The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

She's Been Taken

“Tatiana definitely did it. The way she talked and kept looking at Carly something’s up. I just know she did it.” Said Dean

“Dean this isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with a witch. Maybe she’s just a psychic and someone else did it. I mean did you look at her, she was almost 60 there is no way she could have done that.” Said Sam

“Couldn’t she just create something to make her look young?” Asked Carly

“She could but from what I know it involves some nasty ingredients that could take her years to collect.” Said Sam

“Well we don’t have enough evidence to do anything, what do we do?” Asked Carly

“We wait till after dark when the shop is closed and look around.” Said Dean

“So break in?” Said Carly

“Pretty much.” Said Dean

“Until then I’m gonna go get more information from the other families.” Said Sam

“And I’ll talk to the police.” Said Dean

“What about me?” Asked Carly

“Research some lore the more you know the better.” Said Dean walking out the door.

“You’re gonna leave me here alone?” Asked Carly.

“You’re not alone, you have me.” Said Azazel

“You’ll be fine and if anything happens call me right away.” Said Sam giving her a long hug before letting go.

“Be careful.” Said Carly

“Always am.” Said Sam closing the door behind him.

“Sheriff Mahone, I’m officer Taran from the FBI I would…” Said Dean

“Why are the FBI investigating such a small case?” Asked the sheriff interrupting Dean.

“My boss thought it was worth checking out.” Said Dean

“I’d like to talk to this boss of yours.” Said Sheriff Mahone

“Sure just call the number on the card.” Said Dean handing the sheriff one of the million he had crammed into his pocket. A few seconds late Bobby answered.

“This is Captain McDonald.” Said Bobby

“This is sheriff Mahone from Boulder, Colorado I am told that you sent your boys down here?” Asked sheriff Mahone

“Correct. The case looked odd and weird so I sent my boys to investigate.” Said Bobby

“I don’t need help.” Said Sheriff Mahone

“They are doing their own investigation so leave them be or I’ll come down and I’m not so nice.” Said Bobby hanging up.

“Your boss is really something.” Said Mahone setting his phone on the desk.

“May I ask what you think is doing this?” Asked Dean

“Well so far none of the victims are connected different ages, size and nothing has been stolen out of any of the houses. Doors locked, windows hinged and nothing not even an allergic reaction could do that to someone’s head. We have no idea what this is.” Said Sheriff Mahone

“We don’t have much either. If you find something let us know.” Said Dean starting to get up.

“Same with you.” Said Sheriff Mahone as Dean’s phone started to ring.

“What’s up?” Asked Dean

“I went and checked out the victims families and all of them said the victims spoke with Tatiana before they croaked. This could be nothing but it’s a step in the right direction. Did you find anything?” Said Sam

“They know less than we do.” Said Dean

“Luckily we’re here then.” Said Sam

“Yeah.” Said Dean

“There is so much lore out there it’s not even funny.” Said Carly searching the internet.

“Why don’t you look up vampires?” Asked Azazel

“I already did they burn in sunlight, stakes kill them yada yada.” Said Carly

“That’s not what vampires are actually like.” Said Azazel

“Alright what are they like then?” Asked Carly

“They can go in sun but it can be irritating, stakes do no damage, cutting their head off is the only way. Instead of two fangs they have fangs for every tooth and of course they drink blood. Vampires are strong, ruthless and deadly depending on how strong you are.” Said Azazel

“Well they sound fun. How do you know so much about them?” Said Carly sarcastically

“I’ve been a demon for a very long time, you meet a few people along the way.” Said Azazel

“Makes sense.” Said Carly as someone broke the door down. When she stood to her feet Tatiana entered the room with something in hand.

“What do you want with me?” I asked looking around the room for any kind of weapon. When she did Carly took her phone and silently dialed Sam.

“You are something I’ve waited a long time to meet.” Said Tatiana

“Carly?” Asked Sam

“You aren’t taking me without a fight.” Said Carly picking up the knife.

“Stab her, I like it.” Said Azazel

“I don’t need to fight you because I already won.” Said Tatiana holding up a small golden sun. She twisted the circle and suddenly this high pitched noise rang out. Carly couldn’t function or do anything but scream and fall to her knees.

“What is that?” Yelled Carly as Tatiana crouched next to her.

“Carly what’s going on?” Asked Sam

“Something I love using.” Said Tatiana putting it up to Carly’s chest. As she did the eight rays of the sun moved and stabbed into Carly’s chest. Carly suddenly felt weak, like she was being drained of energy.

“Carly are you okay?” Asked Sam

“Run.” Said Carly hanging up on Sam as Tatiana grabbed her by the back of her collar pulling Carly to her feet. Then as they went out the door Carly passed out.
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