The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

Taken Part One

"Carly? Carly? Carly, hey are you alright?" Asked Sam shaking Carly's unconscious body. Blood still dripped from the wound on her head from the table so Sam cleaned it up with his shirt. After minutes of trying to wake her, Carly's eyes fluttered open.

"What happened?" Asked Carly slowly sitting up, rubbing her head.

"Azazel knocked you out, then sent us here." Said Sam grabbing Carly's hand and helping her to her feet.

They were teleported to an empty town. The buildings were old and falling apart. Paint chipped and windows shattered. Wood cracked and bent. It looked like it had been abandoned for years, no one to call it home. No one to even notice it at all.

"So what do you want to do?" Asked Sam

"Where am I? What is happening?"

"Shhh." Said Carly

"Where am I?"

"Is this a dream."

"What?" Asked Sam as Carly held her ears.

"I just killed my girlfriend."

"I'm all alone."

"I was just at home."

"My baby."

"I thought I was just in the barracks"

"We're not alone." Carly said still having her hands on her ears. They were all frightened and confused thinking very loudly. Their voices rung through her ears like someone was torturing her with a bullhorn.

"How many others?" Asked Sam taking Carly's hands away from her ears. Sam turned Carly so they were looking face to face. She looked up into his eyes as he whispered, "Don't let it make you go insane."

"At least 8, maybe more." Said Carly

"Are they like us?" Asked Sam

"I think so." Said Carly

"Where?" Asked Sam looking all around.

"Follow me. From the loudness of their voices it gets louder going this way. So we can start here." Said Carly heading deeper into the abandoned town.

After minutes of searching they finally found another person. He was medium height, brown hair and only clothed in jeans, a green t-shirt, grey sweatshirt and white tennis shoes. He was exploring near an old little red schoolhouse when they spotted him. Sam took the lead and they tried to get closer.

"Who are you?" Asked Carly startling the man who didn't expect people were behind him.

"Andy?" Questioned Sam

"Sam?" Asked Andy running up to us.

"You know him?" Asked Carly

"Yeah, he's my friend." Said Sam

"Nice to meet you, I'm Carly." I said shaking hands with him. He had sweaty hands but Carly didn't react, just smiled. He didn't look like a bad guy but you never can be sure.

"She might be young but she is hot, I'd like to…"

"Disgusting." Said Carly slapping Andy in the face.

"What was that for?" Asked Andy running his cheek.

"She can read minds." Said Sam

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I was just kidding, heh heh, um… so do have idea why we're here?" Said Andy getting really embarrassed. He even took a step back, blushing.

"A group of people are coming." I whispered to Sam.

"How many." Whispered Sam

"Four." I said as a group of people came from behind the building.

"I would like to leave as well." Said Ava standing with three others.

"Ava, you were taken months ago, I thought Azazel killed you." Said Sam giving Ava a hug.

"Well all he did was drop me here, alone. Until all of you started popping up." Said Ava

"What are your guys gifts?" Asked Sam which no one responded so he continued talking, "I'll go first, my name is Sam and I have visions, connected to all of you and the demon who caused this. It can be a real pain in my ass but also helpful at times."

"Like in the movies?" Asked a brunette

"You could say that." Said Sam

"Well hi, my name is Andy and I can put thoughts into someone else's mind. I can make them do things, see things or listen to things. Like this one time I made my boss think about gay porn for all hours of day, it was hilarious." Said Andy giggling awkwardly.

"My name is Jake and for the past few months I've been able to lift things I never could before. I don't how I got these powers but I love mine. I was training one day and when no one was looking I reached for a cruiser and picked it up with one arm, when a normal cruiser is almost a ton." Said Jake

"So you're in the army?" Asked Sam

"Yeah. If you hadn't noticed I'm still wearing my uniform." Said Jake pointing to his clothes.

"My name is Bridget and I have telekinesis. I can lift and move things with mind. Heavier things take a bigger toll on my strength but it's pretty cool." Said the brunette as she put her finger on her temple and lifted a nearby log with just her mind.

"My name is Ava and I have visions." Said Ava quick and simple.

"I wouldn't call It a gift, I'd call it a curse. Ever since my abilities started my life has gone for the worse. I'm outta here." Said a blonde haired woman. She started walking past Sam but he moved in front blocking the path.

"Why?" Asked Sam

"Because she killed her girlfriend. You feel guilty but it's not your fault. I know you didn't mean to kill her, she just got to close." Said Carly

"How did you know that? How!?" Yelled the blonde coming face to face with Carly.

"Because you're thinking about it right now. She would not be mad at you because you didn't mean to do it. You stayed away as long as you could but eventually something would have happened." Said Carly

"You can…" Said the blonde

"Yeah she can read thoughts." Said Andy.

"How much do you know?" Asked the blonde

"All I know is that you feel guilty for killing her, even though it wasn't your fault." Said Carly

"You don't know anything." Said the blonde walking toward the edge of town.

"We should stick together. We were sent here for a reason. If something bad happens, we can protect each other." Said Sam

"I kill people with the touch of my hand, you don't need me. I would just get way or kill you. I will not take another life, never again." Said the blonde running into the woods.

"Who is she? She looks to young to be like us. All the children, special children are around 22 but she only looks about 16." Asked Ava pointing at Carly.

"Azazel decided to create a second generation of special children. They were supposed to get their powers at 22, like we did but he revealed Carly's early. I don't know what reason but he needs Carly for something, and I'm prepared to stop him." Said Sam

"Azazel?" Asked Jake

"The demon who gave you, your powers." Said Sam

"That's probably the least of the weirdest things I've heard." Said Jake

"I think we should split up. If Azazel did send us here she shouldn't be alone. There could be monsters or other nasty things out there." Said Ava

"Good plan. Jake, Andy and Ava you go that way. Me and Carly this way. If you can't find her meet back here and we'll regroup." Said Sam

"Alright let's go." Said Ava leading the other group.

When they split their separate ways the others thoughts were still clear as day like they were talking right to Carly. She tried to focus on Sam's which were all about saving the girl and if he'd ever see Dean again. That's when someone's thoughts started screaming. She didn't want Sam to worry so when he wasn't looking she ran off a side trail getting closer and closer to woman screaming. She wasn't screaming aloud because even by her thoughts Carly could tell she was being choked.

She finally made it to the voice but couldn't find the source until it suddenly stopped. She made it to a large wooden windmill when she looked up and found the source. The blonde was hung off the windmill, just dangling all alone.

"I could of saved her. I should have been faster. Why didn't I look up." Said Carly banging her fists against the windmill.

"Can you hear me Carly?" Thought Ava

"Yes, what do you want?" Carly whispered.

"I want to tell you something." Thought Ava

"You can hear me?" Whispered Carly looking all around her for any sign of Ava. She shouldn't be in this area but across town, how could she hear Carly? Unless she had powers she didn't mention earlier.

"I've learned a few thing since I was kidnapped." Thought Ava

"What did you want to tell me?" Asked Carly

"I was wondering if you liked what I did to the blonde. It's like an ornament on a Christmas tree. If only I had lights then it would have been perfect." Thought Ava

"Why? What did she ever do to you?" Carly whispered

"Nothing I didn't even know her name but when a demon gives you orders you follow them." Thought Ava

"You work for Azazel?! " I whispered loudly.

"Yes and it's the greatest feeling to take a life. To watch the life leave their eyes is priceless. It's like your God you control if they live or if they die, it's exciting." Thought Ava

"I'm going to tell Sam and the others." I whispered walking back toward the path.

"If you speak one word I'll kill you and everyone you love, including Sam. Then right before I end you, you can listen to everyone here dying. Their screams can ring through your mind making you go insane. When I'm finished you will beg for me to end you." Said Ava

"So you expect me to stand by and watch innocent people die? I've done that before and lost all my friends because of it, I won't let you hurt anyone else." I whispered

"Carly!" Yelled Sam coming toward Carly's position.

"Where is she? Did Azazel get her? Please be okay." Thought Sam getting closer and closer.

"Oh you won't be watching, you'll be sleeping." Thought Ava as a cloth went over Carly's mouth and nose.

"Mhm!" Mumbled Carly as consciousness started to fade.

"Carly!" Screamed Sam as he saw Carly being chloroformed by a demon. When he got close they vanished. That's when he looked up and saw the blonde hanging by a thin rope, from the edge of the windmill.

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