The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly


Dean grabbed Tatiana as all the doors unlocked. He carried her into the other room closing the door behind him. As he threw her onto the floor she spoke, “You know what she is, don’t you?”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Said Dean

“Think about it. Why does everybody want her? She can hear people’s thoughts, has amazing aim almost too amazing, you know she’s dark, you know she’s different.” Said Tatiana

“You’re wrong.” Said Dean

“Am I?” Asked Tatiana

“Shut up.” Said Dean through clenched teeth.

“She’s a monster Dean and there is no way to save someone from that.” Said Tatiana

“There is always a way.” Said Dean

“Oh because you think you saved Sam?” Said Tatiana

“How did…” Said Dean

“I can read people’s thoughts like Carly because of the spell I use and I know that just because Azazel is dead that doesn’t mean Sam is safe. Azazel gave him abilities from demon blood, one of the darkest substances in the world, you think it’ll just disappear now that he’s dead? If so, you’re dumber than I thought. Sam is cursed and so is Carly but at least he hasn’t turned into a monster just yet.” Said Tatiana

“Sam is not evil and neither is Carly. They were cursed, that doesn’t mean they can’t be saved and I will save them.” Said Dean

“In only a year that might be a challenge.” Said Tatiana

“It might be but it’s all I got.” Said Dean hitting Tatiana in the face with the back of his shotgun causing her to pass out. After he grabbed some handcuffs he had from a prop shop and cuffed her to a thick metal pipe he headed back to Sam and Carly.

“Tatiana’s cuffed and isn’t going anywhere...” Said Dean as he came into the room seeing Carly’s eyes, “Damn…”

“Did Tatiana do this to you?” Asked Sam noticing the tub of blood.

“No, I was born with it apparently. My mom had more secrets than I thought.” Said Carly turning her eyes back to normal and her fangs retracted.

“I have never seen a vampire look like you…” Said Dean

“My mom cheated on my dad with a vampire. So because of the demon blood in my system and because I’m part human I look like that. I look like a thing from Hell itself.” Said Carly

“I think you’re cooler than any demon or creature that lives in that God awful place, if that helps.” Said Azazel

“It doesn’t.” I thought

“Hey, I tried.” Said Azazel

“But you died, vampires can’t die from a simple knife to the back.” Said Dean

“When Azazel gave me my abilities he blocked this side of me until I was old enough to use it. So I’d be human till I broke the block and I broke the block when I thought Tatiana was gonna kill you, Sam.” Said Carly

“This is all my fault.” Said Sam

“None this is your fault.” Said Dean

“I thought I had more time, more time to protect her.” Thought Sam

“What do you mean more time?” Asked Carly

“When I passed out after you came back I saw something, something about you.” Said Sam

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Asked Carly keeping her distance. She could smell their blood traveling through their veins and their heartbeats were like air horns to her ears. Now she could hear people’s thoughts, and the blood of other people, just grand.

“I didn’t know how. In the vision you were almost 19 so I thought I’d have a while.” Said Sam

“What did you see?” Asked Dean

“I saw a devil’s trap with two females inside. One was biting the other until one fell. The girl that stood stepped out of the trap so I knew the other was the demon and she was something much different. Few seconds later Dean you came running down the road and called her name. She turned around with blood dripping down her chin and eyes just as red as the blood dripping from her mout. When she saw you she calmed and her eyes turned back to green…” Said Sam

“I’m her, that’s me isn’t it.” She said turning away so she wouldn’t face them.

“My visions aren’t always accurate sometimes they change if a choice changes. We can fix this, block it back up or something.” Said Sam taking a step closer.

“Could they mend the block?” Thought Carly

“They could try but I have never heard of something that could.” Said Azazel

“How? I am supposedly the first of my “kind”, how do you fix this?” Said Carly backing up as he stepped forward.

“Come with us. We can take you back to the motel and talk to Bobby he’s got to have something.” Said Dean

“Are you sure he can fix this?” Asked Carly

“He can at least try.” Said Dean

“Alright I’ll come but you have to give me a moment.” Said Carly

“Deal.” Said Dean walking around her, “I’ll call the police and hopefully they believe that Tatiana was the culprit.”

“We can fix this, I know we can.” Said Sam following after Dean.

“You know they can’t fix it, right?” Asked Azazel

“I know but I won’t be with them long enough for them to even try.” Thought Carly

“You’re running away?” Asked Azazel

“I put them danger when I was human and now so yeah I’m running.” Thought Carly

Once they were both out of sight Carly bent down to pick up the sun. She pulled the skull key out of sun and placed it in her pocket then put the key around her neck. If she ever lost control or attacked someone they’d have a defense.

“Why are you taking the one thing that can weaken you?” Asked Azazel

“If I ever hurt someone I’d never forgive myself, this will help with that issue.” Said Carly as she headed for the stairs.

They were planning to call Bobby in the morning so the boys headed to bed. Once asleep Carly slowly made her way out of the motel room but Sam wasn’t as asleep as Carly thought.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Asked Sam leaning against the motel as she turned around.

“What does it look like, I’m leaving.” Said Carly

“We’re going to find a way to fix this and if you run away we can’t do that.” Said Sam

“I became this monster to save you, Sam. I don’t regret it because after all you have done for me for the past few weeks, being damned is the least of my worries but I can’t be near you, either of you. Since we left all I wanted to do was feed from you. Dean smelled good but your blood was visible and I could barely control myself. I have never felt a hunger like this before and If I go back in there, there’s a chance I could kill you.” Said Carly

“I’m used to dangerous situations Carly, I think I can handle it.” Said Sam

“Can you?” Asked Carly as Sam was suddenly pinned against a wall as her eyes went black, “Because I’m pretty sure I could have just killed you.”

“You won’t.” Said Sam

“But I want to.” Said Carly turning her eyes back to green as she backed up letting Sam go.

“Carly…” Said Sam

“Here.” Said Carly throwing the sun to Sam.

“You took this?” Asked Sam

“When it’s attached to me, I’m weak and I want you to have it.” Said Carly taking the skull key necklace off handing it to Sam.

“I don’t want to weaken you.” Said Sam

“Eventually you might have to.” Said Carly putting the necklace over Sam’s head.

“Carly just come back inside we can fix this. Besides I need you....we need you.” Said Sam

“You don’t need me. I’m the one who almost got you killed multiple times, I am the reason that Dean is going to die in a year, this is all on me. Even before I knew I was this monster I messed everything up. You don’t need me, no one does.” Said Carly disappearing

“Carly!” Screamed Sam as he was left alone in the parking lot with a skull key necklace and a metal sun.
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