Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

I've got a Dream

Gothel doesn't just have a hidden tower in the woods; she also has a little cottage hidden in the woods. If she's not in the tower with Rapunzel, she is often here. It was a place to rest, read her magic books, and tending to her garden. She has an amazing assortment of fruit, vegetables and herbs to bring to her flower if necessary. But as of now, her garden is the last thing on her mind. Her flower is gone, and she has to find it fast. It wasn't like last time, where she can just follow the guards, this time, she has no idea where Rapunzel has gone.

But she has an idea, who better to help her then the person who told her about the flower in the first place.

She search her whole cottage for the one book needed to summon a spirit who can help her. But as she looks for the book, a lock of her hair fell to her eyes. In a panic, she sees that a couple strains are starting to turn grey. She knows that with our the flower's power, she will soon wither, and possibly die. Worse of all, she would not be beautiful any more.

Soon, she finally found a thick black book. She got it in a black market a long time ago, almost thought it was junk at first. But then realize that it was the most important book of her life.

She ripped through the pages to find the one spell to summon the spirit.

She took a deep breath before saying the incantation. "Creature of the shadows and darkness, bring your presence to form in which you harness. Cast out the light, as I cast this spell, come to me, and serve me well!"

As she finishes with a dramatic flair, the only thing that happened was...nothing.

Frustrated, she tried the spell again. After she finished, nothing happened again. There were a moment of absolute silence.

"Oh come on!" She yells in frustration. "What the use of spells if they are useless."

"I wouldn't exactly say that dear."

Gothel turned to a shadowy figure in the wall. The only thing that hasn't made her confused to a normal shadow was the glowing yellow eyes.

"You're the one, who wants my help. Getting it through anger is never a good way to start." Pitch then moves out of the wall into a more physical form.

"Sorry," Gothel said unamused, "but patient is not my friend right now."

"I can clearly see that," pitch said smiling. "You defiantly have not seen better days. Have you tried using anti-wrinkle cream?"

"This is no time for jokes!" Gothel said angry. "I need to get my flower back."

"I told you to be careful with that flower," pitch teased.

"It's not my fault that the royal family stole it and gave it to the queen!" Gothel argues. "Now it's in Rapunzel, and now she's gone. That's why I summon you again; you are going to help me find her."

"Who do I look like, Rumpelstiltskin?" Pitch gestures. "Do you think you can just wave your dagger and command me?"

This fumes Gothel that he won't help her; she's going to die at this rate.


Gothel eyes were alert by Pitch's voice.

"Lucky for you," he said. "You and I have a common goal."

"Which is?" Gothel asked with suspicion.

"The company your daughter has are people I want to remove," he said with a devilish smile. "So I'll help you bring back your daughter, as long as those she travels with will never see that light of another day." He then readies his hand for her to accept his proposal.

Gothel liked this deal, she want those people to pay for taking her flower anyway. "Alright," she said grabbing his hand and shaking it. "We have an accordance."

With the deal set, a shadowy humming bird flew to Pitch's ear, and whispers something to him. He smiles as he looks at Gothel, "looks like my shadows have found them."

With that, they leave the cottage, and set off to retrieve Gothel's flower, and to end the season guardians.

The walk in the woods was a quiet one, with everyone almost refusing to speak with each other. With their argument almost hitting a boil point, they think silence is better. The only one that seemed to be enjoying himself, was Flynn. He was smiling and humming, while everyone else was angry. They did stuff to keep themselves occupied though, Rapunzel played with her hair, Merida focused on her bow, Hiccup kept checking his ring, and Jack flew around completely bored. Baby tooth and Pascal had unsettling feelings about all of them, these guys are supposed to be friends, instead they are refusing to speak with each other. Flynn was more happy then the others, 'this will work,' he thought, 'they can barely stand each other. And this will be the icing on the cake, and I'll get my satchel back.'

A few more feet down the road, they all made it to a snugly little tavern in the woods. It seemed to be stuck in the base of an old tree and had some gentle horses tied to the fence.

"Here it is!" He proclaims. "The snuggly duckling!"

Everyone looked at the place; it seems friendly, yet not friendly at the same time.

"Looks cozy in there," Hiccup comment.

"Oh trust me; this is a five star establishment. Best service you will ever find," Flynn said all friendly and nice. He then looked at Rapunzel. "I know it's your first time in a public place, so it's perfect for you."

"Really?" She asked a little nervously.

"Yeah," he said putting an arm around her and leading her towards the tavern and slightly away from the group. "Don't want you to be scared, and giving up on this whole endeavour, now would we?"

Rapunzel shrugs, but then smiles. It does seem like a nice place, the horses seem tamed. As long as it doesn't have any ruffians and thugs, it should be fine. "I do like ducklings," she said sweetly.

The other three in the back, weren't so sure about Flynn's sudden good nature.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Hiccup asks out loud.

"I hear you there." Jack agrees.

Merida huffs and storms to meet Rapunzel and Flynn. "It doesn't matter," Merida said. "It's an adventure; Rapunzel has to learn how to deal with any situation. Think of this as a teaching opportunity."

"And I suppose you are going to teach her that?" Hiccup said a little frustrated.

"I'm a better teacher than you." She turns to face the boys while she walks backwards. "Besides, she needs to learn what the world is like, what better way than to live it."

"This isn't exactly the best way to do it!" Hiccup said trying to catch up to her.

"Well it's the best way to teach." Merida shouts.

"Is that how your mom taught you?" Hiccup said, stopping a little aways from Merida, he really didn't want her to hurt him.

"Don't you DARE compare me to her!" She threatens.

"Guys!" Jack said flying in between them. "As much as I love seeing more fighting and arguing, Flynn and Rapunzel are near the door."

The two looked on and saw those two near the door to the tavern. They almost huff at the same time and race to meet them.

Flynn looked back just as everyone caught up to him. "Trust me, you will all love it." With that, he swung the door open with a smile. "Garçon! Your finest table, please!"

Rapunzel instantly became scared once she saw the inside. Hiccup and Merida stood on their tip toes to get a good view, while Jack flies over their heads. Even baby tooth became nervous, and hid inside Jack's pouch.

Inside the tavern was a bunch of mean looking guys, fighting and arguing. The whole room was dark and rusty. As soon as everyone looked in the room, the thugs and ruffians stared at them, in an eerie silence.

Rapunzel became extremely scared, with her heart rate increasing. "Eek!" She cried out and points her frying pan in front of her to protect her. Pascal quickly hid in her hair out of fright.

'This is good,' Flynn thought, 'she's falling for this.'

Hiccup and Merida finally made their way to the front, and got a good view of the place.

"Well," Hiccup shrugs his shoulders. "This isn't...totally awkward."

Flynn then took Rapunzel under his arm and leads her further into the tavern. "Nothing to be nervous about," he said with a cheery smile while all the thugs look at them. "Take a deep breath through the nose." He sniffs the air, letting a lot of air in. "Do you know what I smell."

Hiccup took a deep breath in too, and nearly barf. It smelled like none of them had bathe in over 5 years. "Smells like sweat and vomit." He said trying to resist the urge to throw up.

Flynn payed no mind to Hiccup, and maintain his focus on a scared Rapunzel. "To me," he said, "that's part man-smell, and the other part is really bad man-smell. Your thoughts?"

Rapunzel looked at each of the thugs, scared for her life. 'These guys want my hair, I'm sure of it," she thought with panic. Out of nowhere, she felt a yank on her hair. She turned around to see a ruffian holding her hair.

"That's a lot of hair." He said with a gruff voice.

"She's growing it out," Merida said to him.

Rapunzel quickly grabs her hair and darts away from the man. Jack finally made his way in, only to have the thugs easily phase through him. He quickly made his way to Rapunzel, who kept bumping into people.

"It's ok, it's ok." He said while using his arms to shield her.

Flynn is enjoying himself, his plan is working. He turned to a nearby thug. "Is that blood in your moustache?" He asked. "Goldie!" He called to Rapunzel, "Look at this. He's got a lot of blood in his moustache."

Rapunzel didn't really pay attention; she was busy shaken like a leaf. Hiccup finally made his way to Rapunzel, and stole a chair for her to sit. Jack stayed with her to comfort her.

"It's alright Rapunzel," he said with concern. "There's nothing to worry about, I'm sure these guys are nice thugs and ruffians."

"I seriously doubt that," Hiccup said under his breath.

"Thank you for that comment," Jack said glaring at Hiccup.

Flynn walks over to them and sees Rapunzel tremble in fright. "Geesh, you don't look so good, blondie." He said while acting sympathetic. He then took her hands and starts to lead her to the door. "Maybe we should call it a day. Get you home. Probably be off. This is a five star joint, and if you can't handle this place, well, maybe you should be back in your-"

Merida quickly figured out what he's trying to do, and she won't let that happen. As much as it pains her, she needs Rapunzel to stop Pitch, and finish this quest. Plus, she needed to put the screws on this guy. So she grabbed a nearby fork and stood in front of the two, and pointed the fork at Flynn.

"Don't you dare move, Flynn Rider," she threatens with focus.

"What are you talking about?" He said acting completely innocent.

"I know what you are trying to do," she said grabbing Rapunzel while pointing the fork at him. "You plan was to scare her back to her tower. You are pathetic, stupid, and heartless. No wonder why you are a criminal."

Rapunzel was amazed, first Merida and she didn't see eye to eye, and now she's defending her.

But Merida's words did reach some of the thugs' ears in the room. "Flynn Rider?" One asked out loud.

"Isn't he worth a lot of money?" Another one asked.

It was Flynn's time to be nervous. He's plan failed, and these guys are turning him in.

"Guys, please, it's not what you think," he said nervously. But then felt a hand grabbing his collar. "Uh oh."

He got yanked by a guy with a hooked hand. "Greno!" He yells to a muscular man in a blue shirt. "Go find some guards." The man nodded and ran out the door. He then looked at Flynn with greed in his eyes. "That reward's going to buy me a new hook."

Suddenly, the bartender grabbed Flynn. "I could use the money!" He said with anger.

Then another guard grabbed Flynn. "I'm broke!" He said while squeezing Flynn.

Soon enough, the whole bar was in a brawl over Flynn. Jack flew up to the rafters to get a better view of Flynn being tossed like a doll, while Hiccup as Merida stayed with Rapunzel.

"Gentleman, please!" Flynn pleaded as he feels like he's gonna be ripped apart.

Rapunzel wanted to jump in and help him, but she's being held back by Merida. "Should we do something?"

Merida shook her head, "this is one situation we shouldn't be in. Besides he deserves it."

Hiccup nods his head in agreement. "I really hate to be him right now."

But Rapunzel didn't want to see their only guide being hurt. Sure, he tricked her, but he is still the only one who can take them to see the lights. So she broke free from Merida and tries to climb on the thugs.

"Excuse me please!" She cries out. "Could you give us back our guide?"

Merida groaned and she and Hiccup try to get Rapunzel back. But a big thug pushed her to the bar, and nearly trampled Merida and Hiccup over. Jack flew to Rapunzel to try to protect her. They see the thugs stretch Flynn's arms and legs, and a big readies to punch Flynn in the gut.

It was time to take action, so Rapunzel grabbed her hair, and tossed it to grab a tree branch above the hooked man. She pulls it in, and then lets go of her hair, making the tree beach whack the guy. The, hooked man looked at her as she screams, "PUT HIM DOWN!"

The whole area became silent, and everyone looked at Rapunzel.

"Okay," she said jumping down off the table and catching her breath. "I don't know where I am, and I need him to take me to see the lanterns because I've been dreaming it my whole life! Find your humanity! Haven't any of you ever had a dream?!"

Merida, who saw this in the crowd, slapped her head at how stupid Rapunzel is. How can these guys be reasonable? They're thugs. Hiccup had the same facial expression.

The hooked man did not look happy. He reached for his axe and starts walking towards Rapunzel. The other thugs just watch, while one of the big ones put Flynn hanging on a hook. As the hooked man came closer, Jack stood in front of Rapunzel and readies his staff. Even though he can't be seen, he can still blast the guy if he needs to. The hooked man leaned into Rapunzel, who was frightened, raised his axe and said to her, "I had a dream...once."

Without warning, he throws his axe at a minstrel, who insistently played a tune out of fear.

The hooked man puts his hand and hook on his hip, and focused on Rapunzel.

"I'm malicious, mean and scary,

My sneer could curdle dairy.

And violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest."

He gestures to an outline on the floor.

"But despite my evil look,

And my temper and my hook.

I've always yearned to be a concert pianist "

He made his way to a nearby piano and started to put his hand and hook to the keys and plays a melody on it.

"Can't you see me on the stage performing Mozart, Tickling the ivories until they gleam?

Yep, I'd rather be called deadly

For my killer show tune medley."

He plays a rip on the piano, and Rapunzel kindly clapped with happiness.

"Thank you,

Because way down deep inside I've got a dream"

Soon the entire tavern began to jump up and down with joy, while Jack, Hiccup, Flynn and Merida just looked confused.

"He's got a dream, He's got a dream." The thugs sang.

"See, I ain't as cruel and vicious as I seem. " the hooked man sang with a smile.

"Though I do like breaking femurs,

You can count me with the dreamers.

Like everybody else,

I've got a dream."

While everyone was having fun inside the tavern, outside Pitch and Gothel made it. They can hear the singing from inside and they are sure on what's the cause of this happiness. Gothel ran to the window and peered inside, with Pitch looking over her shoulder.

Back inside, Rapunzel met another thug with a big nose.

"I've got scars and lumps and bruises," he sang

"Plus something here that oozes,

And let's not even mention my complexion.

But despite my extra toes,

And my goiter and my nose,

I really wanna make a love connection."

He gives a small daisy to Rapunzel, and motions the thugs to push Merida to the front. Before she could react, the big nose thug took her hand and dropped her wheel barrel boat.

"Can't you see me with a special little lady" he sang while making goo goo eyes at Merida. She tried to get away, but he was relentless. Even an old guy in a dipper and Cupid wings joined in to spread the love.

"Rowin' in a rowboat down the stream?

Though I'm one disgusting blighter,

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Cause way down deep inside, I've got a dream."

He shuffles a little closer to Merida, while she turned away with a disgust look. The Cupid guy hooked himself to a line and flies pass them and continue to fly all around the room.

"I've got a dream" he proclaims

"He's got a dream" the thugs join in

"I've got a dream"

"He's got a dream"

"And I know one day romance will reign supreme." he sings will holing a willing Rapunzel in one arm, and a not so willing Merida in the other

"Though my face leaves people screaming,

There's a child behind it dreaming.

Like everybody else I've got a dream."

Merida finally got free from him, and ran to hiccup and Flynn. Jack could help but enjoy himself at seeing these tough guys being happy and jolly about their dreams.

"Tor would like to quit and be a florist." One thug sang

"Gunther does interior design". Another one follows

"Ulf is into mime," someone points to a thug with mime makeup

"Attila's cupcakes are sublime." Attila presents Rapunzel with a batch of freshly baked cupcakes.

"Bruiser knits,

Killer sews,

Fang does little puppet shows, "

And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns." the hooked guy finished

Soon every thug looked at Flynn, Merida and Hiccup.

"What about you three?" The hooked man asks.

"I'm sorry what?" Flynn asks out of stupidity as he gets off the hook.

"What are your dreams?" The big nose guy asks.

"No, no, no, sorry boys," Flynn said crossing his arms. "I don't sing."

"I can't really dance," Hiccup said scratching his head.

"Do not look at me," Merida said putting her hands up.

Every thug then got out their swords and points them at the threesome.

"Umm, hate to argue with the guys with pointy swords," hiccup said under his breath.

"Great," Merida said grabbing him. "You go first." She pushes Hiccup to the front, with the spotlight on him. He laughs nervously as he takes the stage.

"I might be small and scrawny

Called useless by many

Pathetic in brawn, no good in fights"

He gestures to his muscles, or lack there are, and his height comparing to a nearby thug.

"Always pick on and reside

No one was ever on my side" his words became downer, but then he remembered when he met toothless, and made a true friend.

"Till a friend took me to new heights

Now I see the whole world a new

From dusty land to shiny sea"

He opens his arms to look like dragons wings.

"I may not have a kinship

Just a forbidden friendship

And now i can say I've got a dream"

The thugs seemed to like his story, and joined him in singing.

"He's got a dream

He's got a dream"

"Proving nothing is ever as they seem" he sings while jumping off the stage.

"I might not be called a Viking

But I have my way of thinking

So I guess like you lot, I got a dream"

"Wait," Merida said pushing her way to the front. "You're a Viking?!"

'Oh crap,' he thought, Scotts and Vikings don't really get along, and they've haven't gotten a good start so far. Before he can let her process this information, he pushes her to the stage. "Your turn!" He said.

Merida lands on stage with everyone looking at her. The big nose came to the foot of the stage, making his lips form a kiss at her. She looked at it with disgust, and pushes him away with her hand.

"Don't look at me with those eyes" she sang.

"I want nothing to do with guys

No love relationships of any kind"

She takes out her bow and arrows, and gestures to everyone.

"No candy, vows and flowers

I just want my bow and my arrows

And no strict traditions on my mind" she aims and fires an arrow at a hanging pot. The arrow bounces around different pots, until she caught it back in her hand.

"I just want my mother to understand

That being with someone is not my scene"

She then walks to that makeshift boat and kicks it down the stage.

"So just forget the carriage

I'm in no mood for a marriage

So I can say that I've got a dream"

I've got a dream"

"She's got a dream" the thugs sang with her.

"I've got a dream"

"She's got a dream"

"I just want to run wild and free" she spreads her arms while two of the thugs lifts her and turns her around. Only when they put her down, they got elbowed in the guts.

"So I don't want a mate

I'm the one who decides my fate

And because of that I've got a dream"

After her verse she sat with the rest of friends while the thugs danced a bit.

"I guess it's your turn." Rapunzel said to Jack.

"No way," he said waving his arms. "Besides, they can't see me, so there is no point in me making a fool of myself."

"Fine," Rapunzel said in a huff. "But you owe us a verse."

Suddenly, everyone looked at Flynn, who was inches away from the door. He was met again with swords in his face. So he puts on a jig and danced around the bar.

"I have dreams like you, no really." He sang.

"Just much less, touchy feely.

They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny."

He made a little island in an ash pot, and puts one of Vladimir's unicorns on it.

"On an island that I own,

Tanned and rested and alone,

Surrounded by enormous piles of money."

The thugs weren't too happy with this dream, so they grab him and tossed him to the other side of the room. Rapunzel saw her chance and jumped on a table.

"I've got a dream" she sings raising her hand.

"She's got a dream, "the thugs join her

"I've got a dream"

"She's got a dream"

"I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam." She sings with a dreamy look.

Gothel saw her daughter, and almost did not believe what she was hearing

"And with every passing hour,

I'm so glad I left my tower.

Like all you lovely folks I've got a dream"

The thugs cheered and raised their mugs to Rapunzel.

"She's got a dream,

He's got a dream,

They've got a dream,

We've got a dream."

Merida and Hiccup became happy at the scene, and joined in while looking at each other

"So our differences ain't really that extreme,"

Jack came behind them and puts his arms around them as he joins the chorus.

"We're one big team."

The thugs chimed in one at a time.

"Call us brutal,"

"sick, "

"sadistic, "

Hiccup pop up and shrugs at them

"And grotesquely optimistic." He sang

Every thug in the tavern found his own dance move, from twirling off a chandelier, and to shuffling to throwing fire to a partner.

"Cause way down deep inside we've got a dream."

"I've got a dream," the hooked guy sang

"I've got a dream," sang the big nose one

"I've got a dream," Vladimir calls out.

"I've got a dream," Hiccup smiles as he jumps

"I've got a dream," Merida chimes in happy

"I've got a dream." Rapunzel sang with glee

The thugs cheer as they and their new friends sing the last verse.

"Yes, way down deep inside I've got a dream!"

"YEAH!" They all cheer in celebration.

Their celebration was cut short when the tavern door swung open and Greno steps in and shouts, "I found the guards!"

Flynn got scared and pulls Rapunzel off the table and hid themselves in the crowd as the guards enter the room.

"Where's Rider? Where is he?" The main guard barked angry. "I know he's here somewhere, FIND HIM!" The rest of the guards quickly fill the room, and began to look everywhere. Two of the guards meanwhile, were pulling two mean looking guys in chains. Flynn was able to sneak himself and Rapunzel to the other side of the bar, and bravely peers over. He was shocked, yet not surprised to see his former companions, the Stabbington Brothers. They used to do crimes together, but Flynn betrayed them not too long ago. They surely want to kill him now.

Jack flew up a head to spot Flynn and Rapunzel, and singles Merida and Hiccup to meet with them. Merida and Hiccup was able to make their way to the others without too much difficulty.

"Any of you got a plan?" Merida whispers to the group, but no one has a clue how to get out of this.

Then, a hook touched Hiccup's shoulder, which almost made him jump. "Follow me," he whispers. Seeing no choice, they crawl with him as he pulls a secret lever and opens a secret door hidden near the bar.

"Go, live your dreams," the hook hand guy said to the group.

"I will," Flynn said with gratitude.

"Your dream stinks, I was talking to them."

"Oh, burn." Hiccup said as he and Merida crawl into the secret door. Flynn grumbled as he follows them, with a snickering Jack behind him.

"Thank you for everything," Rapunzel said very sweet. She then kisses him on the cheek full of gratitude, and follows the group as the door closes behind her.

As the other thugs do their best to buy time, without warning, Maximus the horse bursts in. He was disappointed to see the royal guards making tons of mistakes. Lucky for them, Maximus is on the case, and he's got a good whiff of the thief's scent. He was able to block off the other thug's awful smell, and mange to find the secret passage way. The guards immediately saw this and began to go down into the tunnel, only leaving one guard to deal with the Stabbington brothers. But, two against one, it was no contest that the brothers easily overtook the guard.

"Play it safe," the older one said to his brother. "Then we go and get the crown."

His brother nods to the plan, and they venture into the tunnel.

Outside the tavern, Gothel and Pitch stepped back from the window. Pitch was in deep thought of what Hiccup ad Merida dreams are, maybe he could use those to his advantage. Gothel meanwhile was panicking. She had taught Rapunzel to fear thugs and ruffians, but a couple of minutes ago; she was liking them, and treating them as if they were her new friends. She needs to get her flower back, and make sure she listens to her mother's teachings. But how?

"One thing I'll say about your daughter," Pitch said with a smile, "she defiantly knows how to brighten up a room."

"You're not helping the situation," Gothel sneered.

"I know," he smiles evilly. "All I'm saying is that the best way to dim a light is to paint it black."

"Will you stop speaking in riddles," she said, "I hate it almost as much as mumbling."

Pitch moves more towards her with a sickening grin. "Plant a seed of doubt, and she will have to think back to your teachings."

"How am I supposed to do that when we don't know the location of the other end is?" She quietly snaps.

"And I thought you live in these woods," pitch grumbled a bit. He then peers over Gothel's shoulder. "Maybe we don't, but I think this fool does."

Gothel turns to see a short old man in a dipper, drunk, and in a dream like state.

"Ohh," he said eying Gothel's figure and beauty. "Somebody get me a glass, coz I just found me a tall drink of water."

'That's the most pathetic pick up line I've ever heard,' she thought. But she needs the location of the end of the tunnel, so she has to play his game.

"Oh, stop it you big lug," she said in a seductive voice. She chuckles a bit to get the guy going. She then changed her demeanour and pulled out her dagger.

"Knife!" The old man said in surprise as she has the pointy end to his nose.

"Now then," she threatens with a snare. "Where's that tunnel led out?"

The journey through the tunnel is turning out to be a good one. Everyone entered it with smiles. With the thought of barely escaping the guards, and meeting all the friendly thugs were still on everyone's minds.

"Well," Jack said only to be listened to Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel. "That was a little unexpected."

All three nod to avoid confusion from Flynn. "It was so nice of those guys to help us out," Rapunzel said with a smile.

"For the record," Flynn said while lighting a nearby lantern, "I've had everything under control."

"Sure," Hiccup said a little exaggerated. "Your plan to scare Rapunzel into going back to her tower, avoiding being caught and taken in for that reward, and take off before midday, it's all been going so well."

"Yeah...well..." Flynn chuckles a little at the fact things really didn't go his way, but he still had a good time at not being killed. "Can't have a good day without a few hitches in the road, right?"

He only got a giggle from Rapunzel; everyone else just shakes their heads.

"I have to admit Rapunzel," Merida said while adjusting her quiver, "I didn't know you had it in you. That was pretty impressive."

"I know!" Rapunzel screams with happiness. Not wanting to look like a fool, she tries to play it cool, "I know."

Merida shakes her head with a smile at Rapunzel's attitude. But a thought came to Rapunzel, Flynn. Sure his dream is questionable, but he has to have a good reason behind it. Maybe it would help if she learn more about him.

"So Flynn," she began, "where are you from?"

"Whoa, no way blondie," Flynn said defensively. After the business in the tavern, he really doesn't want to revival any personal information. "I don't do back story. However, I am becoming very interested in your stories."

"In what way?" Merida asks.

"For one thing," Flynn said pointing at Hiccup. "The fact that he is a Viking."

Hiccup stops in his tracks he was kinda hoping that people had forgotten that part of the song, but just like he life, luck is never on his side.

"Alright," he said putting his hands up as if he surrenders. "I'm a Viking. You got me, my secret is out."

"I knew it," Merida said with haste. "I knew there was something about you and where you were from that sounds familiar. I just can't believe you're a Viking, you really don't look like one."

"I get that alot," he said with a shrug. "Mostly from the people of my tribe."

"You're that ridiculed?" Rapunzel asked with worry.

"Everyday," Hiccup answers.

"Wow," Merida said, "I mean… I knew Vikings behave horribly, but towards their own tribe?"

Hiccup turns to her. "I know we're not known for having good manners, but we're not that horrible."

Rapunzel looked at those two, again not really seeing the reason behind the tension. "What is up with you two?" She asks.

Hiccup and Merida look at her.

"Why does it matter where you come from?" Rapunzel asks. "I mean, from what I've read, Vikings are big and mean. Sure it's from a book mother gave me, and I'm starting to question her judgement. Because Hiccup is one of the sweetest people I've ever met."

Hiccup was touched to hear her say that.

"So what is your problem with him Merida?" Rapunzel ask while putting her hands on her hips.

Merida sighs before she answers. "Let's just say the history between my homeland and his homeland isn't a good one. The Vikings invaded our land, and burned down villages and families."

"Really?" Hiccup said almost in surprise. "I thought it started because the Scotts kicked us out of our home and took over like a plaque. At least that's what my father told me."

Hiccup and Merida look at each other, totally confused at what the other said. They've been given this information repeatedly by their parents, but could they be wrong. Or because they're from different time lines, maybe ones past, is the other's future. This only left them more confused.

"Wow," Jack said, "this is really getting interesting."

"It doesn't matter now," Rapunzel said as she takes both of them by the hand. "It's all in the past. Look how far you two have gone, when you worked as a team. We just need to keep it together."

Merida gently pulls her hand away. "Keeping it together is not my problem."

"Yeah," Flynn said walking closer to the group and looks at Merida. "You have your mother and a marriage on your mind."

Merida skin almost crawled at the mention of marriage. "I don't want to talk about it," She snaps.

"Why not?" Rapunzel asks with concern. "You'll feel better if you-"

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" Merida barks with anger. It made everyone back off in surprise of her tone. It was clear to everyone that the subject is touchy and they shouldn't push it.

"Alright," Flynn finally spoke, this time he turned his attention to Rapunzel. "Blondie, I know I'm not allowed to talk about your hair."

"Nope," she said with a smile.

"Or the mother," he continues.

"Ah, ah." She said while shaking her head

"And frankly I'm too scared to ask about the frog,"

"Chameleon," she said while eyeing Pascal on her shoulder

Flynn pressed on, "here's my question. If you wanted to see the lanterns so badly, why haven't you gone before?"

The question hit Rapunzel hard. She could say that she was scared of the ruffians and thugs, but then she would have to explain her hair. But how can she? She's meet the very people her mother taught her to fear, and they've been so friendly and nice. How could she answer him?

She then felt a rumbling in the area. She looked up to see dust and small rocks fall down. Everyone felt it too, something was coming. They all turn to the echo of angry voices, and saw a light coming closer.

"Guys!" Rapunzel cried out in fear as she quickly grabbed as much hair as possible.

"Go! Run!" Flynn yells as he and the others start racing to the other side of the tunnel.

Everyone ran for their life as the royal guards came closer and closer. Soon, they all saw a light at the end of the tunnel. But as soon as the light reaches their eyes, they all had to stop to adjust their eyes.

It was a good thing they stopped; otherwise they might've fallen down into the ravine. They all looked at their new surroundings. It looked a construction site for a dam. A huge wall behind them is holding back a lot of water. Rickety planks of wood made a channel of water flowing down to the bottom of the cavern.

Everyone heard the banging of wood at near the bottom, they all turn to a barricade entrance, to see the Stabbington brothers bursting out with swords in hands.

"Who's that?" Rapunzel asks in fear.

"They don't like me," Flynn replied in panic.

Everyone turns to look behind to see the royal guards who look very angry to see them.

"Who's that?" Merida asks.

"They don't like me either," Flynn said with equal panic.

Within seconds, Maximus gallop in front of the guards with a snare.

"Who's that?" Hiccup asked confused to see an angry horse.

"Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me!" He said trying to get the point across.

"Popular guy this is," jack said as he flies overhead.

Wasting no time, Rapunzel thrusts her frying pan in Flynn's arms. "Hold this," she said as she grabs her hair, and makes a lasso. She makes it grab on a piece of wood and used her hair to swing across to the other side and onto a cliff side.

"What about us?" Merida said raising her arms, only to have to turn to a guard attacking her. She manages to dodge the guy and elbows him in the back. But due to the armour, it hurt her more than him. But she quickly swift kicks him, and made him hit the wall.

Flynn on the other hand, used the frying pan to battle the guards. He was surprise how quickly it can knock a guard out cold.

"Heh," he said with a smile, "I've gotta get me one of these." But soon he was pan to sword against Maximus, who had a sword in his mouth.

"Seriously?" Flynn said in disbelief. But Maximus was serious, maybe a little too serious. He furiously attacked Flynn with the sword, which Flynn kept repeal with the pan.

"Just to let you know," Flynn said during their fight, "this is the strangest thing I've ever done."

Near Flynn, Hiccup and Merida were busy dealing with a couple of guards, with Jack close behind them.

"Care to help is out?" Hiccup called out to him while dodging a sword.

"Love to," he said with not a cheery response. "But it will just cause more confusion and-"

"Just shoot some ice already!" Merida shouts at him as a guard charges at her. Jack shoots a stream of ice that almost made the guard's body solid.

"Witchcraft?" The guard said stunned. His face then turned to anger. "The girl is a witch! Watch out for her!"

"A witch?" Merida said shocked. "Really?!"

"Told you," jack said off to the side.

"We'll if they think you're a witch, play one!" Hiccup cried as continues ducking the swords.

"No!" Merida cries out as she takes out an arrow. "You pretend to be one!" With that she aims and fires a stream of arrows at the guard's helmets. Not enough to kill them, but to give them a headache for a while.

Jack, seeing no options, continues to shoot ice around, mostly at the floor so the guards slip and fall. But then he notices Merida and Hiccup are edging to the edge of the cliff. Hiccup sees this too, and thought of a plan.

"Merida!" He calls out, "aim for the rafter's rope.

Merida took a quick glance up to see a huge stack of wood, hanging parcaressly• on a board, being held up by rope. She nods and fires an arrow up, cutting the rope. The wood immediately falls down and lands on a few guards. But the board began to swing in their direction.

"Hiccup!" Merida yells in fear.

"Jack! Be ready to catch us!" Hiccup instructed. Sure enough, the board hit them and they tumble off the ledge. Jack flew to them, and quickly made an ice slide that guided them safety to the ground. Unfortunately, it also led them to the Stabbington Brothers, who was charging at them with swords in hands.

Meanwhile above, Flynn was still fighting with Maximus, until Maximus knocked the frying pan right out of his hands.

"How bout we make it two out of three," Flynn nervously smiles. But Maximus would have none of that. He readied the sword in his teeth, ready to bring Flynn to justice.

Rapunzel had to act fast, in order to safe Flynn's life. So she looped her hair to catch his hand, and yanked it. "Hold on!" She cried out, and soon Flynn was hanging on her hair, and flying away for dear life, barely missing the angry brothers on the ground.

"Ha,ha!" He cheered. Until his gut smacked at a stick out piece of wood on the chute.

"Ohh, that's gotta hurt," Jack winces.

Flynn tries to shake off the pain and rides the chute down to the ground.

Maximus was not willing to give up, so he started kicking a support of the dam, to make a bridge to get to Rapunzel. Meanwhile on the ground, the Stabbington brothers began to run towards Flynn. Merida and Hiccup chase them, hoping to get to Flynn first. Merida immediately fires an arrow at the brothers' direction, hitting one of them in the arm, making a light scar.

"Why you!" He turned angry and began to swing his sword at her. She barely dodges, but was able to get part of her arm scared. She didn't break down though; it only fuelled her anger and started to attack the brother. But he quickly overpowered her. When he was about to strike a final blow, Hiccup came from behind and pushed the brother off balance, and on to the floor. He quickly grabs Merida's hand and they both ran away from the disoriented brother, and raced to meet Flynn at the end of the water chute.

Rapunzel up above, quickly makes another loop in her hair, and made it grab a sturdy rock high above. She quickly turned back to see Maximus breaking the wood and making his bridge. She also saw that the dam was starting to spew water, any moment the dam will collapse. Maximus didn't seem to care as he races over the bridge, leaving the guards is dismay. Realizing it's now or never, Rapunzel jumps, barely missing Maximus about to chomp at her hair. She swings down to the ground and meets Merida, Hiccup and Jack at the end of the chute. When Flynn reached them, the dam collapses and all the water start to rush out, taking the royal guards, the Stabbington brothers, and Maximus along for a ride. Everyone else ran for their life's to avoid the water. Jack often tries to shoot ice to block the water, but the water easily overpowers the ice.

As everyone only sees that they're running to a huge wall, Hiccup managed to look to see a small cave up ahead. "This way!" He shouts and everyone runs to the cave. As they ran, the water was able to push a giant rock pillar towards them. With their adrenaline pumping, and their hearts racing, they made it to the cave, with the pillar blocking the entrance. They all ran to the end, only to see it's a dead end. The sound of rushing water began to enter the cave slowly, reaching everyone's feet. Wasting no time, everyone looked for a way out. Hiccup and Rapunzel tried to move some rocks on their level, while the others try more of the upper rocks. But it was no use, all the rocks were sturdy. One of them made a big cut on Flynn's palm.

The water only continued to rise, making its way to their waists. But everyone was refusing to give up. They kept trying and trying to move the rocks. Flynn even dive into the water for a way out. But it was pitch black down there. It was impossible to see anything underwater.

"It's no use," he admits in defeat.

Merida refused to just give up, and kept trying to move the rocks. But her wet hands slip on one and made her tumble into the water. Hiccup rushed over to her and helps her get back on her feet.

Rapunzel wanted to try her luck under water, so she dived in, only to be pulled out by Flynn.

"It's too dark in there," he said holding her shoulders. "There's no point blondie."

Merida didn't like that answer, but then remember that they have an ice spirit on their team. "Can't you just freeze the water Jack?" She cries almost in desperation.

"What good would that do?" He said ashamed "If my ice freezes the water, it'll freeze you too."

"Well, is there anything you can do?" Hiccup said afraid.

Jack quickly searches his thoughts for anything that can help. But after 300 years of only caring for himself, there is nothing he can do to save his friends. That frustrates and saddens him. He's battled Pitch and his nightmares, yet he can't stop a simple thing like water. He regrettably shanks his head, and says, "I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do."

"Who do you guys keep talking to?" Flynn asks a little impatient as the water raises above his stomach.

Everyone couldn't blame Flynn for asking that way. He probably thinks they're all crazy. But someone has to start somewhere, so Rapunzel tries. "We...have a friend...who can control ice."

Flynn looks at her, really confused.

"But he can only be seen by people who believe in him," she continues, but then sadly looks away from everyone as the water stars touching her chest. "But I guess it doesn't really matter now."

Everyone in the cave felt exactly the same way; they were all going to die any minute now. Might as well accept it. It was unfair; they've come so far together, to let it end like this. Jack couldn't bare to look at anyone, knowing they're going to die soon. With him being a spirit, he can't really die from this, but it would still feel like he did. Baby tooth just quietly sat on his shoulder, felling awful. Merida's heart felt crushed at the thought of never seeing her family again, even her mom. Hiccup had to wipe a small tear at the thought of his father, Gobber and Toothless.

Rapunzel was on the verge of tears herself, maybe she should've listen to her mother, been a good girl and stayed inside the tower, none of this would've happen.

"Mother was right, I never should have left," she said quietly. "This is all my fault."

"Don't say that," Jack said with sorrow.

"But it is," she said as the water continues to rise. "I'm so sorry I got you all into this, especially you Flynn."

She covers her eyes, and let the tears hit the water.

Flynn sighs before he spoke. "Eugene."

Everyone looked at him in confusion

"My real name is Eugene Fitzgerbert," Flynn confesses as if he's a dying man. "Someone might as well know."

Touched by Flynn's confession, Merida might as well make sure her conscious is clean too. "It's true," she said looking at her friends. "I was really mad at my mom, not because I didn't love her, because she was forcing me to get married."

Hiccup was stunned hearing this. Through his teachings, some higher form family have strict traditions like that, but Merida was certainly the first one to try to defy it. He looked at everyone, pretty sure he could tell his secret that he hid from his whole tribe. "Well, if we're letting our dirty laundry air, my best friend is a dragon," he said quickly.

He got mixed looks from everyone. Mostly disbelief or confused.

"What?" Merida asked making sure she heard correctly.

"My best friend...is a dragon," he said being serious.

Rapunzel felt a little pressure as the water makes it to her neck. If there was a person she can tell her secret too, it would be these people. They risked their life for her, and became her only true friends. It's better they know everything about her.

"I have magic hair that glows when I sing," she said with a half-smile.

"What?" Flynn said as if he didn't hear her.

"I have magic hair...that glows...when I sing!" As she spoke, she realized that her hair can help everyone find a way out. Before the water completely fills the cave, she quickly sang a bit of the song.

"Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine, make the-"

Soon everyone took a big breath as the water comes over their heads. It was pitch black, and no one can see anything. Suddenly, the roots on Rapunzel's hair began to glow, and it spread though her hair. The light completely filled the cave.

Everyone would gasp in surprise, if they weren't trying to hold their breaths. Jack watched we hair, and the end slightly pulled to a section in the cave. That must be where the water is escaping, and that is their means of escape. So he points to the section, and tries to move some of the rock. Merida saw the area and gesture to Flynn to help. Hiccup and Rapunzel also made their way to help, with Rapunzel's hair starting to go out.

They clawed their way, using whatever energy they have, until a hand made it through to the other side. With Rapunzel's hair dimming, they all pushed on to the set of rocks, using their combined weight, and made a break in the rocks.

With the water bursting through, they traveled on it out of the cave, and into a river.

They all gasp for air when they reached the surface, and swam to shore huffing and puffing.

"We're alive!" Rapunzel cheers with glee as she hugs Pascal.

"Her hair glows!" Flynn said with his face all pale, and his eyes wide with disbelief. He did not expect her to be serious about her hair, and neither did everyone else. Merida looked at her so confused, and Hiccup was trying to figure out how that happened.

Jack flew to her as she jumps up and down, almost never feeling so alive. "You did it," he said with a proud smile. "You saved us."

"I did?" She said trying to process in her mind the moment, "I did!"

"Her hair glows!" Flynn repeated, trying to convince himself of what he just witness.

"Ok," Hiccup said while wiping away the water from his face. "Didn't see that coming."

"Why did her hair glow?!" Flynn said completely freaking out. He looked at Merida and Hiccup, who are surprising calm, but still confused. "What aren't you freaking out about this?!"

"We are!" Merida said still trying to bring air back to her lungs. "I'm still trying to bring myself back."

"Yeah," Hiccup said rolling on to his side. "Just give us a minute, and then we'll start freaking out."

"I'm freaking out right now!" Flynn said as if he's going to lose his mind.

"Guys," Rapunzel said while she gathers the last of her hair from the river, and squeezing the water out. She knows she shouldn't tell them, but they deserve to know the whole truth about her hair.

"It doesn't just glow."


I've got a Dream from Tangled

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