The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

Weekend at Bobby's Part Two

"What voices?" Asked Bobby

"Everyone's." Said Carly holding her hands over her ears. All Carly could hear were voices from women to men, and adults to children. Maybe even a cat or two. They kept babbling about their lives, worries, fears and loves. It felt like her head was in a stadium and no one would shut up. She could barely focus or even talk because it was loud.

Bobby decided that he did need help and called Sam back because he was the more understanding Winchester brother, "Hey Bobby, how's Carly doing?"

"I need you to get here right away." Said Bobby

"I thought you didn't need our help?" Said Sam

"I lied, now get down here. I think I discovered Carly's ability." Said Bobby

"You found her ability, what can she do?" Asked Sam

"You'll find out when you arrive, so hurry it up." Said Bobby hanging up on Sam.

What Sam and Dean didn't tell Bobby was that they were already on the way, the werewolf case could wait. When Bobby called they were already halfway there so it would take less than day to arrive. But Sam wanted to be there now, he wanted to know what she could do.

After hours of driving they finally made it to Bobby's.

"Where's Carly?" Asked Dean

"She's been in the bathroom all day." Said Bobby who pointed in the direction of the bathroom.

"Let me talk to her." Said Sam leaving the group and slowly walking to the bathroom. He opened the door and noticed Carly was just sitting there with her head in her hands.

"Carly, it's Sam are you okay?" Asked Sam crouching down to her level.

"What's her power? Is she like me or something else? Is she dangerous?"

"I'm not like you and I'm pretty sure I'm not dangerous." Said Carly lifting her head to look into Sam's eyes.

"How did you…" Asked Sam

"I can hear people's thoughts. I can hear what you, Bobby and Dean are thinking right now. Also the neighbor down the road, actually the whole neighborhood, maybe the whole state for all I know." Said Carly still holding her ears.

"Did you hear thoughts when you got here?" Asked Sam

"No it started this morning, after..." Said Carly realizing something.

"After what?" Asked Sam

"After my nightmare." Said Carly

"When you were poisoned?" Asked Sam

"Yeah." Said Carly

"Do you think you can talk to Dean and Bobby about this?" Asked Sam offering to help her up.

"I think so." Said Carly grabbing Sam's hand and getting to her feet.

"Is she okay?" Asked Dean as Sam rounded the corner.

"Ask her yourself." Said Sam as Carly appeared.

"Are you…" Said Dean

"I'm fine." Said Carly trying to ignore the voices. Some were screaming, others whispering. One person was humming a Metallica song but she couldn't tell who.

"Was I right?" Asked Bobby

"Yeah she can hear thoughts." Said Sam

"If you hear thoughts, why didn't you tell us before." Asked Dean

"Because I discovered it today." Said Carly.

"After she woke up from her unconscious state, she could hear thoughts." Said Sam

"If you can hear thoughts what are we thinking?" Asked Dean

"Your thinking about going on Busting Asian Beauties later and Bobby is wondering if I'm dangerous. Which I am not." Said Carly

"Woah...wait I wasn't gonna go on that site later, ha you can't read thoughts!" Said Dean sounding so confident

"If I couldn't read minds how come I know that right now you are thinking about...your not even thinking a thought you're just humming Metallica." Said Carly finally figuring out who was humming the song.

"Metallica is awesome." Said Dean awkwardly.

"How are you finding our thoughts out of the rest?" Asked Sam

"For hours I've been going insane trying to make the voices just go away so I decided to pick a voice, and focus on it. After hours of trying for only a few minutes all I heard was one voice, a woman down the road. She has 12 cats and has a big crush on Bobby. What I realized when Sam came into the bathroom was people's thoughts have the same voice as the person. So I just listened in your direction and looked for your voice." Said Carly

"So what set this off, what caused it show up right now?" Asked Bobby

"The man who poisoned me unlocked it. I don't how and I have no idea why, but he did." Said Carly

"You know who poisoned you?" Asked Sam

"Yeah." Said Carly

"Who?" Asked Dean

"The demon who stole the colt, who made me and Sam different, the one that killed my father…" Said Carly

"Azazel." Interrupted Sam

"But why trigger it now, what's the purpose?" Asked Bobby

"I don't know…" said Carly

"He didn't tell you?" Asked Bobby

"It's like there's this wall blocking the rest of the dream, something he didn't want me to know." Said Carly

"Bobby do you know anything that'll bring back her memories?" Asked Sam

"I think I have just the thing." Said Bobby going into the kitchen.

After a few minutes he returned, with a cup of murky liquid, "I learned this from a witch I met awhile back, supposedly it reveals things in your mind that have been hidden."

"Is it gonna hurt?" Asked Carly

"Yeah definitely." Said Bobby

"Awesome." Carly said sarcastically

"You don't need to do this." Said Sam

"Yes I do." Said Carly as she was about to drink it.

"That's not very nice now is it." Said Azazel suddenly appearing, grabbing Carly's throat and throwing her into the desk hitting her head, knocking her out. Then he threw Sam, Dean and Bobby into the walls leaving them stuck and useless.

"Hello Azazel." Said Dean

"I haven't seen you since your Daddy's death, how are you?" Asked Azazel

"Shut the fuck up!" Said Dean

"Still pissed I see." Said Azazel, "Then there's Bobby Singer, a man who became a hunter after killing his wife. How did it feel to have her blood on your hands?"

"I wanted to kill myself." Said Bobby

"Deep down part of you liked it and you know it." Said Azazel turning to look at Sam, "Then there's Sammy, one of my chosen children, my favorite."

"Why did you make another generation of special children?" Asked Sam looking at Carly every so often. Blood dripped from her head but it didn't look to deep, but he was worried. Even though he just her about three days ago, she already felt like a friend.

"Well why not, the more the merrier." Said Azazel

"Your sick." Said Dean

"Thank you for the compliment, Dean you're too kind." Said Azazel

"If you gonna kill us then get it over with." Said Sam

"I'm not gonna kill you. I'm taking you." Said Azazel snapping his fingers as Carly and Sam disappeared.

"Where did you take them?!" Screamed Dean struggling to get free.

"I took them to battle." Said Azazel disappearing, leaving Bobby and Dean alone.

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