Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

The past that defined the future

Emily led everyone to a garden of statues that spread across a patch of grass. Every statue seemed to have fighters or people that held wisdom in them. A few statues caught everyone's eyes. One was a young teenage girl with a giant goose. Another is a very crazed looking old man with a couple of bugs around him. Jack stopped at one that looked almost like him, but the boy had spiky hair, and a very tall thin body. North's heart almost stopped at one statue. It was him, but much younger and had more fire in his eyes. The statue had a small beard and held two long swords to fight. At the bottom, was a plaque that reads. "Nicholas 'North,' Guardian of Wonder."

"What is this?" North asked Emily.

"This, my dear friend, is the garden of the guardians." She explains. "In this garden, the stories of each guardian are kept. How they came to be and what they put into the world." She notions this while showing the statues of Bunny and Tooth back in their golden years.

North and Sandy were amazed by this display. Jack however, wasn't so thrilled. He looked for his statue, only to find an empty pedestal. He saw his name on it, but that was it. He then saw four others like his, all of them making a diamond shape. He flew to the other empty pedestals, to see the other names. They read, 'Hiccup, Rapunzel, and Merida.'

"Hey guys." He called out. "Your names are on these."

The other three run over to see them. All they could see are their names, and nothing else.

"I could see you are confused." Emily said with a smile. "I had to take your statues down, and rub out your centres."

"Why's that?" Hiccup asks.

"Well," she said. "You have to find your centres on your own. It won't be simple as writing it down. And I can't have you cheat, now can I?"

Jack became more confused by this. "But I already know my centre. So why-?"

"And yet you are limiting yourself." Emily said cutting him off.

"What do you mean by that?" Jack said not really understanding.

"You can do a lot more with your powers jack." Emily explains. "When you discover more about yourself, you can do things you never thought possible. Even command the ice without the help of your stick."

That made Jack little curious. His staff has been a part of him for almost 300 years. How can he possibly part with it? Plus it has been the medium for his powers, without it, he's vulnerable.

"But I'll tell you more about your part later," Emily said as she walks further in her garden. "There is something you need to see, and there is something I need to tell."

Everyone follows her to a statue of a tall man. He had a noble face, almost like Emily's. He wore battle amour with a sash across his chest. The statue kneeled with a foot on a rock, and looked high to the sky. It took a while for everyone to recognize the man as a part of the statue on the fountain. Emily spread her arms out, and the pedestal moved a bit, reviling a stairway that led underground.

"Follow me," Emily said as she makes her way down the stairs. Although a little hesitant, the others follow her down the stairway. The walk way was lite by fire in lanterns that seems to never die. It led them to a tunnel with carved pictures on the walls. Emily stopped everyone at the first one, a picture of the man, next to a tall thin woman with long hair, and holding a baby.

"Now," Emily said. "As I'm sure the guardians know we were all someone before we were chosen."

"Chosen?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes," Emily replied, "Chosen as guardians. Well, the same thing applies to Pitch." She them used her palm to gesture to the family picture. "This was him, before he became the king of nightmares. His name was Pitchiner, a brave, kind man. He was a general who fought on the nightmare wars, and he's also, my father."

Everyone pretty munch jumped out of their shoes, (except for Jack and Rapunzel who had no shoes,) upon hearing those words.

"Your father?" North said still shocked.

"Yes." Emily said nodding her head. "My father was a great man, a hero so they say."

"A hero?" Jack said a little angry. "Do you know what he did to my friends?! What he almost did to us?!"

"Yes Jack I do." She said. "Remember this all took place over 1000 years ago."

"A thousand years ago?" Merida said almost surprised. "You don't look it."

"Thank you." Emily said honoured by her comment.

"Now where was I?" She said trying to get back on track of her story. "Oh right. My father was a very brave general and brilliant strategist. It was thanks to him the nightmare war were won."

She moved to another picture, with Pitchiner fighting against shadows and what looked like pirates.

"He also led many victories against the dream pirates when they invaded us."

"Dream pirates?" Rapunzel asks.

"Pirates that steal dreams, leaving you nothing but as a hollow shell." Emily explained. "My father often told me that he is fighting to protect my mother and me. He took his job very seriously, so serious I wasn't able to see much of him. There were times I hated him for not being there for me."

She looked down from the group, regretting a little for ever thinking that. If this whole mess was the outcome, maybe if she understood her father, maybe this wouldn't have happen.

"Then one day, he was called to the front. Something about a massive army of pirates heading towards the man in the moon's sanctuary. So he held me firm and promised me that he will return to me. But how were we to know, what horrors would befall us."

She took them to a picture that made some people gasp in horror. Pitchiner was running to a home that was on fire and surrounded by pirates.

"That order was a diversion so the pirates could get at us. They attack our home while my father was away. My mother took her own life, so the pirates couldn't steal her dreams. I was forced to flee and escape in the stars. When my father realized the deception, he raced home to find it in ruin. Anger filled his blades as he attacked every pirate that was there. When it was over, all of the pirates were dead, just like what he thought of us."

"You mean..." Hiccup interrupted. "Pitch believed you were dead too."

"Yes." Emily nods in sadness. "He wasn't the same after that. A part of his soul died that day."

She then took everyone to another picture of Pitchiner, now he was standing guard in front of a large door, with a giant lock.

"After the war, all of the nightmares, pirates, and shadows were locked away by the man in the moon, never to be seen again. But the door needed a guard, just in case of something getting out. My father took the job, and stood guard. With him loosing us, there was really nothing left to live for. It was his duty to end the shadow's terror, so he wanted to see it through till then end. The more days and years past though, his heart was becoming weaker and weaker. There was almost nothing that could lift his spirit, unless I was back in his arms. The nightmares saw that, and took advantage of it."

She sadly looked at the next picture. It shows the darkness getting out and surrounding her father.

"I don't know how long they've waited for the moment, but it worked. The shadows used my voice to get his attention, begging him to open the door. For the hope of seeing me again, he opened it. Then the darkness lunged at him, and engulfed him. They fused with him, and took complete control of him. They've killed my father, and turned him into the monster Pitch."

Everyone was stunned to see Pitch's story. Who knew he was such a loving, caring man.

"What about you?" Rapunzel asked in curiosity. "Where did you go?"

"Well," Emily said. "Like I said, I had to flee. My journey took me a crossed the stars and beyond the sky. I've met people who were lost like me, and some I really don't want to mention."

Her face scorns at the memory of Typhan.

"My heart was hopeful that my father would find me. But for each passing day, my heart grew darker. I almost stopped caring about him, until I learned what happened to him. So I journeyed back, at took his mental. I defended the world from darkness with Tsar Lunar and Alister. Together we became the world's first guardians. During that time, I looked for Pitch, to try to bring my father back. But the shadows were too strong."

Emily started to walk away from the picture to travel deeper in the tunnel. Everyone followed her to learn more.

"So the Man in the Moon imprisoned him to the centre of the earth, so no shadows could escape. After that, we maintained the peace throughout the world. Until the time with the Monkey king..."

"Monkey king?" Merida asked.

Emily stopped and looked at the four children. "That's something I don't want to relive. All you need to know about that is at the end I lost some of my powers. The king tried to take them, but instead he scattered them."

"To us?" Jack asked.

"Yes." Emily answered.

"But why us?" Rapunzel asked. "We're nothing special."

"Oh there is more than a flower in you." Emily said gesturing to Rapunzel's hair. "You all hold something special inside you. My powers were able to reach to only you four. You four alone, best represent a season, and the character it holds."

Hiccup, Rapunzel, Jack and Merida look at each other with confusion. How can they be the representation of the seasons?

"Wait." Hiccup said to Emily. "You said Pitch was locked away. How did he escape?"

"Well North can tell you that." Emily said while gesturing to him.

North searched his thoughts to remember that day. He took a deep breath before speaking. "It happened about three hundred years ago. From what I know, a moon beam accidentally released him. He began to spread fear to people all over the world. So the Man in the moon chose us to help put light in children's hearts again. The light became so strong, Pitch slum back to the shadows."

The group listen attentively, though still a little nervous about what a man Pitch is.

"That still doesn't explain how he got this new power." North said wanting answers from Emily.

She sighs as she walks towards the end of the tunnel, with everyone following her. "I'm afraid that is my fault." She confessed.

Sandy flew to her with a big question mark over his head. Emily could guess he was asking her "why?"

She reached a dead end of the tunnel. But she stretched her arms in front of her, and spread them to past her shoulders. The walls seemed to obey her command and opened up to let the light in. She continues until she made a hole big enough for everyone to get through. Everyone walked to her to see what was outside.

Emily brought them to a huge cliff side with cells carved in the wall. One of the cells caught everyone's attention. Its bars were broken and dark sand scattered across the floor.

"You see," Emily said with a sad look on her face. "When Jack and the other guardians defeated him, he became very weak. The shadows and the darkness were beating and torturing him for failing them. I manage to find him, and drive the shadows away. I then saw something in him, something that reminded me of my father. I thought in that moment, that my father could come back, he just needed help. The darkness in Pitch was weaker than ever before. So I took the chance, and brought him here."

Everyone was on edge with this story, with a mix of anger and sympathy. They all knew it didn't turn out the way Emily had hoped, but some thought, if they were in her shoes, they might've done the same.

"I tried to rehabilitate him," Emily continues," Tried to make him remember the old days. I even gave him this." She opened up her palm and an image appeared above her hand. It was a small locket with a vine design and a gem in the middle.

"That looks like the necklace that Pitch has." Jack point out.

"It is," Emily said closing her hand. "It was the one thing I hold so dear. He gave it to me on my ninth birthday. It's a locket that reminded me of a family we once were."

She looked back to the cell. "Months pasted, and it seemed that I was getting through to him. We started talking and it seemed that my father was coming back."

Tears started to flow down her face, but her face wasn't sad. It was red with fury.

"But he used my generosity against me." She said with anger in her voice. She slammed her hand at the cliff wall so hard, rubble of rocks were knocked off. "When I wasn't looking, he broke free. He had some hidden shadows that I could not see, and used them to break free."

Her voice shook the ground everyone was standing on, nearly tripping them. Emily quickly realized what's happening around her, and gathers herself to regain control of her land.

When everything was settled, she turns to everyone. "Sorry about that." She said as gently as she can.

"No need for apologies." North said with a sweet smile.

"But how did Pitch get the power to turn our friends into his own flying monkeys?" Jack asks her.

While Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel wondered what he meant by 'flying monkeys,' Emily looks down in shame.

"It will probably be easier if I show you." With that, she moves her wrist in a graceful manner. A flower bud burst from the ground, almost as big as the one they were in before. It opens up to revile a beautiful daisy with bright blue petals. Emily steps on and motions the others to join her. The guardians joined her without question; the rest took a minute to think, and then reluctantly joined them. The flower bud closed, and everyone felt it going down into the ground. It was completely dark in there. If it wasn't for the sandman's glowing body, no one would be able to see each other.

They've felt they're traveling for a while, going deeper and deeper underground. Then, they've stopped. The bud opened to their destination. It was giant underground cavern, with only one stream of light coming from a crack in the ceiling. It shines on a beautiful, magnificent tree that was surrounded by a patch of grass and a lake. The tree stood tall and proud, with leaves made of gold.

As everyone became awestruck of the area, Emily made a bridge of vines so everyone could cross the lake. She gestures everyone to follow her.

"This tree," she said, "is what helps keeps this world in balance. Each leaf is a country around the world. It makes sure that everything is in order and nature responds accordantly. In one respect, the tree helps hold the world together."

As everyone marvels as they get closer to the tree, Rapunzel notices something. On some of the leaves, are spots of brown. "What's with the brown?" She asks.

"They represent the pollution that humans are putting on the planet." Emily explains. "The tree can sense the pollution, and tries to rectify it. But it's a constant battle, and the weather in the area can become unpredictable. But I don't want you to pay attention to that; I want you to see this."

She walks around the tree, and shows a single branch to the group. A lot of the leaves on the branch were gone, and the rest of the leaves appeared to be dying.

"What happened to the tree?" Jack asked a little worried.

"Pitch happened," Emily answers trying to hold back her anger. "When he broke out of his cell, he made his way down here. He stole some of the leaves and put them into the locket. Those leaves transformed my family heirloom into the pendent that gave him his new found power. The tree can transform the flow of nature to help people, now Pitch is using that same power to transform your friends into nightmares If this continues, soon enough the tree will die, and the world will be flung into chaos and darkness."

Everyone looked at Emily, who had to shed a tear off her face. Everyone had mixed feelings about hearing the story. North and Sandy were sad at what has become of their friends, Rapunzel was scared at the end of the world, Hiccup felt depressed at condition of the tree, Merida felt angry at Pitch's actions, and Jack was gearing up for a fight with Pitch to fix things.

After a long, almost awkward silence, North spoke to Emily. "What must we do?"

Emily took a deep breath before she spoke again, trying to clear her tears. "I'm sorry, you can't do anything Nicholas. It is up to you four to stop Pitch." She said looking at Merida, Hiccup, Jack and Rapunzel.

"Us?" Merida repeated.

"Yes." Emily nods. "Like the leaves, you are connected to the tree. It gave you your powers. So only you can stop Pitch."

The four looked at each other, not sure to take this task. "But Pitch is more powerful than any of us," Hiccup spoke out nervously. "It's pretty much impossible."

"Impossible?" Emily said raising an eyebrow. "People thought it was impossible for men to fly, impossible to stay underwater for more than an hour, impossible for me to create a paradise. The world is full of impossible thoughts, but it takes courage, change, creativity and a little bit of fun, to change the impossible to possible."

As the four of them looked to each other for a common thought, Emily gently creases the tree's bark.

"There was one time I thought it was impossible for a tree of gold, and here it is."

With that thought, she began to sing a familiar melody.

"I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves there grew

Of wind I sang, a wind there came and in them blew


In light I wove a secret land of timeless joy

My perfect world, no mortal hand could dare destroy


Beyond the sun

Beyond the moon


She then held her arms to the air, commanding any fallen petals and trigs to dance in the air.


She then turns to the tree, and dance for it. Everyone else marvels at her graceful movements.

"Shine forever

Beacon of light

Blaze in the air

Vanquishing night

Live forever

Held like a breath

Deep at the core

Blossom in death"

She then turns to the guardians and the children, "you must stop Pitch, before he plunges the world into darkness."

"But how?" Rapunzel said with fear. "We're mostly just ordinary. There is no way to stand up to him."

"I hate to agree with her," Merida said. "But he kicked our butts last time."

"Yeah," Hiccup agrees. "We can't do it."

"You won't if you believe like that." Emily said with a stern voice. "You all have something special inside you; you just need to find it yourselves."

She then gestures to everyone, as she resumes her song.

"My golden leaves will fade and fall through branching years

Through sweet the song yet sweeter still shall be the tears

The night must come, the shadows grow, the dark descends

And all we love and all we know must reach an end


Though worlds will die and worlds will grow"

The atmosphere became dark, almost like a thunder storm. Strong winds full the area, almost on the edge of blowing everyone away. The lake started to make strong waves that crashed on their little island. Flashes of light come and go as Emily songs with much force.

"Out of death, life

Out of night, day,

Glory from sorrow

Out of grief, joy

Out of storm, comes strength for tomorrow

Out of dust, gold

Out of fire, air,

Comfort forsaken

Out of rage, calm

Out of loss, find,

Glory awaken"

The storm dies down as everyone looks at Emily. She turns to the four children. "You must find your centres and powers before it's too late."

"How?" Jack asked for what feels like the millionth time.

Emily courted his patients, "Since Pitch has a gem to amplify his powers, it's only fair to do the same for you." She lifts her hand and opens it. Four rocks appeared and circled her palm. They have different colours and symbols on them. There was blue with a snowflake on it, the purple one has a flower, red has a sun, and the green had a leaf. "All you have to do if find them." With that she closed her hand and the rocks disappear in thin air.

"Somehow I knew it was about to be too easy." Hiccup said under his breath.

"How do we find them?" Merida said with haste.

"In order to find them, you need to discover your centres. To do that, you need to go to where your heart belongs." Emily instructs.

But it just left everyone more confused. "To where our hearts belong?" Rapunzel repeats.

"Yes." Emily replies. "When you do, your stone will appear. When all four stones are discovered, they will grant you the power to stop Pitch."

The four of them looked at each other, all with different thoughts. Jack and Hiccup wondered how this task will be accomplished; Merida's thinking on how to work with people who can't fight, while Rapunzel wonders how to get out of this.

Then she thought of what Emily said. "But my heart is at home. So how-?"

Emily puts her hand to Rapunzel's mouth, to stop her from talking. "I know what you mean." She then turned to North. "Do you have any spare globes?"

North jumped a little when she looked at him. He searched his coat to only pull out one globe. "This is all I have." He said as he gives it to Emily.

She used some form of magic to make the globe hover in the air. She then holds her arms to almost crush the globe. It glowed very bright, making everyone cover their eyes. When the light dimmed, everyone can see four small globes to replace the big one.

"These globes will take you back home," Emily tells the group. "However, they will only work if all four of you are present."

"So we can't split up and search on our own." Merida asks only to confirm her thoughts.

"Yes." Emily said in a regal, yet caring voice. She turns to the four people she graved with this task. "I know all of you are scared, and feel you're not ready for this. But if you don't do this, everything you know and everyone you cared about will fall. I know you are all from different times, but the darkness will reach back and destroy all you hold dear. So I ask you all... Please help."

Everyone was touched by her words, some fearing what they're getting into. If they do this, they might not see their love one again, or their home, or the lives they've known. After a while of deep thought, Jack steps out of the group, and in front of Emily.

"If it's to stop Pitch and protect the children," he said, "I think it's I my job description in being a guardian. I'm in."

As Rapunzel and Hiccup look at Jack, Merida stepped out too. "I'm in too." She said in a respectful manner. "Honestly, this is better than going home. I will fight to stop this evil."

Merida and Jack looked behind them at Hiccup and Rapunzel who were still unsure. Rapunzel took a tiny step back in nervousness, while Hiccup was in deep thought. He knew Pitch is a bad man and needs to be stopped, but the thought of battle when he had spent a life time of being the weakest fighter, it seems too much. But if doing this to protect his home, and his best friend, then it is his duty as heir to step up. So he walked to join the other two in front of Emily.

"I guess I'm in too." He said with a goofy smile. "Even though I'm not a fan of danger and battling evil, I want to protect my home, and my friend."

Rapunzel was left to search through her thoughts. The very thought of this quest scares her to her core. But then thought of her mother, she's always taken care of Rapunzel, maybe now she can protect her mom. Show her she can handle herself in the world. Rapunzel is sure her mom can understand. Takin a deep breath, she steps to join the others.

"All right," she said. "I'll help in any way I can. Besides, this will make an interesting birthday gift."

Emily smiles for them for taking this challenge, then thought of something. "Speaking of gifts," she said, "I have one for each of you." She first walks up to Rapunzel. "I know you are afraid of what this world holds, so this will help lead you to where you want to go." She opens a palm to Rapunzel, to revile a necklace made of vine rope, and a giant purple pendent held together in silver. "Just say the place you want to go, and it will lead you there."

Rapunzel fear made her hand shake as she reaches for the necklace. It felt light in her hand and looked beautiful. Though, she never had a necklace before and doesn't really know where it goes. She tries putting it up her arm and pulling it across her chest. Emily giggled and motions the wind to carry the necklace, and help guide it over Rapunzel's head and around her neck. The necklace lands gently and the gem fell close to her chest.

Emily then walked to Merida. "For you princess," she said. "I know you are a capable fighter, and want to prove that you can take care of yourself. But in order to do that, you'll need the proper tools." She then puts her hand behind her back, and as if out of thin air, pulled a bow and set of arrows off her back. She presents them to an awestruck Merida. She quickly took the bow and examined it. It felt familiar to her. She could see carvings on it that she carved. The Scottish symbols and the bear outlines were on it.

"This..." Merida said amazed, almost too shock for words. "I saw my mum throw it in the fire. How did you..."

"I'm Mother Nature," Emily said with a smile. She hands Merida a quiver full of arrows. "And no matter how many times you fire an arrow, you will never empty."

As Merida puts the arrows around her shoulder and onto her back, Emily turns to Hiccup. "I know you are worried about your friend, and I know you fear for his safety. But he is a strong friend and he can handle himself for the time being." Her words were warm, but did not ease Hiccup's worry. Toothless can't fly on his own, and could pretty much be dead. "I will use my magic to supply him with fish until you get to him." She opens a palm to him, to revile a dragon ring made of iron. "This will connect you to him, it will let you know how well he is, and it will let him know you are ok."

Hiccup picked up the ring and put it on his finger. Within seconds, it glowed green. Then a feeling went to his heart, a good feeling. He's not entirely sure what it is, but he knew that he and toothless became connected again. He even heard the dragon's roar through his ears.

"Wow." He said quietly, knowing toothless was going to be alright.

"And when you see him again, he can travel with you." Emily said with a smile.

At first Hiccup didn't know what to say, but... "Thank you."

Emily smiles and turns to Jack. "Jack," she said, "the only gift I can give you, is a promise."

"Really?" He said. "They get cool stuff and I basically get nothing?"

"Because this gift is important to you," She said with a motherly voice. "I know about Jamie."

The name shook him to the core of his heart. Then he remembers, Pitch is out on the loose, Jamie could be in great danger. He turns to Emily with a worried look.

"My promise," she said, "is that no harm will come to him. I have seen many believers in my time, but none are as strong as Jamie. He helped foil Pitch's plans the last time, and Pitch maybe worried about it this time. But I swear to you, I will do everything in my power to make sure Jamie will be safe."

Jack knew he had no choice but to trust her. The thought of Pitch going after Jamie horrifies him. But if Emily can keep him safe, that was good enough for Jack.

"Thank you." He said with sincerity.

"What about us?"

Everyone turned to North, Sandy and Baby tooth.

"What are we supposed to do?" North asked again.

Emily smiles at the three of them. "For now," she said, "you need to focus on your holiday. Kids all around the world depend on you Nicholas. You cannot let them down."

As much as North wants to join in the fight against Pitch, he knows she is right. In order to keep kids believing in the guardians, he has to focus on Christmas.

"And Sandy," Sandy gave her his full attention when she spoke his name. "You need to keep the kids dreaming." He salutes her to get the job done.

Baby Tooth wasn't waiting for Emily to give her orders. Instead, she race to Jack and perch herself on his shoulder.

"I guess you want to go with them on this journey." Emily said with amusement.

Baby tooth nods her head with authority.

"I guess I can't change your mind about this." Emily sighed. "Alright, you can go."

Baby Tooth twirled with joy over Jack's shoulder. He giggled at her amusement.

Emily looked at the crack in the ceiling, seeing the light moving away.

"You have to go now," she said with authority. "You have so much to do." With that, she gave them each a globe. "Remember, find your centres, find your stones, and you will be able to stop Pitch."

"Alright," Jack said to his new group. "So where do we go first."

"Well," Merida said, "I'm in no hurry to go home..."

"Can we go to mine?" Rapunzel said with urgency. "My mother must be worried about me by now."

"Hang on." Hiccup said. "I have a best friend that I'm worried about to."

"But I need to go home and get my mother's blessing." Rapunzel argued.

"I have a friend who can be a great help to us." Hiccup argued back, trying to overlap Rapunzel.

As the two of them argue about whose time they should go to, Merida looked at Jack. "Yeah," she said, "this is starting out so well."

Seeing this argument is not going to end soon, Jack thought of an idea. "Hey," he said getting Rapunzel's and Hiccup's attention. "How about we flip a coin to see where we go."

Rapunzel and Hiccup looked at each other, and nod in acceptance of the bet. Jack waves his staff and collected a few snow to make an icy coin. On one side was a snowflake; on the other was a head of a child.

"Hiccup, call it." Jack said as he flicks the coin into the air. The coin twirled around and around, almost flying through the air.

"Heads!" Hiccup called out as the coin made its way back down. Jack caught it and his hand on top of the other hand. He removes his hand to reveal the coin.

With the snowflake side up.

"Yes!" Rapunzel said with glee. Hiccup moaned at the outcome, but a deal is a deal. At least he will know that Toothless will be ok.

"Well," Hiccup said, "lead the way."

"Ok," Rapunzel said holding a globe in her hand. But is unsure how it works. "Umm?" She asks.

Jack leans in, "just shake it, and tell it where you want to go."

Rapunzel nods and does what she was instructed to do. She shakes the globe and said, "my tower." She kept shaking until an image appeared in the globe. She looked into the globe to see her tower clearly visible.

"Now smash it on the ground." Jack said with haste. She nods and throws the globe hard on the ground. It smashed into a million pieces, and a portal appears out of nowhere.

The four children looked into the portal, preparing for the tough task ahead.

"Everyone ready?" Jack asked the group. They all turned to him and nod. They look over their shoulder to see North and Sandy waving goodbye.

"Take care of each other!" North called out to them.

Sandy made a number of hands above his head to wave them goodbye.

Emily had a concern look on her face. "Be careful." She said with a regal yet warning voice. "It is possible that Pitch knows about all of you now. He will do everything it takes to stop you. Don't let his tricks fool you. Stick together and trust each other, and nothing will stop you. Good luck."

Everyone looked ahead into the portal, unsure of the journey they are about to take. But they hold each other's hands, so no one will back out. And after a deep breath, step through the portal.

When the portal disappears, Emily turns to North and Sandy. "Now," she said, "it's all up to them."

"Maybe I should've gone with them." North said with such worry.

"I'm sure they'll be fine." Emily said as she summons a giant flower. "This will lead you back to the yetis."

North nods and makes his way to the flower. Sandy follows him, but not without hugging Emily goodbye.

As soon as they were on top of the flower, Emily closed it up and made it go up to the surface.

As soon as they were gone, Emily looked at the tee and saw more leaves dying on the tree. She sighs at the situation, and the grave burden she placed on the children. "I certainly hope they're ready for the challenges they'll face. Are we ready if they fail? Only time will tell now."

The wind picked a bit again, making the leaves and petals dance around Emily. The light shined on her as she sang a song of hope on her own.

"Shine forever

Beacons of light

Blaze in the air

Vanquishing night

Sing forever

Proud and strong

Anthem of life

Conquering song

Though tides of fate, onward run

The song of hope

Once begun,

Will evermore


"Rapunzel?" Pitch said to his newest minion.

"Yes master." Bunny said while he bowed to his master. "That is her name."

Pitch thought of the name, he knew it. It was a name he has heard many times from a woman that summoned him a long time ago. But he never thought her daughter would be a part of this.

"And she and the other children are the season guardians?" He continues his train of thought. "Including Frost?"

"Yes." Bunny answers. "They were all chosen by the Man in the Moon."

Pitch took what his new minion said into consideration. He has heard of the season guardians, but thought of it more of a myth. But now it seems that myth is a reality.

He and bunny turned their heads to hear Tooth flying towards them. As she meets them, she bows to Pitch, with something in her hands.

"I got what you want master." She said handing him two canisters with baby teeth. Pitch looked at the faces on the canisters. One had a little spunky girl with wild red hair; the other had a boy with mop of auburn hair.

"Excellent!" He said in a triumph matter. "With the help of this pendent, I can travel to those other times and mess with those children. They will pay for interfering, and they will regret to cross me."

"What are we to do?" Bunny asked.

"You two will spread fear into the world," Pitch instructs them. "And start messing with the Christmas holiday. Make the people start to lose hope. North will in time, start to lose his powers and be vulnerable. Meanwhile, I'll travel to these different times, and figure out how to break those kids."

"What about that long haired girl, Rapunzel?" Tooth asks out of curiosity. "I don't have her teeth, so you can't travel-"

"Not to worry my dear." Pitch said with force. "I'm sure my friend will be summoning me soon."

With that he disappears in a puff of black sand, ready to put his plan into action.

Song: Wonder from the Lord of the Rings musical. (yes, it happened)

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