The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

Taken Part Two

As everyone made it back to the windmill Bridget spoke, "Who could of done this?" Covering her mouth with her hands. The blonde still hung by her neck swinging in the breeze. If she didn't have the power to kill with her hands, someone would have gotten her down but touching her would be dangerous. There wasn't a lot they could do and they couldn't risk another death.

"A demon." Said Sam

"Azazel?" Asked Jake

"No this was just a ordinary demon. It was probably one of his henchmen following his orders. My only question is why take Carly and only Carly. She must have known something or I don't know. " Said Sam

"So what do we do now? I mean Carly has been kidnapped, the blonde chick is dead and one of us is probably next. I say we run for it and hope one of us makes it out alive." Asked Andy

"Andy can I talk to you for second." Said Sam moving away from the group.

"Sure what's up?" Asked Andy

"Can you send a message to Dean?" Asked Sam

"I've never sent a message that far but I can try. What do you want to show him?" Asked Andy

"Anything to tell him where we are." Said Sam

"Here goes nothing." Said Andy focusing on what he was gonna show and thinking of Dean.

Back at the burned down roadhouse Dean and Bobby investigated. The place was in ruins with burned bodies scattered. Smoke rose from the brick like walls and smelled even worse. It was completely destroyed, nothing left that even looked like the roadhouse.

"I know demons are evil, but did they really have to do this?" Asked Bobby

"It was full of hunters, eventually they had to act." Said Dean

"Do you think Ash, Ellen and Jo were in there?" Asked Bobby

"Ash definitely was." Said Dean picking up a melted payphone with a body still holding onto it. Dean knew it was Ash by the evidence that was left. He really hoped he'd gotten out, even though Ash was odd he didn't deserve this.

"How do you know it's Ash?" Asked Bobby

"Because his computer is right next him, part of his plaid vest is showing and you can kinda see that there was a mullet." Said Dean pointing at the singed hair.

"Oh you think the others got out? I mean I didn't see anything that resembled Ellen or Jo. But you never know." Asked Bobby as they headed back to the car.

"There are too many bodies to tell." Said Dean rubbing his forehead with his hand, getting a small pain.

"Are you okay?" Asked Bobby

"Yeah, I'm f…ahhhhhh!" Yelled Dean falling to his knees. Suddenly everything around him washed away to show a new picture.

A town of broken down buildings, and a giant bell with a fancy looking tree carved in it. With Sam wandering around with a bunch of others including Carly. Then everything came back to reality.

"Did you just have a vision?" Asked Bobby helping Dean to his feet. He was a little dizzy but Dean felt better within in seconds. Sam is okay.

"No, I don't have visions. Sam is the only one." Said Dean blinking a few times.

"Then what the hell was that?" Asked Bobby

"I think it was a message." Said Dean

"From who?" Asked Bobby

"Do you have a pen?" Asked Dean pulling a piece of crumpled paper from his pocket.

"I think so, here." Said Bobby handing Dean a pen.

"Thanks." Said Dean starting to draw.

"What are you drawing?" Asked Bobby as Dean tried his best to draw the bell in the vision, which wasn't half bad. Sam was always better at being artistic but Dean tried.

"Have you seen this before?" Asked Dean showing Bobby the drawing.

"Yeah in a history book somewhere." Said Bobby

"And what happened?" Asked Dean

"It was a town where all the residents suddenly disappeared one day." Said Bobby

"What do you mean disappear?" Asked Dean

"I mean one moment there was people the next none. Suddenly everyone vanished. No knows what happened to them so they closed the town so no one else would go missing." Said Bobby

"Like the croatoan virus." Whispered Dean to himself.

"Exactly like the croatoan virus." Said Bobby

"Do you know where the town is?" Asked Dean

"Yeah, but why do want to go there?" Asked Bobby

"Because that's where Carly and Sam were taken." Said Dean getting in the car. He dug through his pockets and finally found the keys starting the engine.

"How do you know for sure?" Asked Bobby getting in the passengers seat.

"I just know I'm right, now hold on." Said Dean pushing the gas pedal down to the floor.

Later that night Sam and Jake had fallen asleep, so Andy went exploring. When he got to the little red school house he went in, not getting to check it out when he was there earlier. The inside was one big room full of desks, chalkboards, and old books. When he turned to the giant chalkboard on the front wall the entire board had writing all over it. Over and over again it said I shall not kill, I shall not kill until the very last sentence where it said one word, Andy. When he turned to run out Ava was standing in the doorway.

"Oh my god, you scared me!" Said Andy putting his hand on his heart.

"You've seen nothing yet." Said Ava as a little girl appeared. She was wearing a white dress stained with blood, dark sunken eyes and looked about eight or nine. The scariest part was her eyes were glowing a dim red.

"What, how did that just happen?" Asked Andy backing up a bit.

"Kill him." Said Ava as the little girl's face morphed into a beast. Her teeth sharpened, mouth widened and her nails turned into claws.

Andy tried to run but the girl was faster and tackled him to the ground. Andy pushed and pushed but her grip was too strong, he was stuck. That's when the searing hot pain hit him. He looked up to see the girl had started tearing his stomach to shreds.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Screamed Andy as the pain got stronger and blood spewed here and there. Ava watched in joy as the girl tore him to shreds, watching the life leave his eyes was priceless in Ava's mind. When the girl finally vanished Andy was barely alive. His stomach was just a cavern of scratches, blood dripped from his mouth, and he laid in a puddle of his own blood.

Meanwhile Sam was having a nightmare. He was in the middle of town alone. He ran everywhere searching another person, anyone until he made it to the school house. A man was standing and when Sam got close, Azazel turned around.

"Hello Sam…" Said Azazel tauntingly

"Where's Carly?" Asked Sam

"Where do you think she is?" Asked Azazel

"I saw a demon take her, tell me!" Yelled Sam grabbing Azazel by the collar.

"Why do you care so much about her, huh? You saved her from a vampire attack, that's it. She should've been a vampires snack. I mean I'm glad you brought her right to me but why care?" Said Azazel

"She saved my life and I'm going to repay her by keeping her alive. I don't let innocents die and especially don't let them get eaten by vampires." Said Sam pushing Azazel from him.

"She was taken by one of my demons at Ava's command. I like how she did too, messing with Carly's mind was awesome. I wonder what she'll do next?" Said Azazel

"Ava, how could she…" Asked Sam

"When I took her I didn't just hid her away or let her wander, I gave her a choice. Work for me and kill the competition or I kill her and everyone she loved, and it looks like she chose me. I am the winning side Sam and you will lose even if it looks like your winning." Said Azazel smiling from ear to ear.

"Your sick." Said Sam

"She killed the blonde. While you were asleep she snapped Bridget's neck and right now she's killing Andy at the school, bloody and painful. Maybe next she'll come for Carly." Said Azazel laughing.

"Shut up!" Screamed Sam running at Azazel but when he got to him, Sam had woken up. Jake had disappeared and Bridget's mangled body was sprawled out on the floor. Sam whispered sorry and jumped over her body headed for the school. When he arrived Ava was approaching Andy who was bloody and dying.

"Why?" Whispered Andy choking on his own blood.

"Because I believe killing is fun, don't you Sam?" Asked Ava using telekinesis to throw Sam into the nearby wall, leaving him stuck in place.

"Why kill the people like you? Why hurt innocent people?" Asked Sam struggling

"Why not? The others were weak but you Sam, you could join me. Join me in the killing. Join in the beauty of death." Said Ava

"I will never hurt innocents, I'm not a killer like you. I don't abandon my friends and race for power." Said Sam

"Since I met Azazel I've learned a lot more tricks. More than I could get from humans, like telekinesis." Said Ava throwing Sam into the opposite wall. Then back at the other wall.

"Super-hearing. Carly who is hidden on the other side of town right now is crying because she can hear every death I cause." Said Ava

"Stop." Said Sam

"I can put thoughts in your head, slap yourself." Said Ava as Sam slapped himself, hard.

"I said, Stop!" Yelled Sam

"My favorite of all is I can stop hearts. I literally can use the force but instead of choking you, I slowly crush your heart. It's the funnest and least messy out of all my powers." Said Ava putting her hand on Sam's chest and closing her eyes.

"What are you...ahhhhhhhhh!" Screamed Sam as he felt his heart slow.

"You should have joined me Sam." Said Ava

"I'm not evil...ahhhh!" Gasped Sam

"Well your funer..." Said Ava

"He said stop." Said Jake snapping Ava's neck causing Sam's heart to continue and for him to drop.

"Thanks." Said Sam

"You okay?" Asked Jake helping Sam to his feet.

"I think so." Said Sam

Carly opened her eyes to find herself tied to a furnace which by now was old and rusted. She was stuck in a small cement room probably a basement, or storage room. The first thing she heard when she opened her eyes was Bridget dying, her thoughts were screaming and then suddenly they stopped, all went silent, not even a whisper remained. Carly tried to untie herself so she could help, so she could save them but it was too tight for her to even try. Then she heard Andy. His thoughts screamed with agony unlike Bridget he died much, much slower. Right before all of his thoughts stopped, he thought to Carly directly.

"Carly if you are hearing this and you can escape, run. Ava is killing everyone and if you don't hurry she'll kill you too. If your the hero like I think don't let her win…" Thought Andy when he went silent.

Sam wasn't screaming or even scared but she knew he was dying, just by the bit of fear in his mind. Carly started to cry realizing her friend was going to be killed and there was nothing she could do about it. Sam's thoughts started to slow when music hit Carly's ears. Right before his thoughts stopped Ava stopped thinking, she was dead. Carly kept battling with the ropes, finally getting one of her hands loose. But Carly's happiness was short lived when she heard what Jake was thinking about.

"Azazel said only one could get out, only one could win. I will not die for nothing, I need to kill Sam. I'm in the army and I have super strength, I could take him. But it needs to be at the right time..." Thought Jake

Carly wouldn't let that happen, she just couldn't. She finally got the other hand out and ran in the direction where their thoughts got louder.

"Alright lets find Carly, and get the hell out if here." Said Sam heading for the forest.

"Sam, I'm not gonna let you leave alive." Said Jake

"What are you talking about?" Asked Sam

"Azazel told me only one could win and I'm going to be that winner." Said Jake pushing Sam into a nearby fence, breaking it. Jake then grabbed Sam by the collar and threw him farther into the field. When Jake was about to attack a third time, Sam got to his feet just in time to punch Jake square in the nose. Jake backed up blocking the blood from flowing, but that didn't stall him long. While Sam was distracted, Jake grabbed Sam and threw him back onto the ground, hard.

"Jake we can all get out of here." Said Sam uppercutting Jake.

"No we can't." Said Jake punching Sam in the stomach.

"Azazel is a manipulator, and a demon, don't listen to him." Said Sam throwing Jake off him.

This battle went on for minutes, Sam would hurt Jake then Jake would hurt Sam, just a continuous cycle. After both were weak Sam punched Jake hard enough for him to go unconscious. Then Sam got up and walked away with a broken arm, bruises and probably a broken nose. As he made his way to the other side of town, Dean and Bobby appeared walking down the path.

"Sam are you alright?!" Yelled Dean

"Yeah, but we need to find Carly before we go." Yelled Sam

Carly ran as fast as she could and luckily she was early. Sam was talking to Dean as Jake approached from behind with a knife. Carly was only a few feet away, so with all the strength she had she ran over to Sam and pushed him out of the way. Seconds later a hot pain shot through her back and her vision started to blur.

"Carly!" Screamed Sam as he saw the knife go in her back. A hot pain spread through Carly's body and blood flowed down her back, dripping onto the ground. Jake pulled the knife out and ran into distance as Bobby chased him.

Dean got to his feet and ran to Carly as she fell into his arms. He slowly sat down, making sure to hold up her head. Blood seeped onto his pants and shirt but he didn't care, not at that moment. Sam wobbled over and dropped to his knees with tears in his eyes.

"Why did you do that?" Asked Sam as a tear fell from his eye.

"Be..cause you sav...ed my life, I was just re...turning the fav...or." Said Carly as blood dripped from her mouth.

"We're gonna get you to a hospital, your gonna be fine." Said Dean

"You don...'t need to to meee, Dean." Said Carly coughing up blood.

"He's not lying, I won't let you die on me." Said Sam grabbing for Carly.

"Sam don't, okay. You have a broken arm, probably other things too. You don't have the strength." Said Dean as Sam sat backed off.

"Y…ou can't s…ave everyone," Said Carly

"I have too. I need to change my destiny." Said Sam crying

"Sam, e...vil is...n't bor...n. It's made. You your ow...n choices, noth….ing is cho...sen for you…" Said Carly as her breathing, movement and all together life stopped. Her eyes closed and her head fell to the side, she was dead.

"No, this can't be happening. I have to get her to a hospital, I have to get her help. I…" Said Sam starting to grab Carly's lifeless body from Dean's arms. He could barely feel his arm, but the pain was worth it. He wasn't gonna let her die, he just couldn't.

"Sam, she's gone there is nothing we can do." Said Dean

"I can try." Said Sam as Dean let him carry Carly toward town.

"Let me carry her, you look like your in a lot of pain." Said Dean reaching his hands out.

"No, I need the pain." Said Sam stilling slowly moving toward town.

"Sam, where are you taking her..." Asked Dean

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