Midnight, Towards the Dark


Alice dragged me to her Porsche the next day. I didn't want to leave the haven inside my small little room, but went anyways.
I had already told my mom I would be going to their house for the day, and she had agreed.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stick around?" I accused.
My mom laughed, "Don't worry about me! Go and have fun! I'm sure Alice is dying to talk to you about fashion and what not. I'll just watch TV like I always do, and possibly experiment with foods."

I rolled my eyes and Alice nodded in agreement.

"So, how was it?" she asked, her eyes glistening.

I sighed. "Well, it was nice. You know what happened. Now, we're going to your house right? Or are we going...elsewhere?" I asked.

Alice couldn't avoid my question, so she had to pause and answer it.

"Not exactly. There's going to be a storm in the afternoon, and we were thinking about playing a baseball game! For fun," she explained.



I didn't know how to respond to that. Vampires played baseball? Bella once said they do go out to play once or twice a year, especially when there's a lot of thunder.

"Fine with me," I mumbled stiffly as I leaned back to sulk.
Alice seemed to want to know how I felt about it. She'd have to wait for a bit.

When we pulled up in front of her house, she dragged me off, and Bella greeted us at the front door.

"Sophie! So...what happened?" she asked eagerly.

I looked around the house, trying to see if anyone was eavesdropping, when Alice smacked my back.

"Relax. They're all outside hunting. It's just us three right now," she assured me, before they shoved me inside.

I plopped down on the couch and shrugged. Lucky me, none of them have the power to force people to answer questions.

"Since they're all out hunting, I say we do a little shopping," Alice suggested.

Bella and I both groaned at the same time. Alice glared at us, and we both nodded. Alice was going to be irritated if we disagree.

"Where do we go?" Bella asked skeptically.
Alice was about to open her mouth, when she suddenly shut it.

She groaned out loud, and looked like she could murder someone, when the door flung open.

"Hey guys!" a voice announced dramatically.

I glanced up and grinned naturally.

"I thought you guys were out hunting," Bella mumbled. Edward walked over, along with Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, William, and Jasper.

"We were," Edward started. "Except, we found some good mountain lions on the way, so we decided to come back."

I almost sighed in relief. Edward laughed out loud, while Alice looked like she was ready to burst.

William shrugged, "Sorry Alice. No shopping today."

Ah! So that's why Alice looked so angry!

"Alice, why don't you take Jasper shopping?" Esme suggested.

Alice nodded and turned to Jasper, her eyes pleading and desperate. Jasper seemed to be starstruck, and finally nodded in agreement. Alice dragged him out of the house, while I watched them go outside.

Edward glanced at Bella for a quick second. "Since it's a free day today," Bella explained, "We're stopping by at Charlie's to see how he's doing, and see Renesmee while we're at it."

Edward and her pecked each other on the lips, before walking outside, clutching each others hands.

Rosalie and Emmett were already gone...upstairs. I don't want to go into details. So it was couple's day out. Again.

"What do you two have planned for today?" Esme asked kindly.
William grabbed my hand and started making his way across the door.

"I don't know Esme. Probably a movie or something. Bye!"

"That was really harsh," I added as we got on his car.

He rolled his eyes and started the engine. "Where should we go?" he asked.

I paused for a moment. "How about my house? My mom knows I'm at your house anyways, and I don't really want to go see a movie right now."

William laughed, "I know that. Who likes a boring ol' movie anyways?" he complained.

I joined in with him, and my ears hummed. His laughter sounded sweet and comforting, almost like a soft flute.

We got to my house in less than two minutes. I walked up to my door with him, and entered.

"Hey mom! Alice went shopping with Jasper, so William and I decided to crash here for a bit!" I yelled.

My mom was watching TV in the living room, she saw me, then William, before a big smile broke her face.

"Hello," William greeted.

"Of course! I'm guessing it's slightly late for lunch, but go ahead and take him to your room Sophie. I'll be down here if you need anything," my mom instructed.

I nodded, "Yeah! I got it!"

We both ran upstairs, with as much humanness as we could.
"Ah! I win!" I cheered.

William sighed, "Yeah, sure."

He looked around my room for a moment, before he collapsed onto the bed. "Your room is very...purple."

Of course. Purple was my favorite color. Nowadays, I didn't really have a preference.

"I know."

I plopped onto the chair next to my bed and glanced outside quickly.

"What's outside?" William asked curiously.

I pointed at the tippy top of their roof, and William nodded in acknowledgment.

"You can see if from here," he mumbled, almost to himself rather than me.

I nodded, and stared up at him.

He rubbed my cheek and smiled. "So you've been watching us all this time."

I bit my lips and then finally nodded. It was weird, to make that confession. It made me sound somewhat like a stalker.

Suddenly, William kissed me.

It wasn't as light as the last one, a bit more intense. I ran my hand through his hair, and breathed in his scent. I pulled myself closer to him, and moved my hands down to his shoulders. His hands clutched my hair tightly.

We finally broke free, and he leaned down to my ear.

"I love you Sophie," he whispered again.

I grinned. "I love you too."

He glanced at me, and pulled me closer to him, just like the lake.

Suddenly, my mom knocked on the door, we jumped apart, while I grabbed a book so it looked like I was reading. William was looking at a picture on the wall.

"How you guys doing? Need anything?" she asked with a big fat smile on her face.

I shook my head. "No thanks mom. We're fine."

She left the room, before we both burst in laughter. Great time for her to come in. It would've been so embarrassing. If it weren't for the vampire speed, I would've obviously not been able to pass off for reading.

"You're mom is...extremely friendly," William commented.

I nodded. "Course. I mean, since mom and dad got divorced, when I was like...three, we've been together all this time. I guess you could say our bond is closer than average families."

Suddenly, William gasped.


He shook his head, "You don't think...that you're more...human because you had a better family life?"

I didn't understand.

"Think about it this way. Carlisle spent half his life trying to please his dad and hunting vampires. Esme's child died a few days or something after birth. Edward's mom died of the spanish influenza. Rosalie was engaged to a guy that killed her. Emmett...well he never mentions it. Ever. Jasper was in the Civil War. Not a lot of family connections. Alice's parents locked her in an asylum. Bella had a loving family, but became a vampire and threw all that away because she loved Edward way more. However, when you became a vampire, you had the deepest loving relationship with your parents, which is, I guess, the most basic type of love. It's very human. So therefore, you have blood left over. You're too human!"

It made absolutely no sense to me.

So because I was loved by my mother and had no other desires, then I shouldn't have become a vampire?

But...it just feels so right.

"And if we're right. Then that means, you weren't supposed to be a vampire to begin with! The person who shot you! It wasn't any accident, it was on purpose! They purposefully targeted you, and they left you on the brink of death on purpose! But it also means..."

I took in a shaky breath.

"I'm not meant to be a vampire. Or..."

"You can change back to a human," William finished for me.

I didn't know whether to feel relieved, or sad.

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