Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Brothers and Mother

Flynn and Rapunzel made their way to shore, with much hurry. Rapunzel didn't understand why Flynn was in such a hurry, they were having a great time together.

"Are you sure everything is alright?" She asked again with concern.

"Yes, everything is fine," he said, trying to keep a cheery persona on. He can't let her know about how bad the Stabbington brothers are. Sure she's met them before, but she doesn't know them like he does. They will kill her to get to the crown. He can't allow that to happen. He wants to protect her form that.

When they reached shore, he quickly grabbed the satchel, and dashed off the boat.

He turned back to Rapunzel, who looks confused.

"I'm sorry. Everything is fine, really. There's just something I have to take care of." He assures her. "I'll be right back."

Rapunzel nods her head and carries Pascal in her hands. "Okay," she said to Flynn. She watches him run off, with hope in her heart that he'll return.

In the meantime, all she can do is sit and wait for Flynn, as well as the others.

Flynn races around a bunch of rocks, to see the Stabbington brothers waiting for him, with a boat anchored to the shore. While the one with the eye patch just stares at him, the other is sharpening his sword with a rock.

Flynn ties to play it cool, "there you are," he said to the brothers. "I've been searching for you guys since we got separated. Nice to see you guys...alive and alright."

The brothers' faces remained cold and hard as stone. The brother with the eye patch walked around Flynn and to a nearby boulder.

"Ok look," Flynn said dropping the nice act. "I shouldn't have split, the crown is all yours." He took off the satchel and threw it to the ground, near the other brother. "So, here you go. I'll miss you guys, but I think it's best if we just go our separate ways, and never see each other again. I think it's for the...best. Bye." Flynn turns to leave the brothers with the crown and join Rapunzel; he was blocked by the brother with the eye patch.

"Holding on us again," the other brother said throwing his rock away and jumping down off the boulder. "Eh, Rider?"

"What?" Flynn said confused as he watched the brother walk towards him.

The brother walked closer to Flynn, kicking the crown out of his way. "We heard you found something, something much more valuable then valuable than a crown."

Flynn became extremely nervous for his life seeing the brother's greedy eyes. What else could they want?

"We want her, instead," the brother said with an evil smile.

Flynn's eyes widen with horror. He knew the brothers mean Rapunzel, actually they mean her magic hair. But how did they know? She never told anyone, she was reluctant to tell him and her friends. So how did these two find out?

But it didn't matter how they knew, he needed to protect Rapunzel. "Don't you dare touch her!" He said angry.

"Don't worry lover boy," the brother said with a smile, while his eye patched brother holds Flynn's arms tight. Flynn struggles to break free, but it was no use.

"You won't have to think about her where you'll be going."

The last thing Flynn saw was the brother's fist coming at him, then blackness.

From up high, Jack could only watch what the Stabbington brothers punching Flynn. Jack had his arms locked by Pitch's shadows, and his mouth was gagged by them as well. He tries to scream, to get Rapunzel's attention, or to wake up Merida and Hiccup, but it was no use. Pitch has got a firm grip on him, with Baby tooth in his other hand.

"Wish I had some popcorn," Pith said leaning over Jack's shoulder, observing the action down below. They both watch the brothers tie the unconscious Flynn to the boat, with the crown tied to his hand, and set the boat on a one way course to the kingdom.

"Awe," Pitch said trying to play pity. "He looks so lonely; he could really use some company." With a wave of his hand, he broke the nightmare cage and send Hiccup ad Merida to the boat, with gags and chains on their wrists.

"No!" Jack muffled through his gag.

"Don't be such a child Jack," Pitch said moving his shadows to make Jack watch Rapunzel. "Wait for the show to be over, then you can speak."

Rapunzel waits by the boat, with Pascal with Pascal on her shoulder. She looks on to where Flynn has disappeared to, hopefully to see Flynn comeback. But at the back if her mind, she was becoming doubtful. 'Maybe he has run away with the crown?' She thought. 'No, he wouldn't. Would he?'

She only turned her head away to try to glimpse the other boat. But it was nowhere in sight, neither was her friends.

'Where are they?' She thought to herself.

She then heard a noise in the distance. She looked back to the other side of the rock, and saw a shadow figure coming.

'It must be Eugene,' she thought. 'I knew he'd come back.'

She sighs in relief, as she walks closer to meet her man. "You had me worried," she said while brushing hair out of her face. "I was starting to think you ran off with the crown and left me."

"He did."

Rapunzel stopped in her tracks to see the one shadow split into two. She recognizes the men from the dam. She knows they're bad, but Eugene wouldn't betray her like that, would he.

"No, he wouldn't do that," she defended.

The eye patch brother wickedly smiles as his brother points to the boat in the distance. "See for yourself," he said.

She looked over to the boat, and spot Eugene sailing away from her.

"Eugene!" She called out, but he didn't respond. She then looked closer at the boat, seeing curly red hair on the rim. She quickly concluded that Merida is on the boat too. And if she's there, Hiccup and Jack must be there too.

"Merida! Hiccup!" Rapunzel called in an attempt to get them to answer. But they don't.

Rapunzel couldn't believe her friends are leaving her, for Flynn and his crown. Why?

"Eugene!" She tried again, with desperation. But the boat just kept sailing. She tries to find Jack in the sky, to find a shred of hope, but couldn't find him in the dark sky. Rapunzel felt her heart being crushed and tossed aside. She trusted those people, and now they're gone.

"Seems like a fair trade," one of the brothers said while gesturing to her hair. "A crown for a girl with the magic hair."

Rapunzel couldn't believe her ears. First Flynn left her, and now she finds out he told them about her hair. She was too stun for words, feeling betrayed by the people she trusted.

The brother with the eye patch held his dagger to Rapunzel, while his brother opened a sack. "How much do you think someone will pay to stay young and healthy forever?"

"No, please," Rapunzel pleaded with them. But the brother lunge at her, to attempt to capture her. But she ducked down and ran past them. She kept running and running away from the scene, but then he hair got caught an old log. She panicked as she pulls her hair to get it loose. She had to hurry, or else those men would get her.

But then she heard a whack in the distance, and then another. She stopped to understand what's happening back there. Maybe her friends have come back to save her?


She ears someone calling her name, a person she knows too well.

"Mother?" She whispers. She carefully walked back and disconnect her hair from the log. She then raced to the beach where she saw her mother with a large branch in her hands, and the brothers on the ground knocked out. Her mother was breathing heavily, with her face paler then usual.

Gothel spots her daughter in the distance, and quickly dropped her stick. "Oh, my precious girl," Gothel said in relief and love.

Rapunzel was relieved to see her mom. She could feel her heartbeat slowing down and becoming calm. "Mother," she said as she races to the arms of her mother. They embrace with love and compassion.

"Are you alright?" Gothel asked with worry, checking Rapunzel for bruising or pain. "Did they hurt you?"

Rapunzel got a closer look at her mother. She seemed really pale, with really define wrinkles around her arms and eyes, and her hair was more grey than usual. But Rapunzel didn't care, her mother was here. But then Rapunzel thought of something. "How did you find me?" She asked.

"I was so worried about you," she answers with concern. "So I followed you. And...and I saw your friends talking to those men...and they attacked you...oh Rapunzel I'm just so glad you're alright."

Gothel hugged Rapunzel close to her, but Rapunzel's mind was racing. People tried to take her hair, her friends left her, and the man that she loved betrayed her. It became clear to her now, the only one she can really trust was her mother.

Gothel took her hands and began to lead her towards the forest. "Come," Gothel said looking at the brothers on the ground. "We better go before they come to."

Rapunzel began to follow her mother, but not without looking back to the boat. It kept getting farther and farther, taking everything she thought she knew with her. Her heart felt numb and her eyes lost any happiness in her. She turned to her mother, who leads her away with a hug, and an arm around her.

"You were right mom," Rapunzel cried quietly, "you were right about everything."

"I know darling," Gothel said leading her flower away, "I know." As she leads her away, she puts her daughter's head on her shoulder, not letting her see a wicked, triumph smile.

"No! Rapunzel!" Jack tries to shout through his gag, but it didn't reach Rapunzel's ears.

"Too bad." Pitch said flying in front of Jack. As he circles, he threw Baby tooth in a bird cage. She pulls on the bars to escape, but the bars wouldn't budge. "I guess your little quest is over. Your friends are gone, the guardians are pretty much dead, and now you are on your own."

Jack couldn't bear being held hostage while his friends are in danger. He continues to break free from the shadows, but they still hold him tight.

"But don't worry," Pitch laughs as he draws some green mist from his pendent. "Soon, you won't have to worry about that anymore. In fact, you won't have to think of anything anymore. Just my orders."

Fear began to fill Jack; he knew what Pitch is going to do, try to turn him into a fearling. He can't let that happen, not when he is one of the few guardians left. He screamed to get attention, any attention, but no one could hear him.

"Oh please scream," Pitch mocked as he prepares an arrow. "No one can hear you. No one in this world has ever heard of you. I didn't even tell my partner about you so I can have this moment all to myself."

'Partner?' Jack thought in shock. 'Since when did he have a...wait a minute?' Jack's mind began to race, making everything around him slow down. He thought back on everything since he and his friends got to this time period. The tower, the thief, the thugs at the tavern, the event at the dam, Rapunzel's hair, her mother appearing out of nowhere with the crown...

'Her mother appearing out of nowhere with the crown!' Jack repeated. 'How did she find where we were? And how did she know about thugs tonight? It can't just be coincidence, or motherly love. She must be working with Pitch all this time, just to get Rapunzel back to her tower!'

This made Jack so angry, to think that Rapunzel was tricked by her own mother, and by Pitch. He was so angry he clutches his fist tight. Then he felt something on his wrist, something cold. He quickly looked at it to see the shadows holding that wrist were frozen stiff and turned to ice.

This was Jack's chance, he moved his wrist to break free from the chains, and quickly grabbed his staff from the other hand. He fired a stream of ice at Pitch, making him loose balance and moved out of the way. The shadows holding Jack and Baby tooth became weak, and they easily broke out of their confinement. Still feeling angry, Jack shoots more ice at Pitch, trying to make him go away.

"Leave!" Jack commanded with anger.

"Oh I wish I could," Pitch said playing a victim, "but I'm here because she wants me to be."

"What?" Jack paused in confusion.

"I'm not exactly here by choice," Pitch explains as he starts to disappear into shadows. "The witch summoned me, so I'm here asking as she's here."

Pitch then felt a pull in his body, making him go towards the beach. "What?" He said in anger. "I'm not done yet!"

Jack quickly put the pieces together with the little information he has. "I get it," he said. "You mean it literally, you can't go anywhere else, and you can only be in the same area she is. So you can't spread your fear here."

"Yes," Pitch reluctantly said. "But I guess the bright side will be that I can spend so much time with mommy's little flower."

Jack holds his staff in a threat to shoot again, "I won't let you hurt her!"

"And what about your other friends?" Pitch said pointing to the other boat. "Would you let anyone hurt them?"

Jack turns to see the boat getting closer and closer to the other side. Jack soon became faced with a dilemma, does he save his friends on the ship, or save Rapunzel.

"Tick, tock Jack, time is running out." Pitch said before disappears into shadows.

Jack knows he has to make a decision and quick. Baby tooth pointed at the boat, suggesting he saves them. Jack thought about that, he knows where Rapunzel is going to end up, and he can't really face Pitch on his own. Who knows where those three will end up and they could help Rapunzel realize the truth about her mother.

He took off for the boat as fast as he can; only catching up to it as it comes closer to the harbour. Jack and Baby tooth looked inside the boat to see Hiccup and Merida still unconscious, and their shadow chains turned into real chains. Jack tried blasting wind in their faces to wake them up, but it's not working. He then focused on Flynn, stilled tied up to the helm with the crown in his hand. Jack blasts wind in his face, but it doesn't wake him up.

Baby tooth points at the water, thinking it's the best idea to just freeze the water.

"I can't do that," Jack said with desperation. "I would have to freeze the entire sea; do you know how long that would take?"

But then an idea came into his head, if he can't freeze the water, maybe he can freeze the rope. So he pointed his staff to the rope holding Flynn's hand and crown, and began to make it cold. Solid objects have a harder time freezing then water, so it might take a while to make it solid ice, but it was the best plan they got.

As the ice reaches the rope, Flynn began to feel the cold hit his skin. He began to stir, with his hand almost in pain. "Ow-w-w-w." he winces quietly. "Th-th-that's cold."

Jack couldn't believe his ears, Flynn woke up. "Great," he said. "Now turn this ship around."

"Wh-wh-why was it so cold?" Flynn questioned while trying to get himself warm up.

"Oh right," Jack said face palming his head. "He can't see me."

"Wait, what?" Flynn said finally looking around to see where he is. He looks ahead to see the kingdom becoming bigger and closer. His eyes open wide with horror seeing the crown in his hand.

"No," he shivered in fear, and cold. He can't let go there, But is not sure what to do.

"Oh come on, turn around," Jack yells frustrated. He made the rope become cold again, hopefully to get Flynn to turn around.

Flynn once again winces in pain, feeling the cold overtake him. But then, he had a thought, remembering that the others told him of a friend that can control the cold. He quickly looked at the rope, seeing frostbite on it, and small icy cracks in the crown.

'No,' Flynn thought. 'It couldn't be.' He let the thought sink in that maybe the others were right, that there is someone there, someone that can only be seen if he's believed in, Jack Frost.

"Come on," Jack said focusing his staff more on the rope. "Freeze already."

Flynn eyes widen at what he is seeing. He only closed his eyes for a second, but he didn't expect to see a flying blue boy in front of him.

"Umm-m-m, where di-did you come fr-from?" Flynn asked Jack still feeling the effects of the cold.

Jack's eye grew wide as he looks at Flynn. "Wait, can you see me?" He asked out of curiosity.

Flynn said nothing, but nods his head. Still a little freaked out by what he is seeing.

"Normally I would say nice to meet you, but we don't have time." Jack told Flynn. "We need to turn this ship around. Rapunzel's in danger."

Flynn became serious and determined, as he tries to move the wheel. But his hands are locked in place, so he can't steer over hand. All he could do, is lean his body to the side, moving his arms and wheel to the left. Soon, the boat started to turn in that direction, but not as fast as the hope for. As Flynn tries to lean left more, Jack tries to use the wind to push the boat back, but with no sail, it was impossible.

"Who goes there?!"

The boys turned to see the palace guards above them, with lanterns. They panicked, trying to think of something to do.

"Look!" One of the guards said pointing to the ship. "The crown!"

"This is not what it looks like." Flynn said in fear and desperation.

But the guards didn't listen; they rang the alarm and race to meet the boat on shore.

"What do we do?" Jack asked out loud.

"Go," Flynn said scared. But not for him, for Rapunzel. "Go to Rapunzel, save her."

"But you-"

"I'll be fine," Flynn said trying to sound fine, but not. "I've got the fiery princess and a smart Viking with me. We'll figure it out."

Flynn felt a big jerk as the boat lands on the shore, and the guards wasted no time jumping on, going through Jack and taking Flynn, Merida as Hiccup with them.

"No!" Jack cried out.

"Go!" Flynn yells and desperation. "Go find Rapunzel! Save her! Go!"

Jack watch as the guards takes his friends to the kingdom, and possibly the jail. He heard a small neigh off the harbour. He looked to see Maximus angry and trotting away. But an angry horse is the last thing on Jack's mind. He will honour Flynn's wish and save Rapunzel. Then they cam come back to save the rest of thier friends.

But he has to hurry; time was not on his side.

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