Midnight, Towards the Dark

A Tour (Excuse)

After school, William and I went on another hunting expedition! My excuse to my mom was "I'm going to go study with them! See you before dinner!"

My eyes felt free after I dropped the contact lens and my vision felt suddenly clear.

"Oh look! Your eyes are amber!" William cheered.

I stared at a puddle in the ground.

"Huh. They are. It's only been about a month," I mumbled, staring at my eyes.

Alice said I could change the shade of the contacts week by week to make it look like my eyes turned gold. Sure, I'll do that. Just a few weeks!

William started counting out loud.

"It took me about four months," he said. "Before my eyes were gold."

I smelled something.

The smell seemed to be stronger, when I wasn't focused and expected there to be no humans. But I wasn't in control this time.

William smelled it too, and processed in his head what I was going to do.

I bolted towards the blood. I fought myself to stop.

William grabbed me. I almost hissed at him, but held my breath, until I sighed and the human walked away.

Great. I almost killed a human. Again.

"Hey, look, it isn't your fault," William said.

I had to put my mind off that scent...the mouth watering-

Shut it Sophie!

I have also made a happy scale about everyone in the house.
1. Emmett
2. Alice
3. William
4. Bella
5. Esme
6. Carlisle
7. Edward
8. Jasper
9. Rosalie.

That was the overall summary of everyone. Who I should stay close to and who I shouldn't. But Edward and Carlisle...Well, then that would be a niceness scale. And everyone would be on there! Well, Rosalie and Jasper are still necessary to be careful around.

One day, Esme couldn't stand it anymore. Rosalie and I haven't even spoken to one another, and Esme felt it was a hole in her perfect family.

"You two, are going to spend Saturday doing bonding activities! Sophie, I have already called your mother, and she says you can stay over for tonight. Rosalie, you must get along with Sophie!" she yelled at us.

It was the first time I've seen Esme yell at anyone!

Rosalie and I stared at each other, and we both shared the same idea.

"Yes ma'am," I mumbled.

Since my mom said I could stay over (yay!) I decided to spend the whole night reading!

William found that surprising.

I just responded with an eye roll. Will sat next to me for a moment.

"Okay, bye!" he said.

Then, before he could run out, he gasped.

I looked at him surprisingly.

"What is it?" I asked.

He handed me a mirror. I didn't see anything wrong with my face. Everything was either extremely pale, or a bit of pink.

Wait a minute.

A bit of pink?!

I pushed the mirror back to William.

"What is it? Don't vampires not have blood?" I asked accusingly.

William nodded. "We don't! During the changing process, the blood...just goes. Like it burns off. I'm not sure about the whole entire thing. Yours should be gone as well. Clearly. You've been a vampire for almost an entire month now!"

So then why am I blushing?

I sighed. It'd be something to think about later. Maybe I just got makeup or paint over it by accident.

"It's probably just a mark," I said as I waved him off.

William hesitated, and then stayed by my side for the rest of the night.

Soon, it was morning. Morning...didn't start out so well for Rosalie and Jasper

"Jasper, this is the last time I'm telling you! Stop sending off waves of physical violence! And lust as well! Or else Jasper! I'm warning you! Don't use your gift to your own amusements! Have you ever heard the phrase 'With great power comes great responsibility'?! So stop it!" she yelled.

Then she yelled at Emmett.

"Emmett! That's the tenth time you ripped my best dress! Just what were you doing in my closet in the first place?!"

I've never seen the happy couple ever in a fight before, but she was mad. The whole entire house vibrated with her anger. She refused to speak with him all morning.

Rosalie grinned at me, and I was scared. Rosalie? Smiling at me? That was just so unexpected!

"Hey Sophie! Would you like to go hunting? Near our house for a bit?" she asked.

My eyes brightened.

"Uh-huh! How far?"

"A few hundred miles. Not too bad," she said.

Okay...that's kinda far away though.

"So, why are we here?" I asked once we got there.

Rosalie bit her lips, as if trying to not talk. My gift got the best of her.

"I need a little help, with revenge. Jasper has been doing that for way too long, so I have to do some...revenge. And please don't ask me questions. It's hard to control myself not to ramble on about nonsense like this."

Ooh! So bonding by harassing family members! Got it.

"Sounds fun! What's the plan?"

Rosalie quickly explained the outline to me.

"But we'll need Will, Alice, and Emmett in on the plan won't we? And...possibly Esme as well. Oh, definitely Bella and Edward," I added.

She smiled, "Course. But Emmett needs to be frightened. Just a little bit."

I expected her to cackle or something.

She didn't.

We raced back to the house, and let Edward read our minds. He wrote everything down on a piece of paper for Bella, Alice, Will, and Esme.

Esme looked concerned, but after a bit of writing, we convinced her. Edward felt that we shouldn't push around with Jasper, but agreed to what Bella agreed to. Alice and Will agreed on the plan immediately.

"Let's go then!" I said happily.

Phase one!

Scaring Emmett, and putting the blame on Jasper.

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