Midnight, Towards the Dark


Alice, William, and I hopped off the car and into school. I was in a bad mood, and the scent of humans didn't really help it.

Twice, I was almost late to class!

Finally, during lunch, Alice had enough of it. Well...it was about the time that her patience faded and I snapped the string.

"Sophie! Stop being so gloomy. Whatever it is, we'll take care of it. By being sad, you're burdening us!" she cried out in agony.

I tried to laugh, maybe even look a bit amused. It didn't seem that way.

William sighed. "Alice, instead of forcing her to be happy, why not just try to make her happy. How about this," he turned to me. "I'll take you hunting again! Maybe...across the state border. Up for birds?"

My eyes immediately brightened, and I wanted to jump up and down.

"Yeah! Definitely!" I said as I finally calmed down.

Alice rolled her eyes, "Oh, so I tell you to calm down, and all it takes is hunting birds?"

I nodded.

"Ugh. Have fun lovebirds," she mumbled before sulking away for her next class.

William and I sat there in shock. Did she just say lovebirds...?

I shrugged it off quickly and started rambling on about other stuff. Anything other than that. I still felt unsettled after my mom's chat with me, and I'd rather not have anyone bring that up.

Oh wait. It was a pun wasn't it.

I was freaking out so much about that I had missed the pun about hunting for birds.

Sluggishly, I moved through the school day with almost no patience what so ever.

I couldn't believe it when school was finally over. I ran outside so quickly that my vampire gracefulness almost tripped me up as I ran towards my house.

"Hey mom!" I yelled.
She turned her head around and had a chocolate stuck inside her mouth.

"Did you finish your homework?" she asked.

I nodded and dropped my stuff off in my room.

"Be home for dinner!" I yelled.

For a few weeks now, I've been going to their house day after day. My mom knows what I'm doing. She doesn't care all that much since she does know they're a responsible family.

Without looking back at all, I turned towards the forest without making any rounds over places.


I stopped in front of William and grinned.

"Right on time! Now, just like you promised. The state border, and birds," I said with confidence.

"I know, I know. We can cross into California or Washington. I'd prefer Washington. What do you think?" he asked casually.

I paused for a moment. "Washington sounds good."

So we started running. I think we were pretty close to the state borders by now.

Suddenly, I felt sick.


I shook my head and sat down on the ground, panting. I really didn't feel good. Like a flu.

This isn't good. Vampires don't get sick. They don't get the flu!

I felt something cold and icy touch my forehead. Flinching away, I moaned and shoved it away from me.

"Sophie! You're burning up!" William yelled.

"I'm fine," I insisted.

No. There can't be something wrong with me. It'd just cause everyone to panic even more! I swayed a bit and tried to get up.

"Sophie! Stop moving!" he yelled.

By now, everything was just a small blur inside my vision. Everything was dark, and cloudy.

Something picked me up lightly off the ground.

And carried me back slowly, and carefully.

Just like that time, when I got shot. Before I knew about vampires.

Alice was rushing over to me as I carried her back to our house. She looked frantic, and yelled.

"Get her in Will!" she yelled.

I didn't need to be told. Alice had motioned for me to put her on the couch. I quickly obeyed.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked.

Alice sighed. "Renesmee and Jacob are going back. They just wanted to say hi. Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett sent them on their way. Carlisle and Esme went off to hunt, they haven't hunted anything for at least a month now, they're eyes are pitch black. Jasper is in here...Jasper!"

Jasper came downstairs and glanced at us.

"There he is."

"What happened? I heard you guys carrying her in, she fainted?" he asked in shock.

I nodded gloomily and motioned helplessly at her.

She seemed to be panting hard in her sleep, and sweat was rolling off her head. Vampires could sweat? I didn't know that. But then of course, Sophie is anything but a regular vampire.

"Carlisle's on his way back," Alice said, as she fumbled around with her phone.

That made me feel slightly better. Even if Carlisle had no idea what was going on, he was trained in medicine.

Jasper glanced at me. "Will, calm down. She'll be fine, right Alice?"

Alice shrugged, "After that time the blood rushed into her cheeks, I've been unable to see anything that'll happen to her. Just like Renesmee."

Oh no.

Alice buried her face into her hands. Jasper looked extremely guilty for asking her.

This is bad. So bad...

Sophie mumbled something.

"This is bad, I have to get some...food. Ugh, so hungry," she mumbled.

Hungry? Shouldn't thirsty be the word? But...last time Sophie had any blood was like four days ago. She shouldn't be this thirsty.

My eyes brightened.

"Alice! She has human blood inside of her! She can't get all the nutrition from blood! Get her human food!" I yelled urgently.

Jasper and Alice didn't need to be told twice. Alice opened the refrigerator and grabbed a slice of bread. Jasper slapped some beef onto it, and they covered it before throwing it to me.

I caught it perfectly on my palm, and held it to her. She didn't have any reaction to it.

"Sophie, I have a beef sandwich here," I said calmly.

She seemed to wince, but she opened her eyes a bit, and opened a bit of her mouth.

I ripped off a bit of the bread, and fed it to her.

She chewed it slowly, before forcefully swallowing it.

She coughed a bit, but seemed to have gained energy back. I now fed the sandwich to her whole, and she was able to bite off chunks of it and eat.

After she was done with the whole sandwich she no longer looked sick, or anything. She looked perfectly fine, and sat eagerly up on the couch.

"Thanks William, Alice, Jasper," she greeted, with a smile.

I gave out a long and relieved sigh.

Alice smiled and glanced at the refrigerator.

"Hey, want some more? We've got a lot for our "humans act"," Alice said, grinning.

Sophie smiled, "Sure!"

By the time Carlisle was home, Sophie was perfectly fine, and munching on another sandwich.

We were all scared to death, but now knew why Sophie was weak and tired. It might also explain why she slept.

However, she didn't show any reactions until the last minute, which was surprising. Carlisle did a proper check up with her though, just to make sure she was fine.

"I'm fine, honestly! I feel much better after that mean," Sophie promised Carlisle.

Eventually, once Carlisle was done inspecting, Sophie left. I didn't trust her to go alone, way too dangerous in the state that she's in, so I went along with her.

I was so scared, at the thought of loosing her, it scared me half to death! (Even though that's impossible)

She was humming quietly, the song she had played on the violin.

Looking down at my hand, I saw I was firmly gripping hers. None of us had noticed.

Suddenly, she laughed.

"What? What?" I asked. Did I do something wrong? Weird? Awkward?

She waved it off. "No, it's just that you guys act so...protective. But I feel perfectly fine!"

I looked at her with a faraway gaze. Slowly, just in case she might react in some negative way, I drew her in for a hug.

"You will not believe how worried I was," I murmured, burying my face into her light golden hair.

She laughed again and hugged me tighter. "I'm fine! There are more important things to worry about." she said.

I shook my head. "No. You are absolutely worth protecting."

We stood there for a moment, in the woods, without anyone interrupting.

I finally let go of her, and she blushed.

"Well, I have to get home now before my mom starts hyperventilating!" she rambled.

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