Midnight, Towards the Dark


I knew, that sooner or later, I was gonna screw up. Guess what? That day just happened to be today.

School was fine as usual, and my mom had relaxed her grip on me after an invitation to the Cullens' house from Bella, who swore to keep me safe, and she let me go.

They were planning a hunting trip. This would be my first hunting trip for a while.

As soon as I got to their house, I took the contact lens off. My eyes were a deep shade of red. Like crimson, but even deeper than that. William said it was a good sign, meaning next time I'm thirsty it would be more black rather than red.

Out of all the Cullens, Alice, Bella, and William were the most supporting. They helped me get through a lot of stuff. I'm not saying I don't like the rest of them, it's just that I feel closer to the three of them! And of course, I have to thank Carlisle and Esme.

"Let's go guys!" Esme yelled as everyone fled downstairs, and started to go eagerly to the forest that was right next to the house. Carlisle sighed.

Everyone raced out as if a pistol was shot, and I just followed. They all faced it like some kind of a race, while I just hung back more, pleasurably enjoying the wind as it flipped my hair back.

They all split up, leaving me alone with William, again. I guess this really is a couples thing and we're the odd ones out.

I stopped. Tasting the air, I smelled an elk. Yes!

Racing towards it, I smelled something better.

I don't know what happened in that instant, but everything seemed to have blacked out in front of me. Something smelled good, and I was going to get it.

Something tackled me to the ground. Ugh! I need to get it!

I scraped my fingernails onto the soft Earth, before I realized what was going on.

"Get me out of here!" I hissed with the remaining breath I had.

William dragged me away from the human. I felt really bad. It could've been someone I know! Or even my mom! What would've happened if I attacked her? And killed her myself?

Once I had been dragged far away that I will never be able to smell it again, William sighed.

"I'm so, sorry. I didn't mean to cause all that trouble!" I said, as my voice cracked. I felt like crying, but no tears came to my eyes.

"What? I can't even cry?" I asked with a laugh.

"You-" William closed his hand over his mouth and hissed something super fast even with my listening skills I could not hear. My talent has issues as well.

I sat down on the ground and moaned.

Empty cries rose in and out of my chest as I fought to regain control of myself.

"It's okay, we've all had bad days before," William said, kneeling down to me. I wiped my eyes, bad habit from before, and nodded. Still, I couldn't help but feel awful.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. Or, not weird. Just...unexpected.

William drew me in for a hug. It wasn't like Edward or Bella, or Emmett and Rosalie. Just...a friendly one. A hug to say we've all had these problems before. You're not the only one.

I drew him a deep breath and tried to relax a bit. I decided to ask William a question.

"Why'd you become a vampire?" I asked, pulling away from him.

He seemed to want to answer that question however.

"I was being abused, by my parents. I never went to school, they locked me at home. They were usually drunk. They would hit me, and took all their anger out on me. They treated me like an object, rather than a live being. Well, the shoved some kind of poison down my throat, and I almost died."

His voice cracked, and I was about to tell him to stop, when he waved me off and kept going.

"They threw me out into the streets. They didn't care about the fact that I was dying. Well, that's when Carlisle found me. All of my organs were starting to shut down, and he did it. I became a vampire," he finished.

I waited for him to finish, and say the end, or something like that, but he kept going.

"Carlisle technically wasn't supposed to harm anyone else. Or even biting them, if it saves their lives. Bella was an exception, because we had special permission. Bella's friend, Jacob, was a member of a pack that we made the treaty with-"

I stopped him. "Pack?"

"Yeah, they're shape shifters. They can turn into wolves. He's the alpha of the pack. But they're not werewolves. Werewolves as far as we know don't live here. A coven in Italy named the Volturi hunted for them, and they're near extinction. Just so you know, covens are like a group of vampires living together. We prefer term 'family' though." William explained.

I nodded and let him continue.

"Jacob got mad. Luckily Nessie was there. Oh, Renesmee is Bella and Edward's daughter. Bella got pregnant before she was a vampire, and then turned into one. Jacob gave them permission for her. Jacob imprinted on Nessie, meaning he'd be with her forever, like mates you know? Anyways, Nessie calmed him down, and told me to explain myself. He allowed it, but I don't know what Carlisle's planning to do about you...." his voice trailed off, and I shrugged.

"Maybe I'll just say I found them. Didn't Alice and Jasper do that?" I asked.

He nodded. "True, you could. So, that's the story of my pathetic life time as a human!"

"What about the others? Please don't ramble," I pleaded.

William did his best.

"Edward had the spanish influenza and he was a patient in Carlisle's hospital in the early 1900's. So Carlisle saved him. Edward was first. Then came Esme. Rosalie was actually next; she was meant to be for Edward because Carlisle and Esme didn't want him to be lonely. Then Rosalie found Emmett being finished off by a grizzly bear in the forest, carried him while he had blood on him to Carlisle. Alice and Jasper found us, and stayed with us since. Edward saw Bella at school one day, and saw that her blood "sang" for him. It's when a human's blood is particularly strong to you. So he controlled it, they fell in love, got married, blah blah blah. They had Renesmee. They had to let her stay in Forks though because of Jacob. She's about...five now? Yeah, but she's literally like a thirteen year old. It's weird," he said, shrugging.

After William finished all the stories, I felt better about myself. It seemed that almost everyone in the family, except for Bella and Carlisle had committed some kind of murder, drinking the blood or not. Rosalie had her own reasons, but still.

"That...makes me feel a bit better. I guess," I mumbled.

William flashed a grin, and I almost gasped out loud.

For the first time, well, in forever. I noticed how complete he looked. When I was a human, my vision had left out a lot of details. I never really got a good look at him till now.

"Okay, let's go home!" I quickly said as I raced towards the house.

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