Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

No welcome in Berk

As morning broke to the island of Berk, so did the task set on the group. Eating breakfast there was not so pleasing to the stomachs, especially when Toothless barfed up a lot of fish in front of them. They settle Toothless down with a helping of fish, and made sure that he was going to be confront able until they got back. Then they grabbed their cloaks from yesterday and walk through the rocky entrance and made their way back to the village. Though Hiccup hates going back to the village that hates him, he figures it was the best place to start looking for his stone. The riddle kept replaying over and over in his mind, 'the stone will be where your hearts are'. But where does Hiccup's heart belong? He has only a few guesses of where it might be, but he doesn't know if they're accurate. The least he can do is try.

His mind was snapped back to reality to see that he and his friends made their way to the bolder of the village. It was interesting for the group to see the village today. Some of the houses showed burns and charcoal wood from last night's battle, but the Vikings weren't seemed too bothered with the work they have ahead. They just put the houses back together and carried on idle conversations. It baffled Merida, Jack and Rapunzel that these guys are doing this like a normal routine.

But soon everyone was on the task at hand. "Alright dragon boy," Jack joked a bit. "Where do you think your stone is?"

Hiccup thought about the ideal places it could be, Might as well start with them.

"The best I can figure is my house, the forge or the great hall," he said out loud.

"Ok," Rapunzel said about to leap into town. "Then let's go and-"

"Whoa, whoa," Hicccup said pulling her back in. "We can't just waltz right in. Do you guys remember the warnings I said earlier? We can't be seen." He looks out to the village and sees every Viking working on something in the open. "There are a lot more people out today, and if they find us-"

"Then what do you propose we do?" Merida said with a hand on her hip.

"I'm...I'm not sure." Hiccup admits. He had to think of something though; it's the only way to find his stone.

"I have a crazy idea," Jack said lifting a Baby tooth by his index finger. "Let's break apart.

"Whoa, what?" Hiccup said confused.

"Ever hear the saying 'split up to cover more ground?'" He explained. "If we go separate ways, we have a better chance to find the stone."

"I'm not so sure splitting up is a great way to go about this," Hiccup said unsure.

"It's a plan of sorts." Rapunzel points out.

"Besides," Merida adds, "it would be easier to get around town with fewer numbers."

Hiccup thought about that plan. It's true that traveling like that might go unnoticed. Besides, having four people in his house will be tricky to hide.

"Alright," he sighs. "I'll check out my house, while you guys check out the forge. Do you remember where it is?"

"I'm sure we do," Rapunzel said pulling out her necklace. "And if we get lost, this will help us."

"Great," Hiccup said feeling a little better. "When you get there, there's a curtain that leads into a little room, that's where I spent most of my time. I would search there, just please don't make too big of a mess. And watch out for Gobber, he can get pretty mean with that hook."

"Don't worry," Jack assures him. "We'll be ok."

"Just be careful," Hiccup reminds them. "Don't get spotted and don't talk to anyone."

"Yes mom," Jack said about to jump into town. But then Baby tooth flew I front of his face, then to Hiccup's shoulder.

"I guess she wants to go with you," Rapunzel said with a shrug.

"Really?" He asks her. She nods her head with a form of authority. "Ok," he shrugs as he looks back to the group. "Let's meet back at the cove when we're done."

The three of them nod in agreement as Hiccup looks at them a little worried. They don't know about the Vikings that live here, they've got some idea but they don't know what will happen if they're caught. The night in jail in Rapunzel's world would seem like a happy place compared to here. But the plan was set, and now it's time to put it into motion before night fall.

"Good luck," were Hiccup's last words before running along the bolder of trees.

As the others watch him disappear, they were sure that none of them will be discovered.

Rapunzel lifted her pendent to her chin and spoke to it. "Necklace, please point is to the forge." The pendent respond and an arrow appears, point straight through the village.

"Alright," Merida said, "let's go." The three of them race to the nearest cart and duck behind it. They waited a bit before moving to another shadowy spot. It was going to be a long while to get to the forge.

Hiccup and Baby tooth race around the village, hiding behind a tree in case anyone was looking. They've had a few close calls, but perseverance got them through and led them to a house. It wasn't like any other house in the village, this was a lot bigger almost two stories tall. It looked a lot nicer and fancier then the other houses too.

When Hiccup crept towards the house, Baby tooth was surprised. This is where Hiccup lives.

Hiccup jumped and dove to the ground just underneath a window. He slowed his breathing so he wouldn't get caught if anyone was inside. Baby tooth flew beside him and peek her head to the window at the same time he did.

Inside looked homier then the outside, with wooden figurines and shields hanging off the wall. Hiccup can hear and smell a roaring fire burning in the centre of the room. He also can hear some metal being sharpened nearby. He turned his eye to see a man sitting on his bed with an iron to his axe.

Baby tooth instantly recognized this man as the chief she saw yesterday. But why is he here? In Hiccup's house no less? But then it came to her, the chief must be Hiccup's father.

She chirped the thought to Hiccup, who couldn't really understand her as well as Jack can. But he knew her chirping might get his father's attention, so he quickly shuts her beak with his hands. He then peered over again, hoping Stoick didn't noticed anything.

Sure enough he was still sharpening his weapon.

Suddenly a knock came from the front door. Hiccup watches as his father put the rock down and answered the door. He can't see who it is, but can hear well enough.

"Oh," Stoick said not too happy. "What do you want Mildew."

'Mildew, the village's grouch. Of course' Hiccup thought while rolling his eyes.

"Well you see Stoick," he said with his usual crankiness. "I just came down as a...model citizen, hoping you can spare a hand helpn' me with my cabbage field."

"I've got more important things to do then help you with your field Mildew." Stoick said as calmly as he can. "We're still repairing the damage here, and we need to be ready when the Devils come back."

It pained Hiccup's stomach to think of dragons as Devils.

"But my farm was burned by those BEASTS as well," Mildew argued. "And they ruined not only my sleep but me Fungus as well!"

Hiccup heard Mildew's sheep baa. 'Does that guy ever leave that sheep at home?'

"Don't you care about the wellbeing of your people?" Mildew said slamming his walking staff hard on the ground.

"Oh course I care!" Stoick shouts.

"Really?" Midlew said not sure. "It seems to me, and to everyone else that you spent more time at home. Still waiting for your lost boy?"

"Don't mistake my patience for negligence!" Stoick yells, nearly blowing Hiccup's eardrums. "My son will come home!"

"Open your eyes Stoick! That boy is never coming back!"

Those words struck Stoick and Hiccup. It almost pains him to hear his father suffer like this. But what else could he do? He can't make his father proud without being the opposite of what he is. Hiccup ducked away as Stoick turns around and away from the cranky elder.

"I know how much that boy is more trouble than he's worth," Mildew continued. "We should thank the gods he's gone and out of our lives. Maybe now we can focus on dealing with those dragons once and for all. You can understand that, right?"

Hiccup couldn't tell what's exactly happening in there, but he can guess his father was thinking.

"You're right Mildew. The village has endured more peacefully without Hiccup running around breaking stuff. Maybe it's a good sign he's gone for now."

Hiccup's eyes widen to hearing his father's words. How could he say that?

Baby tooth peered out a bit, only to see a small drop of water exit Stoick's eye.

He then turn to Mildew and leads him out the door. "I will send someone to help you with your farm; I need to go check on the repairs of the village."

Hiccup's heart stopped at the sound of the door being slammed. He can't believe his father said that. But then Hiccup thought back on his life, hearing his father not saying one word of pride. At least with Rapunzel's ex-mom, she should some level of love, even if it's with the power in the hair. But his father only showed that kind of attention when Hiccup was being more like him. Hiccup should be used to this kind of talk, but it still hurts just the same. The fact that his father is 'waiting' for him to come home and not looking for him himself is proof of that.

Baby tooth chirp as she witness the two men walking down the hill towards the village. It was now or never. Hiccup snapped back to reality and jump through the window and into the house. He quickly survey the main floor, but it was mostly filled with his father's things so there was really no point searching there. There was only one place in the house his stone could be, his room. He walked up the stairs and walked into his room.

Everything seems to be the way Hiccup left them. The bed, the desk, the closet and every drawing he drew was there with a thin layer of dust. It seems no one has been in there since he left. But he notice one space at the end of the bed that no dust has touch. Hiccup can only assume that someone has been sitting there, maybe his father.

Baby tooth flies to Hiccup's face, with a concern look. Hiccup can guess she's worried he might tear up or something.

"I'm ok," he said raising his hand for her to sit on. "I'll be ok; it's just weird to see this place again."

He then dropped her into his desk and look through all the papers laying there.

"Come on, we need to find my stone."

They began searching through out the room. They spent quite a while turning over pillows, looking under the bed, checking behind the closet, even moving the desk so they can see the wall behind it. But the stone was nowhere to be found.

Hiccup sat at the foot of his bed and holds his head with his hands. "Come on, think!" He said growing frustrated. Baby tooth chirps to cheer him up, but it wasn't working.

Hiccup traveled back through his mind, thinking back to when Rapunzel got hers. Her stone was hidden in her painting, and it came out like magic. He knew the lights meant a lot to her, and it helped her discover who she is. But how can that help him? Maybe his stone is hidden in something that means a lot to him. But where? Defiantly not here.

Baby tooth chirp loudly to get Hiccup's attention. He looked up to see her pointing outside his window. He crept up to the edge and looks over. He gasp in fear at seeing Stoick coming back. He quickly grabs Baby tooth and race down the stairs and ran through the back door. He carefully shut it so Stoick wouldn't hear it. He then ran back to the woods and hid behind a tree. He waited there in silence, waiting to see if his father would notice anything.

But as usual with Hiccup, Stoick went back to his chair, not knowing that someone was in the house.

Hiccup breathes a huge sigh of relief. "That was too close."

But he can't go back in until Stoick was gone. He decides to meet the others at the cove and hopefully they found something.

When he got back to the cove, only Toothless was there. He climbs down his usual path to end up getting slobbered again.

"Cut if off bud," he said pushing his dragon away. Baby tooth giggles at the sight of them having fun, after what Hiccup reaction of home he deserves some fun now. But then the fun turned into boredom. The others were still in the village and have not returned yet. Hiccup (with help for Toothless and Baby tooth) searched the cove about 5 times now, turning over every rock and tree root. But the stone wasn't here either.

"Why is it so hard?! Why is it always me?!" Hiccup said with more frustration than ever. He can't help but think it was some trick of Loki that bad luck seems to follow him. First he can't kill a dragon, then he wins top place in dragon killing school, and now he can't find a stupid rock. The gods absolutely must hate him.

He slumps on a rock near the lake, thinking of somewhere else that stone could be. But the stone is pretty much magic, where can he find something like that.

'Your stone is where your heart is.'

Those words replay in his head over and over again, figuring out what it means and how it could help him.

"Where my heart is," Hiccup said to himself, still contemplating on the meaning.

Sensing unease within Hiccup, Toothless came up to him and gave him a sympathy moan. Hiccup appreciates his friend's care and nuzzles his nose with the same relationship. But then something clicked in Hiccup's mind. He never felt happier in the village as he is when flying with toothless. Maybe that is the answer. Maybe his stone is somewhere they've travelled to.

"Why don't we go for a flight bud," Hiccup said jumping off his rock. Toothless always loves flying and is ever so eager to get back into the sky.

Baby tooth overhears this plan and rushes to Hiccup's face, shaking her head.

Even though he can barely understand her, Hiccup can kinda guess what she's going on about.

"I know," he said trying to push her out of the way. "But there is a good chance my stone is somewhere not on my island. And we can search a lot faster if it's just me and Toothless." He swats her away so he can get on Toothless's saddle.

Baby Tooth recovers her swat, but is very angry at what Hiccup just did. She tries to lecture him, but can only chirp at him.

"Don't worry," he said getting ready. "We'll be back soon. You stay here and wait for the others."

Before Baby tooth could say anything, Toothless took off into the sky and disappears into the clouds.

Baby tooth became very worried, something is not right about this.

Hiccup will find more trouble than his stone.

Rapunzel's necklace led the group through the town and back to the forge. The girls hid under a tarp while Jack just looks onward. If no one can see him, why should he hide? They looked at the forge before them, with a fire in the oven and the hooked man working inside. Gobber was busy as ever, banging hammers and sharpening swords. The group can hear the man talk to himself as he works.

"Gobber, I need my sword. Gobber I need my hammer. Gobber, can't you work faster? Well let's see how people can work with one arm. Oh where's the lad when you need him."

Everyone can assume that 'the lad' is Hiccup.

"At least one person here seems to miss him," Rapunzel points out.

"Yeah, one out of about a hundred," Jack said to the side.

Merida crept a little closer to hear the man. Something about this guy strikes a cord in her.

"What is it?" Rapunzel asks noticing Merida's confused face.

"It's just...the man sounds like one of the lords in my kingdom," She said completely unsure.

"Well you're from a different time," Jack said. "Maybe this guy is the lords great grandpa?"

"Or cousin?" Rapunzel suggests.

"Maybe," Merida said looking forward.


The group ducks at hearing the chief's booming voice. After a few seconds, they peeked out to see the chief walking into the forge.

"Ah Stoick," Gobber said with a warm smile. He dropped whatever he was doing to give full attention to the chief. "What can I do you for?"

"A number of people need more tools and lumber to help with the repairs, and Mildew needs help with his field."

"Mildew?" Gobber said surprised. "Tell him to wait in line; I've got other orders to fill."

"I know Gobber," Stoick said as calmly as he can. "Just whatever you can do would be great."

"It won't be easy," Gobber said packing a few tools into a wagon. "Especially since there's no help around here. Hiccup would always-" he then stopped and became sad at the mention of Hiccup's name.

"Sorry," he said to Stoick, "I didn't mean-"

"It's alright Gobber," Stoick said unfazed. "The village needs more attention than the boy. I'm sure he'll come back in due time."

"You sure?" Gobber said confused by Stoick's tone. "I know he's been disappearing in the afternoons, but this is taking it a little too far. Something might've happened to him. If you want my opinion we should sent out search parties for him."

"We can't," Stoick said. "As much as I want to look for him, we have to look after the village first. The dragon attacks are getting worst, and winter is almost here."

Jack's ears perk at the sound of winter, "I can make it come sooner," he said with a smirk.

"Hiccup would understand that a chief must protect his people," the chief continues. "So after his little vacation, or get away whatever you want to call it, he will come back before the ice sets in."

"And what if he doesn't?" Gobber asks. "Will you then look for him? Come on Stoick, he's your-"

"I know what he is!" Stoick snaps. "That doesn't change the facts of the real world. People are needed here-"

"But Hiccup needs you," Gobber shouts, trying to make Stoick understand.

"Enough!" Stoick yells. He then turns around and walks away. "Just get out there and help however you can."

Gobber watches his friend walk back towards his house, with a disappointed look. "Oh Stoick," he said under his breath as he puts more tools into the wagon. "I know you're hurting inside, but you need to lower your pride and hopes. I'm afraid that lad might never come back."

From where the group are, a tear can be shown on the man's cheek. They watch him with the wagon walk out of the forge and disappear into the village.

"We should go now," Merida said as she leaps out of hiding and into the forge. Rapunzel followed suite with Jack behind her.

"I can't believe what that man said," Rapunzel said almost outraged, "he treated Hiccup as if he was...nothing."

"I hear you," Jack said in agreement. "I wondered how he would lead a village if I freeze him solid."

"No one is freezing anyone," Merida said trying to calm the other two down. "Remember, we promised Hiccup."

"Right," Jack and Rapunzel said a little disappointed.

"Come on," Merida said walking towards a draped curtain. "We need to find his stone."

When she drawer the curtain back, she couldn't stop her jaw from dropping. Rapunzel and Jack looked over her shoulder to see what she's seeing. They looked a very tiny room with a desk and cupboard full of tools and nobs. Everywhere on the walls and floor were papers with drawings on them From machines to portraits.

"This is Hiccup's room?" Rapunzel asked out loud.

"Pretty sure," Merida response as she took a few steps inside. She picked up one of the papers, and examined a drawing of a crossbow with great detailed. It even had labels of each piece's name and function.

As Rapunzel and Jack walk through the door though, it became clear that the room isn't big enough for the three of them to walk around.

"Well, this isn't going to work," Rapunzel said.

"What if I just wait outside, and take a look around the front," Jack said already out the door.

"Keep a look out for the blacksmith," Merida called out to him, "incase he comes back."

"I will," he said through the curtains.

The girls then resume looking through the stacks of papers to find the stone. But it was pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack. They try to clean the place up, make it easier to look. Rapunzel often pauses to look at some of drawings. She knew Hiccup was a good drawer, but had no idea how good. His artwork can almost rivals her own. She usual paints with the ideal colours and settings, but his drawings had the right amount of shade and contrast. Rapunzel couldn't help but be impressed.

"If he wasn't takin up fighting, he can earn a career as a artist," she said to Merida.

"I completely agree," Merida said looking at a big drawing on the desk. "Look at this," she said signalling Rapunzel come over and look.

On the desk was a giant drawing of Toothless.

"Wow," Rapunzel said with her jaw opened.

"And look at these," Merida said handing a set of pages to Rapunzel. She flips through them to see they are all about Toothless's tail fin and saddle. "He figured out how to make all that himself."

"That's good for him," Rapunzel said putting the pages down. "It shows he's smart and resourceful. Why do you think the Vikings put him down so hard? If they can see what he can do-"

"I think that's the thing, they won't look," Merida said. "They seem to look more towards what's on the outside and not what's on the inside."

"But that's not fair," Rapunzel said almost slamming a fist on the desk.

"No it's not," Merida said equally frustrated. "I can't believe Hiccup goes through all this."

"Hey ladies, check this out!"

The girls immediately race past the curtain and see Jack floating with a book in his hands.

"What did Hiccup say about not drawing attention," Rapunzel said dumbfounded.

"Relax, no one can see me," Jack said letting his feet touch the ground. "Anyway, look at this."

He presents the book to the girls, who look confused.

"I've seen books before," Merida said not impressed.

"Yeah," he said flying in between the girls. "But this book is an encyclopedia for dragons."

"En-cy-clo-pedia?" Rapunzel asks.

"A book all about the dragons we saw last night," Jack explains.

"Really?" Rapunzel said flipping a page of the book and reading the caption under the picture. "Monsterous Nightmare, this aggressive dragon can set its whole body on fire. Extremely dangerous, kill on sight."

Merida flips the page to see the dragon on it. "The Deadly nadder can shoot the poisonous spikes on its tail and its fire breath is hotter than the sun. Extremely dangerous, kill on sight."

Jack reads the next one. "Gronckle, it's skin is hard as rock and can shoot out lava rocks at its victims. Extremely dangerous, and let me guess kill on sight."

They flip more and more into the book, reading each dragon they come across.


"Thunder drum,"

"Hideous Zippleback"

"Whispering death"


"Terrible terrors"

"Burns it victims,"

"Sprays acid,"

"Boiling hot water that can melt skin,"

"Freezes pray in their tracks,"

"Extremely dangerous,"

"Extremely dangerous,"

"Kill on sight,"

"Kill on sight,"

"Kill on sight? What is with these people?" Rapunzel screams. "Do all these people do is kill?"

"I guess if you've been at war for 300 years, anything could happen," Merida shrugs.

"I've been alive for about 300 years, and seen a lot of wars. They can defiantly do stupid stuff to people," Jack said trying to comfort Rapunzel.

Merida kept looking through the book and found a page that's almost blank. There were no pictures, no 'kill on sight' line, only a few short lines.

"The Night fury," she reads, "speed unknown, size unknown. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Do not engage this dragon. You're only option, hide and pray it does not find you."

"Isn't the night fury the type of dragon Toothless is?" Rapunzel asks.

"I think so," Merida said closing the book.

"So we need to do the opposite," Jack said with a smile. "Find one a befriend it."

"If the Vikings are wrong about Toothless and pretty much wrong about Hiccup, I wonder what else they could be wrong about." Merida asks.

As everyone wonders that, they hear a voice in the distance.

"Hey! What are you doing in my forge?"

The group turns to see Gobber limping his way back. Merida drops the book on the ground as she and the others race away from the forge and disappearing behind a house. They were faster than Gobber so getting away was almost easy.

When Gobber made it to the forge, they were already gone. He picked up the Book of dragons and dust off the dirt. "That was strange," he said to himself. "Especially that boy. Who carries a stick around like that?"

The group continued to run until they were safe near a sheep pan.

"That was close," Rapunzel said catching her breath.

"You were supposed to be on look out," Merida scolds Jack.

"My bad," he said a little sarcastic.

"What do we do now?" Rapunzel asks. "I don't think the stone is in the forge."

"I don't think so either," Jack admits. "Let's just meet Hiccup back at the-"

"Wait guys," Merida said look out towards a set of stairs leading to two giant doors just across the way. "That's supposed to be the great hall right? I say we check it out."

"Wait, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Rapunzel said worried.

"Hiccup said that might be where his stone is," Merida said focused. "We can just take a quick look and then go back. Besides, I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting hungry. And I really don't want to eat with the dragon again."

Memories popped back in everyone's mind about this morning. They were having breakfast and Toothless coughed up a lot of digested fish I front of everyone.

"Good point," Rapunzel said.

"If we stick close to the shadows, I'm sure we'll fine." Merida said as she confidently walks towards the stairs. Jack shrugs as he glides above the grass to the stairs. Rapunzel huffs as she hurries to catch up to them.

Somewhere in her mind think s that this will not turn out well as they hope.

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