The hunt for evil just got a new Fighter, and her name is Carly

The Discovery

“Carly!” Screamed Sam as the phone hung up. He instantly called back but it went straight voice mail. Sam then got in the impala and sped back to the motel. As he got there the motel room looked untouched except the broken door. He searched the place up and down but Carly was gone. When she called another person was talking in the background that sounded exactly like Tatiana but how did a 60 year knock a door down?

“You forgot to pick me up.” Said Dean noticing the door, “What happened?”

“Tatiana took Carly.” Said Sam

“I knew she was the witch.” Said Dean

“We need to find her from what I heard from the phone call Tatiana has big plans.” Said Sam

“If she called you track the last ping with your nerdy senses.” Said Dean

“I did she called from here.” Said Sam holding up Carly’s phone.

“Let’s go break Tatiana’s door down and get Carly back.” Said Dean

“She isn’t that stupid to hide her across the street.” Said Sam

“It’s a start.” Said Dean

Carly woke up to find herself chained to a giant stone x. How come she has to get kidnapped by crazy people? Ric, then Ava and now Tatiana have all taken Carly and hidden her away. As Carly’s eyes adjusted she realized Tatiana was mixing something.

“What are you doing?” Asked Carly barely able to stand on her feet. Whatever this device was doing, it was doing it very well.

“I’m making a potion.” Said Tatiana sprinkling some green dust into a pot.

“For what?” Asked Carly weakly.

“I am not like other witches, I am very old. Every fifty years or so I need to make this potion to live and you’re the most important ingredient.” Said Tatiana pouring a goupy liquid into the pot.

“So are you gonna peel some skin off or take a toe?” Asked Carly

“I was thinking something more painful.” Said Tatiana taking out a skull key.

“What could be more painful…” Said Carly as Tatiana put the key in the sun and turned it counterclockwise, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“This device is very special to me.” Said Tatiana sticking a tube running from a tub nearby into the sun’s middle, “If I turn clockwise it comes off, if I turn counterclockwise the device gets closer and closer to your heart. If turned all the way you either live or I crush your heart.”

“So you gonna take bits of my heart?” Asked Carly struggling in the chains.

“Nope just your blood. This device stuns, weakens and drains you of blood.” Said Tatiana as Carly’s blood started sliding down the tube.

“Why do you need me for the spell? There are many others with blood in their system.” Said Carly

“Don’t question her, she’s insane. I know crazy when I see it I used to work with Ozzy Osbourne on weekends.” Said Azazel

“Well you see Carly…” Said Tatiana tightening the chains so I’d stand straight up, “For this spell I need immortal blood and that’s what you got.”

“I do not have immortal blood, I’m only human.” Said Carly

“You don’t know do you?” Asked Tatiana

“Carly…” Said Azazel

“Know what?” Asked Carly

“Have you noticed that you have never gotten sick, have great aim, that you feel different?” Asked Tatiana circling Carly.

“Maybe I’m just lucky.” Said Carly

“You are far from lucky.” Said Tatiana

“Then why have I never gotten sick, have great aim and why am I different?” Asked Carly

“You’re a vampire.” Said Tatiana

“Carly…” Said Azazel

“I’m pretty sure I don’t drink blood and I have never seen fangs. I think you have the wrong girl.” Said Carly interrupting Azazel.

“If you aren’t a vampire then why is this device working? The sun on your chest only activates for the undead. If you were all human the sun wouldn’t have even latched on. Also the high pitched screech is too high for humans to hear, only the supernatural can hear it. So if you’re human than why is it working?” Said Tatiana

“You’re lying.” Said Carly

“I don’t have any reason to lie, so why would I?” Asked Tatiana

“It can’t be…” Said Carly coming to a realization. Feeling different, shooting Jake straight in the heart without aiming, never getting sick, hearing the screech, it can’t be, it can’t.

“Carly I tried to tell you earlier but you wouldn’t listen. Your mom cheated on your dad with a vampire. You aren’t all human.” Said Azazel

“Oh but it’s the truth.” Said Tatiana

“If this is true than how come I don’t drink blood or have fangs?” Asked Carly

“I blocked it until it was the right time.” Said Azazel

“Someone blocked that ability with some magic. I could get a vampire to drain you of blood then turn you or inflict enough pain upon you that it breaks itself. Since I don’t have a vampire I’ll have to break it with torture.” Said Tatiana

“I’ve been kidnapped, and killed in the last week I think torture isn’t gonna do a thing. I still bleed and I’m still human.” Said Carly

“When you were kidnapped and killed you weren’t mad, you were scared. If I make you angry enough I might be able to set it off.” Said Tatiana

“Will torture break the barrier?” Thought Carly

“I am the only one who can unlock it but getting you angry enough could crack it open. If you want I could just unlock it for you and we can break free.” Said Azazel

“No. Becoming a monster is a last resort. I will just have to hope Sam and Dean get here soon.” Thought Carly

“How do you know they’ll find you?” Asked Azazel

“I don’t but I just have to hope.” Thought Carly

“We’re gonna die.” Said Azazel

“Why do you want me to become a beast if you have the blood?” Asked Carly ignoring Azazel’s last comment.

“The blood will not work unless your vampire side is unlocked. It’s only blood till you let the beast free.” Said Tatiana holding up a few scary tools.

“My friends are very good at defeating you kind of people, they’ll save me.” Said Carly

“They might but what they find won’t be you anymore.” Said Tatiana

“I’m a pretty strong person.” Said Carly

“Oh I’m pretty sure these tools are stronger.” Said Tatiana holding up a blow torch.

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