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Black and White


Emma, a 19 year old is about to meet her idol, Niall Horan. She has waited for this moment her entire life. But it doesn’t go exactly how she wanted. In fact it turned both of their worlds upside down!

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Chapter 1

I still can’t believe that I was going to a meet and greet where I would finally meet my idol, Niall Horan.

I’ve been dreaming about this day ever since I stumbled upon his music. Somebody with such an angelic voice is bound to be famous!

I lie on my bed cuddling with my dog Apollo ( So I’m a Greek nerd, sue me ) and running through a bunch of possibilities how this would go. I glance at my watch and mentally slap myself, it was already 1 and I still haven’t picked out an outfit. (did I mention I am supposed to reach there at 4!?) I hurriedly get out of bed and rush to my closet, there were clothes everywhere! I look through my options and finally pick a cute yet causal white dress which had flowers all over it. It was perfect! I soon picked out my shoes and took a quick bath. After what seemed like an hour, I sprint to my car and pull into a parking lot. It seemed like I still had some time seeing it was still 3:30. There was already a long queue and I stood next to a blonde girl with a crop top and black leather pants. Not wanting to appear rude I quickly said “Hi, I’m Emma” , she looked at me cordially and replied “Hi, I’m Jadah!”. I was about to ask her a question when the gate opened and we all rushed inside.

Then I saw HIM

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