Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

The Deal on the Road

Flynn woke up with something wet in his ear. It felt totally gross.

"Yuck!" He said with a start. He felt something on his shoulder. He turns his head to seem Pascal with his tongue hanging out. He moved his should to get the chameleon off, but then notices his arm wasn't moving. He looked down to see it was being tied to a chair, by hair?

"What?" He said as he sees his body was tied down by hair. He looked to see it was all over the room too. "Is this hair?" He said to himself, still not believing what he's seeing.

"Struggling is pointless!"

He moved his head to the direction of the voice, only to see a shadow of a girl on the rafters with a frying pan in her hand.

"I know why you are here!" Rapunzel cried out again, trying to show no fear in her voice. "And I am not afraid of you."

"What?" Flynn blurred out, trying to figure out what's going on. And who is the woman with really long hair.

"Now I have your attention" Rapunzel said from her hiding place. "How did you find me?"

"I-I-" Flynn stuttered, still trying to see Rapunzel.

"She asked you a question!"

He turned his head to locate the voice. It was much stronger and more fearsome then Rapunzel's and it had a hint of Scottish in it.

"Look," he said trying to locate the two girls. "I don't know what-"

He heard the one on the rafter jumped down and walked into the light. He was immediately taken by her beauty and her angry face. "I'll ask again," she said more serious, "how did you find me?" She readies her frying pan in her hands, ready to swing again if necessary.

Flynn saw this girl is trying to be brave, but she still had a shakiness bit of fear in her voice. So he put on a charming, yet dashing persona to charm her. "I know not who you are," he said, "Or how I came to find you. But might I just say... Hi. The name's Flynn. Flynn Rider. How is your day?" He finished the sentence with a devilish smile.

Rapunzel's eyes shift to her hidden friends, who were just as confused as she was. Was he just 'flirting' with her? Rapunzel stayed determined and unfazed as she raises her frying pan. "Who else knows my location, Flynn Rider?"

"Ummm." He said trying to work out an answer. But then a hand grabbed the chair and turned him around. Soon he was face to face with Merida, and a pointy arrow.

"Who else knows about this place?" She said with more force.

Flynn looked nervously at the arrow, not wanting it to pierce his perfect skin. "I don't know," he said scared. "I didn't even know about this place, honest."

"Is he lying?" Rapunzel asking Merida and she shuffles a little closer to the chair, "What does he want with my hair?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Flynn asked as if he almost didn't hear her correctly.

"I'm pretty sure he doesn't want your hair." Merida said a little annoyed. She then turned her attention back to Flynn. "So why are you here, Flynn Rider?"

"Look," he said to the two ladies. "I was... in a situation, and was off gallivanting through the forest. When I came across your tower and..." He cuts himself off in realization that he doesn't have his satchel anywhere near him. "Wait!" He said in alarm. "Where is my satchel?"

Rapunzel smirks and crossed her arms. "I hid it," she proclaimed. "Somewhere you'll never find it."

Flynn panicked for a bit, but then eyed a pot off to the side. "It's in the pot, isn't it?"

Rapunzel couldn't believe her ears. How did he find out so quickly?

"I told you, you needed a better hiding spot."

Flynn became alert to a male voice. "Alright, who else is in here?" He asked out loud. "Cause this hiding in the shadows thing is getting old real fast."

"Give us some credit," Hiccup said as he stepped into the light. "We were in a bit of a rush."

Flynn rolled his eyes, becoming more and more annoyed at this situation. "Where am I? A daycare centre?"

Pascal crawled up his leg and chest to give an angry look.

"Correction," he said not amused. "A child and pet daycare."

"Don't you dare call me a child!" Merida threatens and pointing her arrow at Flynn's chin again.

"Will you cut it out with the pointy thing?!" Flynn said trying to back his head away.

"Yeah Merida," Jack said flying down from the rafters. "You don't want to ruin his perfect face, especially the noes."

"No one asked you Jack." Merida said back at him.

Flynn looked at her confused. "Who are you talking to red?"

Before she can answer, Jack flew and covered her mouth with his hand. "He can't see me," he said to everyone who can. "I don't exist in his eyes. So he can't see me or hear me."

"Ok," Merida said through his hand, a little annoyed. Jack removed his hand, and flew behind Flynn.

Before Flynn can look on more confused, Rapunzel turned him towards her. "Look, I don't know what's going on here, so if you just hand me back my satchel, I'll be-"

His world became dark again as he felt a metal clank at the back of his head, knocking him out cold.

"Rapunzel?" Jack said astounded.

"Well I had to do something," she said making her way to the pot. "Have to hide the satchel somewhere else anyway. Can't exactly hide it with him being awake, can we?" She pulls the stuff out and mad her way to the stairs. She lifted the plank of the first step and stuffed the satchel inside.

"Why didn't you tell us that he couldn't see you?" Merida scorned at Jack. "You could've saved me the embarrassment."

"Hey," he said putting his hands up. "I had no idea if he could see me or not. I took my chance and it looks like he can't see me." Baby Tooth hovers over his shoulder and nods her head.

"Well that's great to know NOW!" Merida said.

"Hey guys," Rapunzel interrupts. "Do you think this guy is telling the truth?"

All of them look at the unconscious man in the chair. "He seems decent enough." Hiccup said while shrugging his shoulders.

"It doesn't really matter if he can be trust worthy or not," Merida said. "What matters is that we have the upper hand in the situation."

"And if we don't?" Rapunzel asks her.

"Then you keep fighting till you do." Merida answers.

Hiccup groaned and rolled his eyes. "You know, you remind me of this girl back home, Astrid. You always seem to solve your problems with violence."

"Hasn't let me down yet." Merida said.

"Umm." Rapunzel said pointing at Flynn. "We should probably wake him up now." She looks at Pascal who was sitting on her shoulder. "Do your thing-"

"No offence to the chameleon." Hiccup said while he walked to the kitchen area. "But there is a better and less gross way to wake someone up." He grabs a cup and fills it with water. He then walks to Flynn, and throws the water on his face.

"Hey!" Flynn yells with a start, and his face completely wet.

"Sorry," Hiccup said apologetically. "It's either this or the lizard."

Pascal gives him a mean look as he joins the others.

"Well thank you for not using the lizard." Flynn said trying to adjust himself in the chair.

Rapunzel came in front of him, with her pan held firm in her hand. "So then, you came here just be coincidence?" She asked him very suspicious. "And not to get my hair?"

Merida rolled her eyes at the mention of Rapunzel's hair. 'Would she stop fussing over her hair?" She thought.

"Look blondie-" Flynn said very angry.

"Rapunzel." Rapunzel said, cutting him off.

"Gesundheit." He said, not really believing that was her name. Who names a girl after a plant? But then he came back to his train of thought. "The only thing I want to do with your hair is to get out of it! Literally."

"Sooo... You don't want my hair?" She asked with caution.

"Oh for crying out loud lass!" Merida groans in frustration. "No one wants your hair!"

"Exactly," Flynn agreed.

This puzzles Rapunzel. All her life her mom warned her that the people want to steal her hair for its power. But here is a man, and a group of people she's been with for hours, and none of them want her hair. Maybe her mom was wrong after all. But she can't focus on that right now, she needed to put this plan into action.

"Well then, Flynn Rider," she said as she grabs her hair. "I am prepared to make a deal."

"A deal?" Flynn asked as she walks away. As she walks, her hair moves the chair he's in. As the chair moves however, the chair tumbles over and made him land head first on the floor. Merida helped him off the floor and faced in the direction of Rapunzel. She was high on her mantle, moving a curtain to show a mural she made of the lights.

"Do you know what these are?" She asked with attention.

He looked at the painting, with a dumbfound face. "You mean the lantern thing they do for the lost princess." He said in a monotone voice.

"Lanterns," Rapunzel said amazed. All her life she new there were something more to those lights. "I knew they weren't stars," She said to herself before turning back to Flynn. "Well," she said with authority. "Tomorrow night, the sky will be full of these...lanterns. You will act as our guide and take us to see them."

"Wait, what?" Flynn said confused. "Why do you need me? Can't you find your own way?"

"We would," Hiccup said. "But we don't know where it is."

"You're kidding me." Flynn said a little annoyed.

"Nope." Rapunzel answers as she lets go of the curtain. "And after, you will bring us back here. Only then, I will return your precious satchel."

"Wait, what?" Merida said a little confused. "Why would we come back here?"

"My mother would wonder where I've gone if she sees I'm not here." Rapunzel said. "I need to be back here in three days."

"Seriously girl," Merida said shaking her head. "You're going to do what she said because she's your mother?! She's keeping you here like a caged bird!"

"You know she does it to protect me!" Rapunzel said a little angry.

"You need to stop saying that!" Merida said equally angry. "What I'm saying is true and you know it!"

As the girls bicker again, Jack and Baby Tooth groaned at the situation. Flynn in the meanwhile, sneaked a conversation to Hiccup. "Will you tell your sisters to cool it?"

Hiccup laughs nervously. "They're not my sisters. I didn't even know them till about 12 hours ago."

"What?" Flynn said trying to grasp the situation at hand. "They why is there 3 of you in this room?"

"Would you believe that we got dropped off by a magic portal?" Hiccup said while moving his hands like a crazy person. Flynn only looked more confused. "Yeah, didn't think so." Hiccup sighed as he watched the two girls bicker more than the twins in his village.

"You must realize that your mother will never let you go outside!" Merida said with force.

"But that's why I'm doing this! If my stone is where the li-the lanterns are, it's the best chance we have." With that Rapunzel turns back to Flynn. "And this is where you come in Flynn. You will take us to the lanterns, bring us back, and we return you satchel, deal?"

Realizing the focus is back on him; Flynn tries to play it cool. "No can do," he replied. "Unfortunately, the kingdom and I aren't really 'simpatico' at the moment. So I won't be taking anyone, anywhere."

Rapunzel wasn't ready for that to be his answer. So she looked at Pascal on her shoulder, who suggested she used more force. So she jumps down off the mantle, and pulls him closer to her. "Something, brought you here," she began in a calm tone. "Call it what you will. Fate, destiny..."

"A horse." Flynn said as he got pulled close to her. When they were a couple of centre meters apart, she flicked her hair, and made the chair lean forward. She was able to catch the chair with one hand, and looked very serious.

"So I have made the decision, to trust you." She said with a strong and intimidating voice. "But trust me, when I tell you this. You can tear this tower apart, brick by brick, but without my help, you will never find your satchel."

The room became quiet for a minute; everyone was taking in the intensity of what Rapunzel brought.

"You go girl." Jack cheered quietly.

"So let me get this straight," Flynn said. "I take all of you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you'll give me back my satchel?"

"That's the just of it," Hiccup said with his arms crossed, trying to look tough, but obviously failing.

"I promise," Rapunzel nods. "And when I promise something, I never, EVER, break that promise. Ever."

Flynn searched his thoughts to figure a way out of it. He can't go to the kingdom, he's a wanted criminal. He can't just walk into the lions din while he's still fresh meat. He needed a strategy, and fast. So far charm and good looks got him far in life, doesn't hurt to try now.

"All right, listen," he sighs as he plays with his words. "I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice."

Merida silently prepares her bow for anything, and Jack also prepares to blast him with ice if need to.

"Here comes the smoulder."

Flynn then pursed his lips, and raised his eyebrows in an almost pity look. Rapunzel looked at this, not really reacting. Merida shook her head in disbelief, while Hiccup and Jack silently groaned. All three of them are thinking of what a moron this guy is.

Flynn kept this face for a while, hoping for the reaction he normally gets, but nothing was happening. "This is kind of an off day for me," he said in a pitiful voice. Finally, he sees no choice, but to accept the deal. "Fine, I'll take you to see the lanterns."

"Really?" Rapunzel squealed in excitement. But in doing so, she lets go of the chair, and it made Flynn fall face first on the floor.

"Oops" she said apologetically.

Merida and Hiccup ran to them and looked a Flynn.

"I think you may have broken his, 'smoulder'," Hiccup joked.

As he got untied, Flynn immediately got uneasy looks from Merida and Pascal. He looked over to Rapunzel, who picked up her fraying pan, and made her way to the window. "Well," she said with a big smile. "Let's go."

"One question Rapunzel," Hiccup said slightly raising his hand. "How do we get down?"

Rapunzel smiles and gestures her hair.

"No way!" Merida said angry. "There is no way you are getting me on that hair!"

"Yeah, I have to agree with red," Flynn said as he makes his way to the window. He looked down to see his two arrows are still near the window. "I'll just climb down." With that said he climbed on the window, managed to grab the arrows, and made his way down.

"I'm with him," Merida said, grabbing two arrows from her quiver. She then made her way to the window, and began to climb down. She then remembered what position she's in with Flynn just underneath her. "And don't you get any ideas!" She called out to him.

Rapunzel looks at Hiccup. "I guess it's just me on the hair express." He said as a joke. She readies her hair on the hook, just like she's done many times with her mother. She then grabbed the end of her hair, and made a loop on the bottom for Hiccup to put his foot in the hook, and Jack flew to him.

"Don't worry, I won't let you fall," he said in a playful manner.

"Well, thank you for that insurance," Hiccup said sarcastically. With a good feel of balance, Rapunzel began to lower him down. It was shaky at first, due to her being used to her mother on her hair, and Hiccup was much lighter then she was. But with Jack helping out with the balance, Hiccup made to the ground faster than Flynn and Merida. Baby tooth flew past Rapunzel, to join Jack at the bottom.

Now, it was Rapunzel's turn. 'This is it,' she thought. 'I am finally going to see the lights.' She looked back at her mural, looking at the dream she's been dreaming for years, is now coming true. Inside, she wished she got her mother's permission, but now she has new friends, willing, (except for Flynn), to take her. She can't past this up. And in the end, she may find her stone, and stop Pitch.

With her focused determination, she made sure Pascal was seat belted to her hair, and then began to slide down. The rush felt great sliding down the tower. She then made herself stopped at the end of her hair, barely a foot away from the ground. Nervously, she carefully placed one foot on the soft grass, and then the other. She took in the feeling of the grass on her feet. It felt dirty, scruffy and wet. She loved it. She lays her whole body on the ground, and smells the grass for the first time in forever.

"Just smell the grass, the dirt, just like I'd dreamed they be." She sang sweetly as she feels her hair flying over the hook and on to the ground.

She raised her chest and felt a big gush of air coming at her, while lifting the seeds of a nearby dandelion to dance around her.

"Just feel that summer breeze, the way it's calling me."

She got up and chased the seeds to the river, and felt her feet and lower helm of her dress get cooled and soaked.

"For like the first time ever, I'm completely free!" She cried as she gathers some water and threw it to the sky.

She then looked to her friends. Flynn and Merida finally reached the bottom, and Hiccup, Jack and Baby tooth went to join them. Rapunzel smiles as she went to friends.

"I could go running, and racing," she went and jumped up and down in front of Flynn.

"And dancing, and chasing," she raced to Merida, and twirled around her, much to Merida's annoyance.

"And leaping and bounding," she went to Hiccup, picked him up, and gave a great big hug and twirled. It left Hiccup pretty dizzy afterwards.

"Hair flying, heart pounding," she went to Jack, grabs his hands and spin him and her in a giant circle. Jack laughed with glee seeing her excitement.

"And splashing, and reeling, and finally feeling!" Wasting no more time, she ran straight to cave she's seen her mother appearing and disappearing for years. She raced through it, and ran straight through a moss like curtain. She stopped at the otherwise, seeing the new world around her. The big trees, the birds singing, and the sun hitting the canapés, she couldn't believe this was for real. It was like a dream she never wants to wake up from.

"That's when my life begins!" She cheers as everyone else finally caught up to her.

"I can't believe I did this!" She repeats to herself as she jumps for joy. But then a thought came to her. "Mother would be so furious." She began to pace back and forth, with conflicting thoughts. "It'll be alright, what she doesn't know won't kill her." She said hopefully. "This will totally kill her." She said miserably. "But this could be fun." She said more brightly. "I am a horrible daughter, I should go back."

Everyone watch as this one person soap opera happens in front of them. Finally, Merida had enough. So she went to Rapunzel, grabs her by the shoulders, and shakes her like a rag doll.

"Stop it; you're giving me a headache." She said firm.

"Your right, your right," Rapunzel said still shaken a bit. "I'm here now, I should enjoy it."

"There you go," Merida said a little less amused. She began to start walking away, but then stopped in realizing she has no idea where to go. "So, this way to the lights?" She asks Flynn as she points down the road.

"More like, that way," he said was he points to the other side, not really happy. He then began to lead the group up the hill and to their destination.

On the other side of the woods, a white horse sniffed the area to look for his lost criminal. He had a perfect record since he became the royal horse; he wasn't going to let this one go unpunished. He would go through great lengths to help catch criminals, and all he would ask in return, is a warm stable and some hay and oats. But this tome was different. This thief was conniving, disrespectful, and acting like a dashing hero, when really being a trickster. Maximus couldn't stand it; his patients reached its limit. He Knew had to catch this guy, and he wanted to Do it himself.

Maximus continued to sniff until he went to a tree with the criminal's wanted poster on it.

'Flynn Rider'

That name burns Maximus to the core. He torn the poster down, and ate it, picturing the real guy getting caught by him.

Suddenly, he heard a noise off in the distance. 'It could be him,' he thought to himself as he hid behind a bush. He waited until he was sure the figure was near, so near he could see the scared look on his face, before trampling him over.

Any second now.

The thief is near, now is his chance.

He leaped out of his hiding spot, neighing with anger. Only to be surprised to see he scared a middle-aged woman, not the thief.

After she managed to catch her breath, Gothel was able to speak again. "Uh, just a palace horse." She carefully looked at him. "Where's your rider?" She asked the frustrated horse. But then had a terrible thought, maybe the rider found...

"Rapunzel!" She gasps before running back to the tower, leaving Maximus confused.

Gothel ran faster than she has ever ran before, ignoring stealth. Within minutes, she made it to the tower. Looks just like the way she left it, but she has to be sure.

"Rapunzel!" She called out, only to get no response.

"Rapunzel!" She tried again, "let down your hair!"

Again, no one answered.

Panic surely set in, if something happened to Rapunzel, or her hair, Gothel life could very much end. She quickly ran to an old entrance that she covered up with bricks and vines, and clawed them out to get to into the tower. She ran up the stairs, missing a couple of steps, until she made it to the door to Rapunzel's room.

She entered the dark room, with her worse fear realized. The room was empty, and Rapunzel was nowhere in sight.

Gothel couldn't believe this was happening. She was sure she taught Rapunzel right. Saying that, the outside world was too dangerous for her, and there is nothing waiting for her out there. She did everything in her power, nurturing her and loving her precious flower, and she had the gale to leave. Was it all for naught?

She ransack through the tower, looking in every corner for her girl. Desperately crying out her name in hopes she would answer. But then she noticed something, something shinny underneath the lower stairs boards. She prided the floor loose and found a satchel inside.

Wasting no time, she searched the satchel, only to be shocked to see a crown inside. She remembers the crown, the royal crown of the lost princess. She then grabbed the piece of paper inside, and saw Flynn's wanted poster.

Wasted no time, she put everything back into the satchel, and grabbed a thin dagger from a cupboard.

"I am not losing my precious flower again," she said under her breath. "Looks like I need to contact an old friend."

With anger and determination in her eyes, she leaves the empty tower to search for her flower.

Everyone waited as Rapunzel cries her latest turmoil. She's been doing that for a while now. She would always say "not to worry," or "mother won't mind, even, "I'm never going back." But they always ended with a sad remark and then into tears.

"You are starting to repeat yourself." Jack said trying to cheer her up. But it wasn't really working.

Hiccup tried to pay too much attention to Rapunzel. Sure he felt bad for her, but he was also worried about Toothless. He would trust that Mother Nature will feed him, but she didn't promise that he'll be safe. What if his village find him, and kill him? He couldn't bear the thought. So he checked his ring, and focused on toothless. At first, it was silent, but then the ring turned green, and a roar could be heard.

"What's that?"

Merida made Hiccup jumped a bit. "Please don't do that," he groaned.

"Sorry," she said in a not so apologetic manner. "It's just I can't stand miss weepy over there." She then looked over his shoulder, and noticed the ring. "Is that the gift that Emily gave you?"

"Yeah," he said showing it off. "It's to let me know that my friend is alright."

"This...friend of yours," she said, "he must mean a lot to you."

"Yeah," he said remembering all the time he shared with toothless. "He's been there for me, when everyone else hasn't."

"I remember you were saying that," she said. "Everyone thinks you were useless and they think you're a mistake."

"Thank you for bringing that up again." He groans with sarcasm.

"I didn't mean it like that," she said with haste.

"It's alright," he said not really smiling. "I'm used to it by now."

"I didn't say that out of sympathy." Merida said looking at him. "Just saying what you said. Truth is, I've never met anyone being dub 'useless' before. What did you do to earn you that title?"

"I guess being born," he said with a little anger. "And what gives you the right to mock me like that? You may be a princess, but you don't have any authority to judge everyone!"

"I don't judge?" Merida snapped.

"Oh really," Hiccup said. "Rapunzel's hair and innocent, Jack immaturity, my title. Not all of us are like you, you think you just this perfect princess, but your nothing more than Scottish egoistisk wench!"

Merida was stunned and angry; no one used that tone with her. She wasn't going to let Hiccup get away with it. "Why you…"

As the fumes raised between them, they stopped upon hearing Flynn talking to Rapunzel.

"I'm just picking up bits and pieces," he said in a caring sweet voice. "Overprotective mother, forbidden road trip. I mean, this is serious stuff. But let me ease you down a bit, it's all part of growing up. A little adventure, a spark of rebellion, it's all good, healthy even."

Jack, who is sitting on the rock between the two, doesn't really like where this is going. But Rapunzel is taking in every word.

"You think?" She asks as she uses her hands to clean the tears away.

"I know," he nods confidently. "You're over thinking this. Trust me. Does your mother deserve it? No. Would it break her heart and crush her soul? Absolutely. But you've got to do it!"

He played each harsh word, to make a bigger effect on Rapunzel. It made her start to doubt herself and this adventure.

"She would be heartbroken," she said worried. "And her sprit crushed."

Seizing the opportunity, Flynn grabs her by the arms and led her away from the group. "All right, I can't believe I'm saying this, but- I'm letting you off on the deal."

"What?" She said a little confused.

"Don't thank me," he said with a charming smile. "Let's get you home, I get back my satchel, you go back a mother-daughter relationship based on mutual trust, and we'll-"

Before he finished, he was met, again, by a pointy arrow and an angry redhead.

"I know what you're trying to do," Merida said, "and it's not going to work."

"Oh come on!" He whines," "what's it going to take, to get my satchel back?!"

"Keep your end of the deal, and you will get you satchel." Merida said in a threaten tone.

"She's right," Rapunzel said, finally getting her determination back. "We go and see the lights, then we can go back and-"

She stops as soon as she heard a noise from a nearby bush. It made her jump on Flynn and climbed to his shoulders.

"Hey!" He said as she adjusts herself on his shoulders.

"Is that a ruffian?" She screamed in fright. "Thugs? Have they come for me?"

Sensing Rapunzel in fright, Merida readied her bow for anything. Jack also got prepared with his staff. Hiccup on the other hand, hasn't gotten anything to defend himself. So he just went and hid behind Merida. When the rustling got closer and closer, the tense got bigger. When the figure finally got out of the bush, everyone, but Rapunzel, groaned at the sight of a cute little bunny.

"Great," Hiccup said out loud. "We were freaked out by a bunny. I think it smells fear."

"Sorry," Rapunzel said as she got off of Flynn a little embarrassed. "I guess I'm just a little jumpy."

"Probably best if we avoid any 'thugs' and 'ruffians' then." Hiccup said while stepping away from Merida's annoyed gaze.

"Probably best." She said under her breath.

"Well, we should get going." Rapunzel said trying to gain back her bubbly personality. "After a life time of misery being cooped up in that tower, I can't wait for this adventure."

Merida chuckles a bit after hearing what Rapunzel just said. "Yeah, sure. Life time of misery."

"What was that?" Rapunzel said, offend by Merida's gesture.

"What?" She asked.

"Right there," Rapunzel pointed out. "You chuckled, right when I said life time of misery."

"Did I?" Merida said while acting innocent.

"Yes." Rapunzel replied.

"Oh boy," Jack said as he flew to Hiccup. "Here they go again."

Hiccup looked over at Flynn, who was just sulking. "We're going to be here for a while." He said to Jack.

"Well, I'm sorry to mess with your pretty hair," Merida continued. "But at least you had the freedom to do whatever you want."

"Excuse me!" Rapunzel said angry." I was up a tower!"

"Yeah," Merida nods angry. "But your mother at least leaves you alone to do anything, when my mum has never let me to make a single decision."

"Oh stop comparing my mom with yours!" Rapunzel shouts. "You don't know a thing about me, and how hard it was being up there all your life!"

"Oh you don't know how hard it is, to have no say of your own life!" Merida argued.

"Oh will you two stop it!" Hiccup shouts at the two girls, who looked at him frustrated. "If you two want talk about misery, you two life's sounds like happy sunshine compare to my life."

"Don't tell me you're getting into this?" Jack groans in frustration.

"At least you guys actually have people who care about you and your wellbeing," Hiccup continued. "That's more then what I have."

"Really?" Merida said as she can feel her anger start to boil. "Says Mr. useless."

"Hey!" Hiccup said, with his anger building. "At least you don't get attacked everyday by big fiery reptiles every day!"

Everyone stood in silent, slightly confused at what he just said.

"That is the worst figure of speech I've ever heard." Merida said stern.

A figure of speech? Hiccup was stunned that is what she thought. But what else could he expect from a Scotsman…er lady. "I'm just saying you two don't corner the market of unhappy childhoods."

"This is not going to end well," Jack said to Baby tooth.

"I can't believe you two are comparing your life styles to mine." Rapunzel groan in frustration. "There are things all of you don't know. You know, about me. About how rough I have it."

"Really?" Merida chuckled again. "In that cushy tower of yours."

"Cushy? Are you kidding me?" Rapunzel said trying but failing to keep her composure.

"I have nothing, in that tower

Finding boredom by the hour

Often lonely, walking in circles

I had only"

She jumps on to the rocks to look people in the eyes.

"Bare essentials, lots of thought

A kitchen and a chamber pot

And every morning I had to toss it

No choice, I had no toilet.

Just my wondrous view

Of a world I never knew

Alone, in my bedroom

With very little head room"

With every word said, her frustration grew more and more. As much as she paints pretty pictures of her life in the tower, the truth was, she was miserable.

"Eighteen years I sat there dreaming

Trying to let go of screaming

On the walls the years were painted

Luckily some of those were padded"

She points to her friends, challenging them to compare their lives to hers.

So I think I got you beat

I think I got you beat

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I think I got you beat

I think I got you beat

Merida couldn't believe what Rapunzel said, that life doesn't sound even close to her life.

"Well that's a lovely story but.

I've heard better I'm just saying

A for effort, thanks for playing.

Sad to see a little girl suffer

But I've had it rougher

She points to herself while stressing each word.

Be an example with rules to follow

Strict traditions to swallow

You're a mess

Try to wear a corset

All those manners and lessons

Given too much attention

Sorry if I sound so mean

But my mum is the queen

So I think I got you beat

I think I got you beat

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I think I got you beat

I think I got you beat

Hiccup heard both of the girl's stories, and they are nothing compare to what he goes through every day.

"Oh Yeah!" he said with anger.

"No warm regards

Or snoggletog cards

And every day is practically dooms day

He turn to the girls, who've only really talked about their moms, with even thinking about his mom, how he had to live without her all his life, and his dad isn't a good role model.

"Top this!

I lost my mom

And my dad would gladly sent me away

He forgets my birthday."

Rapunzel did have some sympathy towards the two, but it was easily replaced by her determination to show that she has the rougher life. "Doesn't sound so bad," She said.

Merida agreed, but with another level of frustration. "compare to my life, it's still a walk in the forest."

"ARRG!" Hiccup groaned in anger.

Jack sat on the side, not really happy at what he's seeing. These are the people that are supposed to help him defeat Pitch, but they could barely stand each other. He looks at Flynn, who is still miserable on his little rock. He turned his attention when they began to overlap each other.

Rapunzel: "Bare essentials, lots of thought (Merida: I've heard better I'm just saying, (Hiccup: No warm regards))

A kitchen and a chamber pot (A for effort, thanks for playing )

And every morning I had to toss it (Sad to see you two suffer (No warm regards!))

No choice, I had no toilet. (But I've had it rougher!)

Just my wondrous view (Be an example with rules to follow (and every day))

Of a world I never knew (Strict traditions to swallow (is practically))

Alone, in my bedroom, With very little head room( You're a mess? Try to wear a corset! (Practically dooms day))

Eighteen years I sat there dreaming (All those manners and lessons (I lost MY mom!))

Trying to let go of screaming (Given too much attention (An my dad would gladly))

On the walls the years were painted (Sorry if I sound so mean (Sent me away!))

Luckily some of those were padded! (But my mum is the queen! (He forgets my birthday!))

"Eighteen years!" Rapunzel yells.

"A corset!" Merida shouts.

"Dooms day!" Hiccup screams.

Jack's anger grew at these three arguing. Baby tooth senses it and quickly leaves his should and joined Pascal, who was just watching on top of a rock. Rage blinds Jack and he blasted ice in between the threesome.

"At least you guys are alive!" He screams at them, making them quiet. It was silent between everyone, taking in all that happened. They all compared their lives to each other, realizing in some way, they all have troublesome lives. There a spark of realization in their eyes, that they have a little something in common with each other. But they still don't really want to let their side slide.

"So," the girls began

"So," The boys finished.

"I think I got you beat, I think I got you beat," they all sang together.

"Yeah" Jack started out.

"Yeah" Rapunzel replied on the side.

"Yeah" Hiccup nods

"Yeah" Merida adds.

"Yeah" back to Jack

"Yeah" then Rapunzel

"Yeah" Finally Hiccup.

"I think I got you beat, I think I got you beat," they brought back their trains of thought, and are more determined to get their point across.

"Yeah" Merida starts this time

"Yeah" Rapunzel said

"Yeah" Jack continues

"Yeah" Hiccup said with force

"Yeah" Merida retaliates

"Yeah" Rapunzel screams

"Yeah!" Jack yells

They all faced each other, with a fire in their eyes. "I think I got you beat, I think I got you beat, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

"Will you guys stop it!"

Everyone turned to see Flynn at his wits end. They don't know how long he's been standing there, and don't really care. But they did catch the disapproving eyes of Pascal and Baby tooth. They quietly took a step back from each other, looking at the ground.

"Look," Flynn said, "you guys are obviously less then familiar with each other. Completely different people, with no relation with each other. You are people who are in over their heads. So, I know the solution..."

"I hope this isn't your latest scheme to get us to go back to the tower," Rapunzel said with her arms crossed.

"No!" Why would you think that?" He played totally innocent. "I was going to say the best way to bring people together is food. And I just happen to know a great place for lunch."

"Really?" Merida said totally not convinced it's a good idea. "Where exactly?"

"Oh don't worry; you'll know it when you smell it." With that, Flynn took off deeper in the woods.

The four people looked at each other, still a little uneasy at their latest argument. But they figure some food would be nice, and then they can continue their conversation later.

For now, they follow Flynn, while he smiles that his latest plan might work.

Egoistisk means selfish in Norwegian


When Will my life begins (Reprise) from Tangled

I Think I Got You Beat from Shrek the Musical

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