The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

Carly's First Case

“Hello Carly.” Said a voice from the darkness. Carly was in a complete black room, if it was a room. She could barely see two feet in front of her and she had no idea what direction that voice came from.

“Who are you?” Asked Carly

“Let me give you a hint your besties just killed me.” Said the voice

“Azazel?” Asked Carly

“Who else has this sexy of a voice?” Asked Azazel snapping his fingers to turn the lights on. The room they were in was the opposite color it was before, now the room was completely white. There were no windows, doors or furniture, just white. Azazel walked up to Carly so they’d be face to face, smiling an evil grin.

“They killed you. I am imagining this aren’t I? You can’t be real, you can’t be.” Said Carly backing into a wall.

“Yeah they killed me but see I always have a backup plan. I was hoping it wouldn’t be so soon but mistakes happen. Since I’m dead every one of my children’s powers become dormant. All the children in your generation have no idea they have powers and probably never will. Sam will never have a vision again but his powers aren’t just gone.” Said Azazel.

“They’re dormant.” Said Carly

“Dormant until he unlocks them and becomes more powerful than anyone can imagine. Now back to the important part of how I saved myself. When I came into your room that night I gutted your dad and came toward you, your mother walked in. She didn’t try to stop me or take one step in the doorway she just gave me some interesting information, then left me to my duties. I fed you my blood like the others but you, you wanted more. I dropped a few drops in their mouths and I was done but you asked for more and that told me your mother was right.” Said Azazel

“About what?” I asked

“I’ll get to that. When I discovered your nature, I knew I couldn’t let you get away. So I put part of my essence into you so that when I die part of me lives on in you. So I could watch the destruction you cause.” Said Azazel

“I’ll find a way to get rid of you.” Said Carly

“You cannot get rid of me because I am part of you. If you want me gone all you gotta do is put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. The fun part about this is everyone’s powers became dormant when I died but because I am part of you there is no stop to what you can do. You can still hear thoughts but now you have to listen to me over the rest.” Said Azazel

“Fan-fricken-tastic.” Said Carly sarcastically

“When your…” Said Azazel as Carly opened her eyes.

As she opened her eyes a ceiling came into view. It was tan with water stains and dirt. Someone was in the shower but she couldn’t tell if it was Sam or if it was Dean. Then Carly slowly sat up to hear multiple voices.

“I can’t wait to get laid tonight.”

“My life is over, maybe I should end it here and now.”

“Man Catcon is gonna awesome. I mean a convention dedicated to just cats, what could go wrong.”

“I really wish I didn’t have to hear that.” Said Carly rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Me neither.” Said Azazel

“I was really hoping that I would wake up from this nightmare but the world just hates me doesn’t it.” Said Carly as she laid back onto the bed.

“Hey we can have some fun. If you haven’t noticed when I talk all the other voices disappear. When I speak I cover up their frequencies. “ Said Azazel

“Yeah but I still have to listen to you.” Said Carly

“Your mother…” Said Azazel

“Don’t.” Said Carly

“I thought you wanted to know?” Said Azazel

“It’s probably going to ruin my day or life so just tell me later or never at all.” Said Carly

“Who are you talking to?” Asked Dean as he was drying his hair.

“Just myself. Uh, where’s Sam?” Asked Carly as Dean sat next to her addressing the cut on her head.

“Luckily you won’t need stitches but it might scar.” Said Dean cleaning up the wound which had bled when she had slept.

“It’s fine.” Said Carly

“How’s your back?” Asked Dean meaning her healed stab wound.

“I mean I’ll have a creepy scar but overall I feel fine.” Said Carly reassuring him.

“I hope you feel well enough to eat.” Said Sam coming in with coffee and donuts.

“Love me some donuts.” Said Carly as she grabbed a chocolate frosted donut with chocolate mousse on the inside. Her mom used to buy donuts all the time for breakfast when she wasn’t so cruel.

“I didn’t know what you like in your coffee so I just put a ton of sugar in it.” Said Sam as Carly took a sip. It was probably the sweetest thing she ever tasted but it wasn’t half bad.

“It’s delicious.” Said Carly sitting on the bed eating her donut and drinking her coffee.

“Awesome.” Said Sam sitting down at the table.

“Alright so I was thinking that our first priority is to get…” Said Dean

“No we don’t need to go after the rest of my generation of special children. They aren’t dangerous anymore, not after Azazel died.” Said Carly

“Knowing that you can read my mind is something I’m gonna have to get used to but how do you know?” Asked Dean

“Don’t tell him about me it’ll just worry them more. Actually do tell them, tell them that Azazel’s voice told you. I want to see their expressions when they learn the demon that tormented them for years isn’t dead.” Said Azazel

“Shut up.” Carly whispered

“What?” Asked Dean

“It’s because they’re powers won’t activate till they’re 22 and Azazel was the factor making this happen. Now that he’s dead, the factor is gone which would be why they won’t get their powers.” Said Carly

“But shouldn’t all the children have their powers taken? I mean I don’t feel any different and you are still hearing things.” Said Sam

“I think it’s because our powers have been unlocked. “ Said Carly lying through her teeth. Sam was never gonna have another vision not until he undormentized his powers.

“How do you know?” Asked Dean

“Before Azazel kicked the bucket I read his mind and that’s what he was thinking.” Said Carly

“Good cover.” Said Azazel

“I’ll go let Bobby know.” Said Dean walking outside with his phone in hand.

“So what are we doing here?” Asked Carly

“Well it was a pit stop so you could get some sleep but I think I found a case.” Said Sam opening up his laptop.

“My first case?” Carly asked a little bit too excited.

“Yes your first case. Recently three people have been killed inside their homes, all doors and windows locked, alone and head detached.” Said Sam

“Detached?” Asked Carly

“Yeah the victims heads popped like a balloon.” Said Sam

“What do you think did it?” Asked Carly

“Well it could be a witch or ghost. Both could get in without leaving a trance.” Said Dean

“Let’s go check it out.” Said Carly

“First we got to get you a new get up.” Said Sam smiling

“Do I really need to wear this tight monkey suit.” Said Carly pulling on the blouse.

“You need to look the part. Now take your I.d and follow our lead.” Said Dean walking toward a crying woman.

“I think you look amazing.” Said Sam fixing my tie.

“Thanks, you too FBI agent.” Said Carly smiling at Sam as they headed after Dean.

“These are my partners officer Jasin and officer Caleb. Would mind telling them what you told me?” Said Dean as they held up their fake I.d’s. Carly had been practicing in the car so she knew what she was doing.

“She looks a little young to be FBI.” Said the woman

“I’m an intern.” Said Carly

“Please tell them what you told me.” Said Dean again.

“Well we were running low on food so I went to go get some groceries. When I returned, I found my Rob dead. Before I called 911 I noticed this odd bag in his shirt pocket. I looked inside and knew the police shouldn’t see it.” Said the woman

“What was in it?” Asked Carly

“Bones and other weird crap. Now I know the FBI deal with the weird more than cops do. So here take it and see for yourself.” Said the woman handing a small bag to Dean.

“Did your husband have any enemies that would want to do this?” Asked Carly

“I saw him fighting with Tatiana a few days ago.” Said the woman

“Tatiana?” Asked Sam

“The local psychic.” Said the woman

“Do you know where this psychic may be?” Asked Carly

“Probably at her shop on Elm’s Street near the local motel. Why? Do you think she might have killed my Rob?” Asked the woman

“We are just covering all the bases ma’am.” Said Sam

“Thank you for your time.” Said Dean turning to go as she grabbed his sleeve.

“Find this killer for everyone’s sake.” Said the woman

“We will.” Said Sam as they headed back to the car.

“Definitely a witch.” Said Dean

“How do you know for sure?” Asked Carly

“There’s bone, herbs and other voodoo in here. Next stop the psychic.” Said Dean as we all got in.

After twenty minutes of driving we arrived at a small shop. It was covered in voodoo and psychic crap. It didn’t look like a murderer was inside but looks can be deceiving.

“What was that bag?” Asked Carly as Dean got out to check the door.

“It’s called a hex bag. Witches use it for protection or destruction.” Said Sam

“How can it do both?” Asked Carly

“It depends on what you fill it with. Ones for killing usually have cat or child bones inside while protection hex bags don’t have as many sinister ingredients.” Said Sam as Dean nodded for us to get out of the car.

We all entered at the sound of a bell. The place was filled with herbs, smoke and some odd smell. A woman almost 60 came from the back of the shop through a curtain. The minute she took a step her gazed locked onto Carly. Carly was listening to see if she could get any more information but she was silent. She could hear the next door neighbor talking about her cheating husband and some teen worrying about a test coming up but Tatiana was silent. There wasn’t even a peep, something was wrong but what?

“I’m officer Taran. These are my partners Jasin and Caleb. Where were you this morning between the hours of 9-11?” Asked Dean

“Here serving customers. Why did I do something wrong?” Asked Tatiana never looking away from Carly. Carly noticed this and stared back. Tatiana was hiding something but Carly couldn’t figure it out.

“Do you know Cheryl Henderson?” Asked Carly

“Yeah why?” Asked Tatiana

“Her husband was killed this morning and she pointed us to you. Is it true you and Mr. Henderson argued a few days ago?” Asked Sam

“Yeah, but it wasn’t enough to kill him. He just wanted me to stay away from his wife cause I was making her believe in the supernatural by doing tarot readings and such.” Said Tatiana

“Is that all?” Asked Carly

“That’s all.” Said Tatiana

“We found this in the victim’s pocket filled with things I see in this shop, how do you think it got there?” Asked Dean holding up the hex bag.

“People steal things all the time, doesn’t mean I had anything to do with it. How would I be able to a kill grown man?” Said Tatiana pointing at herself.

“Anything is possible.” Said Sam

“Yes it is.” Said Tatiana looking at Carly again.

“If anything happens, call us. We’ll be staying at the motel across the road if you need us.” Said Dean handing her a business card walking toward the door with Sam.

“What is your problem?” Asked Carly

“What are you referring to?” Asked Tatiana

“You were staring at me the whole time we were here.” Said Carly.

“I bet you’re also wondering why you can’t hear my thoughts.” Said Tatiana

“How did you?” Asked Carly

“I know many things Carly and I will see you very soon, very soon indeed.” Said Tatiana

“How…” Said Carly as Tatiana vanished.

“What took you so long?” Asked Sam as I got to the car.

“Nothing important.” Said Carly getting in the backseat.

“Lying to your besties is not a good plan. You heard what that witch said, she’s coming for you and you know it.” Said Azazel

“They don’t need to worry besides it could be nothing. Maybe she meant that she was gonna visit us or something.” Thought Carly

“You know that’s not what she meant. The minute she saw you, she couldn’t keep her gaze away. She is coming for you...” Said Azazel

“Well if she is coming for me, then I don’t want Sam getting in the way.” Thought Carly

“Just Sam?” Asked Azazel

“Dean too.” Thought Carly

“Ahh-uhh.” Said Azazel

“What?” Asked Carly

“Nothing...” Said Azazel

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