Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Rapunzel's Tears and Centre

Maximus raced through the forest, breaking almost every branch he came through. He didn't stop for one second to catch his breath. For any second lost, could mean that Rapunzel was one second closer to danger. She was such a sweet girl to Max; he doesn't want anything bad to happen to her.

Rapunzel's safety wasn't just on Maximus's mind, it was on everyone's. Everyone on Maximus's back was really concern about her. But that concern became determination, to get to her a lot faster.

Maximus picked up speed as they went through the grassy curtain and through a tunnel. Then everyone saw it, the tower. It certainly looked the same as ever, but the dark clouds above cast a shadow of gloom in the area.

Wasting no time, Flynn jumps off Maximus and race to the base of the tower. "Rapunzel!" He cried out. He waited only for a second before yelling again. "Rapunzel let down your hair!"

But he got no response. He became frantic, wanting to know that she's safe. Hiccup and Merida both jump off of Maximus and met Flynn at the base.

"I don't like this," Hiccup said speaking his mind.

"Never mind that," Flynn said as he grabs some of the stones at the base. "I'll climb myself." With that, he starts to lift his body to his hands and started to climb.

"Are you nuts?" Merida said to him. "You could fall off and die if you climb that way."

"I don't care," Flynn said with determination. "I have to know she's ok." It seemed like nothing was going to stop Flynn. He just wanted to see Rapunzel's smile again, and know that she is safe.

Then, from the top of the tower, and loud clicking sound can be heard. Everyone looked up to see a stream of golden hair making its way down to meet them.

Flynn let out a huge sigh of relief, Rapunzel is still alive. Wasting no time, he grabbed the hair and began to climb it.

"Wait!" Hiccup whispers to Flynn, making him stop. "This is too weird. Rapunzel let down her hair but didn't answer to us, it's clear something is not right."

"I agree," Merida nods. "It could very well be a trap up there." Even Maximus agreed that it's a trap.

But Flynn shook his head and continued to climb. "Rapunzel is up there and alive, I have to see her." He wasn't going to let anyone talk him out of this. His mind was set of seeing Rapunzel, no matter the cost.

Merida huffed that Flynn wouldn't listen to reason, while Hiccup hatch a thought. 'There has to be another way into the tower. How else could Gothel got herself and Rapunzel back in without the use of the hair.'

He began to race around the tower, till he found the hidden doorway in the bushes. "Merida, over here!" He whispers to make sure no one on the upper levels can hear him. The last thing they need is to announce a surprise attack.

Merida got the hint and signals Maximus to stay put, while she and Hiccup began to race up the stairs.

Flynn finally reached the top, and hauls himself inside. "I never thought I'd see you again," he said never feeling so happy. But then the happiness turned to horror. He can see the room becoming very dark, with broken glass shards on the floor. But the sight that really terrified him was seeing Rapunzel gagged and chained to the wall. Her eyes widen with fear, and her cries were of warning.

As Flynn tried to figure out what is happening, a sharp pain went into his backside and straight through his stomach. His whole body cringed at the pain, and fell down on the floor. He got a glance at a shadow above him, a woman now holding a bloody dagger.

"Now look at what you've done Rapunzel," Gothel said coldly as she walks over Flynn's body. She smiles at Pitch, who is still holding Jack with his shadows, before turning her attention back to Rapunzel. "Don't worry dear; our secret will die with him."

Rapunzel couldn't stand the sight of Flynn on the ground. He was dying and she couldn't do anything to stop it. Gothel was intending on leaving Flynn to die. Rapunzel tries again to break free from her chains, but they still held her firm. She eyes at Jack, also trying to break free and help, but he was trapped as well. It seems like everything is hopeless, but she can't give in, not now. Because if she did, Gothel will win and use her like she did before. She can't allow to be taken advantage of again.

Gothel reached behind Rapunzel and unhook the chain off the wall, and began to drag her flower to the trap door. "And as for us," she said with much force, "we are going, where no one will ever find you again." But Rapunzel refuses to be trap again. She struggles to get closer to Flynn, while her mother keeps dragging her away.

"And you will finally get your prize," Gothel said eyeing Pitch.

He smiles a charming yet creepy smile as he toys his finger on Jack's face. "You are going to make a lovely nightmare."

Jack turns his face in disgust at Pitch's gesture. He eyes Rapunzel being dragged away and Baby tooth still on the ground with Pascal, it seems like the bad guys are going to win.

But then, and arrow came through the trap door, and nearly missing Gothel's face.

"Get back!" Merida ordered, pointing another arrow at Gothel, with Hiccup behind her with the frying pan. "Stay away from her!"

But Gothel didn't move, but looks at the two of them coldly. "I've had enough of you two," she said. "You've become a bad influence on my daughter."

"Who would lock her own daughter in chains?" Hiccup yells angry while tightening his hands on the pan. "What kind of mother are you?"

"I can answer that one for you," Merida said over her shoulder. "A bad one." She then draws her bow back a little more, aiming for Gothel's head. "Now let her go!" She threatens.

Gothel chuckle a bit, seeing the two of them threatening her. "I don't think so," she said. "I think you should just get out of our way."

Out of nowhere, two shadow tentacles came through the trap door, grab them both and lift them through the trap door. The shadows then pushed them both to a wall, and held them in place. Not one of them can move or do anything to stop Gothel.

"Now that that's done, come along dear," Gothel said resuming her journey to get Rapunzel through the door.

But Rapunzel continues to try to go back. She eyes her friends being hostages, and her new love on the floor dying, she needed to stay and help them. Especially Flynn, he'll die if she doesn't use her hair on him soon. She has to get to him before it's too late. She has to save her friends too. She can't give in to Gothel, not now.

"Really Rapunzel," Gothel shouts, trying to reel her flower in. "Enough already! STOP FIGHTING ME!"

With all her might, Rapunzel pulled away from Gothel and manages to loosen her gag around her mouth. "No!" She cried with defiance. "I won't stop, for every second of my life. I will fight. I will never stop trying to get away from you!"

Rapunzel drew up the courage she never had before, enough to make a fight with Gothel. She wanted her mother to be afraid at her, to not take advantage of her in the way she did. Rapunzel knows who she is and the truth about the world. She understands everything so clearly now, and doesn't want things to be the way they were.

But she also knows that Gothel won't give up. She'll do whatever it takes to get Rapunzel to stay with her. Even hurt the people she cares about. She quickly looks around the room, seeing everyone either in the walls in chains, or on the floor dying. Her friends, her love, they'll will never be safe if she fights to be free. She made a plan to make sure they will be alright, even if it means giving up her freedom for them. It would just make her happy that they'll be safe.

She turns back to Gothel, and look at her with a sad look on her face. "But, if you let me heal him, and you let them go, I'll go with you," she pleads to her mother.

Everyone in the room was shocked at what Rapunzel just said.

"No! Rapunzel don't!" Flynn choke in pain. He wants Rapunzel to be free from this woman. Even if it means he's dead, he can't allow Rapunzel's good spirit to be locked up again.

"No, don't!" Merida yells with so much emotion.

"Don't worry about us," Hiccup screams in desperation.

"Don't do this!" Jack muffled through his gag, hoping Rapunzel heeds everyone's words.

She ignore them and kept her gaze on Gothel. "I'll never run, I'll never try to escape. Just let me save my friends, and you and I will be together. forever. just like you wanted. I promise."

Gothel's eyes narrow at Rapunzel, thinking. She knew her flower has never broken a promise in her life. If doing this one good deed means that Rapunzel will be hers' forever, she should abide by it.

"Don't tell me your thinking about this?" Pitch yells. The last thing he wants is to let his prey go, especially when he is so close to it.

Gothel looked at Pitch, then back at Rapunzel. "If there's one thing I know about my daughter, is that she's never broke a promise." She then undoes the cuff on Rapunzel's wrists, and removed the gag.

Rapunzel immediately ran to Flynn, and examined his wound. It's a very deep cut, and he was losing a lot of blood.

"Eugene," she quickly hugged. "I'm so sorry. But you're going to be fine, I promise." She quickly took some of her hair and put it over the wound.

"No, no Rapunzel," he said trying to get the hair off of him. But he was too weak to match Rapunzel's speed. "I can't let you do this."

"And I can't let you die," Rapunzel whispers sweetly to him.

"But if you do this, then you will die," he said trying to make her stop.

She hushed him like a mother to a child. "It's going to be ok," she said.

"No it isn't" Hiccup said, "You can't just give in like this."

"I have to," she said while glancing to all of her friends on the walls. "It's the only way you can be safe."

"But, you will never live your dream," hiccup said in desperation, hoping for Rapunzel to listen to everyone.

Rapunzel looked at each of her friends, reflecting on the adventure she had. She battled with the worst men, met a lot of amazing people, and saw the world in more colours then on her walls. She learned so much and will treasure that forever. "Thank you all for helping me make my biggest dream come true," she said with a warm smile. "I will remember each and every one of you. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Just to know that you will be safe, I'll be happy with that."

While Rapunzel talked to her friends, Flynn tries desperately to get the hair off him, but it was no use. He can't allow Rapunzel to give in and be a prisoner for this horrible woman. He then remembers something she told him, the one condition about her hair. He felt around until his hand pricked on a big shard of glass. He quickly hid it so no one can see it.

"Rapunzel," Merida said on the verge of tears, as much as she tries to fight them. She doesn't to show Rapunzel the weakness she feels. "You might be the bravest lass I've ever known." Hiccup and Jack nod their heads in agreement while displaying their own sad expressions.

"Thank you," Rapunzel said with a sad smile. "It means a lot coming from you." With that, she leans down to Flynn and took a deep breath.

"Rapunzel, wait," Flynn said raising a hand to Rapunzel's cheek. She looked deep in his eyes, seeing the soul inside of him. It made her sad to never see them again, but knows she has to do what's right. She can't deny that she loves him, and deep down knows that he loves her too. Somehow she knows he's asking to kiss her, it's a funny feeling in her heart.

As she leans in to give him a loving, assuring kiss, his hand moves past her cheek and grabbed her hair. With all his strength, he holds the glass shard and uses it to cut Rapunzel's hair.

"Eugene, what?" Rapunzel said shocked. She could see little locks fall around her face. The golden strains quickly turned brown. They made their way to her roots and stayed there. It was obvious to her that her magic hair is gone, and the hair on her head is brown.

"No!" Gothel said in fear. She quickly picked up the long hair on the floor, trying to gather it all. But all the golden hair quickly turned brown.

"What have you done?!" She screams in anger as she sees her arm becoming thinner and whiter. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"

She stumbles to the cracked mirror and got a look at herself. Her hair and skin quickly became a ghostly white, and shrivelled. She started to lose her balance and her youth. She could feel the ages catching up to her, and draining her.

"PITCH! HELP ME!" She cried as she pulls her hood over her face.

But Pitch has no intention of helping her; after all she's the one who went back on the deal. Besides, there's nothing he can do anyway. "Why," he shrugs the same way she did to him.

Gothel stumble backwards in pain as her life is being sucked dry. But the nightmares started to fade away around Merida and Hiccup. Soon they were free from their bondage.

Pitch knew what this meant, he was tied to this time thanks to Gothel, and now that she's dying, he won't be tied anymore. Meaning he'll be going back to the present soon. Before he disappears, he turns to Jack in a threatening voice. "This is far from over." With that he disappears, taking all his shadows and nightmares with him.

Gothel still wallow in pain as she feels herself getting smaller and colder. Not looking where she's going, she trips on Jack's staff and fell over the window and out of the tower.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh...! She screams with her final breath as her clothes whether away and her skin sinks to her bones. All her hair became thinner and thinner until it disappears. Her bones began to break and her body sank into her cloak. When she hits the ground, all that was left was an explosion of dust.

Rapunzel took a glance out of the window, and saw that her mother is now dead and gone.

Jack picks up his staff and put a hand on Rapunzel, "are you ok?" He asks.

Rapunzel didn't know what to think, everything happened so fast. "I...I think so," she said with a heavy heart. Yes her mom lied to her, but she was the only mother she's known. And now she's gone.

But Rapunzel can't focus on what happened to Gothel; Flynn is still on the ground dying.

"Eugene," she said with great fear. "No, no, no, no, stay with me!"

Hiccup and Merida came to Jack and just watch. None of them had a clue what to do. Baby tooth finally recovers, but can only watch Rapunzel struggling to save Flynn.

She knew the magic in her hair is gone, but she has to try. It's the only thing she can think of to save Flynn's life. "Flower gleam and glow, let your...power shine..."

"Rapunzel, stop."

Rapunzel looked at Flynn, and see that the colour in his eyes is fading. She couldn't help the tears appearing in her eyes, she was going to lose the man she loves.

"It's ok, it's ok," he said with every ounce of life he has left. "You're free now, that's what matters."

"But why?" Rapunzel said through her tears. "Why would you do that for me?"

"Because... You were my new dream," he confessed to her.

Rapunzel leaned in to him and softly said, "and you were mine," with all her heart. A smile spread across Flynn's face as he closed his eyes. Rapunzel could feel his heartbeat slowing down, and his breathing was almost nonexistent.

"No, no please," she begged Flynn. "Please stay with me."

The others were watching near the window and felt nothing but sorrow. Even Merida had to wipe a few tears of her face. Jack was so sad; he unknowingly made a small flurry of snowflakes around everyone.

But Rapunzel couldn't feel the snowflakes; she couldn't feel anything but sorrow and pain. "You've shown me... that the world outside... was not a dark cruel place. It's full of light... and colour... and amazing things." She said trying to keep her emotions together. "You saved me from my prison, and I need you here to help guide me. I need... I... I love you."

Tears quickly dropped down to his shirt, and Rapunzel couldn't stop them coming even if she tried. She couldn't find comfort from her pain. All she can do is pray for a miracle.

"Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design, save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine. What once was mine," she sang quietly, hoping for a miracle.

There was a moment of silence, except for Rapunzel's sobs. But then, Jack saw something in the corner of his eye. He turned to see the old painting of Rapunzel seeing the lights. Then the most parculier thing happen, all the painted lanterns began to flow almost like the real ones.

"Ummm, what's going on?" Jack said getting everyone's attention. But only Hiccup and Merida could look away to see the glowing painting.

Then the glowing lanterns leaped off the wall and circle around the room. Rapunzel looked up from Flynn's chest to see what's happening, but her tears still soak his vest. Then a glow came from her tears, and a light spread like a flower. As she wondered what is happening, the lanterns came together and shine a bright light around the room. Everyone had to cover their eyes to avoid and damage. When both lights dimmed, everyone looked up to see a floating ball of purple light where the lanterns were. The light flew down to Rapunzel, and she held it in her hand.

She felt something weird, a connection to this light. It was filling her body with relief and relaxation. She felt a power flowing in her, spreading to every cell in her body. She even felt it in the roots of her hair, which began to grow until it hit the floor.

When she looked at the light, it dimmed, leaving a very small purple rock with a golden symbol on it.

"My stone?" Rapunzel whispered.

"Rapunzel," she heard Hiccup scream in surprise. "Your hair!"

Rapunzel's eyes widen as she feels her head. The short hair that was there 2 seconds ago was no more. Now her hair is long again. She let one lock go down her shoulder to see its back to a golden blonde.

"It grew back!" Merida said surprised.

"Shame really,"

Rapunzel looked down to see the person talking.

"I'm more of a fan of brunettes," Flynn said with a smile.

Happiness and joy could not describe what Rapunzel was feeling. "Eugene," she cried as she hugs him tight. He hugged her back, with the I describe feeling she has.

All at once, the atmosphere in the room changed. The sun was coming through the window, the room was so bright that no shadow can spread, and everyone had a smile on their face.

Rapunzel and Flynn took the opportunity and embrace each other's love with a passionate kiss.

At that moment, everything seemed right with the world.

As everyone prepared to leave the tower, Rapunzel looked at her hair. It wasn't as long as it was before; her hair went down to about her ankles and tickling them. She quickly sang the magic song to see if the magic is back, sure enough the hair glowed and probably still has the healing factor. But this time, she didn't feel trapped because someone wanted to use her for it. Instead, she felt free and decisive. She won't be held down by anyone wanting to use her hair; she is now free to make her own choice. And her first one is to put that hair in a long braid, to keep it neat and tangled free, and then she joined her friends as they go down the trap door.

Everyone walked out of the tower and met Maximus outside. Jack took a close look at Gothel's cloak, reviling nothing but dust inside.

"Just like that professor guy in the last crusade, right?" he said with a smile. Unfortunately, no one else smiles back, they were just confused.

"I need to stop making references," Jack said slapping his forehead.

A few hours later, everyone made it to the snuggling duckling, to celebrate Rapunzel's release. Some of the thugs that helped everyone escape the jail were here, and happy they could help. When Rapunzel told them who she really was, she was surprised to see them all bow down and salute their lost princess.

The snuggling ducking became a huge party hall, with the hooked-hand guy playing some good music. While the big noes guy tried to get Merida to dance with him, she just points to a lonely girl in the corner and suggests he make the first move with her. It worked and he and the woman danced in perfect harmony. The mime seemed to be happy, though he wasn't saying it.

Maximus was very happy too, he had all the apples he could eat, and got a lot of applauses from the thugs. Though it was uncomfortable for him at first, Maximus liked hanging out with them. Pascal enjoyed himself too, but mostly with the food.

Hiccup was pulled into the celebration, and showed off his blacksmith advice with some of the thug's weapons. He was offered with mugs of drink and compliments for his help. As for Jack, he just leans against the wall and watch the celebration. He wasn't too big with parties, and just like seeing people having a good time.

As for Rapunzel and Flynn, well Flynn net by Eugene again, and he and Rapunzel danced in the centre of the room. This time felt more magical then the one in the kingdom, and the feeling of love was mutual. They wanted to share that with the whole world with how they feel about their love and new life. When the hook-hand guy played a familiar tune, they couldn't help but to sing together.

"All my life has been a series of doors in my face," Rapunzel sang with glee.

"And then suddenly I bump into you..."

"With a frying pan," Eugene said while rubbing the back of his head. "Anyway, I've been searching my whole life to find my own place.

And maybe it's the party talking or the smile on you."

Rapunzel giggles at his comment. "But with you..."

Eugene took her hand and turned her. "But with you, I found my place..."

"I see your face..." Rapunzel said when she faced him again.

"And it's nothing like I've ever known before!" They both sang as they take each other's hand and spin around.

"Life is an open door!

Life is an open door!

Life is an open door!"

"With you!" Rapunzel said with a smile

"With you!" Eugene said back.

"With you!" Rapunzel repeats

"With you!" Eugene said dipping her in a romantic style

"Life is an open door..." They both said looking at each other's eyes, becoming lost in the moment.

Eugene raises Rapunzel back on her feet and smile sweetly. "I mean it's crazy..."

"What?" Rapunzel asks.

"We finish each other's—"


"Exactly" Eugene shouts with glee.

Rapunzel jumps on a table and looks down at Eugene. "I never thought that-"

-you think so much like me!" Eugene said with her as he jumps on a nearby table.

"Jinx!" They shout as they point their fingers together. "Gotcha!"

"With all that we've been through,

There's a thing that came true!"

"You-" Eugene starts

"And you-" Rapunzel adds in.



"- a brand new dream." They sang together as some thugs push the tables together.

"Say goodbye..." Eugene said holding jumping down and pick up Rapunzel by the waist, helping her down.

"I'll Say goodbye..." Rapunzel sang to her love.

"To the pain of the past" they both sang as the meet each other on the ground.

"We don't have to feel it anymore!"

They circle back to the centre of the tavern, catching everyone's eyes.

"Life is an open door!

Life is an open door!"

Rapunzel catches the eyes of her friends, who watch from their own table, happy for her.

"Life is now so much more!"

"With you!" Rapunzel said to Eugene.

"With you!" Eugene responds.

Rapunzel then turn to her friends and gestures them to join her and Eugene. "With you guys!"

At first the group was confused, "With us?" Jack asks Rapunzel, who came towards them and pulls Merida and Hiccup to the centre. Jack followed, as the chorus picked up again.

"Life is an open door..." Eugene and Rapunzel sang, putting their arms around the group, making a big huddle.

Merida and Hiccup shrugs and joins in the next verse. "Life is an open door..."

Then the feeling of friendship kicked in. They've been through a lot together, and it made their bond stronger. They realized that together, they can do anything, even finished this quest and stop Pitch. Then they can live the way they want, and the world can be an open book to what they want.

"Life is an open door!" The group cheer and raise their hands to the sky. The crowd appealed the group that they are moving forward to their dreams. One thing was for sure with the group, they've become the best of friends.

When the celebration was done, everyone went outside to say goodbye to their new friends. The thugs gave out hugs and good pats on the shoulders. The most heartbreaking goodbye was between Eugene and Rapunzel.

"Do you have to go," he asks.

"Yes," She said trying to hide her sadness. "Pitch, the spirit who worked with my mother, is still out there. He needs to be stopped."

"I know," he said holding a hand to her cheek, "just be careful, alright."

She nods as she leans in to kiss him on the lips. She then turns to Maximus and scratches his neck. "You'll keep an eye on him, and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble." She said raising an eyebrow. The horse neighs and stands in attention, showing his new mission was clear.

"You are such a good horse." She said as she hugs him goodbye.

Pascal pulls on her braid, getting her attention. He begged her to take him with her, but she picks him up and puts him on Eugene's shoulder.

"Sorry Pascal," she said with a pity face. "You can't come with me, it's going to be a little unpredictable where I'm going, and I need to know that you are safe."

Pascal frowns and his skin turns red. But she scratches her finger on his head, making him calm again.

"I will be back, I promise," she said with a smile.

"Don't worry blondie," Flynn said with a smile. "I'll take good care of him."

"Thank you," she said with a smile. She then runs to meet up with her friends down the path.

She quickly turned though and waved, "goodbye!" Every thug and ruffian responded by waving goodbye back. Maximus and Flynn also waved goodbye, but more of a worried. It created the hope that she will come back to them, and then their new lives can begin.

Rapunzel raced to her friends and they begin to walk out of the snuggling duckling resident's view.

"Hard to believe that you're really a princess?" Hiccup said in wow.

"I know," Rapunzel with a smile. "I can hardly believe it myself."

"Why don't you go and meet your real parents?" He asks.

"I wish I could," Rapunzel answers. "But then they might not let me go on this quest. Stopping Pitch is more important than seeing my parents."

"On the bright side, you've got your stone," Merida pointed out while moving her quiver holding the arrows and the globes. Rapunzel's stone was in there, just to be sure that they couldn't lose it.

"Yeah, how did you do that?" Jack asked with Baby tooth on his shoulder.

"I'm not exactly sure," she shrugs. "But it's just like Emily said, 'our stone would be where our hearts are.' My heart was locked in my tower, even when we were outside. I was just so focus on the lanterns then returning to mother. But when she was destroyed, there was nothing tying me to the tower, and I remembered Eugene showing me the true colours of the world. Everyone was so unique and nice, the buildings had their own voice in the way they're structure. I just opened my eyes to how creative the world is and not all dark and evil like my mother said." She pause in a realization. "That's my centre, creativity. I can see people's true colours and use that inspiration with my paintings."

"It certainly matches," Jack said with a smile.

"It feels so weird, yet amazing at the same time," Rapunzel said speaking her thoughts. "I can't believe it took me this long to figure out my centre, or the fact that my mom was evil."

"Believe me I know," Jack said twirling his staff. "Took me three hundred years to figure out my centre."

"Well I'm not waiting 300 years for mine," Merida said stopping the group and putting a hand on her hip. "Come on, we've got one, but we need three more."

Everyone stopes in their tracks making sure no one else could see them, or what they are about to do.

"So what's our next stop?" Rapunzel asks.

"I'm still in no hurry to go home," Merida said removing her quiver from her back and pulling out a small snow globe.

"So I guess it's me," Hiccup said taking the globe. "We are off to Berk."

"I can't wait!" Rapunzel jumps in excitement.

"It will be interesting," Merida admits.

"I can't wait to meet your dragon friend," Jack said with enthusiasm.

"Yeah, him," Hiccup said while looking at his ring. He became a little worried of what his friends will think when they meet Toothless. Will they try to kill him like his tribe would, or give Toothless a chance. But seeing as he is traveling with a spirit and two princesses, they'll probably be more open minded then the Vikings in his village. Only one way to find out.

"Let's do this," Hiccup said while shaking the globe. He has to get the location in mind of where they would end up. He can't say the cove; they could accidentally freak Toothless out. He also can't say the village; they might appear right in the middle and scare a lot of Vikings into attacking them. Besides, he's been gone for a while; surely the tribe might be looking for him. He has to pick someplace quiet and safe to appear. Then the ideal place came into his head.

"Raven point, just outside the village of Berk!" He shouts. Within seconds, a cliff side appeared in the globe. Hiccup used every bit of strength to throw the globe on the ground and smash it to bits. The glass shards flew up and created a portal in the air.

"See you guys on the other side," Jack said as he jumps in with Baby tooth. He was followed by Rapunzel, the Merida. Hiccup was a little hesitant to go in. He was going to run away from Berk, to forget about it and start a new life with Toothless. Now he has to go back and stop an evil spirit from destroying it. But he tried to look on the bright side, he'll see Toothless again, and maybe he can prove to his tribe that he's not as weak as they think.

With a deep breath, he jumps through the portal, and journeys back to the island of Berk.

"Well, that was a little...unexpected."

Pitch sat on his iron throne, thinking about what just happened. It seems that these new guardians would be more troublesome then he anticipated. Three of them were mortal children, yet they were able to figure they're way out of imprisonment.

"Those children are going to be a problem." Pitch said pressing his fingers together.

"But you can defeat them," Tooth said kneeling by his side. "You are the master of darkness."

"Yes," he said standing and flying to his globe. "But they still have Jack, and he surprised me."

Pitch's mind went back to the night on the lake, where Jack frosted his nightmares without his staff. What if he can do more than that?

"Don't worry too much master," Tooth said with a bit of sweetness in her voice. "Jack won't matter as soon as you turn him into one of us. And look," she points to he globe, with a lot of the lights going out. "The children will stop believing soon. Jack will be powerless to stop you, and the world will be yours."

Pitch smiles as he brushes his hand over her cheek. "I can see why the guardians really like listening to you."

Both of them turn their heads to see Bunny approach them.

"It's working master," he said. Christmas decorations are being destroyed, along with the children's belief."

"Excellent," Pitch said being proud. "Anything about where our jolly old friend is hiding?"

"Nothing yet master," Bunny said. "But soon, he will grow weak, and expose himself. That's when we will get him."

"And the Sandman will get weaker too," Tooth pointed out. "He will be right for the picking soon."

"Excellent," Pitch said looking at the two of them. "Keep it up, I want those children to lose faith, just on time for Christmas."

"Well the weather is certainly helping," Bunny said with an evil smile.

Without Jack's magic and Pitch messing with the powers of nature, the northern part of North America is dealing with a huge snowstorm. Soon they will have no electricity and the roads will be too hazardous to go out and play. People will focus more on staying alive and warm then Christmas. All and all, Pitch was very pleased with this change of weather.

"Yes it is," he said with pride as he observed the globe. He then turns to his puppets. "Keep disrupting the holiday; make North come out of hiding. I want him and the Sandman found!"

"You heard the master ladies," Tooth said to her troops before they fly off. But Bunny stayed to ask his master a question.

"What are you going to do?"

Pitch chortle as his hands goes over Merida's and Hiccup's tooth cases. "I am going to make sure those children do not interfere again."

With that, he picks up Hiccup's box and put his pendent close to it. The jewel shines a bright green light, and it engulfs Pitch, making him vanish into thin air.

"You guys too," Jamie talked to his computer.

"Yeah," Caleb said with Skype. "We can't go outside with the weather like this. Dad's saying that he had to cancel our trip to Disney world because of the snow."

"My mom is going to work less and less with the crazy weather." Pippa said.

"I know," Jamie said. "My mom's boss had to close the store in fear of her not coming home."

"This is awful luck," Monty said with a droopy face.

"I know, and this close to Christmas too." Claude said.

"My dad is worried he's not going to be here for Christmas." Cupcake said with a sour face.

"I'm more worried that Santa isn't going to get through this storm." Monty said with the lot agreeing to that statement.

"Hang on guys," Jamie said with a hopeful look. "He can still make it, he's got Rudolph remember. And Jack will clear the snow before then..."

"Then why isn't he!" Cupcake yells at Jamie. A lot of the friends on the screen nod in agreement.

"Yeah, why is he making this storm in the first place?" Pippa asked.

"Maybe it's not his fault," Jamie said, defending his friend. "He had to leave in a hurry remember, the guardians must be fighting something big and..."

"Jamie enough," Caleb said with a sad look. "You need to think, this weather is real, and Jack is not coming to help us."

"What are you saying?" Jamie asked with narrow eyes.

"I'm saying that maybe he was just an imaginary friend, that we just all dreamed him."

"You're not saying that you are giving up on Jack?" Jamie said applaud at what his friend just said. "He's our friend!"

"He's something we made up!"

"What about that battle with Pitch?" Jamie asked his friends. "And the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa were there. How can we dream that up?"

"We just...did," his friend said looking away from the screen. Jamie looked at the other's faces, sharing that unsure look and having dark circles under their eyes.

"What's wrong with you guys?" Jamie asked out of concern. "Why are you acting like this? You know Jack Frost is real, so why are you acting like you've never knew him."

"He was just a dream," his friend said while keeping the sorrow in his voice. "You should be lucky you get those, and not...not..."

"Nightmares," Cupcake finished. She then logged out and her screen went black.

"Nightmares..." Jamie layed back on his headboard in thought. Thinking back to the last time he encounter nightmares, and the one person that could produce them. "Pitch Black! He must be back and spreading fear again. The guardians must be fighting him right now to..."

"Can it Jamie," Claude said. "Enough already." Then he logged out of the chat.

"Yeah, you should be more focused on keeping warm." Caleb said before he followed his brother.

"I'm sorry Jamie," Pippa said before she logged out.

Jamie looked down on his computer, not believing his friends talked that way. It was one thing to be worried about Christmas not coming, but to blame and forgets Jack is pulling on Jamie's heart string.

"I should log out too, my mom doesn't want me up past 8." Monty said with a hand above his screen. "What are you going to do?"

Jamie looked at his last friend on the screen, with determination in his eyes. "I'm going to keep my promise to Jack, and keep believing." Jamie shuts his computer hard and puts it on the floor. He turns off his lamp and covers himself up in covers. His mind was racing over what his friends said. But he knows Jack is real, and he'll believe that. His resolve drifted him to sleep.

As he slept, the Sandman's sand found its way to Jamie's head and help turns his dreams sweet. Jamie began to dream that Jack was back and making a huge snow fort that he and Jamie can play and shoot cannon sized snowballs at people. A passing nightmare saw the dream, and crept into the dream, with a thirst for misery. It was determined to turn this sweet dream into a nightmare.

But as it gets close to Jamie, a shot of green light blasts the nightmare away. Emily smiles as she draws her hand back to her side. She looks at Jamie and sits on his bed. Her finger gentle moves some hair from his face and she can see him smile.

"As I promised you Jack," she said as she watches the dream preformed in front of her. "I'll keep Jamie safe."

She leaves the bed and leaves behind a flower to keep an eye on Jamie. She phases through the bedroom wall and jumped down to the ground. Snow whizzed by her as she makes her way to the old tree in the kid's backyard. She phases into the tee and use its trunk as an elevator to her golden tree.

But she can only look at it in misery, most of the leaves are turning brown, and the tree was getting closer and closer to dying. Emily was worried, with each leaf dead, more problems the world will take. Nature will die, and everything will be out of balance.

"But you must hurry Jack," she said holding her hands in a prayer, "time is running out."


Love's an open door-Frozen

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