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Its fanfic

Romance / Drama
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The beginning Side A

"OH, SHIT", I said. While he came running from my back" Wh....what happened?", he asked.

It was my period. Can't believe this really happening; having a period. Right when I'm about to lose my virginity with Louis Tomlinson. So embarrassing."Do we have Diva cup or anything?", he said, while I laughed. "We are in hospital. We got everything, dear.", I said. He sounded stupid but cute.

This all just too confusing right now. So let me tell you everything from the beginning. Three days ago when I was doing brain surgery of some old guy at my hospital, because I'm a neurologist. Right then, my best friend Josie entered in with a horrifying knife and killed it(patient).

"What the heck!!", I said. "Common, we got terrorist attacks out there . We have to go, and this old man will still die by those terrorists." she said." Um...uh...okay", I said.

She handed me a bag of supplies and all facilities like food and clothes, also a gun for my safety. She told me to escape at the morgue room which is located on the 6th floor and told me to wait for her because she had something more to carry over and figure out. I was all alone there, waiting for her to come back, almost two days. Staying in a morgue was a nightmare , obviously. And also more horrifying when you are not safe. And the fact Josie hasn't back given me more negative thoughts.

I called for the cops on that day but they said they're on their way. I waited for someone to come and rescue me, and no one did. And today, the third day I went out of that morgue room. I kept searching for Josie and wondered if anyone would be alive. I think those terrorists went. Because there was huge silence in the corridor. But went where? Jail?Hell?Ughh. Finally, I came to the ground floor. Which was messy with blood and bullets all around, but no dead body.

It was a huge awkward silence in the atmosphere. As someone died, well yeah many people did. I stared at the floor all the time and imagined the moment which showed terror. And then I saw Josie's dead body lying nearby some door. Her blood was pure like she was shot a few minutes ago.

The moment I realized those terrorists are nearby I was frozen, I think this is it. The moment I'll die

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