Midnight, Towards the Dark

First Day Of School After Winter Break

My mom almost refused to let me to go school.

I brought nine pairs of contacts just in case, and waited outside my door to be picked up by Alice.

"Since when did you become friends with Alice Cullen?" my mom asked with a chuckle.

"Since I was at the hospital," I responded automatically.

She finally let me go, and I walked out of the house. Finally free. Course, during the last week, the Cullens delivered the blood to me. Despite the fact they never really hunted like humans, Emmett brought a gun. They took turns shooting animals, then not breathing, and filling cups with their blood.

I found that I had a particular interest for birds. Especially eagles and hawks. The larger ones.

The nights were a bit lonely though. I usually just surfed the internet in the dark, and ran over to my bed if I heard my mom stir and try to come into my room.

Ah, fresh air.

I breathed in the good smell before waiting for Alice. Two seconds later, she pulled over to me, and signaled me to get in.

She drove about fifty miles an hour. Something my parents would never approve of, but good enough for her, and got us to school in three minutes.

"How was your house arrest for the last three days?" she asked.

I moaned, "Don't even ask! Is school going to be as hard as you said?" I asked.

Alice shrugged, "It was the worst for Jasper, although Bella and Will are a little new to it as well. They're adjusting though."

I took in a deep breath of everyone around me. Every night, while people were walking, or driving by our house, I'd open my window and breath in the scent of humans. I had trained for this moment...I can't attack anybody.

Alice pulled over to the parking lot.

The scent overwhelmed me, but it wasn't unbearable.

Lily saw me.

Lily was one of my friends from school. She always sat next to me, and talked to me. We were somewhat sisters I guess you could say.

However, I sincerely felt like attacking her.

"Sophie! How was your break?" she asked.

I stopped breathing and covered my nose with a cough, and ceased breathing.

"It was nice," I sputtered.

She didn't seem to notice any appearance change in me, but she did marvel over the fact that I was freezing, which I said was the cold weather.

Suddenly, I realized why my mom didn't tell anyone what happened to me. Except for the cops.

It would cause attention to us, and mom hates attention.

Alice saw me stumbling, and took over for me.

"You must be Lily! I'm Alice! I saw Sophie at the mall and we had a little time to talk with each other and become friends! She's talked to me so much about you," Alice rambled on.

Lily seemed happy I had mentioned her, which I gave a small smile to, before running off towards the school, excusing myself saying I had to use the restroom.

I coughed and hacked at the smell of human blood. It made me want to go on a rampage. Animal blood didn't do this. No, animal blood wasn't even something I craved.

Turning to an abandoned classroom, I went inside and shut myself in.

Someone was running closer and closer, but they weren't human.

"Are you alright? Alice told me what happened!"

I glanced up and saw William bolting towards me. I flung the door open before he could smash into it, and shut it behind him with a loud bang!

Of course, Alice probably saw what would happen, but knew I wouldn't lose control or anything.

William saw my expression and laughed.

"It was harder for me," he added.

I raised my eyebrow.

"How so?"

"Well, I couldn't even go to school for a year! Carlisle kept trying to train me and get me to stop craving human blood. I'm still working on it, although it isn't as hard as before. Bella struggles a little with it, but she never really had much trouble in the first place. Jasper is on the same level as I am. Trust me, we've had worse. Rosalie's record is pretty clean though, but she killed five people...wait, seven. But she didn't drain their blood, just killed them for revenge purposes." he said.

Uh. Questions. I have got to stop asking questions!

I still buried my head in my arms. I was ashamed of the temptation, that I wanted to get rid of so badly!

"C'mon, class is starting," William mumbled before pulling me out of the classroom, and into the sea of humans.

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