Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


Hiccup led the group through the forest and down a rocky path to their destination. As they walked, everyone thought of different things about this new world they're in. Rapunzel loved the forest scenery, with it being so charming and calm. But doesn't really get why the people in the village dress for war and walked around so calmly. Jack on the other hand, was more worried what Pitch might be up to. If he could travel to Rapunzel's time, who's to say he can't travel back to this time period? And what will he do here? As for Merida, she had a feeling like she never thought to have, homesickness. A walk through this forest made her think back to the forest she rides Angus through, and shoots her arrows into the trees. She looked down towards her neck to see something that Emily didn't change, her necklace. She kept it hidden to brush off any thoughts of home. But she couldn't help but to hold it in her hand for a second. Almost in a flash, she thinks back to her home. It was almost funny that Hiccup's home is almost similar to hers, with the exception of instead of a castle, he had a giant hall.

Merida's mind was racing with different emotions, but not the ones she was expecting. Part of her is happy that she is on this quest and she's out of the castle and away from the lords and her mom, but she was also sad, and desperate. Desperate to see her home and her family again. She misses her brothers and father so much, and in some small way she missed her mother too.

'No,' she thought letting go of her necklace and hid the pendent inside her dress. 'I shouldn't miss mum. She would sooner see me to get marry then listen to me. I shouldn't...feel this way about her. Just gotta stay focused on the mission, just gotta-'

"We're here."

Merida snapped back to reality as Hiccup stops the group. Merida looked at where they are, near a giant rock garden with two rocks making a path into a cove. The group walks through the path to have their eyes widen with surprise. The cove was small, but beautiful. Grass covered the ground and surrounded a calming lake in the centre. There were tiny rocks piping out of the ground, and some bush covered the sides of the rock edge. But the one that had everyone confused was that they couldn't see any lodging. No house, no tent, not even a canopy. So where does his friend live? Where does he sleep? Is he a hermit?

Not wanting to be rude, Rapunzel spoke with a smile. "This place is lovely."

"Yeah, it is." Hiccup said with a smile, happy to see his friends liking the view.

"I can defiantly get used to this little hideaway," Merida said putting a hand on her hip. "It would be a great place to escape palace life."

"Or Viking life," Hiccup comments.

"Enough chit chat," Jack said flying over the cove, while staying near the group. "I want to see Hiccup's friend."

"Keep your shirt on, we're going," Hiccup said rolling his eyes. He then led the girls down the rocky side to the bottom, while Jack flies nearby. The girls' eyes wonder everywhere, admiring the calm scene around them. Jack and Baby tooth also looked everywhere, for any signs of trouble, While Hiccup looked everywhere for his friend. He took a quick glance at the lake, and noticing a lot more fish in there than normal.

'That's what Emily meant,' he remembers Emily saying she would take care of Toothless until Hiccup came back. She must've provided a lot more fish for him to eat in the lake.

But the Hiccup's mind went back to Toothless; he should be here, somewhere.

"Toothless!" He yells out, hoping to hear his roar. But the only sounds the group could hear were birds chirping.

Hiccup drops the basket to the ground and uses both hands to cry out, "Toothless!"

The rest of the group stopped to see what Hiccup was doing.

"Come on bud! Where are you?" Hiccup continued to call out, getting a little worried. What if Toothless was captured and being held in the arena? Hiccup didn't want to think about that.


While he was looking all over for his friend, the others just looked at him confused.

"Do you think his friend is here?" Rapunzel ask out of the blue. "Or maybe he's in a different cove?"

"I don't know," Jack said while settling down to the ground. "But Hiccup does seem determined to find him."

While the two of them looked at Hiccup, Merida's thought she heard something behind them. She turned her head and surveys each rock for anything unusual, and nothing seemed out of place. Still, it didn't hurt to prepare. She carefully pulled out an arrow and readies her bow.

Jack noticed Merida and asks, "What are you-?"

"Shhh," Merida said while looking everywhere. "I don't think we're alone here."

Jack took her words as a sign of caution, and readies his staff for anything. Rapunzel turned he head like a bobble head doll looking for anything that could pop out. She took a few steps backwards towards some rocks, to get a clearer view of the others and the area. But as her back almost touches a rock, a huge puff of air blew down on top of her head and back side. It made her whole body shiver and go numb. She slowly turns her head to the rock, seeing its hard edge. But then her eyes drifted up, and widen in fear.

"Ah," she gasps at seeing a big black creature on top of the rock, with bright green eyes.

The others heard her gasp and turned to see what scared her. It looked like a big black blur on the rock, but they could point out the eyes, the massive wings, and sharp teeth.

"Rapunzel! Get down!" Jack said shooting a stream of ice at the creature. Rapunzel ducked as the ice hit the rock. But the creature easily dodged it, and retreated behind the other boulders. Merida and Jack raced to Rapunzel with weapons readied.

"Think it was a nightmare?" Merida asked Jack.

"I'm positive," He answers. But then a huge roar came from behind the rocks, and the creature appeared on a rock beside them.

Hiccup heard the commotion and raced to get to the group. Adrenaline made his legs run faster then they've ever had. He has to get in the group and stop them from doing something they'll regret.

Merida eyed the beast and fired an arrow at it, but the creature blasted it away with a fire blast. It then sent a fire blast at the group, but they dodge it at the nick of time. But it also separate them and knocking them down on the ground. As they try to get up, the creature jumped down and began to charge straight to Rapunzel, with anger in its eyes. Jack and Merida quickly got up, and prepare to fire everything they got at the beast.

"Wait, wait! Stop!"

Merida and Jack looked at Hiccup, who ran past them in in the path of the creature.

"It's alright Toothless, it's alright," he said holding his arms out to stop the creature. It did stop, but looked at Hiccup with a suspicious eye. Rapunzel took the opportunity to get up and look at them, confused. The others were confused too, but got the chance to fully look at this thing.

It wasn't at all like a nightmare Pitch can control, but a huge breathing black reptile. It had huge black wings, a strong looking tail and four short legs with sharp claws. His face had fins that went from his side to the back of the head, and had great big eyes with a big jaw. On its back was a brown leather saddle, with feet rests on the side of its body. It sniffed Hiccup, and crept closer to him.

"It's alright bud," Hiccup said with much care while holding his hands out in front of the creature. "It's me, it's really me. I'm back. It's alright bud, I'm right here." The creature crept closer to Hiccup, and moves its head towards his hand. In a moment of stillness, it closed its eyes and moved its head into a hand. Hiccup felt a familiar connection to his friend, something he wanted to feel for a long time now.

"That's right Toothless, I'm here, and I'm back." Hiccup said with a wide smile.

Toothless's actions drastically changed, and his smile was wider then Hiccup's. He then pounced on him, which caused everyone else to react in a worry. But Toothless payed no mind, and began to lick Hiccup until he was drench in spit.

"I missed you too bud," Hiccup laughs trying to push Toothless's away to get up from under him. But Toothless kept on licking him. "Ok stop. Come on! You know that it never washes off."

The others stood where they were in total shock, not believing what they were seeing. Sure Hiccup told them that his best friend was a dragon, but none of them thought he was serious. Now they're seeing one, clear as day, licking Hiccup.

"Oh. My. Stars," Rapunzel said with her mouth hanging open.

Merida had pretty much the same expression on her face. "I agree..."

Jack's mind went back to what the guardians said that dragons were just a myth. Well, not so much anymore.

"Wait till Jamie hears about this," Jack said, remembering his promise to the boy.

Toothless finally backs off so Hiccup could get up from the ground. He tries to flick of any dripping spit, so he can hug his friend.

"I'm really happy you're alright," he said wrapping his arms around the dragon's neck.

Toothless groan at Hiccup, with a worried brother look in his eyes. Hiccup knew Toothless is asking him where he was for the past number of days.

"I'm so sorry I worried you," Hiccup said kneeling to his friend's eyes. "I didn't really have a say in how long I would be gone for."

A tiny crack was heard and Toothless growls at Merida for stepping closer. Toothless then uses he paw to block Hiccup as he bares his teeth at the other children here.

"Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute," Hiccup said jumping I front of Toothless and blocking the group. "It's alright bud, they're friends."

Everyone took a step back at seeing this beast preparing to charge at them. Hiccup knew he had to make peace with this, might as well start with introductions. "Umm, Toothless, these are my new friends. Rapunzel, Merida, and I don't know if you can see him, Jack Frost."

Toothless growled while eyeing everyone, including Jack.

"I think he can see me," he comments while opening a hand to say hi.

But Toothless's mood didn't change. Hiccup turned his head to the group to figure out way to show him that they could be trusted. Rapunzel seemed safe enough, and Jack is ok, but Merida looked like she was going to attack him. Hiccup knew what must be done, and she isn't going to like it.

"Merida," he said while holding Toothless back "put the bow down."

"What?" She said as if he was crazy. "Why would I-?"

"Just do it!" Hiccup said.

Toothless growled at her, making her back off a little bit. But then she got the idea he's implying, if she shows this creature she means no harm, maybe it'll be nice to her. So she took her bow and arrow, and threw them off to the side. She even took her quiver off her back and put it gently on the ground.

Toothless held still, but didn't lose his distrust to the group. Thinking quickly, Hiccup looked at Rapunzel.

"The fish… get a fish."

Rapunzel ran quickly to the basket and got out three fish, one for each to present. She tossed two of them to Jack, and he handed one to Merida. Now they have everything they need for this dragon to like them. But not one of them really wants to make the first move.

Seeing how nervous his friends are, Hiccup tries lending an open hand to them and Toothless. "It's alright, he won't hurt you," he assures them.

There as a moment of silence as everyone waits to see who would make the first move. But then Rapunzel drew in a deep breath and moved in closer with her arm out I front of her with her hand grabbing the fish's tail. She figured if she can handle a mad horse, surely a fire breathing dragon is no problem, right?

"Alright," she said extremely nervous. "It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to be friends."

As she walked, Toothless began to calm down slightly. He looked at her, seeing how young and caring her eyes are. There was sweetness in her voice that can make birds sing, and he could see that she was just scared, but she seems to be nice.

When she got close, Hiccup took her hand with the fish, and help guiding it to Toothless. Rapunzel could feel the dragon's breath blowing on her dress, and saw his eyes changing from a slit to big and happy.

"That's right Toothless, that's right." Hiccup said moving Rapunzel's fish in front of the dragon. Toothless quickly opened his move and took the fish in one swoop. The move made Rapunzel jump back a little, but more of a surprise then in a scary way. Toothless are the fish in one gulp, and then looked at Rapunzel very happy.

"You see Toothless, she's nice,"

Hiccup said patting his friend's head. Curiosity got to Rapunzel and she crept her hand to Toothless. But it still freaked her out a bit, to think it might chomp at her hand. Seeing the reaction, Hiccup grabbed her hand with his other hand, and help ease her.

"It's alright, he won't hurt you." He said placing her hand on Toothless's snot. It felt warm to the touch; the air blew out of his nose and made her slighty wet and calm. She then moved her hand to a part of its face and feeling all the scales around it. It that instance, she didn't feel scared anymore, but loving this dragon with each second.

"Wow," she said as she makes her way around and scratching a bit behind its head. Easy to say, Toothless loved it very much.

Baby tooth got out of her hiding spot and flew over to the dragon, marvelling at its teeth. Toothless can see her, but just dismisses her like a bug and snorted her away.

Merida thinks it's her time to try to tame the beast, so she moves a little closer to Toothless, holding the fish out. But Toothless didn't like her; after all she tried to shoot him. Not wanting anything from her, he quickly shoots out a plasma blast at her, hitting the fish out of her hand. It made her fall back to the ground and land hard on her butt.

"What's the deal? I was just trying to be friendly," she yelled being very offended.

"I guess he doesn't like you that much," Jack said as he prepares to step forward. Truth be told, he was nervous, buts the opportunity to meet and touch a real live dragon. He could just think of all the stories he can tell Jamie, and prove the guardians wrong. That would be an awesome thought. So he holds his fish I front of him, and began to walk towards toothless.

The dragon let out a warning growl, telling Jack not to get too close. Jack seemed to get the message and stops for a second. He then has a really stupid idea, and puts the fish flat at the end of his staff and points it like a pizza holder towards Toothless.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Jack assures him. "I'm just handing you a nice piece of fish. I hope you like it."

Hiccup and Rapunzel moved away so Toothless can react to Jack's offer. Though a little unsure, he creeps to the fish and sniffs it. Seeing its ok, Toothless opens his mouth to eat, but not wanting teeth marks on his staff, Jack twists the hook to let the fish slide off and pulls the staff away just in time. The dragons finished the fish in no time and looked at Jack to study him. He circled Jack, sniffing anywhere he could. Though Jack is happy the dragon can see him, it was a tad uncomfortable to be this close to anyone or anything.

"Toothless, he's alright." Hiccup said to his friend. "They all are." Toothless walks to Hiccup, feeling his chest with his head. "They're my friends."

Jack and Rapunzel smiles at that comment, while Merida was busy picking herself up to try again to approach the dragon. "Yes, we're all friends."

But toothless reaction was as cold as the last one. He growled at her with his sharp teeth in plain view.

"Alright, alright, I get the picture," Merida said backing off with a huff. It was clear that the dragon wants nothing to do with her. So she retreats and sits on a rock, legs and arms crossed.

"I guess you need to get on this guy's good side," Jack joked at Merida. She huffs and looks away from the group, not really happy that she can't go near the dragon. It was a rare opportunity and she can't be a part of it. She can only observe as the others got to know Toothless.

As the others approach Toothless and marvel at him, they feel like that Hiccup was owed a little something.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you about your friend," Rapunzel said feeling guilty.

Jack walks and puts a hand on Hiccup's shoulder. "Yeah, me too."

Baby tooth flew up to Hiccup and nods her head.

"It's alright," Hiccup said smiling at his friends and patting Toothless. "If I were in your shoes," he quickly remembers that Jack and Rapunzel don't have shoes. "Or lack there of, I probably wouldn't believe me either." He looked up towards Merida, still a little mad that she's left out. But when she looked at Hiccup with a face that said 'I'm sorry.' He nods his in acceptance.

Rapunzel and Jack kept patting and rubbing the dragon's head, while Baby tooth flew closer to the jaw, and looking at all the sharp teeth in the dragon's mouth.

That spark a question in Rapunzel, "why is he called Toothless if he has all these teeth?"

"Care to show them bud," Hiccup gestures. Toothless took the idea and quickly retracts his teeth inside his gum line. The others were surprised to see this, and quickly understood how Toothless got his name.

"Gotta admit, that's pretty cool," Jack said kneeling down to look at the mouth, but that gave Toothless an idea of pay back for Jack shooting at him. He charged out, and grabbed Jack's staff with his mouth, and runs away with it.

"Hey!" Jack shouts chasing after the dragon. "Give that back, my staff is not a chew toy!"

Everyone else laughed and giggle at the little show. Merida nearly falls off her rock laughing so hard. Jack had no hope in catching up to Toothless, the dragon was too fast, and without the staff Jack can't fly. Baby tooth flew to Hiccup and asks him to stop this before it gets out of hand.

Hiccup takes her hint and goes over to the basket with the fish. "Hey Toothless!" He calls out grabbing the dragon's attention. "Come get your dinner!"

Toothless smiles wide, dropping the staff. He then races to the basket and began to gobble up every fish in the basket.

Jack picked up his staff with two fingers, letting the spit drool down to the ground. "Great," he said exaggerated "I had this for three hundred years, and it's never suffered through anything like this."

"First time for anything," Hiccup shrugs.

As everyone looks at the dragon eating pretty much the basket itself, They all smile at seeing this magnificent creature. But then Rapunzel notices something, something a little out of place. One tail fin was black, while the other was brown.

"Is something wrong with its tail?" She asks Hiccup.

He sighs and nods his head. "Yes," he said almost in a guilty way. He then spoke loud enough so Merida could hear as well. "In my tribe, killing creatures like Toothless is considered an honour. But because of my size, people thought I can never match up to their standards. So I did what I could, I made a machine to help me take down a dragon. It worked. I caught Toothless and he plummet into the forest. When I went to kill him... I just couldn't do it. I don't know why, but it felt wrong. I didn't feel like myself holding that knife above my head. So then I made the stupid decision and let him go. But what I didn't know was my net caught off a piece of his tail."

Toothless stop eating and listen to Hiccup being sad by his actions.

"I just felt so guilty at what I done. Because of me he can't fly anymore. So I found him and made him a new tail. After that, we became the best of friends."

Toothless nudges his head towards Hiccup, in a way that's warm and calm. Hiccup's happy that Toothless forgave him, and that they've now become the brothers they never thought of being.

Rapunzel giggle at the sight of them. "Looks like your stupid decision became the best one you made."

It seems like everyone could agree with that statement.

Toothless pulls away from Hiccup and looks towards the sky. Hiccup's eyes follow to see what was once blue was fading into purple and red. Seeing what Toothless had in mind, Hiccup wasted no time. He jumps on the saddle and readies himself.

"What are you doing?" Jack asks in worry.

"You'll see," Hiccup said with a sly smile and Toothless's wings began to expand. "I would back up if I were you."

Rapunzel and Jack back up a bit, while Merida got off her rock to get a closer view of what's going on.

Then a sickening feeling of what's about to happen sinks into Rapunzel's stomach. "Is he doing what I think he's doing?" She asks Jack.

"I think so," he said with his jaw open.

Hiccup quickly went through his mental checklist of things to do before takeoff, and everything seems to be in order. The tail is working fine, there are handles for him to hold on, and saddle isn't loose and won't come undone in the sky. The equipment looks in tip top shape and Toothless looks ready to go.

"All set bud?" Hiccup asks his friend. Toothless looks at him with a happy gummy smile. "Let's go."

Toothless took off the ground in break neck speed, leaving a shock wave nearly knocking everyone over to the ground. Baby tooth unfortunately got picked up by the wind and flew into a nearby bush. When the wind past, everyone looked up to see Hiccup and Toothless flying fast over the lake. Then the duo did a summersault and race over the others and into the sky.

Merida and Rapunzel hold down their hair and dresses to not let them fly around.

"Is he nuts?!" Rapunzel yelled over the wind.

"He's not nuts," Merida shouts back. "He's crazy!"

Hiccup never felt so alive being back on Toothless. He closed his eyes to feel the wind hard on his face and blasting through his hair. His body could feel a powerful force being pushed, but it never took away the feeling that he missed for days. Toothless's wings relaxed a bit to hover in the sky. Hiccup opened his eyes to see his island home in the great sea of blue reflecting the red and purple sky. His village, the forest, the cove, all seems to be miles and miles away. It's was here in the sky that he truly felt free. Hiccup looked at his friend, wishing to go for a flight both thrilling and exciting. Hiccup knew that Toothless has been cooped up in the cove for too long and needs to spread his wings. He smiles, trusting his friend to do what he wants to do. Hiccup moves his foot rest, and closed the tail fin. Without hesitating, Toothless dives down to the sea below.

"YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Hiccup screams as they descend down. The air blew right past them and soon they glide over the water and around sea stacks. The wind felt like it was beating like a drum on Hiccup, and he could not express his happiness and joy flying with his friend again.

"Let the wind carry us

To the clouds, hurry up, alright" he said to the sky and the gods.

"We can travel so far

As our eyes can see"

Toothless grins and did a barrel roll to keep the excitement high.

"We go where no one goes!" Hiccup shouts to the world.

"We slow for no one

Get out of our way!"

Hiccup singles Toothless to go back to the others. He followed Hiccup's command and they were back over the cove. But they weren't ready to call it a day yet, they decided to put on a little show for the people below. They perform some manoeuvres to wow their friends, like back flips, aerial dodges and firing some fire blasts.

The peanut gallery below seemed to like the show.

"I have to admit, this is pretty cool," Merida said with a leaning head and hip.

"Yeah," Rapunzel said agreeing with her. "Those two a practically kings of the sky."

"Excuse me," Jack said talking that comment a little offensive. "I'm the one who can fly around with nothing but a stick."

"That's nothing compared to a dragon," Merida said playing off of Jack's new found jealousy. Rapunzel mods her head in agreement while looking at the sky.

Jack looked up at Hiccup and his dragon, still flipping and showing off. Jack had his mind racing to all the times he flew and did all those stuff. Normally people couldn't see him, so he did just for his own amusement, but now people can see him. A hint of competition sparked in Jack and he decides to show those two how it's done.

"Oh yeah," he said twirling his staff. "Well get a load of this." In a split second, he jumps from the ground and rides the wind up to the dragon.

Merida shakes her head at the immaturely Jack is showing. "This is not going to end well." Again Rapunzel nods, but a more worried look spread on her face.

At first, Toothless was surprised that Jack could fly, but he expression turned cold when Jack blew some snowflakes in his face. Jack then flew up high, using his staff as a skateboard and hanging ten on the edge.

Hiccup looked up, seeing Jack getting a little cocky with his moves. Hiccup took that as a gesture to see who the best flyer is, and Toothless couldn't wait to prove that it was him.

"Let's show him what you can do bud," Hiccup said to his friend. The two of them gave chase to Jack, using so much power in the wings for speed. Then caught up to Jack no problem and they looked at each other with determination to win. They all dive down towards the mountain and race away from the cove and over the forest. The heavy wind almost blew Hiccup off of Toothless, but he held firm and braced through the wind like a sonic boom. When everyone was levelled, it became a flying race to see who is the fastest.

"I'm awake when up in the skies

There's no break up so high, alright" hiccup shouts to Jack.

"Let's make it our own,

Let's savor it" Jack replies as he tries to zoom past Toothless.

"We go where no one goes" they both say together as they inch past each other in break neck speed.

"We slow for no one

Get out of our way"

Jack uses the great force of his wind to get ahead but the dragon was a Fitting competitor, matching both speed and endurance. Jack had to think of something quick to slow this dragon down. Then he thought of how Toothless is flying, he must be gliding with the wind as well. His wings were almost still and steady. So in order to win, Jack thinks of just cutting off Toothless's air stream. Then he'll have to flap his wings more and will tire out easily. So Jack quickly twirls his staff and easing down the wind around toothless. The dragon could feel it and began to flap his wings more and more.

'Gotcha,' Jack smiles as he races farther ahead, thinking he's won.

But Hiccup and Toothless had a different idea in mind. They know the sky's here and some secrets that Jack doesn't have a clue about.

"Come on bud," Hiccup said as he moves the foot peddle and shrinks in the tail fin. Toothless nose dives into the forest and flies under with the trees. They race over and under branches and trunks to get underneath Jack.

Jack looks behind him and sees Hiccup not there. He looks around to see if he can find them.

"Ok, wasn't expecting this," he said a little dumbfound.

"I bet you aren't expecting this!"

Jack turns around to see Hiccup and Toothless flying out of the forest and foreign a plasma blast. Because of the wind Jack produced for the race, the winded carried the smoke and heat from the blast straight at Jack.

"Ahh!" He screamed as the fire goes past him. It didn't hurt him, but the blast left a lot of spot on his skin, hair and clothes.

"Never mess with a dragon Jack," Hiccup said racing ahead.

Jack cleans of the soot off his face and hurries to catch up to the dragon and Hiccup.

This was a feeling that Hiccup wanted and missed so much for the past number of days. Being up in the sky with his best friend and racing against his new friend, it almost felt like a dream he never wants to wake up from. He quickly look around him to see the sun setting and the stars starting to appear. Toothless flaps his wings and ascends up the mountain with the wind backing him up.

"We slow for no one" Hiccup screams with happiness. "We go where no one goes"

He then jumps off Toothless's back and the two of them free fall down towards the ground. Jack stops flying at watch to see this act of bravery and stupidity. Toothless throws a paw at Hiccup, making his body turn in the sky. Hiccup's smile got even bigger letting the air in and expanding his cheeks. He looks at Toothless, who lets his tongue flap out, enjoying this time together. Hiccup reaches back and plants himself back on Toothless's back and opens the tail to fly away from the mountain and zoom in past Jack.

"We slow for no one

We go where no one goes"

Jack gathers himself and races back to meet up with Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup looks back, happy to see both of his friends having a good time.

"We go where no one-"

"Hiccup!" Jack cried out as he looks ahead in horror. "What's that?" He points his staff up ahead. Hiccup turned to look and sees that a big puff of smoke makes good its way to the dark sky. Hiccup knows where the smoke is coming from and what that means.



Where no one goes by Jonsi

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