my blanket.

"Sophie. There's nothing wrong with you! Carlisle thinks it might've been his venom! Or maybe, you family have some kind of anti-venom body!" she pulled my arm, but I held on to my mattress.

Eventually, she dragged me out.

I sulked on the car, all the way to their house. William, Edward, and Bella greeted me outside while I continued sulking.

Carlisle asked me questions.

"Do you know anything about your medical history? Or maybe the pain...what was the pain like?" he asked.

"Burning," I quickly replied. "Burning. Like there was a fire in my body."

It seemed that it was fine.

Carlisle left with Edward right behind them, while they started digging through books again.

The whole house seemed to be in a bad mood. It was all because of me...

As I walked across the house, looking for just random stuff, I came across a violin in a closet.

"Cool..." I mumbled.

From upstairs, Carlisle said something.

"It's a violin from the eighteen hundreds. I kept it with me for a fairly long time. Know how to play?"


"Play something. Edward is too busy to play the piano, so we need a little music to calm ourselves" he encouraged.

Well...I haven't played for about six months, but I knew enough technique.

First, I plucked each string. G....D....A...E...

I fixed the tune a bit, trying not to harm the delicate instrument with roughness of any kind.

Tightening the bow string, I held it above the D string, and began.

I wished there was an entire orchestra here. That would've made the volume and pitch better.

Now having played violin for six years, I could almost say I had perfect pitch.

So I composed while playing. I wove melodies together, so that it wouldn't be simple and plain. Harmony was added later on, and I even played double string at some parts.

I ended up, with a composition I had no name for.

"What a lovely piece," Esme commented.

I smiled at her, and then placed the violin back into the case.

"I didn't know you played the violin," William commented, as he walked over to me. "Let's go hunt."

I wiped my mouth after two birds. They were pretty small, but I couldn't take anymore than that.

William surprised me with a large diet.

"Sorry, I haven't hunted in two weeks."

"Nothing to be sorry about. It's just killing all the wildlife Will," I added in a teasing tone.

Alice dropped from the trees.

"Hey you two, we're going inside. Carlisle thinks he's found something. Oh yeah, Renesmee and Jacob are here."

William's eyes popped open. "What are Renesmee and Jacob doing here?" he asked.

Alice shrugged, "Bella sent for Renesmee, and where Renesmee goes, there's Jacob. They're a package deal. You two better come before someone throws a fit!"

Alice ran towards the house, while William and I just stared at her in shock.

"Renesmee...this ought to be interesting," William mumbled.

Renesmee Cullen...

What was she like? And why would Bella possibly invite her to come over right now?

"Don't ask me why Bella invited her," William said as I asked him why.

Hm...I guess he really doesn't know. Unless, he was building up anti answering skills.

I shrugged and focused my anger on something else.

"Woah! Sophie, calm down! I can feel your anger from all the way over here!" Jasper yelled as we started walking towards the house.

I chuckled. "Very funny."

Why is Renemsee here? I'm still super confused!

When we got inside the house, William opened the door for me. I didn't bother to say thanks, and rushed in.

Bella was talking with Renesmee and Jacob on a couch.

It seemed that Renesmee was probably...about fourteen or fifteen? And then the large man that stood next to her had to be at least twenty.

Alice smiled.

"That's Renesmee, and Jacob," she introduced.

Renesmee waved, and walked over to me. I could tell she was Bella and Edward's child. Curly brown hair, and her eyes were brown, which used to be Bella's eye color. She was pale, but definitely not as pale as we were.

Wait a minute. Does Jacob know...

Suddenly, Renesmee touched my cheek.

I stiffened, but then saw something.

An image, of Jacob getting angry when they knew that William had been turned into a vampire. I shuddered at just the image of it.

Don't say anything. Just say you were already a vampire, and stumbled upon them...

I didn't know how Renesmee did that, but when she removed her hands, I was gasping.

"That's her power," Edward explained.

I raised my eyebrow. She had communicated to me, with projecting images in my mind. Almost like a twist of Edward's powers.

Edward had seen the images Renesmee showed me. His eyes shown clearly of the fact, that if Jacob figured out what had happened to me, they would be in big trouble.

Jacob seemed tense, but friendly enough. Could he really turn into a wolf?


Alice started rambling on about how I 'found' them. It was only a matter of time before he figured it out. I mean, I'm going to have to go find my mom after school (which is in...five minutes).

Five minutes!

I grabbed William and Alice.

"Well yeah, it was nice meeting you two, we have to go to school now bye!" I yelled, and bolted out the door.

William stopped me in front of their car.

"Calm down! Why are you freaking out?" he asked.

I shrugged, "No reason. We just have to get to school on time," I said, tapping on my watch.

Alice rolled her eyes, before opening the car door and telling me to get in.

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