The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly


“Alright, how are we gonna go about this?” Asked Dean pacing.

“Let’s just go across the street and go in swinging. We know where she is and it’s been almost two hours so let’s go.” Said Sam

“What if it wasn’t Tatiana?” Asked Dean

“I heard her through the phone, it’s Tatiana.” Said Sam

“I say we wait till dark and then sneak in hoping she’s not home.” Said Dean

“That gives Tatiana almost three more hours to hurt Carly. I will not sit here for that long knowing she’s right across the street being tortured, you can come if you please but I’m leaving now.” Said Sam throwing her phone onto the bed as he headed for the open doorway.

“Sam…” Said Dean stopping Sam in his tracks.

“What?” Asked Sam

“We need a plan. Last time we rescued her without a plan you almost died.” Said Dean

“Well then let’s hope I don’t almost die then.” Said Sam pushing past Dean.

“Ahhh!” Carly screamed as the blow torch burned her skin. The witch has burned her in multiple places the shoulder, arms and now she’s on the stomach. So far she’s only been burning Carly but she had other tricks.

“Interesting.” Said Tatiana finally switching off the blowtorch as she unhooked the tube from the sun. The tub was half filled with Carly’s blood making her feel very woozy and weak not even able to stand on her own luckily the chains kept her straight.

“I told you I was strong.” Said Carly swallowing spit.

“You are not strong, that barrier in your head is. Whoever put it there had great power which I do not possess.” Said Tatiana picking up a small knife.

“She is so jealous.” Said Azazel

“So you can’t break it?” Asked Carly

“Oh I can. I can sense the block and it already has a small tear in it. Hopefully soon we’ll break it wide open. I have used many vampires and I’ve seen many but none were half human. They all had that done to them but you were born with it, the first of your kind. I can’t wait to see your fangs and eyes. I wonder what they’ll look like?” Said Tatiana cutting a long deep gash across Carly’s chest.

“Gahhhhh…” Screamed Carly thrashing in the chains, “How many people have you killed for this spell?”

“They weren’t human anymore but I’ve lost count. See I was alive when Elizabeth Bathory was still killing young girls, I was her best friend actually. I’d help her dispose of the bodies and hide her secret in return she gave me this spell. She wanted to be the most powerful vampire and I was to knock out some of her competition.” Said Tatiana

“You’re a monster. Killing innocent people and hiding your friends meals, what is wrong with you?” Asked Carly

“Those vampires were not innocent, not in the least. They killed hundreds maybe even thousands of victims, of innocent people. So what I’ve been doing for last 416 years does not compare. I am not the monster, I rid the world of monsters.” Said Tatiana

“My friends rid the world of monsters, you are just a monster killing your own kind.” Said Carly as Tatiana put a knife to my neck.

“If you say I’m a monster one more time…” Said Tatiana

“You won’t kill me. You need me remember?” Said Carly as Tatiana walked over to a table.

“I might not be able to kill you, not yet at least but I can still hurt you.” Said Tatiana throwing a dagger into Carly’s shoulder.

“Ahh!” Screamed Carly as Tatiana got close.

“I don’t think you realize the seriousness of this situation. You are trapped, tied down and you can’t fight back. So next time you call me a monster I might have to turn the sun counterclockwise instead of just twisting this knife.” Said Tatiana real close as she started twisting the knife in Carly’s skin.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as Tatiana twisted the blade that was still in Carly’s shoulder.

“Twist the sun I dare you. I know you need to break that block to use that spell meaning I have to be alive till you cast it. So kill me before I become a monster or I’ll do it myself.” Said Carly

“These tools are making you angry and there’s a tear or two in that block but I think we need to step it up a notch.” Said Tatiana as something was knocked over upstairs.

“What was that?” Asked Carly

“The guests of honor.” Said Tatiana smiling brightly.

“Don’t you touch them, kill me, torture me but please don’t hurt them.” Said Carly

“I can hurt whoever I please and besides you wouldn’t be able to stop me anyway, you’re chained up remember?” Said Tatiana smiling as she disappeared.

“Dean, really?” Said Sam as Dean bumped into a counter causing a glass cup to fall and shatter.

“Hey don’t yell at me it’s dark and these flashlights are really crappy.” Said Dean as they searched around the room for any doors or secret passages.

Sam went left Dean went right. They searched through shelves, drawers and tables until Dean found something. On the wall he was searching was a giant bookcase filled to the brim with books. So checking to see if she had a passage like a spy or something he started flipping the books. Eventually he made it to The Wizard of Oz and the bookcase opened up to reveal stairs, “Hey Sam I think I found it.”

“James Bond passage…” Said Sam

“Cool.” Said Sam and Dean at the same time as they headed into the basement.

The stairs swirled and a few steps were missing but they made it to the bottom safely. As they did there was a light at the end of a long dark hallway. Knowing that was probably where Carly was they ran and they were right. As they entered the cement dungeon room the first thing they saw was Carly and how beat up she really was. She had burn marks, slashes and a weird sun attached to her chest. Dean ran to her side and Sam searched the room for Tatiana.

“What’d she do to you?” Asked Dean trying to loosening the cuff around Carly’s wrist.

“Don’t.” Said Carly

“Why?” Asked Dean

“Because I have your brother.” Said Tatiana as Dean turned around to see Tatiana holding a knife up to Sam’s throat.

“Let him go Tatiana.” Said Dean

“I need the block inside Carly’s little head to break and if he dies the anger will break it wide open.” Said Tatiana as Carly struggled weakly against the chains.

“What block?” Asked Sam looking up at Carly.

“You’ll see.” Said Tatiana about to slice open Sam’s throat.

“Let them go.” Said Carly

“I don’t feel like it.” Said Tatiana slammed both doors and locking them with the flick of her wrist.

“You want me to break the block to become the monster than let them go.” Said Carly

“Carly, what are you talking about?” Asked Sam looking worried.

“See I need anger and letting them go would make you happy. So I think not.” Said Tatiana slicing a thin cut across Sam’s throat.

“Take me instead.” Said Dean

“Can you really break the block?” Thought Carly

“Yes I can.” Said Azazel

“Then do it.” Thought Carly

“Are you sure?” Asked Azazel

“I’d rather be a monster and save my friend than be human and watch him die. Do it.” Thought Carly as her whole body felt like it was lit aflame, “Ahhh!”

“What did you do?” Asked Dean pointing his gun at Tatiana.

“I didn’t do a thing. She broke the block because she’d rather be the monster to save her friends.” Said Tatiana letting Sam go.

“What do you mean by monster?” Asked Dean pushing Tatiana against the wall.

“Carly isn’t completely human.” Said Tatiana as they watched in terror.

Carly’s whole body felt like someone lit her on fire her hands, her feet, even her hair. She could feel her wounds healing almost magically as she screamed. Carly could feel her fangs extend closing her mouth to hide them. Instead of every tooth being covered in fangs she had four. One on each of her upper canines and one to the left of it. When the pain finally stopped she could smell everyone and everything in like a twenty mile radius. She could smell the herbs upstairs, the next door neighbor’s cat and something that smelled the best out of all of them but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

She kept her eyes to the floor so they wouldn’t see the beast in her eyes. One chain at a time using only tug on each she got herself free. The sun still weakened her but this was still the strongest she had ever felt. Once she was free Tatiana kicked Dean in the gut and ran toward her potion which she set up earlier. The only problem was that Carly was faster and by the time Tatiana blinked Carly had her hand around Tatiana’s throat.

“I knew you’d be different but this is beautiful.” Said Tatiana as Carly looked up at her with pitch black eyes.

“I didn’t know how my blood would affect you but damn you look awesome.” Said Azazel

“Shut up Azazel.” Thought Carly

“Don’t got to be rude.” Said Azazel deciding to listen.

“Carly you don’t want to do this. It’ll ruin you.” Said Sam still not knowing what she was. She kept her eyes and teeth away from their sight not wanting them to see her as evil.

“I think I might.” Said Carly squeezing a little harder.

“If you kill me they’ll see the beast and do you really want that?” Said Tatiana smiling evilly.

“Shut up.” Said Carly

“That sweet smell your smelling right now is our blood coursing through our veins. I bet it’s driving you bit crazy isn’t it?” Said Tatiana

“Shut up!” Carly yelled throwing Tatiana at the ground making sure to keep her eyes and fangs hidden from Sam and Dean.

“Why not have a taste I know your mouth is watering.” Said Tatiana revealing her neck.

Carly could see every vein and hear every beat Tatiana’s heart made. She wanted to tear into Tatiana’s neck and drink every last drop but she stopped herself. She knew what unblocking this meant but to save Sam or even Dean it was worth the damnation. She has only known them for a short time but they have saved her so many times and she’s helped them as well. Carly felt like she’s known them years instead of a few weeks. So becoming the one thing she hated most to save his life was worth it.

Carly closed her eyes, “No.” and when she opened them her fangs were retracted and her eyes were back to their original green. As she did Carly fell to her knees as the adrenaline wore off and the sun’s effect came back.

“Carly!” Yelled Sam as she fell to her knees.

“The s...un take it off.” Said Carly

“How?” Asked Dean

“Skeleton key.” Said Carly as Dean ripped off Tatiana’s necklace and handed it to Sam, “Turn it clockwise.”

“Got it.” Said Sam as he turned the key completely clockwise allowing the sun to fall to the floor. Carly slumped over in relief as Dean grabbed Tatiana by the collar.

“Carly are you alright?” Asked Sam as she flinched at his touch. Tatiana was right about the blood. She could hear everyone’s heartbeats and the blood traveling under their skin.

“I’m fine.” Said Carly completely lying.

“What are you?” Asked Sam

“I’m nothing, what do you mean?” Asked Carly

“All of us saw you break those thick metal chains with ease and Tatiana said you weren’t completely human...” Said Sam

“That block Tatiana was talking about was the thing keeping a dark part of me locked away. Now that I broke it, I’ve become a monster.” Said Carly getting to her feet to face away from Sam.

“You can’t be a monster. You’re one of the kindest people I know, you even died to save my life. You are nothing like a monster.” Said Sam

“But I am.” Said Carly

“If you’re a monster what are you?” Asked Sam

“I’m a vampire.” Said Carly
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