The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly


This is the story of Carly, who survived a vampire attack because the Winchesters saved her. Now she's stuck in the middle of the long battle between good and evil, what side will she choose?

Fantasy / Horror
Age Rating:

Carly loses Everything

"Here we are!" Said Dean as they stopped in the parking lot of a Biggerson's. They've been in a car almost two days to get here, and it was finally worth it. To have a case after dad died is all they needed. It's been a few months since they had to say goodbye to their father, and Dean still thought about it everyday. Remembering it was his fault their father is dead, it's a burden he'll have to carry to the grave.

"And where is that exactly?" Said Sam rubbing his eyes.

"Wausau, Wisconsin." Said Dean

"Why are we here?" Said Sam

"The case, remember?" Said Dean

"Oh, the case." Said Sam grabbing his research from the backseat, "Well according to the local newspaper there have been 5 missing persons in the last week."

"Who was the first vic." Said Dean

"Anna Xiong." Said Sam

"Any similarities?" Asked Dean

"All the vic's were girls and all of them were sixteen." Said Sam analyzing the notes he had taken. These girls were so young they didn't deserve to be taken or what Dean and Sam suspected, dead. Their lives were taken from them, and Sam hated it. He hated when monsters human and creature alike took innocent life with their hands, just for the fun of it. It made him sick, that's part of the reason he killed evil, to get rid of the monsters.

"Where did Anna live?" Said Dean

"Her house is on Oriole street and the house number is 3209." Said Sam

"How did you…" Said Dean

"I know how to hack." Said Sam

"Nerd." Said Dean

"Whatever." Said Sam

"Let's go talk to the parents." Said Dean as they both got back in the car.

The rest of the of the ride was in silence. Both thinking about their own things, their own tragedies. Once they reached the house Sam knocked.

"Who is it?" Said a woman behind the door.

"FBI, we would like to ask you a few questions about Anna's disappearance." Said Sam

"I already told the police everything." Said the women opening the door.

"I'm agent Northman and this is agent Stackhouse. This will only take a moment of your time." Said Dean showing her his fake badge as Sam did.

"Like I already said I told the police everything." Said Anna's mother

"Yes, we know Mrs. Xiong but we are doing our own investigation so..." Said Dean

"Just, come in." Said Anna's mother annoyed.

"So, Mrs. Xiong was..." Asked Sam entering her house. It was full of decorative girly things, that Sam had no idea about. It kinda looked like an old woman's house, a house a grandma might live in. But he didn't want to say anything to upset her before they could ask her questions, so he said nothing.

"Call me Precious." Said Anna's mother interrupting Sam.

"Wait your name is Precious?" Asked Dean giggling

"Yeah, it was my grandmothers name, is there something wrong with that?" Asked Precious

"No." Said Dean giggling a bit.

"Okay, Precious. Was Anna acting strangely before she died?" Asked Sam giving Dean a mean glare.

"No, nothing out of the ordinary." Said Precious

"Did Anna have any enemies or anyone who wanted to hurt her?" Asked Dean

"Why would you say that?" Said Precious

"Please answer the question, ma'am." Said Dean

"No, Anna was a good kid, she was friends with everyone." Said Precious

"What happened the night she disappeared?" Asked Sam sitting down on the grandma couch. It was hard, had doilies, and it was very dusty. It even smelled like old people. She either bought this at some yard sale or she just looks young and is very, very old. Unless a grandma lives here but it doesn't look like it.

"She was hanging out with her friends at this party, she called me beforehand to let me know she was going to be late." Said Precious

"Did she come home?" Asked Dean

"No that was the last time I talked to her, before she vanished." Said Precious starting to cry.

"Do you know where this party was?" Asked Sam

"No, she never got the chance to tell me." Said Precious with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you for your time." Said Dean standing up

"Can you promise me something." Asked Precious grabbing Sam's arm. Her veins were sticking out of hands like an old woman, she must be at least 50 or 60 but she looked young, maybe 30. She looked Sam in the eyes as a tear fell down her cheek. Well now he felt bad about the whole old lady thing, he's just glad he never said that out loud.

"What?" Said Sam

"Please bring my daughter home." Said Precious

"We will try our best." Said Dean as they walked out the front door.

"Well that got us zip." Said Sam getting into the Impala with Dean.

"Who's the newest to go missing?" Asked Dean

"Claire Flitz, went missing two days ago." Said Sam

"Address?" Asked Dean starting up the Impala.

"1916 Partridge ave, about 20 minutes from here." Said Sam

"Alright, let's go talk to her parents." Said Dean

"Mrs. Flitz this officer Northman and officer Stackhouse from the FBI. We would like to ask you a few questions about your daughter. We discovered she went missing and our boss sent us here to check it out. Mrs. Flitz are you..." Said Dean knocking on the door.

"Ask away. I just want my daughter found." Said Mrs. Flitz opening the door.

"Did Claire seem strange before she disappeared?" Asked Sam

"What do you mean?" Said Mrs. Flitz

"Like scared or worried?" Said Dean

"Well the night before she went missing she was acting a little strange." Said Mrs. Flitz

"Like?" Said Dean

"She kept saying over and over that vampires were after them and that she was next. But I didn't believe her, vampires don't exist." Said Mrs. Flitz

"Them?" Asked Sam and Dean as the same time.

"All her friends." Said Mrs. Flitz

"Are they the ones that have been going missing?" Asked Dean

"Yes." Said Mrs. Flitz

"Would anyone want to hurt Claire and her friends?" Asked Dean as she led them into the kitchen. Her house was much more modern than the Precious' house. He didn't know if Sam was thinking it but he totally thinks Mrs. Xiong is older than she looks maybe 50 or so. If her house smelled like that, she had to be old.

"No, but..." Said Mrs. Flitz

"But, what?" Asked Sam

"The night she came home from the party, she was covered in dirt, bruises and cuts and that was the night Anna went missing." Said Mrs. Flitz crying

"I'm sorry Mrs. Flitz for Claire and all her friends but we will find them." Said Dean

"I just feel bad for Carly, she must be so depressed right now." Said Mrs. Flitz crying

"Who's Carly?" Asked Sam

"Carly is the only one left who was at the party that night." Said Mrs. Flitz crying

"Do you know where she lives?" Asked Dean

"Yeah, she lives about two blocks from here." Said Mrs. Flitz

"Thanks, Mrs. Flitz." Said Sam as they left the house.

"I wonder why a bunch of vampires are going after these girls, it doesn't make any sense." Said Sam

"We should go get a motel, I am beat and I haven't slept in days." Said Dean

"No, we need to go talk to Carly, she is going to be next." Said Sam

"But sleep..." Said Dean whining

"Dean." Said Sam

"Fine, but when we are done, I'm sleeping." Said Dean

"Fine." Said Sam

Knock. Knock.

"FBI." Said Dean through the door.

"May I help you?" Said a girl from behind them.

"Are you Carly?" Asked Sam

"That would be me, can I help you with something?" Asked Carly

"May we ask you a few questions?" Asked Sam as he showed his badge.

"I guess." Said Carly

"So Carly, what happened the night Anna went missing?" Asked Dean

"You won't believe me, no one does not even my mom." Said Carly

"Just tell us, we'll understand." Said Dean

"Okay, but you can't call me crazy, got it." Said Carly

"We won't, I promise." Said Sam

"Okay, well we were walking home from practice because we all swim on our school's swim team. When this flyer from out of nowhere hits me in the face. It was for this new club called Vampiros or something like that. So of course Claire wanted to go and we weren't gonna let her go alone, so we went. Everything was fun for awhile until..." Said Carly

"Until what?" Said Sam

"An hour into the party, 6 or 7 people ran into the crowd. I thought nothing of it till the first scream rang out. Then everyone was panicking, running, trying to escape but most didn't. We started to run when Anna got captured. All my other friends had already escaped. But I couldn't leave her, she was my friend. The thing bit into to her like a cupcake and her face started to lose color, paler and paler. She looked into my eyes as her eyes started to lose life. She screamed but I was scared to move, afraid but I wouldn't lose her.

When he dropped her there wasn't an ounce of life left. So I used all my strength and ripped a piece of wood off a chair and impaled him with it. But nothing happened, he just pulled it out like it was nothing. That's when I ran and didn't stop till I was home. Then I heard about my friends going missing, and that's when I knew it was that man killing my friends." Said Carly crying

"Why did he kill all your friends?" Asked Dean

"They saw everything those monsters did, so i'm betting it was so no one knew they existed." Said Carly sobbing

"Carly, we won't let them touch you, okay." Said Sam

"How can you believe me, while no one else will." Said Carly

"We have open minds." Said Dean

"But how? How can you believe in something so crazy?" Asked Carly

"We've been through a lot of crazy stuff ourselves. Now Carly I want you to lock the doors and stay inside, tomorrow we will check on you. They can't get in unless you let them." Said Sam

"Okay I will." Said Carly walking back to her house taking a long glance back.

"It's a pretty good idea." Said Dean

"What?" Said Sam

"Making a club, inviting people and then eating them it's a all you can drink buffet." Said Dean

"Really?" Said Sam

"What? If I was a vamp that's what I would do." Said Dean

"Whatever Dean." Said Sam

"Well we got no more leads, let's go to a motel and sleep." Said Dean starting the car

"I guess." Said Sam

Late that night, Sam had another nightmare but this time it was about Carly. She was inside her house when someone knocked at the front door. She opened it but no one was there. She closed the door and someone knocked again. This time when she opened the door there was man. Her expression turned frightened and she tried slamming the door but he wouldn't let her.

"You can't come in you're not invited." Screamed Carly

"Well I can make you, invite me in." Said the man hypnotizing her to let him in.

"Why did I just do that?" Said Carly

"Because I made you." Said the man bagging her head and dragging her outside. She struggled with all her strength but she wasn't strong enough and the man threw her into the drunk and drove off. When suddenly, Sam wakes up breathing heavily.

"It was just a dream." Sam whispered to himself multiple times.

The song Born to Be Wild starting playing from Dean's phone.

"Dean, answer your phone." Said Sam

No answer.

"Dean." Said Sam

Still no answer.

"Hello?" Said Sam into the phone.

"Hello Sam." Said the voice

"Who is this?" Asked Sam

"Someone you don't want to meet." Said the voice

"How do you know my name?" Asked Sam

"I have my sources." Said the voice

"Who are you?" Asked Sam

"I heard you were with my friend Carly, today." Said the voice

"Leave her alone." Said Sam

"Oh, I already have her." Said the voice

"Who are you talking to?" Asked Dean sitting up.

"Shhh!" Said Sam

"Please, help. I don't know what happened, but he made me let him in. Please I don't want to die." Said Carly

"You hear that, she doesn't want to die if you don't meet me here in one hour, her fear comes true." Said the voice hanging up.

"What's happening?" Asked Dean

"They got Carly, we need to go now." Said Sam getting dressed quickly.

"We don't even know where it is." Said Dean

"I can track where the last ping was. So just let me check." Said Sam opening his laptop.

"Nerd." Said Dean

"Got it, they called from 567 6th street, let's go." Said Sam packing up.

"Hold your horses, let's talk about what we are doing. We are walking into a trap Sam, we are not prepared." Said Dean

"We have two machetes in the trunk right." Said Sam

"Yeah." Said Dean

"Dead man's blood?" Asked Sam

"Yeah." Said Dean

"Then we are prepared." Said Sam throwing his bags in the backseat.

"Sammy." Said Dean

"It's Sam. Now get in or I'm leaving without you." Said Sam

When they arrived Dean spoke first, "So how do we approach this?"

"We walk right in, and kill any vamp we see." Said Sam

"Usually, I'm the one who just goes in swinging." Said Dean

"Is there a problem with that?" Asked Sam

"No." Said Dean

Sam and Dean walk through the front doors, ready to attack. It was a cement room with a balcony and lots and lots of room. If this wasn't infested with vampires, Dean might actually go to this club. The room was empty except for Carly who was tied to a wooden chair in the far right corner.

"Carly, it's gonna be okay." Said Sam running to her and taking the gag from her mouth

"Thank god you're here." Said Carly

"What happened?" Asked Dean

"He made me let him in, then darkness and I was here….Look behind you!" Yelled Carly as a vampire tried to hit Sam. But Dean was too quick and sliced the vampire's head off within seconds.

"What the hell was that?!" Said Carly

"Awesome right." Said Dean

"Really Dean." Said Sam

More and more came at least 30 vampires surrounded them. Without warning all the vampires attacked. Sam and Dean were completely surrounded but that didn't stop them. They took out their machetes and started slicing. They were split up and Sam was surrounded by 5 vamps. He cut one's head off, and then pain shot through his leg as he looked down to see a vampire biting his ankle.

"Seriously dude." Said Sam

"I'm hungry." Said the vamp

"Disgusting." Said Sam cutting the things head off as he continued fighting the others.

Dean on the other hand was slicing and dicing with no vamp, getting close enough to injure him. After almost 10 minutes of fighting the vampire's off, finally no more came, all were dead.

"What were those?" Asked Carly

"Vampires." Said Dean

"Vampires exist?!" Asked Carly

"Didn't you realize it when the man killed Anna?" Asked Sam

"I thought he was a cannibal more than a vampire." Said Carly

What they didn't know was that the voice on the phone earlier was of the leader of the coven and he was angry. He ran at Sam and Dean using his vampire speed and grabbed Sam by the throat. Dean tried to stop him but he was too slow. By the time he could react, the man's hand was already around Sam's neck.

"If you take one little step I'll snap your brother's neck, like it a twig." Said the vamp

"Okay, just calm down." Said Dean

"Put the machete down." Said the vamp

"I don't kn…" Said Dean

"I said PUT IT DOWN!" Yelled the vamp squeezing Sam's throat just a bit tighter.

"Okay, okay it's down." Said Dean setting the machete on the cold, cement floor.

"Step away." Said the vamp

"Okay, stepping back." Said Dean taking a few steps back.

"Let's make this exciting, who do you want me to eat first, your baby brother Sam or the girl you just mete. Chose fast Dean, or I'll kill both of them. Tick tock their lives are on the clock." Said the vamp extending his fangs.

"Dean, save Carly." Mouthed Sam

"No, I won't risk your life." Mouthed Dean

"Save her, I got this." Mouthed Sam

"What's your choice?" Asked the vamp

"The girl." Said Dean really worried for Sam.

"I'm surprised in you Dean. You would let your brother die over some girl. I guess you don't love him as much as I thought you did." Said the vamp as Carly ran into Dean's arms away from the monster.

"Carly, stay here I got to go save my brother." Said Dean

"But." Said Carly

"Stay, I mean it." Said Dean

"You are going to taste delicious." Said the vamp as he bit into Sam's neck.

"Gahhhh!" Said Sam trying to grab his machete but no use, he was stuck. When a vampire bites you, it doesn't give you pleasure like in some movies or turn you, no it's just pain. Like a thousand needles are stabbing you in one spot, it hurts so bad you want to scream. The only way for them to turn you is if they feed you their blood, but most of the time they just feed till there's nothing left. Sam could feel every movement the vamp made with his teeth, he could feel his blood leave his body, he could feel his life draining away.

Sam kicked his machete to Dean. But the vamp was faster, he grabbed Dean as he still fed from Sam and threw him into the back wall. His head hit the cold cement, knocking him out. The color in Sam's face started to fade and his eyes were closing.

"I am not going to watch this again." Carly whispered to herself grabbing the machete. The vamp was turned away from her so with one quick swipe.

"Not so fast." Said the vamp grabbing the machete midair.

"Aw..." Carly said as he bent her wrist the wrong way to make her drop the machete.

"Do you really think you can kill me with that?" He said dropping Sam to the floor.

"Not really, I was just trying to get you away from Sam." Carly said as he started choking her.

"You are one interesting girl. First you stab me, which was very brave of you, then you try to kill me. Why aren't you scared to attack me?" Asked the vamp lifting Carly above the ground.

"I'm not scared because I watched you kill my friends and that gives me motive, to end you." Carly said gasping for air.

"Interesting maybe I won't kill you, maybe, I'll turn you." Said the vamp. The only way to start the turning process is to drain her to almost death, then feed her his blood. He kind of wanted a new friend, maybe she could be that friend. They could live forever traveling the world, killing whoever they wanted, he had no one left so why not?

"Put her down!" Said Dean coming toward them with a machete.

"Or what?" Said the vamp putting Carly in a choke hold.

"I'll kill you." Said Dean

"I'm so scared. Why would I let go of such a beautiful specimen, she would be an amazing vampire." Said the vamp smelling Carly's hair.

"I'm warning you." Said Dean

"You're not gonna hurt me Dean, I have the girl." Said the vamp

"Dean get Sam out of here, I'll be fine." Carly gasped

"No, he'll kill you." Said Dean

"Go!" Yelled Carly as the vamp bit into her neck.

"Noooo!" Yelled Dean

"Awwww…." Gasped Carly as her blood flowed into his mouth. She's seen a lot of vampire movies and read a lot of the books, but none of them described the pain. She could barely breath, barely even think, barely move at all. She could feel every drop of blood leave her neck. She could feel herself dying and it wasn't like in a movie where your life flashes before your eyes, there was nothing, just darkness.

"Wait, I have tasted this type before. Wait your a...a...a..." Said the vamp lifting his head to speak as his head fell to the ground. Carly fell to her knees trying to get her breath back. She was weak but still breathing. When the vamps body fell, Sam was standing behind where it stood.

"Sammy?" Said Dean as Sam collapsed to his knees.

"What do we do? Asked Carly weakly.

"I'll take Sam to the car, do you think you can walk to the car on your own?" Said Dean

"I think so." Said Carly standing up slowly.

"Are you sure?" Asked Dean

"Yes I'll be fine, just go." Carly said as Dean half carried, half dragged Sam out to the car. Carly put her hand on the bite and slowly moved her hand into her sight, to see her hand covered in blood. She could still feel his teeth in her skin, and she hated it. All she wanted was to forget any of this happened, so she slowly walked outside.

"Are you okay?" Asked Dean setting Sam down in the impala.

"Yup just need some rest." Said Sam trying to keep his eyes open.

Dean ran away from the car, "I'm gonna torch the place, get in the car." Said Dean

"Wait what?" Asked Carly

"There's dead bodies in there, the evidence needs to be hidden." Said Dean running back into the building. That's when Carly noticed the impala sitting out front, with Sam asleep in the passenger's seat. Carly loved old cars and this was a beauty. It was a 1967 Chevy Impala the cool impalas before they became boring. She got in the back and everything was original, nothing replaced or new, it was awesome.

As they started driving away, all Carly heard was the explosion in the distance and Sam passed out in the front seat.

"How's your neck?" Asked Dean

"Bleeding but I'm fine." Said Carly

"I'm sorry you had to go through that." Said Dean handing her a cloth to wipe some of the blood off.

"I'm just glad, I'm alive." Said Carly

"Yeah me too." Said Dean

"How did you guys know how to do that?" Said Carly

"FBI Training." Said Dean

"That was not FBI and you know it." Asked Carly

"How do you know?" Asked Dean

"Because I've never seen an FBI agent come into a hostage situation with just a machete. " Said Carly

"Yeah, we aren't really FBI." Said Dean

"I knew it." Carly said

"Most people would be freaking out that we aren't FBI." Said Dean

"Well I'm not most people." Carly said

"Me and my brother, we hunt." Said Dean trying to explain what Dean and Sam did. He might as well since she almost got killed tonight because of them, she has to know the reason.

"A lot of people hunt, my dad loved hunting, especially bear." Said Carly

"Not that kind of hunting." Said Dean

"What other kind is there?" Said Carly

"Me and Sam hunt monsters like the ones we fought back there." Said Dean

"Sounds exciting." Said Carly

"It's dangerous, and you can't stay with the ones you love because they could get hurt." Said Dean

"It sounds better than a boring normal life. Can you teach me!" Said Carly

"No, I'm not throwing a sixteen year old into this life." Said Dean

"My life already sucks, I get bullied at school, no ever notices me and all of my friends are dead. How am I supposed to go back to normal when I have no one. No one to talk to, no one that makes me feel like I belong, no one who cares." Said Carly

"No." Said Dean

"Besides, most likely they had friends and I'm the one who got away. Don't you think eventually they will come after me." Carly said

"Carly." Said Dean

"Teach me." Said Carly

"No, you're going home." Said Dean

"My mom won't care if I don't come home, she barely notices I'm there anyway." Said Carly

"Mom?" Asked Dean

"Yeah, when I was little my dad died. At first I thought it was a work accident, but I accidently found out a few weeks ago that he died in a fire, with me in the room. My mom got me out in time but by the time she went back he was gone." Said Carly

"Where?" Asked Dean

"My nursery, why?" Asked Carly

"How old were you?" Dean asked

"6 months, why are you so interested all of a sudden?" Carly asked

"Just wondering." Said Dean as they drove up to her house. Her dad died just like how his mom died, in a fire, in the nursery at 6 months old. This can't be a coincidence. Maybe there's another generation of special children no one knows about or maybe he's overthinking it, which is probably the case.

"No one's even home." Said Carly pointing at the dark house.

"I'll wait here till I know someone's home." Said Dean

"How kind." Said Carly sarcastically

"Just go." Said Dean as she got out of the car.

She walked up to the house and entered. As the the light turned on, Carly screamed. Dean ran as fast as he could out of the car, to see what was wrong. When he entered Carly was on her knees sobbing next to a bloody corpse, her mom. The body was mangled and laying in a puddle of blood. Whatever did this. wanted the job done perfect.

"The last thing I said to my mom, was I hate you. I never actually hated her but she never was home, ignored me, sometimes even called me a monster. She drank a lot and whenever she wasn't sober she called me the monster from hell, blamed me for my dad's death, saying I caused it. So I had good reason to hate her, anyone would hate someone like that. But she was all I had left." Said Carly sobbing

"I'm so sorry." Said Dean

"She wasn't nice, but she didn't deserve this." Said Carly sobbing

"How was she…" Said Dean

"There's a bite mark on her neck." Said Carly tilting her mom's head to show the mark.

"We got to go now." Said Dean helping Carly to her feet.

"But my mom." Said Carly sobbing

"The vamp's who did this could still be around, we got to go." Said Dean pulling her away from her mom.

"I can't leave her like this." Said Carly crying.

"I'm sorry." Said Dean carrying a struggling Carly to the car.

"No I can't leave her!" Screamed Carly

After finally getting her into the car Dean spoke, "Do you have any other family you could stay with?"

"No, they're all dead." Said Carly wiping her eyes. It finally hit her, she was all alone. No mom, no dad, no family, no friends, nobody. She didn't know what to do, she wanted to die but she knew that would only make her mother's killer win, and she couldn't let that happen.

"I'm gonna take you to a friend of my dad's for a bit, until we figure out how to handle this." Said Dean

"Who?" Carly said

"Bobby Singer, a really good hunter who will let you stay there, and maybe let you learn a few tricks." Said Dean

"I'm gonna learn how to hunt?" Carly asked

"After a few days with Bobby, we'll see." Said Dean

"How far?" Said Carly

"North Dakota." Said Dean

"That will take days." Said Carly

"With how I drive, we'll be there by morning." Said Dean

"Okay." Carly said

"Alright, but you should get some rest." Asked Dean

"My mom…" Said Carly

"Just sleep, you'll feel better in the morning." Said Dean feeling sad for her. Sam and Dean have lost a lot but she literally has no one. They had each other and Bobby, but she had no one. She was absolutely alone.

"I'll try." Said Carly laying down in the back seat slowly crying herself to sleep.

When Carly falls asleep, Sam wakes up, weak.

"I thought you said you had it?" Said Dean

"Shut up." Said Sam sitting up slowly.

"Why is Carly still here?" Asked Sam looking the back.

"The vamp's from earlier had friends and killed Carly's mom. So we are taking her to Bobby Singer's, so she can relax and maybe learn a few things. She needs something good to happen, she needs us. If she doesn't have us, she has no one." Said Dean

"She's only sixteen Dean." Said Sam

"We learned younger." Said Dean

"Yeah but we had no choice." Said Sam

"She deserves to know how to defend herself. But that's not the only reason, I'm taking her to Bobby." Said Dean

"What?" Asked Sam

"Her father died in her nursery, in a fire, when she was six months old." Said Dean

"What are you saying?" Said Sam

"She might be like you." Said Dean

"That's not possible." Said Sam

"This can't be a coincidence Sammy." Said Dean

"She can't be, all children like me are my age." Said Sam

"That's why we are going to Bobby Singer's to find out if any other children's parents had the same fate as Carly." Said Dean

"There's not going to be." Said Sam

"But if there is another generation." Said Dean

"Then more dangerous children." Said Sam

"Sammy." Said Dean

"It's Sam and I'm fine." Said Sam

"No your not." Said Dean

"Yeah I am." Said Sam

"Stop it. Stop thinking your gonna end up like them you aren't. If there is another generation we will stop them from becoming evil. You aren't evil Sam." Said Dean

"I got these powers from a demon that killed my mother, I am the reason our mom is dead. I've been evil since the start." Said Sam

"Sam, don't you ever believe that." Said Dean as they drove down the road in silence.

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