Midnight, Towards the Dark

Standing Alone

For about a week at school, I avoided them.

Alice and Bella must've been upset, but it was the best. Forcing them to hang out with a normal human with a good blood scent for all vampires was stressful.

I straightened my posture and turned back to Lily and listened to her ramble on about class. It was strange to think these things meant the world to me a few months ago. Now, they were just empty words. I thought I'd have all of eternity to learn these things.

But now I didn't.

I can't have distractions in my life.

Alice tapped my shoulder.

I groaned and turned around.

"Would you like to sit with us today?" she asked with a smile on her face.

I wanted to say no. To say "That's mean Alice." but I stood up anyway and walked over to their table.

No one spoke a word. I don't know if they were just communicating in other ways, or if they weren't even talking at all.

But I could tell that they weren't breathing by the sound of their breaths. They were just heaving their chests up and down every few seconds.

I banged my hand onto the table.

"I'm full," I mumbled stubbornly as I thew my tray away.

So Alice invites me to sit with them, yet not one of them decided to say anything. That's so nice of them, don't you think?

Biting my mouth shut, I kept on walking.


I turned around and saw William running towards me.

"Ugh. Go away," I saw, pushing him away from me. I just kept on walking forward as if he had never appeared to me. As if he wasn't even there.


"I don't want to talk about it! Alright?" I asked sharply.

He didn't come after me anymore, and it was enough to convince him that I was never going to come back, or even give him a chance.

No. I will not do that.

Wiping my lips, I noticed that I had actually gotten a little bit of blood on myself.

That's exactly why I shouldn't be close to them. What if my lips had started bleeding right when William was talking to me? He's only a few years old as a vampire! He would hate himself for even being tempted by my blood.

I thought about it for a moment. What if my blood sung to William? That might be a possibility! He said my blood smelled like chocolate dipped strawberries! That's an extremely good smell for blood (personal experience).

When I got home, mom already had dinner all ready and waited for me.

Mom glanced at me from time to time during dinner. She looked extremely worried and concerned for me.

"Mom, I'd really appreciate it if you stopped looking at me like that," I said with an edge to my voice.

She leaned back onto her chair as if telling me she won't bother asking me what's wrong.

"What's wrong?"

I was wrong...

"Well..." I mumbled. "Um...you see, I really like the Cullens, right?" I asked.

She nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, but like...what if there's something preventing me from going to them. Like...something to do with myself that I can't fix. Maybe never fix. I don't want them to be...troubled, by my visits."

Mom knew I didn't want her to know all the details, so she didn't push. Instead, she thought about my problem for a moment before answering.

"Do they want you to be around?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Alice and Bella sure want me around."

"The others?"

"Well...Alice says Rosalie doesn't bother with pranks anymore, so she sits at home bored all day. And that Bella seems down lately. Emmett is sad now that he doesn't have anyone to tease, and Edward feels miserable because Bella feels miserable. Then William, well, William doesn't talk a lot now."

Mom sighed. "They're obviously sad that you're not around!"

"Yeah, I know, but I don't want them to accidentally hurt me or something, and then regret it!"

She was totally lost.

"O-Okay. So just...make sure you keep your distance, and keep a good guard."

Rolling my eyes at my mom, for the first time ever in my life, I walked up the stairs to my room. I immediately felt bad for what I said and how vague I was about the whole entire situation. But then again, it can't be helped.


Alice turned around with Bella right on her heels. Course, supernatural hearing. Sure miss that.

"I-I'm sorry for being a moody...jerk," I mumbled, not being able to meet their golden eyes.

I waited for them to reject me, or yell at me. Instead, Alice started laughing. A musical chiming. Bella joined right in after a few seconds.

"Wh-What's so funny?" I asked.

Bella stopped for a moment. "Sophie, we aren't mad at you. We all knew you felt...well, bad for being a human again. So, how are you managing without the powers?"

I paused. "Well, I never drink blood anymore, and the burn in my throat is gone, so that's a plus. However, I don't have my daily exercise as often, plus I can't get information out of anyone as easily. Oh, and the cool eyesight and hearings are gone."

Alice laughed. "We know that! But I saw this coming. You are gonna be hanging out with us longer than you think!"

Bella sighed. "But it's great that you've decided to stop avoiding us. Rosalie was seriously starting to get...sulky."


Alice cleared her throat. "Let's just say either Rosalie's checking how she looks in the mirror, or she's being a nuisance. Well, without you, she feels too miserable to be a nuisance."

I laughed too. "Oh. I see. Shall I come over this afternoon or tomorrow?"

Both Alice and Bella nodded.

"Yeah! That'd be great!"

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