Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Jack frost

North was busy in his usual way, making his wondrous toys from ice. He has spent 5 weeks making a roller coaster track; complete with drops and loop-da-loops, and now he just finished the car. He is sure the kids will like it for Christmas. He could already see the kid's excitement as they open their presents. As he was about to slip into his day dreams of the holiday; he snaps back to reality in realization that Christmas is coming up in about a month. He was just about to test his new creation, when the door to office slams open by a yeti.

"OH what is it!?" North asks the frighten creature.

The Yeti started franticly yelling Grunts and mumbo jumbo only North understands. "The Globe?" North said with concern, he than power walks passed the Yeti, through the shop and to the Globe.

On the Globe were a billion lights representing a child who believes in the Guardians, naughty or nice. North studied the globe, noticing only a few lights going out. "Nothing to worry about," He said with a hint of laughter, "just a few more believers will take their place. Give a few days and the globe will be full of light."

He was about to walk away when something flew in his face, it was a little fairy. "A baby tooth, what are you doing here?" the tooth fairy talked in a bird motion with worry on her face, it took a while for North to understand.

"The Tooth Palace was attacked! Nevozmozhno!"

As if on cue, more lights on the globe went out. Then out of nowhere black sand began to cover the globe. North ready his swords to be ready for a possible attack. The sand than disperse to the sides of the room, and then collects at the top of the globe. They foamed a man with spiked hair and golden eyes. The figure then let out a low menacing laugh, frightening the yetis out of their wits. The sand than flew out of a nearby window, leaving North astounded.

"It can't be." He said as he took in everything that just happen. He then turns to an elf, "Dingle! Make preparations! We're going to have Company."

Meanwhile in Burgess, snow covered most of the grass and the air chilled like ice. It's as cold as a fridge, but the people didn't seem to mind. In truth, the cold never bothered them anyway. Most of the adults blame that they live near Canada, but the kids knew the truth. Their town is also home of Jack Frost, the spirit of winter and fun. But pretty much all the adults can't see him, mostly because they don't believe in him. Today however, he walks down the street near the park with his best friend, 11 year old Jamie Bennett.

"What about the Leprechaun?"


"The great pumpkin?"

"No, but there is a skeleton that governs that holiday."

"How about cupid?"

"Cupid? Ha. She's a real handful." Jack said with a side of humor.

It's been a number of months since his battle with Pitch and becoming a guardian. Since then, he's never been happier. He's been seen by more children than ever before. But he still has a special place for Jamie, his first believer. He and Jamie became great friends, throwing snowballs, making snow forts (now more like snow castles), and spending all snow days and PA days together. Sometimes Jamie's friends join in the fun, happy to see Jack preform his talent for them.

Though, a number of times he had to be careful. Because Jack controls snow, he can't around them much during the summer. But he secretly made a small bank of snow near the lake he lives on. The kids love to go there to beat the heat. But now it's about a month before Christmas, time for a lot more snow days and fun.

As for today, Jamie has his book 'Mysteries, Mythical Creatures and the Unexplained Phenomena' and he's been asking about all of creatures in the book and all the ones he could think of were real. Jack happily answered all of his questions.

"Ok," Jamie said as he keeps thinking of any other creatures. "What about Dragons?"

Jack searched his thoughts, for the last 300 years he's seen a lot of things, but a dragon, that's something new.

"You know kid." He said while he swings his staff. "I don't believe I've ever seen a dragon."

Jamie looked a little disappointment, "So they're not real?"

"Whoa, wait a second kid." Jack said as he jumps on his staff. "Just because I never saw one doesn't mean they're not real."

"Just like what I thought of you. You know…before…"

"Exactly." Jack said with a smile. "Tell you what kid, next time I see North I'll ask. I'm sure he'll know."

"Thanks Jack." Jamie said with a smile.

Jack smiles back. Then he felt a snowball hit him at the back of his head, causing him to fall off his staff and land headfirst in a snow bank. Jamie stood back and laughs. Jack pop his head up and saw all of Jamie's friends with snow balls in their hands and smiles on their faces.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be." he said with a sly smirk. He took his staff and made an air full of snow balls and the air threw them at the kids. Soon a big snow ball fight began. The kids and Jack then start throwing snowballs left and right, ducking to dodge the others. Jack also went around making more ammo for the kids. But most of the time, the kids kept throwing snowballs at him.

About 30 minutes later, everyone was laying in the snow exhausted and snow cover their faces. The kids were talking about school projects and tests that jack should make into a snow day. Jack had no problem agreeing with a lot of them. He loves to make the kids happy, especially Jamie. But then he felt a little sad. He's immortal, he will never age. But Jamie will grow up, and might end up forgetting him. Then what will happen? Before he could figure that, he notices something in the air.

The aurora lights.

Jack remembers North told him when they light up the sky, the guardians are needed. He sighs at the thought of leaving the kids, but he knew they could be in danger.

"Sorry guys." He said as he got up and dusted the snow off himself. "I've got to go. The other guardians need me."

The kids groan at the thought of jack going away. Jamie on the other hand, ran to jack and gave him a big hug.

"You'll come back, right?" Jamie said with concern

Jack leaned over and returned the hug, "Of course I will, I always do. You just don't stop believing', ok Jamie."

Jamie lets go and looks at Jack with a big smile, "ok."

Jack raises his arms and lets the wind catch hold of them. "Wind, you know what to do!" the wind picks him and lets him fly its current. He looks back and sees all the kids waving him goodbye. He waves at them as he sails through the sky.

Jack flies high to limit his distance between Burgess to the north pole. The air up there is often cold, but the cold never really bother him. With help from the wind, he soon found himself at the North Pole. He often loves playing in the snow up here. But now it's not a time for fun and games, not if there is danger. He flew at fast speed towards North's workshop.

He viewed it as he flies over a big snow bank. It looks as festive as ever. He made his way to the big front door and knocked really loud. A familiar yeti came to the door.

"Miss me Phil?" Jack jokes as he walks pasts the grumbling yeti.

Jack steps into the Workshop and it looks as busy as usual. The yetis making toys for all the girls and boys, and the elves making a mess of things. Jack could guess why they are all so busy, with Christmas coming up. He quickly made his way to the center with the Globe, waiting for him were North, Sandy and Bunny.

"Jack," North said giving him a pat on the back. "Nice of you to join us."

"Glad to be here," Jack said with a little gesture, "ummm, quick question North, Do dragons exist?"

"Dragons?" Bunny laughs, "Aren't you too old for myths like that frostbite."

Jack scowls at the mention of myths. Not too long ago, he was consider a myth. But if the guardians don't think dragons are real, maybe they aren't.

"Now is not the time Jack." North said with worry. "we have work to do."

"So, what's going on North?" Jack asks.

"Hang on bucko," Bunny jumps, "We've got to wait for tooth to arrive."

"That's one of the things I need to talk about bunny" North said with sorrow in his voice, "Tooth is Missing."

"WHAT!" all the boys yell, Except for Sandy, he just had a big explanation point top his head.

"How can that be? What about the palace?" Jack asks.

"Destroyed," North answers, "with only a few baby teeth escaped." He pointed to a corner of the room to reveal only 20 fairies. "I believe Pitch attack the palace."

"Pitch black," Jack said with a bit of anger. "But we took care of him."

"Apparently not." North said, "I saw him, here, at the pole. It was just like last time, there was black sand everywhere. And his laugh was just like before. Even the feeling in my belly returned."

Everyone turned to him in disbelief.

"So what's the plan mate?" Bunny asks with anger. "Find Pitch and give him a bad egg!"

"I'm not too sure yet." North answered

"Not sure!" Jack yells. "We've got to find him and teach him a lesson!"

"And how are we to do that mate?" bunny argued. "We don't know where he is."

"I know what his hide out looks like." Jack argued back. "We just go and find an old broken down bed in the middle of nowhere."

"We can't just go out on the blue Jack," North said trying to be the voice of reason. "Besides, I still have a lot to do to get ready for Christmas."

As Jack, North and bunny argue on what to do next, Sandy notices the light of the moon shining through the ceiling. He tries to get the others attention, waving sandy flags, moon symbols and arrows. But no one notices. He then grabs an elf and jingles the bell on its head. As he shakes the poor elf, all the boys look at sandy as he angrily point to the moon.

North look at where sandy points, "Ah! Man in Moon! Sandy, why didn't you say something?"

Sandy gives him a deadpan stare, as dream sand smoke shoots out his ears.

North turns his attention back to the moon. "Manny, it is good to hear from you again. What should we do?"

The Moon responded by opening a plate on the floor opens up and a pillar with a crystal on top came out.

"What's going on?" Jack asks the other guardians who are in disbelief.

"Why a new one now?" Bunny asks North

"Must be a very big deal if we're getting another one so soon." North answers

Jack couldn't believe it, clearly the others know what's going on, and not telling him. "Is anyone going to fill me in?" Jack yells.

"Jack," north answers, "The man in the moon is choosing a new guardian."

"Really? I wonder who it's going to be."

Sandy is going through symbols of different holiday figures above his head, Bunny's praying it's not the groundhog, while Jack's praying it is the groundhog. Soon a figure starts to form above the crystal. North stared in anticipation. The figure soon became clearer, a hooded person with a staff in his hand. It took a while for them all to realize who it is.

"Jack Frost?" North said in confusion

Jack looked at the moon in confusion, "Hate to break it to you, but I'm already a Guardian. What are you- WHOA!" before he could finish and light came from the figure, soon the crystal jack had another figure behind him. A girl with really, really, really long hair hand her arms crossed, and a frying pan in her hand. Beside her another figure appears another girl, this time with wild hair holding a bow and arrow. Finally, a light came behind the girls, leaving a crystal figure of a young boy with a shield. Then four lights appear above their heads; a snowflake, a flower, a sun, and a leaf. Soon the figures disappear, leaving jack with more questions, while the other three had worried looks on their face.

After a long moment, Jack broke the silence. "What was that all about?"

North looked at Jack with curious. "Looks like the man in the moon, has chosen the season guardians."

"Season Guardians?"

North went to a book shelf and pulled out a very old book. He put it on the globe panel so all could see. He flipped it till he found the page with the four symbols. At the top of the page was the title 'The Big Four'

"The big Four?" Jack asks.

North began to read the passage on the page.

"At the beginning of time and creation, There was Darkness. Nightmares and Dread terrified the earth, and the people who lived there. To combat the darkness, three beings were chosen to guard and protect the world. These three became the first guardians. Tsar Lunar the guardian of Light, (of course we now know him as the manny in the moon.) Alaster the guardian of time, and Mother Nature the guardian of nature.

(Jack: Duh!)

After a long battle, the world became anew, and three guardians swore to protect the very light of the planet. Between those three, the world was balanced and was at peace.

(Jack: "I'm guessing that didn't last long")

But it was not to last, A man calling himself 'The monkey king' at the time wanted to rule all of the known powers and the world. So he tried to take on all three and steal their powers. He attacked Mother Nature first, and her powers of nature. But it didn't go as he planned. Instead of gaining her powers, he scattered them throughout time.

(Jack: throughout time?

Bunny: that'll complicates things)

Thanks to Manny and Alaster, She still maintains some of her powers to continue her work, and the monkey king became a real monkey as punishment. But Alaster prophesied that the powers that are scattered will go to the one person throughout time that best represents them. Hence these people will be called the guardians of seasons.

Jack looked at the passage on the page, and noted the snowflake symbol on it, "So I'm one of them?"

Bunny came over and patted him on the back. "Looks like it mate. But they could've chosen better mate."

Jack glared at him while North closes the book. "Looks like we've got our job cut out for us boys. We need to find these other three and bring them here. We find them, they'll help us stop pitch and find Tooth. Easy."

"One problem mate," Bunny said, "They're separated in time, how are we supposed to get to them?"

"And besides." Jack adds, "They're not kids, what if they can't see us?"

Everyone thought long and hard on this one. Until Sandy told, or rather show an hourglass above his head.

"Alaster of course!" North shouted in the air, "He's Father Time Jack, he can get us to them." He then goes through the book again and found a page full of leaves and golden letters, "and according to this page, it contains a spell to help those three be believers, at least enough to see us."

Jack look at north in question, "there's a spell to make believers. Why didn't you show me in the past 300 years?"

North shower the book to jack, "Because the spell requires certain ingredients that are rare to find and only come up every hundred years or so. We can't do everyone around the world, but I think we have enough for those three." North Puts the book on his desk and turns to the other. "Here's the plan, Bunny, go to Father Time and get some of his sand for the trip. Jack, you and Sandy prepare the spell. As for me and the fairies…" The fairies looked up and eager to help. "We'll get our mode of teleportation ready and find out who our lucky guardians are. Let's Go!"

After a number of hours, everything was prepared, Bunny was back with the sands of time, jack and Sandy split the spell potion in three portions, and North found where the other three are and prepared the snow globes.

"Alright," North said with glee, "it took a long time going through all the naughty and nice lists. I did manage to find two of them on my own. As for the last one, it was a miracle to get. To be honest, I'm not sure how we got it, but we got it. To save time, I suggest we all split up. We each find one and bring them here."

Jack raised his hand. "Dibs on the long haired one."

North looked at the snow globes and gave jack the one with a big tower. "Here you are. She's the miracle one. Her name is Rapunzel."

"Rapunzel." Jack said as he looks through the globe, "Pretty name."

North than grabbed the Snow globe of an island with a tall mountain. "I'll get the boy name Hiccup."

Jack laughs at the name." Hiccup? Seriously? Who names their kid Hiccup?"

Bunny groaned as he picked up the last Snow globe, inside it is an old stone castle. "I guess I get the girl with the bow and arrow, who probably hunts rabbits."

"Probably," north chuckled. "and her name is Merida." He then turns to Sandy, "you stay here and make sure the elves don't get in trouble. I can't have besporyadok this close to Christmas."

Sandy smiles gleeful and waves them goodbye.

Soon everyone had an equal share of the spell and time sand. Along with their snow globes, they're ready to go.

"Good luck everyone." North said as he activates his portal.

Nevozmozhno Russian for Impossible

besporyadok Russian for chaos

At least that's what google translate says

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