Midnight, Towards the Dark

My New Talent!

William was reading, and seemed to be scanning the book rater than actually reading it.

I could visibly see his face kind of groan and sigh before he turned to me.

"Sophie. I'm sure you know who I am. Hi," he said.

That was harsh.

I rolled my eyes, and tried again.

"I'd like to say some things, especially since Alice isn't here...." I mumbled.

"First, were you the person that found me shot in the forest?" I asked.

He looked up in surprise, and nodded.

"Then, I'd like to thank you. For saving my life. Well, kinda saving my life, but you get my point," I said hastily.

He seemed even more surprised, but settled down and sighed. I could tell he was planning about how to respond. About two seconds later, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Sophie, aren't you upset? That this happened? Or your were...turned into a vampire?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No. Because dying would mean never seeing my mom ever again, and I couldn't live with that. At least, I'll still be able to see her, if not talk to her."

My mom was so caring. What if I had never left the house that day? I couldn't imagine. Did the person kill me, simply because I happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Carlisle said something from downstairs. It sounded like, "Alice! Get down here!"

I peeked out the window, and saw what I had heard down the driveway. I tried not to laugh.

William soon joined me and we laughed so hard.

"Alice has a shopping obsession," he grumbled.

I nodded, "Definitely."

Two UPS trucks were unloading boxes, of clothing, and other accessory items that were unnecessary.

I saw Jasper and Alice run out from the attic, towards Carlisle, who seemed very frustrated.

"Is Carlisle extremely angry?" I asked.

William shook his head. "Nah. We have more than enough money to spare. Happens when you've been saving your money for four hundred years."

My eyes widened.

"You guys have been alive for four hundred year?!" I yelled.

The house started laughing, and I wanted to melt in embarrassment. They all had heard me, especially with how loud my voice was.

"That's just Carlisle!" somebody yelled, while still laughing. I'm pretty sure it was Emmett.

"Let's see...Carlisle's been alive for four hundred years. Esme and Edward are about a century old now. Jasper was born during the Civil War. And...Alice, I think maybe a couple of decades now. We don't really keep track. Bella and I are new. Bella joined them about five or six years ago, and I joined about four years ago," he stated happily.

Four years ago? By what Alice and Bella were telling me, he seems to have a good control over his thirst if he can control it like that.

After Alice got scolded by a frustrated (but not angry) Carlisle, she danced back upstairs and rearranged her closet. Half way through, she yelled at Bella to help her.

"Alice, tell me the truth, are you obsessed with shopping or what?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm totally obsessed. I go shopping at least once a week, and sometimes I don't get to go shopping because of hunting, or it's just an extremely sunny day. Shopping is really fun. I don't get why Bella doesn't like it though? Her fashion has improved so much!" she said rapidly.

She looked up at me in horror, and I reflected her face. That was the most Alice has said all day.

"I...didn't mean to say that much," she mumbled in embarrassment.

I quickly shook my head. "No, no. I like shopping too, maybe just not as frequently," I said.

Esme knocked on the door, but we all already knew she was coming upstairs.

"Girls, I think you guys better get downstairs," she said happily.

"Why?" I asked.

"Oh, it's supposedly Emmett's birthday today and he wants to spend it out hunting grizzly bears and then hang their heads upside down before burning them into ashes. I really don't know when was the last time Emmett had a real birthday but he just felt like it this year, and so we're all going. Sophie, you could stay if you wanted to, it's only voluntarily!" she added.

I blinked in surprise. Again, I didn't want that much information, just why.

Esme covered her mouth as well.

"Sorry for all that info. I guess I'm just a little excited," she mumbled before closing the door and heading downstairs.

Alice stared at me for a really long time. Bella took one glance at her before sighing.

"Alice is having one of those visions again," she explained to me.


"Yeah. Vampires can take a strong trait they have from their human life, and carry it to this life," she said.

I nodded, "Do you have a special power?" I asked.

"Mental shield. Edward can read people's minds, except mine. Jasper can change the emotions in a room, and then there's Alice!" she said happily, with a bit of sarcasm for each family member.

Finally! One person who isn't rambling on after I ask a question!

"Sorry guys, for the pause, but I just saw something," Alice said after she was sucked back into reality.

Bella looked at her, "What is it?"

"Sophie here has an ability too! It's the reason we were rambling on so much," she glanced at me apologetically again.

I motioned for her to continue, getting excited.

"You can get information from anyone you want. Just ask them a question and they'll provide all the information on that subject! Except Bella. She's special," Alice added with a teasing tone added to her voice.

Then, I noticed Alice's mirror.

I almost screamed.

"Why are my eyes red? What happened to my face?" I asked shockingly as I stared at the mirror.

Bella patted my back, "The red goes away soon if you follow our diet. Vegetarians, that's our little joke. No human blood," she added.

"Shouldn't we be going downstairs? I see Esme coming up in a few seconds if we don't." Alice motioned for us to go downstairs, so we did.

The life of a vampire...how nice that sounds!

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