Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Home Sweet Tower

Everyone was tumbling around like a toddle with a doll inside the portal. A mixture of colours keeps everyone's heads spinning. Some thought they would fall to no end, until a big flash of light was shone in the end. It captures the group and forces them to fly forward. When the light faded away, they felt like they're being spit out of a mouth, and onto a hard floor.

Jack was the first one to groan as he looked back. He saw the portal shut tight and saw a closet from where the portal used to be. He looked around to see everyone else on the floor, feeling sick to their stomachs.

"That was not a pleasant experience." Hiccup groaned from the floor.

"You could say that again." Rapunzel replied as she tries to stand.

"You would think Mother Nature could've come up with a smoother ride." Hiccup complains as he has a hard time to get on his knees.

"I think it's one of those, 'don't look at a gift horse in the mouth.'" Jack jokes as he got to his feet with help of his staff.

Merida moved her hair out of her face to look at Jack, angry and confused. "What is that supposed to mean?!"

Jack sighs with aggression, not really wanting to explain that saying. "Never mind!" He instead carefully walks to Rapunzel, and helped her to her feet.

"Thanks." She said looking at him, still feeling a little sick.

It took a while for Merida and Hiccup to get on their feet, but they managed to do it. When they feel like their head's stopped spinning, they got a good look in the room they're in. It was a dark room, but cracks of sunlight helped to pick out a few things. Like a closet, a kitchen area, a stairway leading upstairs, a mannequin, and a mirror in the corner.

"This is where you live?" Merida asks out loud.

"Yep." Rapunzel answers. "Home sweet home."

Looking around, Merida wasn't too impressed. But Hiccup tries to make the best of the space. "Looks nice and cozy." He said with a nervous smile. He then saw the window behind him. It was shut tight. He made his way to get them open, to get a better view of the room.

"Wait," Rapunzel said almost scared. "What are you doing?"

"Just getting some more liiiigggghhhttt..." He said as he opens the window and looks down. He could see the ground that was about 20 feet away from where he was. "Whoa." He said a little uneasy.

"What?" Merida said as she makes her way to the window to see what he sees.

"We are up pretty high." He said trying to take the scenery in. Merida almost pushed him out of the way for her to see. This height was something she wasn't expecting either, or the beautiful landscape underneath.

"Oh Kay." She said slowly backing away from the window. "I didn't see that coming." She then turns to Rapunzel, "why are we up so high?" She asks.

Rapunzel quickly made her way to the window and shut it tight. "Well," she said trying to think of an excuse. She really didn't want to tell her new companions of her hair. What if they try to take it, and leave her alone and miserable? She can't take that chance. "How else are you able to get a great view?" She laughed nervously, hoping they buy it.

In truth, no one did. But as Merida wants to press more on the matter, Jack steps in front of her. "Does it really matter?" He said. "We're here now, so let's try to find the stone."

"Great idea." Rapunzel said trying to push the question asking out of their heads. She grabs a lock of her hair and used it as a whip to catch a hook. She pulled it down, opening a hatch. It let a huge ray of sun light up the entire room. Everyone can now see the pictures that Rapunzel had painted on the walls for so many years.

Hiccup and Jack became impressed of the little trick Rapunzel did, Merida however, was not impressed. "Nice trick blondie." She said with a bit of attitude.

Rapunzel took in offence of the comment, and met the challenge. "I bet you, you can't do that."

Merida saw the challenge and began to roll up her sleeves. "Why you-"

Jack foresees a fight, steps in between the two girls. "Even though I enjoy a cat fight, we need to focus."

"He's right." Hiccup said off by the side. "We need to find Rapunzel's stone." In his mind, he thought of the best way to speed this up so he can make sure toothless is ok. He figures it's better and faster if they split up into different parts of the tower. "Jack should look in the rafters, Rapunzel can look in her room and that level, I'll stay here and look around here, and Merida can start on the lower levels."

"Whoa, hold on!" Merida said as if she got offended. "Who died and made you leader?"

"I just thought it would be easier for all of us if we cover-" Hiccup began to say.

Then Jack interrupted. "Yeah, why are you calling the shots?"

"I mean-" Hiccup tries to speak again.

"You need to listen to me Hiccup…" Jack said with much force.

"Why should we listen to you?" Merida said, turning to him with an angry look.

"Guys." Hiccup tried to step in before this gets out of hand, but it wasn't working.

"Because I'm older then you!" Jack said challenging her.

"You don't look it." Merida said examining him. "You actually look and act more like a child to me."

"I'm over 300 years old!" He said with aggravation.

"GUYS!" Hiccup tries again to get their attention, but they don't really notice him.

Rapunzel seeing no choice grabbed two locks of her hair and whip them at the Merida and Jack. One lock grabbed Merida by the waist, the other grabbed Jack's leg.

"You two stop it!" She said with much force. "None of this arguing is getting us anywhere." Baby tooth flew by her head, and nodded its head in disapproval.

Everyone took the moment to take a few deep breaths in, and relaxed. When Rapunzel saw everyone is calmed down, she unwinds her hair, and made it let go of Merida and Jack.

"Sorry." Jack said feeling a little ashamed lashing out at both Hiccup and Merida.

"Same here." She said to Jack, while she gives a warning look to Hiccup.

"Maybe we should just start on the lower levels and work out way up." Jack suggested.

"I'm afraid that's not possible." Rapunzel admits.

"Why is that?" Merida asks.

"Well," she said knowing full well what the reactions are going to be. "There are no lower levels."

Hiccup and Merida gave her a confusing look. "How is that possible?" Hiccup asked. "How do you get down?"

Rapunzel giggles nervously as she tries to put on the sweetest smile of her life. "I don't."

Merida and Hiccup couldn't believe their ears for a second. "You're kidding right?" Merida asked, making sure she heard correctly.

Rapunzel shakes her head. "Nope."

There was a moment of silence between everyone. Merida and Hiccup couldn't process the thought of Rapunzel has never left her tower. Hiccup judged her age to be about 18, and still couldn't believe that she's never been outside.

"Well," he said, "that explains a lot." He thought back on how freaked out she was at the workshop, and has no idea what the holidays are about.

Merida refused to let this fact go. "So your mum puts you in this tower, and has never let you go outside?!"

Rapunzel nervously nods her head. "She said it was the best way to protect me from the ruffians and thugs in the world."

"There's protection and there's over doing it." Merida said with a huff. "I've never met her, but I can only tell she's a controlling perfectionist. It only proves my point about all moms, they just wants you be a little girl forever and want to control you like a doll."

"That's not true." Rapunzel said to stick up for her mom. "My mom does what she can to protect me. She loves me."

"If she loves you so much, then why hasn't she let you go outside?" Merida said with force.

"Girls!" Hiccup said trying break up a fight before it starts. "We need to get started in finding the stone. So if you two are done, we should start." With that, he went to the kitchen area and began to look. Jack flew up to look in the rafters with Baby Tooth.

Rapunzel made her way to her room while saying to Merida, "we'll finish this later." Merida huffed and joined in the search.

Rapunzel closed her curtains so no one will go into her room. It was a simple room, with a big bed, a dresser with a mirror, a book shelf and a drawer with her clothes. There really was no point in searching her bed, so she went to her chest of clothes. After pulling out every dress and nightgowns, she couldn't find anything. Her bookshelf was easy to look through with only three books on the shelf. Finally she made her way to her drawer. She opens every drawer to try to find her stone. All she found were her makeup, diary and a lot of brushes and combs. In one of the bottom drawers, she pulled out something she hasn't seen for a long time. It was royal purple bag that held her baby teeth in it. Her mother always said to hide her teeth in there, so the Tooth fairy wouldn't steal them. Seeing them made her remember how terrifying the Tooth fairy had become because of Pitch.


She turned her head in fear to hear Jack whaling. She leaped from her chair and ran through her curtain door. She saw Jack flying with something clamping on his face.

"Get off of me!" He said as he tries to get something off his face. Hiccup and Merida were on the ground, trying to figure out what is going on. Rapunzel was high enough to see what was on Jack's face. It was something small, bright red and scaly.

Rapunzel easily recognizes the little chameleon on Jack's face. "Pascal!" She called out in glee.

Pascal turned it head, and became very happy. So happy, his skin changed color from red to bright green. He leaped off of Jack, and crawled in a fast pace to her. She carefully picked him up and rubbed her nose on his nose. "It is so wonderful to see you again." She said cheerfully.

Jack rubbed his face to get the stickiness of the Pascal's feet off of him. "I'm fine too by the way." He said in sarcasm.

Pascal turned to him, growling through his lips.

"No Pascal." Rapunzel said holding him close to her face. "Believe it or not, he's my friend."

That news shocked Pascal, causing him to keep pacing back and forth.

Rapunzel walked downstairs to join the others, with Merida and Hiccup waiting at the bottom.

"What was that about?" Hiccup asked before he notices the chameleon in her hands. "And who is that?"

Rapunzel giggled a bit before showing her little pet. "This is Pascal," she said. "He's been with me for as long as I can remember."

Merida looked over to see him. "What an odd looking lizard." She comments.

"Excuse me," Rapunzel said, taking offence in the comment. "He is a chameleon, not a lizard."

"Does it really matter?" Merida said with attitude.

Pascal, not really happy with Merida, stuck his tongue at her.

"All pets aside," Jack said landing in between everyone, "I'm starting to think your stone is here."

"I don't think so either." Rapunzel said while putting Pascal on her shoulder. "I've lived here all my life, and I have never seen it."

"Then where do you think it is?" Merida asked with attitude.

Rapunzel searched her thoughts, but couldn't think of any place other than her tower. Her thoughts were interrupted by a clanking sound outside.

"Shh." She said quietly. "Did anyone else hear that?"

Everyone became quiet, trying to hear anything. Soon, they all heard a quiet clank outside, then another, then another and another. For every clank, the souls grew louder and closer.

'That can't be mother, she didn't call me.' Rapunzel thought. Then it could be only one thing...

"A stranger!" She quietly cried out. She rushes to the kitchen area and grabbed a frying pan.

"Really Rapunzel," Jack said, "I think that may not be necessary."

"Yeah," Hiccup agreed. "You have the spirit of winter, a woman who can shoot arrow, and..." He looked down and gestures to himself. "...me. I don't think this guy will be too much hassle."

"I don't care," Rapunzel said, getting herself ready near the window and her pan ready for everything. "This is my tower, and I want to prove that I can handle myself."

She waited till the clanking got closer and closer. Soon enough, the window doors opened and someone stepped trough. He looked tall and sturdy. He had a bag by his side that hanged on to his shoulder.

"Alone at last," he said. His voice sounded sly, yet charming at the same time. He turned his head to view his bag. Rapunzel took the chance, and hits his head with her frying pan. He fell to the floor hard, and instantly became unconscious. The sight frightened Rapunzel and she quickly hid behind a mannequin.

Jack flew to Rapunzel. "Wow," he said, "didn't know you had it in you." He gives a light pat on the back, which made her jumped a bit.

Merida and Hiccup made their way to the man. He had short brown locks with a matching goatee. He was dressed in a simple white shirt, blue vest and brown pants. He also wore some sturdy knee high boots.

Rapunzel calmed herself down and made her way to the stranger, using her pan to poke him. She used it to lift his lips to see the fangs on the ruffian. But there were none, just almost perfect teeth. As she examines him, his eyes shot open. She quickly hits him again in the head, knocking him out. But then she started hitting a few more times.

Merida rushes over to Rapunzel and grabs her arms. "I think you got him." She said.

Rapunzel took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. "Ok," she said to herself. "I'm calm, I'm calm." She then looks at the man still out of it. "I have a person on my floor." She said in awestruck, still not believing that a person has climbed the tower, and she manages to knock him out.

Then a thought came to her, what if mother comes? How is she going to explain all of these people here, and the fact she knocked out a person.

Acting fast, she grabs the stranger by the feet. "Quick," she said. "Help me get him into my closet."

She began to drag him to the closet, with drool coming from the stranger's mouth. Merida came a lifts the guy by the arm, while Hiccup could barely lift the other arm. With a little work, and some funny resistance from the guy, they managed to get him into the closet. Though he did fall out one time, they managed to get him back in, with a chair holding the door.

Rapunzel took a couple of breaths to gather what just happened in her head. "Now, I have a person in my closet." She said with more excitement in each word. She fought against an evil that she feared her whole life, and won. "I have a person in my closet!" She took a quick glance in her mirror, seeing herself full of pride. She took the moment, and remembered what her mother said, that she was too weak and naive to handle what's outside her tower. "Ha, too weak to handle myself mother? Tell that to my friend here." She twirls her frying pan in her hand with attitude, but ended up having the rim of the pan hitting her forehead.

"Let's not get too over excited about this," Merida said with her arms crossed.

Hiccup paid no mind in the girls' latest squabble; instead he went to the bag. "Ok, let's see who you are mister," he said. As he opened the bag, a sparkle caught his eye. It looked like something shined in there. He reached in and pulled out a headpiece, with 5 big crystals on it. It was a lot more shinning then any head band he's seen. It was all gold and decorated with beautiful gem stones.

"Whoa!" Jack said as he and Baby tooth looked over Hiccup's shoulder. The girls also walked over to see what Hiccup has. They became almost entranced by the beauty of it.

Rapunzel wasn't sure why, but felt something looking at it. She mostly figured because it was something she's never seen before, but still felt a strange connection with it. "Can I?" She asked Hiccup. He nods and passes the item to her. It felt a little heavy in her hands. She examines it, trying to work out what it is. She puts it on her wrist to see if it fits, but it droops over her hand. Pascal even shakes his head, thinking that's not how it goes on.

Merida giggles as she sees Rapunzel tries to put it further on her arm. She gently grabs it off of Rapunzel. "It's a crown," she said as she handles it very gently. "You put it on like this." She puts the crown on Rapunzel's head. It fits her head perfectly, and the crystals glow with the same shine as her hair. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she almost saw someone new, but who? Or what?


Rapunzel jumped at the sound of her mother's voice just outside her tower. "Oh no," she said quietly in a panic. In a flash, she took off the crown and grabs the satchel, and hid them both in a nearby pot. Then a big worry came to her; she can't have people in her tower, what exactly would her mother think. "You guys need to hide," she said without really thinking.

"What? Why?" Hiccup said trying to understand.

"Mom can't find you guys here!" Rapunzel said in a panicked whisper as she pushes Hiccup to her room. Hiccup picked up his paste and tumbled into Rapunzel's room. She quickly grabbed Merida's arm and tossed her in as well.


Her mother's voice sounded a little worrisome that time.

"One second mother!" She called out as she tries to stay calm. She sees jack just hovering beside her. "You too," she said in a whisper.

"You don't need to worry about me." He said with a calm tone. "You mom can't see me."

"Please!" She said with a pleading face. Wanting to entertain her idea, he flew in to her bedroom to join the others. "And please be quiet." She said as she rushes to the window. She knew pascal had already hidden himself, he knows exactly what to do. But she couldn't find Baby Tooth anywhere. She was a little worried, but then thought that if her mother saw her, she would dismiss her as a bird.

"Rapunzel! I'm not getting any younger down here!" He mother called out.

She pushed the doors of her window and readied her hair to pull Gothel up. "Sorry mom!" She called out to her. "Just finished getting dressed."

"That's fine darling." She said as assumes her position, not really listening to her daughter. "I've got a surprise for you."

'A surprise?' She thought as she pulls her mother in. 'I bet she will finally let me go and see the lights.'

As mother Gothel climbed through the window, she had a big smile on her face. "I brought back some parsnips. I'm gonna make hazelnut soup, your favourite. Surprise!"

While Rapunzel does like hazelnut soup, it was nothing compared to the surprise that she has a giant quest against an evil man that can command shadows. But she can't tell her mom that, she'll say she's too fragile as always. So she has to play that nothing has gone amiss.

"I suppose it's my birthday dinner?" She asks with a smile.

"Your birthday?" Gothel said in mockery shock. "Is it tomorrow already? Oh gosh, I have completely forgotten." She then puts her basket full of food in the kitchen area, and looks over her shoulder to see a semi sad Rapunzel. "You know I'm only joking around my dear." She rushes over and gives Rapunzel a big hug. "I know it's your birthday tomorrow, and it's just like it is every year."

"Every year?" Rapunzel asked.

"You know," Gothel said with a jolly personality. "We sit and talk, you let me brush your hair, and we never hear about those stars in the sky."

"But mother I-" Rapunzel began to say.

Before Gothel cuts her off. "Speaking of which, dear, mommy feeling a little run down-"

Rapunzel knew where she was going with this. They do this almost every time Gothel was here. But this time, Rapunzel has people hiding in her room. What if they see her hair's magic, will she lose their trust? Would they want it for themselves?

"-would you-" wasting no time, Rapunzel grabs her mother's hand before she finished her sentence. She sat her mother down on the chair and forced the hairbrush in her hand. She then grabbed the lower part of her hair and put it on her mother's lap. She kneels down in her usual spot and began to sing really fast.

"Flowergleamandglow, letyourpowershine-"

A golden glow began to form in the hair roots, and began to spread down the hair. "Wait!" Gothel snapped as she tries to slow Rapunzel down.

"-maketheclockreverse, bringbackwhatoncewasmine.-"

The glow was getting closer and closer to Gothel. As she saw it, she began to brush the hair frantically.

Meanwhile upstairs, everyone crowded around the curtain, trying to hear everything that's going on.

"Scoot over." Merida whispers to Hiccup.

"I'm trying to hear." He replied in a harsh whisper. He pushed her back in an effort to see what's going on, but all everyone could do in the room was hear.

Downstairs, the hair glowed very bright through the brush. The power transferred from the hair, to Gothel's fingertips.

"Healwhathasbeenhurt, changedthefatesdesign, savewhathasbeenlost,bringbackwhatoncewasmine-"

As soon as the power touched Gothel, all the wrinkles and grey hairs that were there are gone. Soon the glow began to fade away. Once it did, Gothel felt as fresh as a daisy, But was still upset at her daughters rushed song.

"Rapunzel!" She snapped in confusion. "What was all that about?"

"Well," Rapunzel said trying to look for an answer. She can't just say 'I have a person in my closet, and three more people hiding in her room.' She has to play into it, let it in easy. "I wanted to get it over with, so we can talk about something more important."

"And what would that be dear?" Gothel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"My birthday for one thing." Rapunzel said with a cute smile. She knew the one thing she wanted for that day is to finally see the lights, and maybe showing that she knocked out a ruffian could win her chance. "And the thing I want-"

"I hope you're not going to talk about the stars again." Gothel said impatiently.

"Lights actually." Rapunzel corrected. She stood up and slowly backed up to the closet. "And yes. I'm leading up to that, but-"

"Because I thought we dropped the issue yesterday, sweetie." Gothel said trying to sound sweet, but there was a harsh tone at the back of her throat.

"No mother," she said while backing up a little more. She was determined to at least show her mom that she's not weak, by taking down a ruffian by herself. "Look, you think I'm not strong enough to handle myself out there but-"

"Oh I don't think, I know dear," Gothel said with a laugh.

"But if you would just listen," Rapunzel said, not giving up.

"We are finished with this conversation." Gothel warned Rapunzel with a harsh tone.

Merida listens carefully through the curtain. She had a sense of déjà vu from what she and her mom went through.

Rapunzel was near the closet, ready to move the chair away to reveal the ruffian. "But mother I-"

"RAPUNZEL!" Gothel yelled at the top of her lungs. She immediately strode from her chair with fists clench to her sides. "ENOUGH WITH THE LIGHTS! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THIS TOWER! EVER!"

The entire tower became silent. Even the three people hiding in the bedroom held their breaths to avoid detection.

Gothel realized that she yelled at her daughter, turned to a sympathy act. She sank back to the chair, with a hand on her forehead. "Great," she said over exasperating her words. "Now I'm really the bad guy."

Rapunzel stood where she was in silent, realizing no matter what she will do, she will never be able to get her mother's blessing to leave. But she has to go on this quest to stop Pitch, and help her new friends. Then an idea came to her. She just needs to make her mother leave for a while, and then she can leave and come back without her mom noticing she's gone.

"All I was going to say," she said playing a pity card. "I know what I want for my birthday now."

"And what is that?" Gothel asked.

"New paint," Rapunzel answers while looking at her mother. "The ones made from the white shells you once brought me."

Mother Gothel hated that idea; she would be away from her flower for a long time. "Rapunzel," she said. "That's a very long trip. Almost three days."

"I just thought it would be better than...stars" Rapunzel hated saying that, but knows it's the only way to get her mother's approval.

Gothel's face brightens a bit, knowing this is what she wanted to hear. Her daughter will forget about the lights, and they'll be happy together. She got up from her seat and went to her daughter. "You'll be alright on your own?"

Rapunzel nods her head. "I know I'm safe, as long as I am here."

Gothel smiled as she kissed her daughter on the forehead. She then went to her basket and left behind some food for her daughter. She then readied herself at the window and Rapunzel readied her hair.

"I'll be back in three days," Gothel said patting Rapunzel on the cheek. Using Rapunzel's hair, she descended down the tower. When she reached the bottom, she called out, "I love very much darling."

Rapunzel pulled her hair back up and waved goodbye to her mom. "I love you more!" She called out.

"I love you most!" Gothel said as she walks away from the tower and disappears into the forest.

Rapunzel waited a bit before closing her window doors. "Ok!" She calls out to everyone hiding. "She's gone!"

Hiccup, Merida and Jack burst out of the bedroom with confused looks. "That! Was your mom?!" Hiccup said.

"Yes." Rapunzel replied as she sees Pascal reappearing on a nearby table.

"Well, she defiantly doesn't get my vote for mom of the year." Jack said as he sees Baby tooth flying down from the rafters. She then did this gesture that looks like its involving hair. But Jack dismisses it and goes to Rapunzel. "I mean what kind of woman locks up her daughter?"

"She doesn't lock me up!" Rapunzel said defending her mother. "She is just trying to protect me!"

"I agree with Jack," Merida said as she makes her way to Rapunzel. "This place is decorated pretty, but it's still a prison."

Rapunzel sighs in agreement. As much as she loves her mother, this place does feel like a prison.

"What does she mean by stars?" Hiccup asked.

"Lights!" Rapunzel corrected. She runs to a mantle on her fireplace, and moved a curtain to show a picture of her, looking up in the night sky seeing bright lights up there. "These lights come ONLY on my birthday. I just know they mean something, but I just don't know what. I've been asking my mom to take me to see them, but she has never let me go."

While Hiccup and Merida looked at the mural, an idea piped inside Jack. "That's it!"

"What's it?" Rapunzel asked as she got down.

"Remember what Emily said," he said. "Our stones will be where our hearts are. And your heart's wish is to go see the lights." He points to the painting. "So maybe your stone is there."

The thought boomed in Rapunzel's mind. She can finally go and see the lights; her biggest dream will be coming true. "Yes!" She squealed while jumping up and down. "I think your right. I can't believe I get to go after all!"

"Do you know how to get there?" Hiccup asked.

The excitement stopped. Rapunzel thought on how to get there, then remembered Emily's gift to her. She lifted the pendent from her dress and held it tight in her hand. "Take us to the lights." She commands it. But nothing happens.

"Oh come on work." She shook it up and down, trying to see if anything will happen.

"Emily said to tell it the 'place' you want to go." Jack reminds her. "Where are the lights?"

Rapunzel stopped shaking the pendent and looked sad. "I don't know," she said. "I don't really know."

"Well, that's gonna complicate things." Hiccup said under his breath.

"Maybe we don't know," everyone turned to Merida who stood near the pot the satchel is in. In her hands is a poster with the stranger's face on it. "But I'm willing to bet 'Flynn Rider' does."

The others couldn't believe what Merida was suggesting. "Are you serious?" Jack said. "You do realize that's a wanted poster. Meaning this guy might be trouble. I mean, look at that noes, that's criminal."

"I know," she said rolling the poster back up and putting it into the pot. "But he's the best chance we have at finding this place. We can promise him that we can give back his stuff, when he takes us to the lights."

"Making a deal with a criminal," Hiccup said with sarcasm, "doesn't this feel like home."

"I don't know," Rapunzel said a little worried. "He's a ruffian, and mother said-"

"Look missy." Merida said she got close to Rapunzel's face. "This may be your only chance to see the lights. So are you gonna take it? Or be mothers little docile lamb?"

Rapunzel was about to retaliate, but then realize that Merida was right. This might be her only chance. This was her biggest dream, and she is not letting it fall through her fingers again. This time, she is doing what she wants to do.

"Let's do it."

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