Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Realization and Escape

The sun made its way through the cell bars, lighting Flynn's face. He stared off into the distance, with his hands in chains. He was so worried about Rapunzel, whether the brothers did something to her, or if Jack couldn't get there fast enough. All he could do is hope.

"There's got to be some way out of this!"

Flynn turned to see he cell mates. Hiccup sat on the bed with his hands handcuffed in chains, looking at Merida trying to make a wall fall down. Her whole upper body was locked together, with chains and locks holding her arms in place. She kept trying to slam any weak wall, but it only builds her frustration.

"Will you give it a rest," Hiccup said to her. "You're hurting yourself more than the wall."

"I can't help it!" Merida said frustrated. "I get so anxious with my bow gone."

Hiccup could relate. When the guards took Merida's bow and arrows, they took his ring too. It made him worry about Toothless, and what would happen to him.

"By the way, why do I have more chains then you two?" Merida asks out loud.

"They think you're a witch, remember?" Hiccup pointed out.

"Great," Merida moaned with anger. "If I was a witch, I would blast myself out of this place."

"I hear you," Hiccup said leaning back into the bed. "We need to find a way out of this, but we can't do it banging our heads everywhere. We need a plan."

"I just hope your friend will find Rapunzel," Flynn said still looking through the window, "I just hope she's alright."

Merida and Hiccup look at Flynn. They are happy that he can see Jack, but it doesn't make them feel better to think something bad is happening. They are in jail, Rapunzel is out there and Pitch is on the loose. It was hard to think positive.

"I'm sure she is," Merida said trying to comfort him. "She's tougher then she appears."

Suddenly, the door to the cell opened, and the head guard came in with a smirk. "Let's get this over with, you three."

The three of them look at the guard confused. "What do you mean?" Merida asks.

The guard smiles at them, making them nervous.

"Oh no," Flynn said scared and mad. He puts his hand closer to his shirt collar, symbolizing what the guard's plan is.

The three of them have been condemned to death.

"You can't do that to them," Flynn yells at the guard while gesturing to Merida and Hiccup. "They're just children."

"She's a witch!" The guard yells, locking Flynn's arms behind his back. "She'll be hung like one."

"Excuse me, I'm not a witch!" Merida yells at him. She ties to defend herself, but a number of guards crowded her and held her tight.

"No!" Hiccup yelled as he is being grabbed by another guard.

"No! Please stop!" Flynn yells as the head guard drags him out of the cell.

"You two will take the witch and her associate down to the back gallows," the head guard told two men. "The rest of you will accompany me and Rider to the main gallows."

The men nod as they take Merida and Hiccup in the opposite direction of Flynn. As Flynn yells to let the kids go, he spot two people in a nearby cell. He knew those brothers too well.

Flynn quickly knocked out the guards around him, and jump to bring his hands back to his front. He quickly grabbed one of the brothers and pulled him in hard.

He had enough of those two, it was fine of them threatening to kill him, but to harm Rapunzel was too far. They knew she had magic hair, and how it was time to find out how, and what they've done to her.

"How did you find out about her?" Flynn yelled angry, with his eyes set to kill. "Tell me now!"

The brother showed fear for the first time in his life. "It wasn't us," he blurred out. "It was the old lady."

"Old lady?" Flynn repeated confused and scared. Then he felt the guards hands pull him back, and make him travel through the hall.

"No! You don't understand, she's in danger!" Flynn desperately shouts, trying to reason with the guards. But they would not listen, why would they. After all Flynn is a wanted thief, and he stole the kingdom's most prized treasure.

Flynn was horrified that they wouldn't listen; Rapunzel could be dead as far as he knows. Just the thought of never seeing her again was shattering his heart. The thing that made the ache worse is seeing the noose outside, pretty soon he'll be wearing it.

Flynn starts to lose hope; it seems there is no way out of this. He will never see Rapunzel again. But his last thought will be of her… his new dream.

Jack raced through the forest to reach Rapunzel's tower. Baby tooth can barely hold on to his shirt with how fast he's going. Soon enough, they made it to the tower. It seemed different from last time, probably due to the dark clouds above. The tower seems gloomy, lonely and cold. It seems more of a prison then a home for Rapunzel.

But Jack can't judge the architecture, he needs to get Rapunzel, and save the others. Only one problem, the window door was shut and He can't phase through solid objects. He needed a way in, and fast. He tries looking to see any other hatch to let them in, but they were all shut.

"Oh come on!" He says in frustration. "There's gotta be a way in."

Baby tooth looked at the bottom of the tower, and found a hole hidden in a bush. She calls out to Jack, saying she found a way in. He raced to the bottom, and blew the bush away with a gust of wind.

"Good work Baby tooth," he said as he races inside.

Inside the tower, Gothel finished taking out all the braids and flowers in Rapunzel's hair. She puts all the flowers in her basket, and puts on a sweet smile for Rapunzel. She did everything to make sure Rapunzel can put her complete trust in her again. She even tries to get Rapunzel to sing the special magic song.

But Rapunzel was not in a singing mood. Her heart broke and her body felt numb. She was at the point where she didn't want to feel anything at all.

It pleases Gothel, seeing her daughter so distort. So she sang the song herself and made herself young and beautiful again.

"There, It never happened," she said pulling the last of the flowers. She picks up the basket and heads for the door. "Now wash up and get ready for dinner. I'm making hazelnut soup. You're favourite."

As Gothel walks by her daughter, she sees that Rapunzel is still sulking and looking down on the floor.

"I really did try, Rapunzel," Gothel said being strict, but sympathetic at the same time. "I tried to warn you what was out there. The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it." She leaves Rapunzel sulking and broken.

Gothel makes her way to the kitchen, with the proudest smile on her lips.

"I have to say," Pitch whispers from the shadows in the tower, "you sure know how to raise a child."

"Of course," Gothel said putting down the basket. "I told you that good things come to those who wait. Now my precious flower wouldn't even dream about leaving my side. She will be mine forever."

"And you will stay young and beautiful forever." Pitch comment with a hint of a sour note.

"Say what you want," Gothel says as she makes her way to the kitchen. "I have all I need right here. A daughter who trusts me, and the power to keep me this way forever."

Pitch materialized right behind Gothel, and made a long shadow behind her. "All that's left is for you to keep your end to the deal," he said. He knows that sooner or later, Jack would be coming. For all Pitch knows, Jack might've broken his friends out and they'll be heading to the tower to rescue Rapunzel. Pitch wants to make sure that doesn't happen, he needed Jack to become a fearling to put his whole plan into action to get rid of the guardians.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Gothel said as if she's surprised.

"You know the DEAL I'm talking about!" Pitch threatens. "I help get your daughter back; you help me get rid of her friends."

"Oh that," she said turning around to face him. "They are already in jail, destined to be executed. So there's really no big deal."

Pitch didn't buy that for one second. He knows Jack could've and already changed that. "I just wanted to be absolutely certain," he said trying to charm her into checking. "We know they've made friends, who's to say they didn't bust them out. I need you to take me to see the prisoners suffer."

Gothel thought about that, it would be nice to see the people that took her flower away pay for that crime. But Pitch would get much more award out of it then he would. Why should she leave while she has victory in her hand? "Why?" She shrugs as she turns to prepare dinner.

"What did you say?" Pitch sneered.

"I said why," she said with no intention of going. "I have everything I need here, why would I leave now."

"Listen, you little-"

"Watch your tone! I have my daughter upstairs." Gothel said with power in her voice.

"We made a deal!" Pitch shouts angry.

"Yes, well, now I'm changing the terms." Gothel said with her arms cross. "It's clear to me that you can't travel in this world with me to guide you. And I really don't feel like traveling anymore. So I won't be taking you anywhere. You brought my flower back, she trusts me again, your work is done."

"I can make life a living nightmare for you!" Pitch threatens again with couple of nightmare stallions backing him up.

"Please," Gothel mocks. "I've been living a nightmare ever since Rapunzel left. So there is nothing you can do to scare me. So be a good boy, and go back to the shadows. I have a dinner to prepare."

She turns he back to Pitch with a smile on her face. Pitch would like nothing more then to strangle Gothel for double crossing him, maybe send her to the dessert and let her rot. But then a small fearling came to his ear and whispers that Jack is here. Then an idea came to Pitch, the best way to see Gothel suffer, is for Rapunzel to regain her newfound courage and knowledge. In turn, Gothel will lose her flower, and will have to rely on Pitch for help again.

He sinks back into the darkness, and just watch the play that's about to begin.

Jack didn't touch of step of the stairs, but flew straight up to an open trapdoor. Baby tooth held on to his shirt as he race up, and peeked what's on the other side. He can see Gothel clearly enough, humming as she cook. Jack scans the room to see if he can find Pitch or Rapunzel, but they were nowhere to be found.

'They must be in her room,' he thought. He jumped out of the trapdoor and into the room. He is certain that Gothel still can't see him, so he's safe as far as she was concern. He quickly made his way up the stairs, and made a gush of wind to blow the curtains away. He quickly went past them, and see Rapunzel almost crying on her bed.

"Rapunzel!" He cried out as he runs towards her. Baby tooth followed him in, but then felt something...something she's meant to go to. As Jack ran to Rapunzel, Baby tooth went towards the desk.

"Jack?" Rapunzel said quietly, with Pascal leaving her side as she looks up to Jack's face.

Jack gave her a nice hug, and kneels down to look at her in the eyes, with her hands in his. "I'm glad you're ok," he said frantic. "I was so worried about you. I was afraid that-"

Rapunzel pulled her hands out of his, and jerk back across her bed. "You shouldn't be here," she said sad and angry.

"Why?" He asks a little worried. "Listen we need to go, the others are-"

"You left me!" She mumbled with anger. "You all betrayed me."

Jack thought for a minute on how to fully explain what happened, but he knew that Rapunzel was not in a listening mood. He can't blame her, after all that's happened to her. "No," he said putting his staff down and trying to make Rapunzel calm down. "It was not what it looked like-"

"I trusted all of you," she said trying to hold back the tears. "And you all sold me out for that crown, and then you had the gull to tell those men about my hair. Mother was right; I should've stayed in my tower, where I can be safe from people like you." She sinks her head into her knees, letting the tears soak her dress.

"No," Jack said with a gentle but firm voice. "We didn't tell those men about your hair, we were all double crossed and were captured by Pitch and those brothers."

Rapunzel raised her head, and became confused. "What?"

"Pitch grabbed me and send Merida and Hiccup to the boat, unconscious," Jack quickly explained. "I saw the whole thing with Eugene and the brothers; they knocked him out and tied him to that boat with the crown. Then they told you that we were all out on the boat for the crown."

"How-why?" Rapunzel said puzzled, trying to connect the dots in her head.

"Think about it," jack said, trying to help her understand. "why would Merida want the crown? You know she doesn't want anything to do with royalty. And Hiccup, what good would he have with it when he is so worried about his friend? None of us sold you out for that piece of jewelry."

"But Eugene-"

"He wanted to give the crown to the brothers, and make them leave you and him alone. He never wanted that crown again. He wanted to have a life with you."

Rapunzel's eyes began to clear to the realization that maybe Eugene hasn't betrayed her after all, none of them have. "But, then how did those men know about my hair?" She asks.

"I have a feeling your mother had something to do with it," Jack said a little more serious.

Rapunzel rises a little off her bed, wanting to know why Jack would think that. "Wha-?" She questioned quietly.

"Ever since we've been out there, your mother has done nothing but urging you to get back into the tower." Jack said. "I think Merida might be right when she said you mother wants you to be this docile little girl."

"But I now understand why," Rapunzel said sinking back down to misery. "She wanted to protect me-"

"She's been working with the men that put you in danger." Jack said with force. "She's been working with them all this time, just to get you back to your tower. She's even allied herself with Pitch, he told me that himself."

"What?" Rapunzel said appalled that her mother would work for someone so evil, and has pointy teeth. "Mother would never-"

Rapunzel got up from her bed, and paced around the room, trying to gather herself. "But why?... Why would she do that? Why would she try so hard just to get me to come back?"

Jack shakes his head, not having an accurate answer to that.

Rapunzel continued pacing, holding her head with her fingers. "I'm just so confused. this whole quest thing has me more confused than ever," She said. "First, there's my stone, then the people in the tavern and kingdom. They are not as awful and selfish as I was led to believe. Then the floating lights that Eugene said they're for the lost princess. I just... I don't know what to think anymore." She sits back down on her bed, with her little sun flag in her hand.

Jack leaned closer, trying to comfort her, but it wasn't really working. He then hears Baby tooth chirping at the desk, trying to get his attention.

"What is it?" He asks her. But she beckons him to come and see her. Seeing no choice, he got up and walks at the desk. He sees Baby tooth flying around a small deep purple bag. She was flying around it frantically, seemingly excited and happy.

Jack puts his fingers on Baby tooth's wings to make her stop flying. "You fairies aren't ever this excited, unless it with..." Jack stopped in his tracks, realizing what he was about to say. "...teeth." He lets go of Baby tooth and opened the bag. Inside were a lot of little teeth.

"Rapunzel? What's this?" He asks her holding the bag.

"It's nothing," she said still a little depress. "They're just my baby teeth. Mother said I should hide them, so the Tooth fairy wouldn't make weapons out of them."

"No," Jack said shaking his head and walking towards Rapunzel. "The real reason why the fairies collect the teeth is because they hold the most important memories of childhood. If someone wants to remember something back then, the fairies help them."

Without hesitation, he reaches into his little pouch, and pulls out a golden canister, with a face of a child with scruffy brown hair. "See," he says handing the canister to Rapunzel. "These are my teeth. They helped me with figuring out my past, and made my eyes open to my destiny. Maybe your teeth can help with yours."

Rapunzel looked at the canister, and became lost in her thoughts. It could help her find a way out of this confusion, but it could also be a trick. But then again, ever since she's met Jack, he has been truthful to her and wanted to help her out of anything. She quickly eyed Pascal, trying to get his opinion. He seemed to like Jack and sees some truth in his thinking, no matter how crazy it sounds. He nods with determination.

"Alright," Rapunzel said putting Jack's canister down on her bed. "Let's do this."

Baby tooth instructed Jack to put Rapunzel's hand into the bag, which he did. He then made the bag a little cold, to get the teeth to react. Then it was Baby tooth's turn for some magic. Using her wings, she sprinkled some dust into the bag, making the teeth twinkle inside.

At first, Rapunzel didn't feel anything strange on unusual. But as she looked up for a second, she saw something in her paintings. In between two of the drawings, the outline of the royal sun became brighter and brighter. Rapunzel was sure she's never painted the sun there, but now it just appeared. Within seconds, a few more suns appear around the room, each glowing brighter than the last.

'What's going on?' She thought as she studies the paintings.

"My precious little angel."

'Wait, what?' Rapunzel swore she heard a voice, a woman's voice. But it didn't belong to her mother. She quickly looked around the room, but it was just her, Jack, Baby tooth and Pascal here. So where did that voice come from?

"My bundle of sunshine."

There it was again. The women's voice sounded so familiar. Like a long lost dream.

"Look... She's smiling"

Rapunzel's heart jumped at that voice. It sounded like a man, but a man she knew. But where?

"She's smiling like a princess."

'Princess?' Rapunzel thought. Then, a glow covered her eyes. It wasn't bright but It blocked her from seeing her room and her friends. From the light came two figures in shadows coming towards Rapunzel. One was a tall man with a beard and a cape around its body, the other looked like a strong, regal woman. The biggest feature Rapunzel could point out was both of them had crowns with diamonds on them that sparkle in the light.

"Oh my dear," the man said holding the woman's hands. "Look at her, she is so beautiful."

Rapunzel wasn't sure if the man was talking about her or not. So she remained silent and still.

"She really is," the woman spoke with love in her voice. "It truly is a miracle."

The wan raised her arms towards Rapunzel, who wasn't sure whether to be frighten or not. But then, something appeared in front of Rapunzel, a small cradle. The woman ran to the cradle, and held up a cute infant with golden flowing hair.

Rapunzel looked closer at the baby. 'She looks like...me' she thought. Rapunzel was also able to get a better look at the woman, recognizing her from the mural in the kingdom.

This woman is the queen.

"Look how cute you are, pretty as a princess," the queen said tickling the baby's noes with her own. The baby giggled with such joy and happiness.

"But," the man, Rapunzel could guess the king, said stepping into the light with something in his hands. "Every princess needs a special crown."

Rapunzel recognizes the crown in his hands is the one she tried on before, and the one Eugene stole. The king placed the crown on top of the baby's head, but it slid down to about her nose. The king and queen laugh at the child's fun, and Rapunzel couldn't help but laugh too.

Then she heard cheering in the distance. She turned around to see the sky full of lanterns and the people so happy. Rapunzel was not sure, but it felt like they were cheering for her. But why?

Suddenly she heard a creaking noise. She quickly turned again to see a scene that drastically changed. It was nighttime, and she was in what could be the nursery. She quickly found the cradle, with the baby sleeping soundly. It looked like the king and queen were sleeping in a nearby bed. Rapunzel had a sick feeling in her stomach, like she knows this is going to turn out bad. Even though she doesn't want to watch, she knows she had to.

She heard the creaking getting louder and louder from a nearby window. She saw two shadows near the window. She can barely make out Pitch, and beside him was...

Her mother!

'Why would she be here?' Rapunzel thought.

"Here you are," Pitch said like a gentleman. "As I promised you, your flower."

Rapunzel watch as Gothel entered the room, with really grey hair and saggy wrinkles. She approaches the crib, with a disgusted look.

"How dare they put the flower into this brat," she whispers. Rapunzel couldn't believe her ears, why would her mother say those things.

"Hey," pitch said. "You're the one who did a poor job in hiding your flower. If you had been more careful, the royal guards wouldn't have found it and gave it to the queen while she was giving birth."

Gothel shakes her head and leans over the crib. "Let's just get this over with," she said while gathering a lock or the baby's hair in her hand.

Rapunzel stood over the crib and watch her mother. She is sure that neither her or Pitch could see her, so there is no lose in coming out of hiding.

"I pray this still works," the old woman said as takes in a deep breath. "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine..."

As she sings, the baby's hair began to glow. Rapunzel was shock that the bay could do that. The only realistic explanation would be that she is this baby. Rapunzel watch as the magic touched Gothel, and began to refresh her skin and hair. Soon Gothel aged back till she was young a beautiful.

"Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine." Gothel continued to sing, feeling very happy. She then took out a pair of scissors from her cloak, and cut that lock of the child's hair.

Rapunzel saw in horror at what her mother has done. All her life Gothel told her that evil people tried to cut her hair, now she knows that brown lock was her mother's doing. Sure enough, that lock of golden hair turned brown. Gothel was equally shocked. The magic in that lock faded and she began to turn old and pale again.

"No!" She whispers angry.

"Looks like it won't be as easy as you thought," Pitch said seemingly pleased.

Realizing that the magic will only work through the baby's hair, Gothel quickly grabbed the child and ran for the window.

"What are you doing?" Pitch asked angry.

"Taking what's mine!" Gothel answered with frustration. The sudden movement of the baby caused it to wake up and start crying. It woke the parents, who jumped up from the beds in time to see Gothel on the balcony.

"Stop!" The king screamed as he races out of bed.

"My baby!" The queen pleaded to Gothel. But the old woman sneered at them and leapt off the balcony with the Pitch beside her and the child in hand.

Rapunzel felt overwhelm with emotion. She closed her eyes to try to avoid the pain, but it the feeling of betrayal hit harder than a knife. Knowing now that she's been lied to all her life, and was stolen from her real family. Everything felt like it was jabbing at her all at once. He real mom and dad, Gothel's description, the kingdom, Eugene, her quest, her magic, it was almost too much for her to take.


Rapunzel shot opened her eyes, and took in a huge breath of air, as if she just surface from the sea of darkness. She blinked to clear her vision, and see Jack holding her hands with worry.

"Are you ok?" He asks. "What happened?"

Rapunzel's face was covered with sweat, and her breathing was erotic. She couldn't get into her head what she just witness. But it was clear as night and day, and Rapunzel knew what it all means.

"Mother...she...she..." She began to say, but her inhale and exhale was blocking her speech.

"Slow down," Jack said coming closer and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Just try to relax."

Rapunzel took in a few more deep breaths before looking at Jack. "I...I saw... Everything," Rapunzel told him. "It...it all makes sense now. The lights that come only on MY birthday, the festival, and the crown that seemed to fit on my head. Jack...I'm the lost princess."

"Come again?" Jack said a little confused.

"I'm the lost princess!" Rapunzel said becoming more determined and angry with each word.

Jack was equally shocked by this revelation. "No, way," he said with his mouth dropped.

"I saw it all," Rapunzel continued. "Mother Gothel kidnapped me from my real parents, just so she can use my hair! And she would do anything to keep me with her!"

"So she can stay young forever," Jack finishes with a cross face. He couldn't believe that anyone could hurt Rapunzel this way. Pascal and Baby tooth felt the same way. They were just gumming with anger.

"I just can't believe I believed her!" Rapunzel rages as she jumped off her bed and smacked her fist on her desk. "I can't believe what a fool I was for not realizing this!"

Jack quickly grabbed his tooth box and stuffed back in his shirt before meeting Rapunzel. "It's not your fault," he said trying to make her feel better. "She fooled us all. You can't blame yourself-"

"But she...she..." Rapunzel said trying to let her anger come out with water in her eyes. "I loved her."

"And she played that to her advantage," Jack said. "But now is the time for you to stand up to her. Let her see that you are not a tool in her machine. You are not just her flower, you are Rapunzel."

Rapunzel cleared her eyes and focused that thought in her mind. For too long her mother has been controlling her, manipulating her, and deceiving her. Well not anymore.

"You're right," Rapunzel said. Then she realizes that Merida, Hiccup and Eugene could be in trouble now. Who knows what her mother and those brothers could've done to them. She and Jack need to save them, now! "Let's go get the others."

"Alright," Jack said excited. As Rapunzel race to pick up Pascal, Jack went and got his staff.

"Rapunzel, what's going on up there?"

The voice of Gothel freezes both of them. But Rapunzel was determined to not let her so called mother sway them away.

"But first," Rapunzel told Jack, "I need to put 'mother' in her place."

Jack nods, saying he'll be beside her for this. Rapunzel marches out of her bedroom and looked Gothel in the eyes, furious.

"Are you alright?" Gothel asked in concern about half way up the stairs.

"You lied to me," Rapunzel said quietly.

Gothel couldn't quite hear what Rapunzel said, and quickly snorts at it. "Please, speak up dear. You know how I hate the mumbling."

"You lied to me!" Rapunzel snapped.

"What do you mean-?" Gothel said puzzled.

"I know who I am now!" Rapunzel announced with a strong voice that could blow over a door. "I'm the lost princess, aren't I?"

Gothel's eyes widen with fear. The very thing she kept well-hidden is exposed. He mind was racing, trying to figure out how it her perfect plan went wrong.

"Did I mumble, mother?" Rapunzel said in a low, cold voice. "Or should I even call you that anymore?"

Gothel tries putting on a smile, going back to her mother routine. Rapunzel always believes her before, this should be no different. "Oh Rapunzel, did you even hear yourself? Why would you ask such a ridiculous question?" She said, acting all motherly and innocent.

But Rapunzel will have no more of this act, and pushed her mother away from her. "It was you! It was all you!" She screamed. "You told the brothers about my hair! Framing my friends and making them leave on that boat! You did it all, just to get to me!"

"Everything I did, was to protect you," Gothel said stern. "Your so called friends would've betrayed you anyway, they would-"

"No!" Rapunzel said cutting her off. "They were the only REAL family I had. They trusted me, helped me through the tough times, and actually cared about me! Not just for my hair, but as a person."

"I do care about you Rapunzel," Gothel pleads. "You are just being rash about this."

Rapunzel pushed Gothel out of the way so she and Jack made their way down the stairs. "I've spent my entire life hiding from people, who would use me for my power. When I should've been hiding from you!"

Gothel followed her down the stairs, not losing her sharpness. "Where will you go? They won't be there for you."

"What did you do?" She asks.

"That criminal, and his associates, are to be hanged for their crimes," Gothel said cruelly.

Rapunzel felt her heart being crushed again. She became horrified at what her mother has done; terrified that she would never see her friends, or the man she loves ever again.

"Now, now. It's alright dear," Gothel said in her smoothest voice. "All is as it should be." She reached her hand out, to pat Rapunzel as if she was a child who needed to understand her reasoning. Trying to bestow her love and care, just like before.

But Rapunzel reacted. She grabs her mother's wrist, and held it firm, not letting Gothel go. "No!" She said in a cold, commanding voice. "You were wrong about the world, and you were wrong about me. I'm not that docile, fragile, and weak girl you say I am. I'm am stronger, and wiser than I've ever been. And you know what, Merida was right. You are a terrible mother and I will never let you use my hair again!"

Rapunzel twisted Gothel's arm and pushed her away, making her stumble back and bumping into the mirror. With one swoosh; the mirror hit the floor, shattering the glass into pieces. Gothel looked at her flower, with dismay. This was the only chance to go back to the way things were, now it's almost impossible. Her flower will never give up willing; now it's time to take drastic action.

"You want me to be the bad guy?" Gothel said cruel and quite. "Fine. Now I'm the bad guy." She glares as she slowly walks towards Rapunzel, and prepares to keep Rapunzel and her hair imprison forever.

"Oh no you don't lady!" Jack yells as he slams his staff on the ground. The floor immediately got cold, and almost icy.

"Wha?" Gothel said surprised.

Jack commanded a huge gush of wind to blow the window open, and push Gothel away. She tries to block her face with her hands, and walk against the wind, but it will soon be futile. Rapunzel backed away from the scene. The wind didn't seem to want to bother her, probably because of Jack. Grateful, she ran to the window and prepares her hair for the long descend to the ground.

"Come on Jack," she said over her shoulder. "The others need us." But as she looked back out her window, and shadow cloud came and pushed her back into the tower.

"Whoa!" She yells as she falls backwards.

Jack stopped his wind and looked towards Rapunzel. He sees the dark cloud of nightmares make a stream and slamming him into the wall. It forced him against the wall, locking his hands and feet in place, making him drop his staff.

"Jack!" Rapunzel cried in fear. She kept off the floor and ran towards the shadows, and began to bang her fists on it.

"Let him go!" She commanded. But then she felt her arms being pulled to her back, and cold handcuffs latch on her wrists.

"No!" She screams as she sees Gothel putting a gag on her mouth.

"Hush my dear, don't say a word," Gothel cruelly said in a sweet sinister voice. "Mama is going keep you from the world."

"I thought you said your flower trusts you again," Pith echoed from the shadows, then appearing next to Jack. "Looks like that trust flew the coop."

Rapunzel screams in her gag at the sight of Pitch. Gothel took great notice of it, and the near freeze she had. "Why didn't you tell me she had a spirit on her side?" She said very cross.

"Just like your flower is your problem, Jack is mine," Pitch explained.

Baby tooth charges at Pitch, hoping to poke his eyes out, but he easily swat her away, knocking her out cold.

"Well then," Gothel said moving back with Rapunzel in chains. "We are going to have a nice mother and daughter chat, aren't we my little flower." Rapunzel struggles to break free from Gothel and help Jack, but it was almost impossible. Gothel attached her handcuffs to a chain in the wall, locking her tight.

"I'm afraid it will have to wait," Pitch said while making a gag for Jack. "We are about to have company..."

Back in the prison, two guards' ascot Merida and Hiccup to where they're gonna hang. Hiccup was in deep thought, trying to think of a way out of this. The guards don't really have any trouble moving him; they had their hands full with Merida. She struggles to break free from her chains, but the guards hold her tight.

"Do you not know who I am," she said with much fuss. "I'm the princess of DunBroch!"

"Sure," one guard joked. "And I'm the king of Arrendale."

Merida defiantly did not want to give up, she kept trying to push and punch her way out. But the chains locking almost her entire body are proving more difficult then she thought.

Suddenly, Hiccup let out a painful moan, and fell to his knees.

"Hey! Get up!" One of the guards commands.

"I don't feel so good," Hiccup let out an agonizing cry.

The guard let go of Merida and went to Hiccup, grabbing his collar. "I said get up!"

Hiccup took the opportunity, and head butt the guard's expose face. He then went down and swept the legs, making the guard fall back, and unconscious.

"Hey!" The other guard yell at Hiccup. Merida saw her chance, and knees the guard in the privet part. He winches in pain as he drops to his knees. As he looks at Merida, she smiles and head butts him in the face, making him go down knocked up.

"That was awesome," Hiccup said as he reaches for the guard's keys.

Merida shook her head and went to meet him. "You were amazing," she said like a proud teacher. "That was a really smart plan."

"I learn from the best," he said with a smile that made Merida blush a bit. "Lesson two; always keep your guard up."

"That right," Merida said as she sees Hiccup getting the keys. But he can't do his own lock, so he passes the keys to Merida, who just got it between her fingers. She gently and carefully got the key into the hole and unlocks his cuffs. After rubbing his wrists, Hiccup unlocked Merida from her chains.

But they could afford a minute to rest, Flynn is heading to the gallows and Rapunzel was in danger.

"Come on, we have no time to dilly dally," Merida said as she lifts Hiccup to his feet.

Together, they run through the hallway, to find Flynn. They did stop to see a table that had all their stuff on it. Hiccup quickly put on his ring to if Toothless is still there and fine. The dragon on the ring turned green, which made Hiccup very happy. He also picked up the frying pan, he needed something to fight with, and that's the only thing there. Besides, he's seen how useful it can be. Merida gathered her bow and quiver with one big swoop, and made sure she still had everything inside the quiver, like the globes and some food. Neither of them could see the crown, but that was the least of their worries. As soon as they were sure they've got everything, they ran to find Flynn. However, when they turned a corner, they saw something they didn't expect to see.

"No way," Hiccup said with his jaw opened.

Flynn struggles to break free from the guards holding him. But he didn't care if they were leading him to his death; he needed to get out of here and save Rapunzel. He knows she's in danger, and wants to go and save her. He loves her too much to lose her like this.

As the guards lead him into a narrow hall way, he spots something on a shelf that shouldn't be there, a small, fragile ceramic unicorn. As Flynn questions this, the door infront of him and the guards shut tight, so did the door behind them.

"What the?" The head guard said confused. He then turns to the door infront of him and bangs it hard. "Open this door!"

A slot on the door opened up to a crazed old man. Flynn instantly recognizes him from the Snuggling Duckling.

"What's the password?" He asks.

"What?" The head guard said confused.

"Nope," the old man said closing the slot.

The head guard's anger quickly rose to a boiling point. "Open this door!" He commands.

The old man opened the slot again, shaking his head. "Not even close," he said before shutting the slot.

The head guard couldn't take it anymore, he has to use force. "You have three seconds to open the door, or bust it open." He said with anger. The other two guards only look and hold Flynn and he readied his weapon. "One!"

Just then a thug came from the ceiling and snatched on of the guards, taking him up.


The other guard looked up confused, unaware that a door opened beside him. A hand reached out and grabbed the guard by the mouth, and pulled him in.

"Three!" The head turned to command his troops. But realize that it was only Flynn standing there. The door did open to the head guard, but it was a big thug from the snuggling duckling, with Hiccup on his shoulders. Before the head guard could do something, Hiccup quickly hit him on the head with the frying pan.

"Frying pans," he said as he jumps off the big guy. "Who knew right?" He races to Flynn and quickly unlocked the handcuffs.

"Thanks," Flynn said with gratitude.

"No problem," Hiccup said with a smile.

"If you two ladies are done, we should get going." Merida said from behind the thug a little annoyed. Both boys snap back to reality as the opposite door began to be knocked down by guards at the other end.

The gang quickly ran for their lives, and away from the guards. They met up with some of the other thugs and ruffians and helped them knock out the guards. While Hiccup either ran or used the frying pan, Merida would use her arrows to snag on the guard's clothes and nailed to a wall. Flynn fought with his fists, and pushing the guards out of the way. The thugs helped in their own unique way, one would use an axe, another would use a his army of rats, and the mime never really did anything expect be a distraction.

Soon, the threesome made it to a courtyard that was surrounded by tall walls. But they also saw the hook hand thug, and the big noes thug. The hooked hand thug took Flynn and put him on a wheelbarrow, while the other grabbed Hiccup and Rapunzel and led them to another nearby wheelbarrow.

"What's going on?" Hiccup asked.

"Just keep your head down, elbows lock and legs apart." The hooked thug said with a wink.

"Why would we-?" Flynn began to say. Then without warning, Vladimir jumps on the other end of Flynn's barrow, and launched him into the air and over the wall.

"Oh no," Hiccup gulped in fear as he readies the position. Merida prepares too for the worst, and then felt her hand being grabbed by the big noes thug.

"Don't forget me, darling," he said sweetly to her.

Normally she would puke at this guy, but he is trying to save her life. So she leaned in and plants a very, very small kiss on his cheek. "I won't," she said as a giant thug hit her barrow. It launches her and Hiccup into the air and over the wall. She took a second to glance that now they are in the kingdom's village and heading towards a giant hay stack.

It was a soft landing, just like a pillow. Hiccup and Merida quickly got out and saw Flynn landed right on Maximus's saddle.

"Max," he said a little surprised. "You went and got them, to save us?"

Maximus turned his head to Flynn and neighs with a nod. He did promise Rapunzel to keep Flynn safe, and he finally seems like a decent guy. So he had no trouble helping him out.

Flynn was surprised and grateful. For so long, Maximus just seemed like a bad horse, now he sees the horse as a new best friend.

"Thank you," Flynn said stroking the mane.

"We really have no time for this!" Merida said as she jumps onto the horse.

"Yeah," Hiccup agrees as Merida helps him up. "Rapunzel is still in danger."

"Right," Flynn said as he snaps back to reality. "Lets go Maximus, show us how fast you can go!"

With that, Maximus charges through the streets and out of the kingdom with great speed. Only one thought was in everyone as they race through the forest.

They have to get to Rapunzel, before it's too late.

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