Midnight, Towards the Dark

What is Love?

"I'm so sorry I got her home late ma'am. Alice was having a little too much fun with her," William added sincerely.

I wanted to roll my eyes. Vampires could charm people so easily, and it was unfair to use it. Especially on my own mom.

My mom smiled, "Perfectly fine. She didn't miss dinner at all. She just has to microwave it now," she eyed me with a skeptical look in her eyes while I just shrugged.

William seemed to feel better, and then left.

Then, my mom turned to me. She was glancing at where William left. Mom was about to say something when I quickly shushed her, and waited until I was sure he was gone.

"Yeah mom?" I asked.

She sighed. "He's such a gentlemen. Always apologizing if you're late home. What did Alice do to you this time?" she asked.

I quickly thought up of something. "Uh, she dressed me up in dress costumes from the 1800's. Or 1700's."

My mom just laughed and then stopped and looked towards the door again.

"You do love him don't you?" she asked kindly.

This was...an intense question. I do. But...that strongly?

I closed my eyes and remembered when we were walking home. That made me feel so safe, and relaxed. More safe than I had been feeling for weeks.

Then, I made my choice.

I could not love anyone as much as I love William. I just didn't realize that, until now.


Mom seemed to be thrilled.

I looked surprised. And I was. I was shocked as well.

"Hey mom, calm down. I just like him. He...might like me. And none of us has said anything yet, so please don't bring this up in front of the Cullens. Actually, don't even think about it!" I warned. Edward would hear her thoughts.

My mom sighed, "I know, I know. Now eat some dinner!" she yelled.

Since I already had a huge amount of food, I picked up some fruits and chopped on them. They weren't too bad, but I preferred blood.

I glanced our my window. A tipped roof, that I could see inside the wood. I used to admire it, and gaze at it all day long. Now, it made me feel safe. Accepted.

Then, I heard someone coming. I opened my window and stuck my head outside eagerly.

"Alice...." I mumbled.

"I'm here!" Alice said, as she hopped gracefully into my window. Her small figure danced into my room as she carefully sat on my bed, and smiled.

"Before you ask what I'm doing here, I better tell you," she held her hand up, so I didn't say anything. "Okay," I simply answered.

She grinned. "I saw that conversation with your mom. I was keeping tabs on her, in case she's seen anything...strange with you."

My face heated up, and even though I loved Alice, I couldn't help, but groan.

"It's all fine. It's what I was trying to tell you earlier anyways. So was Bella. My point, is, that you should express your feelings of affection!" Alice announced dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. "How?"

Alice gave me a long and satisfactory answer.

"Well, there are several methods. For Bella and Edward, they just kinda...knew. When I first met Jasper, I had known we would fall in love, so I told him that. Rosalie and Emmett, well, Emmett reminded Rosalie of someone she used to know before she was a vampire. She couldn't stand watching Emmett being finished off by a grizzly bear," she added with a giggle. "Plus, Will thinks you're extremely kind to think of others before yourself."

I do?

I gave a quick nod and sat down on my chair.

"That makes it sound easy Alice. It's harder than that," I said, with my patience ready to collapse.

Then, my phone rang.

Alice grinned, "That may be the solution."

"Hello?" I asked.

It was William.

"Hey Sophie. I was wondering if you'd like to go meet up at the edge of the forest tomorrow. I got something cool to show you," he added eagerly.

I raised my eyebrow at Alice, while she motioned for me to go on.

"That sounds great! Tomorrow after school will be fine," I said firmly.

"Great! See you tomorrow!"


We both hung up, while Alice stared off into space. Another one of her visions.

"Ohhh! I wish you good luck!" Alice added earnestly.

Yeah. Good luck to me.

I waved to Alice at school the next day. I had refused to let them drive me, since I needed a little time to clear my mind, and so I walked to school.

Throughout the day, I halfheartedly listened to the teachers, and made my way around the the school without thinking about much.

"Sophie!" Alice shouted.

I glanced up from my apple, and I looked at her in surprise. Did I miss something?

"Yes! I was trying to say something!" she yelled, almost in frustration.

I motioned for her to go on.

She sighed deeply, and then turned towards me. "Something big's gonna happen today. I need you to take it in alright?" she asked.

Now, Alice was kind of creeping me out.

"I...know," I said.

Even though I was still excited, Alice's words had put some of the fire out of me, and I grew worried about the fact that what if something unexpected happens?

William waited for me on the edge of the woods, just like he promised, and I skipped over quickly.

"So, we're going over to California," he announced briefly.

I raised my eyebrow. "I'm guessing this is a surprise," I said, carefully trying to not ask any questions.

William nodded, and then bolted away. I laughed and quickly followed him. My newborn abilities were still intact, but mostly worn off.

After about six minutes, we made it into California. The weather was a bit warmer, which I liked, and William stood in front of a lake.

"Wow. It's...beautiful," I whispered.

Meadows, trees, flowers, and most important, the laid out water in front of us. It calmed me, and made me want to breathe in this scent.

I sat down on the ground and inhaled more air. It was full of freesia, carnations, and daisies.

"So, do you like it?" William asked.

I met his calm, caramel eyes and grinned. "Of course. Nothing could be better."

His eyes glowed, and his whole entire face seemed to light up at my small comment. I laughed a bit and then laid back onto the ground.

"The sun is so warm-" I mumbled.

I daydreamed about meadows, and flowers, and lakes, but when I finally came back into the real world, William was laying next to me, fiddling with my messy hair.

"I'm up!" I announced, stretching stiffly.

He sat up. Both of our skins shimmered in the sun. It was alarming, and yet a beautiful sight to behold.

Glancing over at him, I noticed he looked, at peace. Usually at home, he was in more of a tense position.

I closed my eyes again and relaxed myself beneath the warm sun's rays.

"I love you Sophie," William mumbled close to my ear.

My face broke out in a grin. "Love you too."

Love. Such a complicated word, but so easy to put next to his name. I love William.

I yawned and then quickly closed my mouth. I didn't want to make it look like I was tired or something like that!

Shooting up from the spot where I laid, I face William.

"So, I'm guessing everyone knows?" I asked with a teasing tone. William grimaced. "Of course. There are no secrets in our house, but I'm sure you've already heard that millions of times before. It's hard when we all have supernatural senses, especially hearing. And it doesn't help when one can see thoughts, one can see the future, and another can see emotions," William rolled his eyes at the list, while I bit my lips to keep myself from laughing.

"And I'm guessing it doesn't really help that all my questions end up having to be answered as well..." I mumbled halfheartedly.

William laughed, "No, you're tolerable. They're not."

Sibling issues.

I laughed and then stared up at the sun. This felt so comfortable. It was one of those rare days, where there was actually sun. If this was a school day, I'd probably just tell my mom I was super sick and wanted to stay away from the sun.

For a while, we just kinda sat there. Oh, how I wished I could still eat human food so it wouldn't have to be this awkward!

I tried to make chit chat.

"So...you know when I got shot? Wha-Why? Did you save me?" I asked again. For the umpteenth time.

William seemed to realize I just liked the story and he rolled his eyes.

"Well, I guess I could tell you the version I've always told you, or a more detailed one," he mumbled. I nodded eagerly, and he went on.

"To be honest, I saw you at school before. My first impression of you, was you were strange. You literally pretty much helped everyone you could, and you stood up for what you believed in. It was strange. Not a lot of humans do that. Alice then made her prediction, that I would help a human and then...yeah. I told her it was ridiculous." He laughed and then shrugged.

I nodded, "She was right."

Willian pursed his lips and nodded. "Yeah. It was just hard to believe at the time. I gambled against Alice. It's taboo unless that person changes their mind," he mumbled.

Why would anyone gamble against Alice?

William hugged me close. I didn't breathe at all for a moment. I have no idea how long it was, but it was nice. William exhaled a deep gust of air, and I did as well.

He placed his chin lightly on top of my head, while I leaned on his chest. It felt slightly cold, probably because of my human blood, but I ignored it as best as I could.

Suddenly, he jerked away.

"The blood's getting to me," he mumbled, trying to control himself.

Oh right. He is just a few years older than me. He needs...to control himself. And my blood was making him go insane.

I laughed, "Sorry. Sorry. Hey, just curious, what does my blood smell like?"

He raised his eyebrow, "Don't you know that?"

"Well, it smells like...I don't know. It smells kind of like nothing. It just makes the thirst go away," I explained.

William nodded. "Each blood for us has a certain scent. None of them are the same. Yours...smells like sweets. Chocolates, and strawberries too...Yeah! Chocolate strawberries!"

"You remember what chocolate strawberries taste like?" I asked.

He nodded. "Really good. I've only had them once. It's a taste I try to not let go."

Chocolate strawberries...

I suddenly realized our height difference. It was about...ten centimeters, or even a foot, apart. Why was he so tall?

But slowly, I approached him again, and attempted to hug him.

"Sophie, the chocolate strawberry scent, is extremely obvious when you get close to me, you realize that right?" he asked.

I shrugged, "What's the possibility of you killing me? I don't mind to get my blood drained. What's the worst that could happen?" I asked casually.

William eyes widened. "Death. I don't know how much your system depends on blood."

But he didn't pull away from our embrace.

When did I ever love him so much? I never had really thought about it, until my mom brought it up the other day at home.

William drew himself away from me for a moment, he tucked a single strand of my hair behind my ear. I felt all my blood rush up to my face.

Slowly, he cupped his hands around my still face, and looked at me for a moment. It was human gesture, and he slowly leaned in. I closed my eyes, and felt his cold lips brush softly on mine.

His arms wrapped around me, and I melted into them, drawing away from his lips in the process. His face glowed, and then he laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"Your face is completely red. Sorry, I just had to laugh," he added.

I winced. I was still laying in his arms. I suddenly felt really tired and exhausted.

"Need to sleep?"

I nodded, and laid down on his arm, snuggling close to him so the light wouldn't bother my eyes.

"How did it go? Tell me everything!" Alice squealed in the phone.

"Shh! It went fine! You know that! It was nice. I'll tell you more tomorrow," I whispered.

Alice humphed, and then hung up on me.

I rolled my eyes and checked the time. My mom would find it strange to see my light still on at twelve am. I better close it, and maybe get some sleep.

Sure, I'd have to worry about much more stuff tomorrow, but at least I can enjoy tonight, right?

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