Midnight, Towards the Dark

The Only Way to Protect

Stumbling into the Cullen's house, I knew that Alice had already seen everything and probably told everyone. Since they were all back from whatever they had been doing.


She held up her hand.

"Listen. It's...you still have your own choice."

Of course. Them or my mom. Or getting killed.

"I've seen a few possibilities. One of them was you could accept the vampire side of you, and just live with it. However, the person who shot you will be going for your mom next. He could...also kill you too. Your systems seems to be still pretty dependent on blood. And no one would be able to change you into a vampire again. It's a one way ticket. Another possibility is you change back into a human. That way the person who shot you will probably go to another victim...Or the last choice is to try to become a full vampire somehow, but that also means you'd never be able to stay with your mom for too long. It means too much blood scent, and it's harder to resist since you used to have blood from her. You'd...probably kill her," Alice mumbled.

So..the only way was to become human, and then let the Cullens handle the shooter? Or else....

"Sophie," Edward mumbled. "It's your choice. You can chose any one of those possibilities."

But I don't want to kill my mom! I can't! I want to be able to see her and hug her without wanting to kill her! But if I become a human, I'll never get to come here again. It's a one-way ticket just like Alice said.

I shook my head.

My mom depended on me. She needs me.

William was trying to avoid my eyes. Of course. He needs me too. I would probably miss all of them.

Then again, Bella stayed here for a year.

Yet she wasn't able to avoid being turned into a vampire only a year later. And of course, even if they did bite me again, I'd probably die or be left with a scar.

Never changing.

"Alice. When is the shooter going to make his next move?"

Alice stared out into the distance for a minute.

"About a day from now. A little less than that actually. He's going to try and attack your mom."

Why was it my family? Why me?


I looked up. My eyes were moist, but still no tears.

"I...I want to be human again!"

William and I avoided each other for the whole day.

It wasn't easy, since we literally stayed inside the same room the whole entire time. I wish I could've gone and held his hands or something. Maybe ask him if he was mad.

They came back with a simple recipe to reverse the process.

Get my heart pumping again.

That included having to sneak me into the hospital again of course, however that would be about all. It wouldn't take long either. A few hours max. Not long enough for mom to notice.

Alice motioned to us that the hallway was clear before putting me inside a room with a heart monitor.

I was so exhausted, as soon as I touched the bed, I fell asleep.

Or maybe Carlisle had shot drugs into me or something.

During that time, I wondered if I was really doing the right thing. I don't want to make them all in pain by hanging around me. Even Rosalie was upset!

I don't know...I feel like they all had my future planned out with such detail and craft. William and I would probably get married or something, and then I'd stay with them. End of story.

Alice didn't expect something like this until William made his discovery. A little laugh escaped from my chest. How did Alice react during her shopping spree?

This time, it didn't hurt.

It felt like...it felt like my heart was restarting itself. It spread itself out evenly against everything. I felt relaxed, and definitely comfortable. It was as if I was in the middle of the pond. Never sinking, just drifting slightly from the center.

I jerked my head up and Alice hugged me tightly.

"Ow!" I yelled.

I didn't mean to do that, but Alice looked so sad and miserable.

"I-I'm sorry! I forgot about it! I..."

I shook my head as if trying to clear everything. In the room, it was just me, Alice, and Bella.

Bella sighed. "Edward said you didn't feel much pain."

I shook my head. "No..."

Everything felt strange. Nothing was seen almost clearly. The smells in the room were strange and almost scentless compared to what they were when I had came in.

I hopped off my bed, and planned to run over to the door and check to see what time it was, when I got there...slowly.

I moaned in frustration.

Bella patted my back and Alice caught up. Now, I could barely see them move with my eye vision.

"Did everyone...just leave?" I asked.

Alice nodded. "Something like that. Carlisle had a night shift. William was...pretty depressed so they left to get his mind off of it. Esme went with them after we convinced her to leave. Rosalie was here for a while until the scent was too overwhelming for her."

I see.

Even thought I didn't have my powers anymore, Alice had a very detailed answer planned out for me.

She knew what this would turn out like.

"Um...so could you guys give me a ride back home?" I asked.

Alice nodded, and leaned up to my eyeball. She took the contact lens off and grinned.

"I love your natural eye color," she added.

I tried to smile, but it was just all too sad at the same time. Something else which I've lost. The golden shade to my eyes.

Bella and Alice guided me back to Alice's Porsche. They literally herded me on before driving me about 100 miles per hour to my house.

I jumped off and went inside, saying I was fine and didn't need any comforting for now.

They just looked at me with concern but went away.

The real person who would be shattered and broken because of me...


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