The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

Is He Finally Gone?

“I’m getting her comfortable.” Said Sam walking toward an old home, trying not to scream from all the pain he felt in his arm. When he arrived he walked through the open doorway and found a mattress she could lay on. It wasn’t anything special or clean, but it worked.

“Jake got away, we should...” Said Bobby seeing Carly’s dead body.

“This is all my fault.” Said Sam sitting next Carly in a wooden chair with his head in his hands.

“This is not your fault.” Said Dean

“We saved her life and then ended it for her too.” Said Sam

“Sam…” Said Bobby

“When I found out Carly had powers and that she wasn’t insane like others I met, it made me feel better about being different. She made me realize that being different doesn’t mean your evil. She was only sixteen and now she’s gone because she saved my life. I get repaying the favor but she got herself killed for me. Within a few days I cared for her, I didn’t want her to be hurt by vampires or anything ever again. She became my friend and I don’t have many of those left. I shouldn’t have let her push me out of the way.” Said Sam looking up at Bobby and Dean.

“She saved your life, Sam. She risked everything for you that’s a hero in my eyes.” Said Bobby, “Sam sometimes someone needs to save you.”

“I think we should give her a hunter's funeral, she deserves it.” Said Dean

“No.” Said Sam

“I can get the wood if you want…” Said Bobby

“We are not gonna give her a hunter's funeral and we definitely ain’t burying her.” Said Sam

“We can’t just leave the body here.” Said Bobby

“You will not be touching her, either of you.” Said Sam

“She needs to be disposed of.” Said Bobby

“Disposed of!? She isn't a piece of trash, she is a human being! She will stay where she is and if either of you put on hand on her, I'll put a bullet in your leg!” Yelled Sam taking out his gun.

“That’s not what I meant. I was just trying to say that she needs to taken care of, she needs peace.” Said Bobby

“Why don't you just get out. We don’t need you anymore, so leave.” Said Sam

“Sam…” Said Bobby

“Get out!” Screamed Sam causing Bobby to jump.

“Bobby…” Said Dean

“You know what Sam, I came here to save you and Carly. She was an innocent who didn’t deserve her fate but you don’t have to be dick. She’s dead and there is nothing you can do to bring her back, realize it.” Said Bobby

“Bobby wait…” Said Dean

“Do you know what Azazel is going to do tomorrow night? He’s going to open a hell gate and you will be drowning in your tears.” Said Bobby running out the door.

“What was he talking about?” Asked Sam

“I don’t know.” Said Dean running after Bobby.

“Bobby. Bobby, wait up!” Said Dean catching up to Bobby, “How do you know what Azazel is doing tomorrow?”

“Uhh...when I found out he took them here, I took out a map. I didn't think I was going to discover anything but I found this.” Said Bobby pulling out a map with a star.

“What’s that?” Asked Dean

“Each point is a railroad station and the stars sides are the train tracks built by Samuel Colt.” Said Bobby

“But how do you know there’s a hell gate in the star?” Asked Dean

“Because I’ve been to the gate before. I was chasing a werewolf into the woods when we hit a graveyard. He tried to dodge me but I got the upper hand and shot him right in the heart. When I turned to leave I saw a coliseum with weird carvings all over it. I research a lot so I recognized it instantly and in the middle of a star was a hole exactly the size of the colt's barrel.” Said Bobby

“How do you know that’s what he’s going for?” Asked Dean

“Because the tracks are warded for any supernatural creature that ever existed or at least close. So he’d need someone to open the gate for him or at least break the wards. Since Jake ran off and Sam is here, Azazel must be using Jake.” Said Bobby

“Couldn’t he just use anybody?” Asked Dean

“Yeah but that wouldn’t be as fun.” Said Bobby

“Bobby come back we need to plan out what we’re gonna do.” Said Dean

“My plan is to stop it as best as I can or at least slow it down. If you're who I think you are, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Said Bobby walking into the darkness.

As Dean made his way back into the house Sam got to his feet, “What’s going on?” Asked Sam

“Long story short Azazel is gonna open a hell gate to release demons, souls, and whatever else is down in Hell tomorrow night at a graveyard nearby.” Said Dean quickly.

“I know where the graveyard is.” Said Sam

“You do?” Asked Dean

“Yeah when me and Carly arrived we landed near a patch of trees, through those trees I saw a headstone.” Said Sam

“Could you get back there?” Asked Dean

“Yeah I think so.” Said Sam

“Awesome.” Said Dean

“First I need some fresh air. I just want some time alone so give me the keys.” Said Sam putting his hand out.

“Why?” Asked Dean

“Just give them to me. I need some time to think. I want to say goodbye just not right now.” Said Sam taking them out of Dean’s hand.

“Where are you going?” Asked Dean

“Just down the road and back.” Said Sam heading for the impala.

“Are you sure?” Asked Dean following Sam outside.

“Yes.” Said Sam after finally getting to the car.

“I’m coming with you.” Said Dean getting in the passenger seat.

“Get out of the car Dean.” Said Sam getting in on the drivers side. He slowly put the keys in the ignition and started up the familiar engine. Which depending on the day purred beautifully.

“No because if I leave your gonna do something stupid.” Said Dean

“Its not stupid.” Said Sam starting the car.

“Alright then you shouldn’t have a problem with me coming.” Said Dean putting on his seat belt.

“Do not intervene okay?” Asked Sam

“I won’t. Promise.” Said Dean lying through his teeth.

“You’re lying.” Said Sam driving onto the dirt road.

“I am not.” Said Dean

“I can tell when your lying Dean. I know you and I know that your gonna try to intervene just please leave it to me.” Said Sam driving about five minutes down the road until he parked at a cross road. Dean finally knew what Sam was gonna do and he couldn’t, no he wouldn’t let him do this. As Sam got out of the car, Dean grabbed one of his fake I.d’s and shoved it into his jacket pocket. Sam already dug the hole with his hands and was about to bury the box when Dean interrupted.

“If your gonna sell your soul at least let me bury the box.” Said Dean kneeling next to Sam.

“I can handle it myself.” Said Sam

“Sam let me.” Said Dean

“Dean…” Said Sam

“I got this.” Said Dean as Sam got to his feet leaning against the hood of the car.

“Your okay with this?” Asked Sam as Dean quickly switched Sam’s I.d out for his then covered the box with dirt.

“No not at all.” Said Dean getting up to face Sam.

“Then why aren’t you fighting back?” Asked Sam

“Oh I am.” Said Dean sucker punching Sam straight in the nose knocking him unconscious. Then just because he was unconscious he grabbed Sam's arm and shoulder popping the arm back in place. Dean then checked Sam's nose and popped that back in place too.

“I’m really sorry but I can’t let you do this.” Said Dean dragging Sam to the side of car and after a few minutes of heavy lifting he got Sam into the seat closing the door and locking it.

“Wow punching your own brother in the face, how cruel.” Said a woman flashing her eyes red.

“I’d like to make a deal to get my friend back.” Said Dean

“Which one? You guys have lost a lot of friends. You want Jessica, John, Andy...” Asked the demon

“Carly.” Said Dean

“You wanna bring back Carly, the mind reading freak.” Said the demon

“She’s not a freak.” Said Dean

“Oh you have no idea, what kind of freak she really is.” Whispered the demon to herself.

“So can you make the deal or not? I can walk away right now and leave you with one less soul. So can you make the deal?” Asked Dean

“I can make the deal, if your ready to sign.” Said the demon

“How long would I get?” Asked Dean

“A year and one year only.” Said the demon circling Dean.

“But most get ten.” Said Dean

“Not all get a second chance Dean, now take it or leave it.” Said the demon

“Deal.” Said Dean

“Are you sure?” Asked the demon

“Definitely.” Said Dean

“Then pucker up big boy.” Said the demon kissing Dean’s lips. Dean has kissed many women sometimes to much to count but it was never like this. Her lips moved against his like fire radiated from them. But it was gone too soon as she backed away.

“The deal has been made. When you return Carly should be alive and kicking.” Said the demon

“What’s your name?” Asked Dean

“You can call me Lydia.” Said Lydia

“Well Lydia, I don’t have time to take you out right now so I’m going let you go just this once but if I hear or see you making a deal I’m gonna kill you with my bare hands.” Said Dean

“How kind.” Said Lydia as Dean got in the car.

“Well I’m a kind person.” Said Dean

“He has no idea what trouble he just brought back.” Said Lydia as Dean turned the car around leaving her in the dust.

Dean drove as fast the impala could go and made it back there within minutes. Dean got out and grabbed Sam’s arm putting it over his shoulder making his way to the house. He entered setting Sam on a wooden chair near the entrance. When he turned Carly’s body was still cold and grey on the mattress. He sat next to the mattress and held her hand. Soon after Sam started to stir.

“What? Where am I?” Asked Sam opening his eyes.

“Your fine. I also popped your nose and arm back in place if you were wondering.” Said Dean

“You punched me.” Said Sam

“Yeah and man is your face hard.” Said Dean shaking his hand.

“How could you do this?” Asked Sam

“Do what?” Asked Dean

“Sell your soul for Carly. I was gonna make that choice, I’m the evil one. Do you remember what happened when dad sold his soul for you? It tore you apart and broke you, now you’ve done the same thing to me.” Said Sam

“You are not evil, Sam. It’s what Azazel wants you to think and it is far from the truth. Yes I broke, I admit it I broke. But our job is to save the innocent and that is what I did.” Said Dean

“Are you gonna tell her?” Asked Sam

“I think we should wait, at least until this hell gate business is taken care of. She doesn’t need more to worry about.” Said Dean as Carly’s finger twitched.

“Shouldn’t she have waken up right when you kissed the demon?” Asked Sam

“Yeah, maybe…” Said Dean

“Awwww!” Breathed Carly sitting straight up.

“Carly are you okay?” Asked Sam and Dean at the same time as they ran to her side.

“What?” Said Carly loudly as hundreds of voices screamed into her ears. So loud she barely heard anything that they were saying.

“Are you okay?” Asked Dean a bit louder.

“I’m fine but what happened? Shouldn’t I be dead right now.” Asked Carly trying to talk over the voices.

“When you were stabbed you went unconscious and with Bobby’s help we got you back to well enough health.” Said Dean loudly.

“Really?” Asked Carly loudly

“Yeah.” Said Sam holding his forehead.

“Where is Bobby?” Asked Carly loudly

“He’s meeting us tomorrow.” Said Sam holding back the pain.

“Why are you talking so loudly?” Asked Dean

“Because the voices won’t shut up.” Said Carly

“How many voices are you hearing?” Asked Dean

“Too many to count.” Said Carly as Sam’s pain started to get worse.

“But how are you hearing so many voices this far away? There's barely anyone around.” Asked Sam still holding his head.

“I don’t know…” Said Carly as Sam collapsed into his back.

“What’s happening?” Asked Carly having the strength to run to his side.

“He’s having a vision.” Said Dean as everything around Sam washed away.

Sam was in a forest around midnight and it was completely silent. No birds, no animals just trees for miles. Then he heard screaming coming from the West and he ran and ran until he hit a dirt road. There was a devils trap painted onto the street, and two women were inside. One looked about 25 and the other about 19 years old. The younger of the two was biting the older one on the neck until the older one stopped moving. She dropped the woman to the ground and stepped out of devils trap meaning whoever that was she wasn’t a demon.

“Carly!” Screamed Dean running right through Sam.

“It can’t be.” Said Sam as the girl turned around. She had glowing eyes, a mouthful of fangs, and blood dripped down her chin.

“Dean, what are you doing here?” Asked Carly as her eyes went back to green. She was happy but also frightened that she might hurt him.

“I’m here to bring you back. We might have found a cure to make you human again. ” Said Dean wiping her mouth with his shirt.

“Is Sam…” Said Carly

“He’s weak but he’ll be okay. Now come on we got to go.” Said Dean

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Said Carly taking a step back.

“She can’t be a vampire, she can’t be.” Said Sam looking at the creature with Carly’s face. If this came true Sam wasn't strong to protect her, she'd become the monster she most feared.

“This was done to you, anything or anyone you hurt is not your fault. You can control this hunger I know you can.” Said Dean

“How do you know for sure?” Asked Carly

“Because your my friend.” Said Dean as Sam came back to reality.

“Sam? Hey Sammy, are you alright?” Asked Dean as Sam opened his eyes.

“Fine just a little light headed.” Said Sam putting his weight on his bent arms.

“What did you see?” Asked Carly

“Nothing important.” Said Sam lying through his teeth. The vision if it came true it wasn’t gonna happen for a few years, he had time. He had time to save her.

“Are you sure?” Asked Dean

“I saw nothing to do with the hell gate or Jake, I promise.” Said Sam

“Hellgate?” Asked Carly

“Yeah we have a lot to tell you…” Said Dean

“I knew I’d see you here.” Said Bobby giving Dean a hug. He was smiling just knowing that Dean came.

“I couldn’t miss it.” Said Dean

“Sam.” Said Bobby in a monotone voice.

“Bobby.” Said Sam in same type of voice.

“Carly.” Said Bobby, “Carly?!”

“Why are you so surprised if you fixed me up?” Said Carly hugging Bobby.

“Yes I did. Can I talk to you for moment guys?” Asked Bobby walking a few feet away so Carly couldn’t hear.

“What the Hell did you do? If she is back to life that doesn't come with out a price. What dumb thing did you idjits do this time.” Asked Bobby whispering.

“We couldn’t let her die Bobby...” Said Dean

“What did you do?” Asked Bobby

“I sold my soul.” Said Dean

“You what?!” Yelled Bobby

“Bobby I was gonna do it but Dean intervened. He knocked me out and sold his soul instead. I didn't wake up fast enough to stop him.” Said Sam

“How long did you get?” Asked Bobby

“One year.” Said Dean

“You never said anything about that.” Said Sam

“I didn’t think it was important.” Said Dean

“Does she know?” Asked Bobby

“No and I’d like to keep that way. She has too much on her plate she does not need to worry about this.” Said Dean

Carly was sitting on a nearby rock trying to block the voices when Bobby’s thoughts became louder.

“How could they? Bringing her back from the dead was a mistake.” Thought Bobby as Carly started to realize. There was no way she could survive that wound, it hit her spine didn’t it? The darkness she saw. The pain she felt. It wasn’t a dream, she died. But how did they bring her back and what was the cost?

Carly dug through her front pocket and found the knife she hid there earlier. Sam and Dean told her their entire plan so she knew where to go. If she was already supposed to be dead, it didn’t matter what happened next. When Sam, Bobby and Dean were distracted Carly ran over the tracks and made her way into the graveyard.

“Where’d Carly go?” Asked Sam noticing she had vanished.

“Do you think she heard us?” Asked Bobby

“That or she read our minds.” Said Dean turning around and around seeing if she was anywhere in sight.

“Do you think she went in?” Asked Sam

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly

“Yeah she went in.” Said Dean as Sam and Bobby followed him over the tracks.

Carly finally made it to the middle of the graveyard. It looked like most graveyards dead flowers, gravestones, coliseums and the hell gate smack in the middle. Carly started toward it when she was thrown into a tree, stuck like glue.

“Azazel.” Said Carly to herself.

“The one and only.” Said Azazel walking from behind the hell gate with Jake beside him.

“I killed you. There is no way you could survive that.” Said Jake with a surprised expression.

“Miracles happen.” Said Carly sarcastically

“I am so happy they brought you back.” Said Azazel, “As long as you and Sam are okay, my plan continues.”

“What about me?” Asked Jake

“You too buddy.” Said Azazel not meaning it all.

“What’s so special about me? I can read thoughts woopdy do.” Said Carly struggling to get free.

“You have no idea what evil is inside you.” Said Azazel

“What evil?” Asked Carly

“Why don’t I show you.” Said Azazel putting his finger tips on Carly’s temples.

“What are you...ahhhhhhhhh!” Screamed Carly as fire burned through her brain. She saw flashes of death, blood and destruction. Right before Azazel stopped one last imagine ingrained into her skull. Bodies were scattered and she was at the middle.

“What the hell was that?” Asked Carly almost hyperventilating. Her vision was blurred and it took her a few seconds to focus but eventually she did. Her breathing slowed and she looked up at Azazel.

“That was your future.” Said Azazel as he nodded toward Jake to open the the hell gate.

“I will never have that future, I won’t allow it.” Said Carly

“It’s in your blood Carly. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Some things are just fate.” Said Azazel

“There’s no such thing as fate.” Said Carly

“There’s also no such thing as demons...” Said Azazel as Sam, Dean and Bobby finally made it to the graveyard.

“Carly!” Yelled Sam

“Ah, the rest of the party is here.” Said Azazel throwing them into trees near Carly. When they tried to move Azazel used telekinesis to make stuck to the tree like Carly.

“Jake you don’t want to do this.” Said Sam as Jake inserted the barrel into the door.

“I get an army to control, who wouldn’t want that.” Said Jake

“An army of evil, do you really want to fight for evil instead of good.” Said Dean

“I’ve always fought on the good side and lost many friends doing it. Maybe fighting for evil will give me an advantage.” Said Jake

“Hey Jake!” Yelled Carly

“What are you doing?” Asked Dean

“Trust me. Hey Jake catch this!” Yelled Carly as Jake turned around fast enough for Carly’s knife to hit him in the heart. He looked down at the knife and fell to his knees. He slowly pulled the knife out dropping it on the wet grass. Blood poured from the wound like a waterfall and it stained the grass around him making a sea of red.

Before he collapsed Jake turned the gun unlocking the door. As he collapsed Carly used all her strength to move her leg to kick Azazel in the balls distracting him long enough to drop everyone. Seconds later the hell gate burst open letting spirits, demons and other creatures out onto land.

Everyone ran to the hell gate and tried pushing the door closed but even with all their strength it wouldn’t budge. Dean looked back to notice Azazel trying to flee. He wouldn’t let him get away, not again. Dean wedged the colt from the door and ran after the demon.

“Dean never sneak up on a demon.” Said Azazel throwing Dean into a nearby gravestone as he hit the colt fell from his hands landing a few feet away. As Dean turned to look at Azazel, he became stuck to the grave.

“Did you see what Carly did to Jake?” Asked Azazel crouching next to Dean, “That was really cold wasn’t it?” Said Azazel

“Shut up.” Said Dean reaching for the colt.

“Are you sure what you brought back is 100% pure Carly?” Asked Azazel as they both looked Carly.

“Yes.” Said Dean stretching for the colt. He couldn’t believe, no he wouldn’t believe that she changed. It was just luck she hit Jake there she couldn’t of meant it, she couldn’t have.

“Dean?!” Yelled Sam leaving to help his brother but when he got close Azazel threw him into a tree, sticking him there.

“And Sammy my favorite child. I have so many plans for you, you can’t even imagine.” Said Azazel walking to Sam as Dean still reached for the colt.

“I could probably guess.” Said Sam

“I want to ask you something. Do you think your vision of Carly will come true?” Said Azazel aloud so Dean could hear.

“How do you know about that?” Asked Sam struggling against the tree.

“I’m very good at getting information, Sam. So what do you think, will she become the monster you saw?” Asked Azazel

“If you have anything to do with that so help me…” Said Sam

“Oh, Sam. I have many more plans for her and for you. Besides aren't your visions connected to me?” Said Azazel

“I don’t think you’re gonna be here to carry out those plans.” Said Sam as Azazel turned around to see the colt in Dean’s hands.

“You only have one shot Dean. Are you sure you won’t miss?” Said Azazel

“I never miss.” Said Dean shooting Azazel in the shoulder. Suddenly Azazel flashed yellow near his shoulder then his chest and then his entire body flashed. After about two more flashes the demon collapsed finally dead.

“He’s gone.” Said Sam falling to his knees.

“We finally killed the bastard.” Said Dean

“It’s not as satisfying as I thought.” Said Sam

“A little help guys!” Yelled Bobby as him and Carly tried to push the door closed as creatures pushed through. Sam and Dean ran over, Sam on Bobby’s side and Dean on Carly’s side. After a few minutes of pushing they finally got the door to close and lock.

“How many do you think got out?” Asked Carly

“Hundreds at least.” Said Dean looking at the night sky.

“Cleaning that up is gonna be a bitch.” Said Sam

“Let’s get out of her…” Said Dean

“Can I talk to you for a second Dean?” Asked Bobby interrupting Dean as Sam and Carly started walking.

“So about Jake. You hit him straight on in the heart with no experience at all. How did you do that?" Asked Sam

"I don't know I guess it was luck. I just wanted to hit him so none of the monsters got out but I didn't think it'd hit him there. I wasn't even sure if i'd him at all, I was just trying to distract him. I promise.” Said Carly

“I believe you.” Said Sam

“I saw Azazel on the ground is he?” Asked Carly

“Yeah he’s dead.” Said Sam

“Are you okay?” Asked Carly

“I will be.” Said Sam putting his hands in his pockets.

“What did you see in your vision earlier. I know you didn’t want to talk about it but I want to know. Was it about me?” Said Carly

“No just that me and Dean would kill Azazel, that’s all.” Said Sam lying through his teeth.

“Tell me the truth. No denying it or saying I heard things okay? I want to hear you say it.” Said Carly

“Okay?” Asked Sam

“Did I die? When I was stabbed did I die?” Asked Carly

“What are you…” Said Sam

“I heard Bobby’s thoughts I know it’s true. Just tell me, did I die?” Said Carly

“Yeah.” Said Dean coming over to them.

“Where’s Bobby?” Asked Sam

“He left to go home and get supplies to protect himself from the beings that came out of that cage.” Said Dean

“Makes sense.” Said Sam

“What did you do to bring me back? I mean you can't just bring people back without a price, what did you do? What did you do?” Asked Carly

“I had to sell my soul.” Said Dean

“You sold your soul to bring me back, why?” Asked Carly

“Because you are our friend and we don’t leave friends behind.” Said Sam giving her a hug.

“So are you soulless right now?” Asked Carly

“No I have a year until a demon comes to collect by killing me.” Said Dean

“You’re gonna die because of me? I am so sorry. You shouldn’t have ended your life for me I definitely don’t deserve it.” Said Carly

“You deserve the world. In the past week you lost your friends, family, sanity and almost your life multiple times. By now I’d be going insane but you are calm. You are probably the strongest person I know and we know some pretty good hunters. So Dean selling his soul for you was little to how much you deserve.” Said Sam

After that they walked over to the impala in silence, Carly got in the back and the boys in front as they started their way down a nameless road. After an hour of driving Carly had fallen asleep, so Sam and Dean started talking.

“What did you see in your vision?” Asked Dean

“Nothing important.” Said Sam

“I heard Azazel. It was about Carly wasn’t it?” Asked Dean

“Yeah.” Said Sam

“What did you see?” Asked Dean

“I saw an innocent girl becoming a beast.” Said Sam as they drove searching for the next hunt.

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