Midnight, Towards the Dark


I took a deep breath in, and out.

"Alright, I want somebody to explain to me what just happened!" I yelled.

Then, I heard the weirdest thing. A soft speedy mumble. So fast I couldn't have caught it, but I did.

"You're a vampire now because you were about to die, and I basically saved your life by bringing you to Carlisle. You're going to have to drink animal's blood for the rest of your life and keep in close contact with us, if not live with us. You are immortal and will live forever."

I shrieked.

"William! Stop scaring her!" Alice scolded.

William frowned and shook his head, as if clearing it and then walked away.

I was still freaking out, when I felt this wave of calmness hit me, but it didn't do much effect. I was...shivering, of fear.

Bella patted my back, which made me almost jump up.

"It's very strange, yes. But you were in the woods, maybe a mile or two from here, and somebody shot you. We were...hunting, and then when we got back, you already lost too much blood. We really didn't have any choice," Bella added gently.

Dr. Cullen cleared his throat, "Yeah. Bella and William pretty much explained it to you. Are you not thirsty?"

Thirsty? For blood?

Should I be? I'm not...

"No...I'm not thirsty at all," I mumbled.

Dr. Cullen glanced at Edward, who gave a little nod before they all gasped.

"What? What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" I asked quickly.

Alice joined the conversation, "It's just that you're controlling yourself so well, so they all think you're planning to do something bad," Alice rolled her eyes, "which she is not."

Breathe in, and out, and in, and out. Sophie, stop freaking out. What's so bad about being a vampire? It's not that bad.

"Oh it can be," Edward said.

I moaned in distress.

"Dr. Cullen-" I began to say.

"Please, call me Carlisle."

"Carlisle, I need to know two things. One, is the person who shot me trying to kill just me? Or my mom as well? Two, can I go back home?" I asked calmly.

Jasper twitched.

Mrs. Cullen seemed surprised, and very happy to hear what I just said.

"Sophie, I'm Esme. We don't know about the person who shot you. But...going back home," she glanced over to Carlisle, who sighed.

"Not now. The whole town is looking for you. We'd have to come up with a story to which why you disappeared. Alice?" Carlisle said.

Alice nodded, "Yeah, I got one."

"Now what?" I groaned.

Alice flashed a smile, a perfect set of teeth.

"Let's go hunting!" she chirped.

Bella nodded at Alice, as if worried about her.

"I'll come as well. You're only a few minutes old. Who knows what will happen in these woods?" she said earnestly.

They jumped out the window.

"Uh, isn't that a little too high?" I asked nervously.

Alice motioned for me to jump, again.

I took a deep breath in, and jumped down.

"Wow. This is actually really convenient," I said with a small laugh as I landed.

Bella smiled at me, "It is."

Then, we ran.

I couldn't believe how fast they were, and how fast I was! Being a vampire had it's advantages. A thick lump rose in my throat as I thought about my mom.

They jumped over a lake, and I thought I'd have to swim!

"Look there Sophie!" Bella pointed.

I looked, and saw a deer. It looked nice, and I felt a pain in my heart. It nibbled at the grass, and softly bit it before chewing it into pieces. I can't kill him!

Alice frowned.

"Sophie, you're going to have to kill it whether you like it or not," she said sadly.


"Actually, I'm surprise you haven't already attacked it," Alice mumbled.

Why would I attack it? Because of my love for blood, since I'm a vampire now? No way!

Bella pushed me forward, and I awkwardly stumbled in front of it. I sighed. Carefully approaching it, my automatic senses took over, and I pounced.

I can't describe it in detail. It was as if something inside of me was unleashed, and took control of my body.

Once I was done, I wiped my mouth and felt faint. I guess I didn't look too good either because Bella and Alice decided we were going to go back, and they could catch something on the way.

Alice caught an elk, Bella caught a racoon.

"I guess you're part of the family now!" Bella said happily.

I guess. But I was still getting used to everything, and I can't believe that I'm a vampire. I didn't know that the Cullens were vampires, but they did always seem unusual. I've had my suspicions, trust me.

"Here, do you want me to introduce you to them?" Alice asked gently.

I nodded. The house was still uncomfortable.

Then, Rosalie came downstairs. She saw me, and hissed. Did I do something wrong?

"Now you've met Rosalie!" Bella said excitedly, with a flashy smile. "Hey Alice? Could you show Sophie around the house? I have to go and Skype Nessie now," she said, pointing to the computer.

Alice pushed her off to the computer, and took my hand.

"Okay, so that's Rosalie, and then there's Emmett," Alice mumbled, pointing at Emmett sitting on the couch. "All you need to know is that you shouldn't keep too close to him, or else Rosalie will burn you. And then he likes grizzly bears."

I didn't get what was so funny, but Emmett started laughing really hard.

"Yeah, yeah. Go show her to everyone else Alice," he said, wiping away a tear.

I closed my eyes.

I could hear...Esme? Upstairs. Then Edward was next to Bella, talking to a...ten year old girl on the computer screen. It was probably Nessie which Bella had mentioned. Uh...Carlisle was upstairs, reading something. Jasper was in the attic, doing who knows what. I think he's just sitting there.

Alice pushed me upstairs.

"This is Esme, Esme," Alice said loudly.

Esme turned around from the TV.

"Sophie! How did the hunting trip go? Did anything unexpected happen?" she asked, her voice full of concern.

She was the kind of lady that made you feel all safe and warm, motherly figure.

I grinned, "Nope. I just got a deer...that's all," I said happily.

"Just a deer? Really?" she asked in surprise.

I nodded.

What's wrong with a deer?

Alice pushed me out of the room, and told me to say hi to Carlisle. I mumbled hi, before I waved goodbye, and then onto Jasper in the attic!

"Jasper, relax. She isn't planning anything," Alice said calmly.

The room felt suddenly calm, and I only tensed up in response to it.

Jasper sighed, "Okay, okay, I guess you're right. But...after what happened with Will and all that, I never really expected something so calm..."

Alice interrupted him, "Remember Bella? Bella was fine."

"I suppose...you two go on with your little tour," he said as he waved us off.

Geez, what's up with him? Bad day?

"C'mon, now you go meet Will. Jasper...is not in a good mood right now. Stay away from Rosalie, and that's it."

The usually happy and cheerful Alice now looked worried, and she literally danced back into the attic.

Okay! William...

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