Midnight, Towards the Dark

Surprise! Mom! Surprise!

"Well, I don't know. I just felt really sloshy and full, so I just couldn't stuff anymore blood into my system," I said simply.

Edward butted in.

"On the road, she smelled humans. I thought we'd have to pull over even though we did take the shortest path! And she was tempted for a minute, and just stopped breathing, and ignored it!" he said to Carlisle.

Bella nodded, "That's way better than what I did! There were at least five humans on that vehicle!"

I know, I know!

"I don't know, I just don't really like blood all that much. It just kind of grosses me out, and now I'm more used to it. I still don't want to eat much of it though," I said with hesitation.

Rosalie glared at me. What's with her? She's been icy and touchy with me the whole time!

Emmett was way more friendly.

"Fascinating! Did you not even want to bother with the humans?" Carlisle asked.

I sighed. "Well, I did. I was tempted for a moment, but then I stopped thinking about it, and it just kinda...passed."

For the rest of the night, Carlisle and Jasper kept questioning me. I didn't feel tired at all. At about six in the morning we drove back.

Alice kept telling me the plan again and again the next morning.

"Okay Alice! I get it!" I laughed as I pushed her away.

No more humans for now! I am so relieved.

Next morning, Carlisle and Bella got me into the hospital.

I was surprised that no one noticed us, but then realized that the only reason was because Carlisle was well respected, and almost never questioned.

Alice had gotten me at least twenty pair of green contact lens, telling me to swap them every hour, and don't ever forget! She also offered for the rest of my green contact lens, which had stocked up to at least a hundred in my closet.

I didn't even bother to ask how she got into my closet.

Carlisle pushed me into an empty room, whipped up a report on me, and closed the door.

Bella pushed a bed over to me, and I hopped on, and tried to look as sick a I could. Carlisle stuck some IV's on me, but he didn't really stick the needles into me, he just taped them on and laid the needles flat.

To make me even look more convincing, Bella and Carlisle found me a face mask!

Then, Carlisle called my mom.

She was crying. I could hear her very clearly with my new sensitive hearings.

"I can assure you, she's fine-"

"Where is she? The hospital? Who found her?" she asked urgently.

"We found her near our house. Bella recognized her from school after the kids came back from their camping trip," he said slowly, trying to calm her down.


"I'm going to the hospital," she said before the line went dead.

I slightly prayed that she wouldn't see me any different, but she probably would. My skin was so pale right now...plus my whole body would be cold to her (as Edward explained)!

My physical features had changed a little as well during the process, and made me look somewhat like a different person. Alice even said if she wasn't convinced, say I had plastic surgery.

Five minutes, twenty seven seconds later (that's fast for my mom!) mom rushed into my room. She looked like a mess.

"Sophie! Oh Sophie I'm so sorry for not looking out for you! I'm so sorry! I heard what happened from Dr. Cullen, they still haven't found the shooter yet, but they're working on it right now. I'm so sorry," she kept saying over and over again.

I took the face mask off, keeping me from speaking.

"It's fine mom, it's fine," I said reassuringly.

She gasped, "Your skin is so cold! Are you cold?" she asked.

Carlisle sighed.

"She has lost quite a bit of blood I'm afraid..." he mumbled.

"What about her skin?" mom asked.

Bella now sighed.

"Loss of blood," she suggested. "And a bit of shock. Might be a while before she gets her colors back."

My mom quite literally locked me inside my room after I was released out of the hospital. It had been a week since I became a new born vampire.
She kept checking up on me every ten minutes, making sure I was fine and not having a panic attack or something.
The changing lens thing took some getting used to, and I found the stash in my closet. Alice had came in the hospital everyday to give me more supplies.

A knock came from my window.

William was dangling on a tree branch.

I propped open my window.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered, knowing he could hear me.

He shrugged and then jumped through the window.

"Hey! This is my room! My mom could come in at any second you know? This is bad, bad, bad!" I hissed.

William shrugged again.

"I would hear her coming and go outside through the window again. Anyways, I came only because Carlisle said your mom looked like she was hyperventilating. Plus Alice wanted me to give this to you," he said, handing me a sheet of paper.

I nodded and pushed him out the window before closing it with a bang. I winced.

"Soph! Are you alright?" my mom yelled, starting to come up again.

I grabbed a random book, and hid the paper under my covers.

My mom opened the door, and I waved

"Hey mom! Just reading...uh,"

I turned the cover.

"Fairy Tales!"

My mom looked suspicious, but didn't further ask. I sighed as she closed my door.

Unfolding Alice's note, I felt a strange feeling of excitement.
Dear Sophie,
I know exactly what you're going through. Lots of boredom, and reading the same books over and over again (nice save by the way) and talking only to your mom. The reason, I have wrote this letter is to warn you about something.
Since school is about to start, you need to practice your resistance more. Sure, you managed to stay in the hospital with blood all over the place, and not attack anyone. And you've done fine with your mom, but school is a different story. Practice looking like a human. You're too stiff.
That's all. I hope your mom lets you out of your house arrest soon.
~Alice :D
I felt happy after reading Alice's paper. She had probably seen this moment going on in her head.
"Thanks Alice, you're a lifesaver," I mumbled as I went to my bathroom for the contact change.

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