Midnight, Towards the Dark

Emmett, The Bear Hunter

In the end, I decided to go with them. What better way to bond, than to do it over hunting?

They left that night, and since they, we, don't have to sleep, we had all night to camp and kill bears.

Alice shared with me the story of what "happened" to me for the last three days.

"Okay, so you were in the woods right? Well, somebody shot you, and you lost a lot of blood. We didn't know who you were, since we never really talked to you at school, and had to keep you under a tight watch in the hospital under Carlisle's care. Then, yeah. You're going to the hospital with us tomorrow, and then we're going to tell your mom. Got it?" Alice asked.

I nodded quickly. I was so relieved that winter break had already started and that we probably wouldn't have any trouble with school.

"Trust me, school is not your biggest concern right now," Edward said with a chuckle.

It was still kind of...disorienting. With all my priorities listed out in front of me, I didn't know how to order them.

There was the hunting bit, and how my mom would react to my red eyes. I could tell they lost, slightly a bit of red, but the deep shade wouldn't be gone until maybe a month or so. Maybe even a year...

"Colored contacts," Edward answered, "But you'd have to change them every few hours. The venom burns it off," he explained.

Oh. Okay. Green contact lens.

Bella sat with Edward in front of the car, while Alice and I sat in the back. Emmett, Rosalie, and William were on Emmett's giant truck. Carlisle and Esme had a car to themselves.

"Why can't we just run there?" I asked.

Dang it. Shouldn't have asked that question.

"Well, driving is still faster than running like eight hundred miles away from here! If you think about it, North Dakota is pretty far away! Yes, you're probably wondering how we could get to North Dakota, but it's all because of how fast we drive! Bella had the same concerns you see. A few hundred miles an hour helps it go faster," Alice answered.

I covered my forehead with my hands. Stop asking questions Sophie!

"Ah, it's fine. You really can't help it with the gifts," Edward added reassuringly.

Alice rolled her eyes at me, while I continued to wonder why this was my gift. Did I have a special way to get information before? Not that I remember of.

I'm just glad they're all very supportive, and not hovering over me too much. Although Jasper seems to be a bit stressed, so Alice is also stressed. I can't blame him. I guess I should be thirsty for human blood right now. Is it even okay for me to be outside?

A scent hit my nose.

Nope! Definitely not!

I stopped breathing and held my breath. A sweet smell...delicious and mouthwatering. I could hardly believe I was thinking that.

I wanted to smash the car's window, and attack the van that was driving near us. Even though we haven't passed a car at all, it seemed these people wanted to take the shortcut as well, rather than the safe way.

The scent drifted into my nose. Ugh! I wanted to go outside so badly! Just a bite...

Stop think about it Sophie!

Edward drove faster.

"Sophie, are you alright? Do we need to get away from civilization for a while?" he asked.

Bella turned around from her spot and glanced over me with concern. My facial expressions didn't help, because Bella was suddenly telling Edward to park.

"No! I'm fine!" I sputtered out with my remaining breath.

Alice gazed at me.

"She'll be fine. Just keep holding your breath," she encouraged.

I covered my mouth with my hand and pinched my nose with the other one, and willed my mind to think of anything but the scent of human blood.

Then, I noticed how fast Edward was driving.

"Holy cow! EDWARD! SLOW DOWN!" I screamed.

Bella seemed alarmed, and Alice just laughed. Edward sighed.

"Honestly, what is it with people and me driving too fast?" Edward asked while chuckling.

"Like I saw. A few hundred miles per hour, give or take," she said while laughing.

She did say that, but...I thought she was joking. At this rate, we really might be in North Dakota by tonight! I've never been outside of state borders yet.

It didn't take us long to reach North Dakota. Thirty minutes, yes. But faster than the average.

Carlisle had already scanned the area of about ninety miles, to be sure no human was on this trail. They had purposely chosen an abandoned one for our reasons.

"Alright, so how about we play a little game?" Emmett suggested, clutching Rosalie's hand.

Jasper smiled, "What's the game?"

It was the first time I saw Jasper relaxed since I came to their house. I guess, he just expects my temper to be bad or something. I think I better give him a better feeling about me. So he can change the emotions of a person?

Emmett laughed. I liked the sound of Emmett's laugh. It was always happy and rich.

"Okay, since it's my birthday. I was thinking we have a contest on whoever catches the most grizzly bears, in thirty minutes." he said happily.

"But Emmett," Esme said softly, "Then the grizzly bears' population might go really low!"

Alice smiled, "Partners!" she laughed.

Emmett nodded, and held onto Rosalie's hands tighter. There's one group.

Edward instinctively took Bella's. Two...

I knew where this was leading. Couples huh. That just sucks for me... and William.

Alice skipped over to Jasper, while William and I awkwardly glanced at each other, before laughing.

We had the same thoughts in mind as soon as they started partnering up didn't we?

Carlisle grinned, "So, when do we start?"

"Birthday guy gets to go first...and then a bit of favoritism. After three minutes, Will and Sophie can go after us, since they're new, and Sophie hasn't had grizzly yet," Emmett smiled at me, and I silently thanked him for giving us a head start.

Emmett turned to Rosalie.

"Uh..then Alice and Jasper can go after three minutes, with that three minutes continuing, Carlisle and Esme. Last, but not least, Bella and Edward," Rosalie instructed.

"Oh, so that's how it is?" Bella asked Rosalie.

"On your mark, get set, go!" Alice yelled.

Emmett and Rosalie ran into the forest as fast as they could. Carlisle had probably already scanned the area for humans, so we would be good for a solid thirty minutes, give or take.

Alice sighed quietly. I guess she had seen the outcome of this competition. I guess it somewhat ruins the experience for her though.

I started pacing. Emmett and Rosalie had already caught one, and they split the blood, before going off hunting for more. Oh! Rosalie found a deer, but she ignored it.

Three minutes are up!

I laughed excitedly and raced into the forest.

Glancing back, I saw William right behind me and sighed in relief.

"Sophie! Do you smell the one over there?" he asked. I turned my face and saw him pointing to my left. He obviously was suspicious of cheating. Emmett and Rosalie could easily hear us. If I could hear them killing a grizzly and ignoring a deer, they could obviously hear our shouts and movements.

A mile or so later, we saw it. William pounced, and killed it with a few bites. The scent of blood didn't really seem appealing to me, so I took a few sips before breaking my lips away from the killed bear.

William seemed puzzled for a moment, and I knew what he was going to ask. "Don't you want to drink the blood?" Or something like that.

"William! There's one over there," I whispered, trying to keep my voice as low as possible and pointing to the north.

I winced. Or not. Alice and Jasper just killed it.

"Uh...over there?" William asked me, pointing south.

I grinned and nodded eagerly.

Trying to run as fast as I could, I raced towards the smell.

But Carlisle and Esme had beaten us to it.

"Sorry kids!" Esme said as she walked away from the bear, which was now drained of blood. She and Carlisle raced off to find another one.

I sniffed eagerly in the air.

"That way!" I hissed to William before bolting to a random direction I didn't even bother to think out loud in my head.

This time, I killed the bear. It tried giving me a few swipes, but I was quick.

William started to drink the blood. I couldn't do it anymore. I felt too full for anymore blood, so I broke away as soon as I killed it, wiped my mouth, and motioned for him to go on feasting, while I located another one.

As soon as he was done, we raced off to find another one.

When thirty minutes were over, Emmett and Rosalie had won the game. Ten bears. I couldn't imagine them eating all those bears. Or..drinking their blood. Eck. Too full.

"So, are you going to tell me why you barely drank any of the blood? We caught eight bears, but you only drank the blood of-"

Suddenly, Edward stiffened. He glanced at me, and then at everyone else who was cheering for Emmett.

"You only drank the blood of three bears?" Edward asked.

Even though it was a pretty quiet question, everybody else silenced, and not even the crickets chirped.

"Yes?" I said nervously.

Carlisle looked shocked. Jasper looked horrified. Esme looked worried. Alice just sighed. Bella didn't say anything.

"What's wrong with eating just three bears?" I asked accusingly.

Jasper answered my question.

"Well, newborn vampires are supposed to crave blood even more than the more mature vampires. So you only drinking the blood of three bears is very unusual, and not normal. Even Bella drank more blood than you did! Besides, the scent of animals is so strong, it's hard to control you cravings!" he said.


I didn't know how to reply to that.

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