Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Disclosures in Shadows

"So what you are saying is that Hiccup, as well as the rest of you, have been chosen to stop a spirit that wants to purge the world into darkness." Stoick said to understand.

He and the other Vikings gathered in the great hall, listening to this group's quest. While a lot of Vikings were around the group like an audience, five other people sat near the chief to form a council. It includes Gothi, a silent man with a moustache, a woman with a big body, a man with black dreadlocks and tall version of Snotlout. They would ultimately decide the next course of action after this. Jack and Rapunzel stood infront of the council with Gobber speaking for Jack, (seeing no one on the council can see him,( except for Gothi but she can't really speak)). Merida was seated nearby, with a nurse putting bandages around her. Astrid was seated near her, with a blanket wrapped around. Her body was shaking like a leaf with her teeth chattering.

"That's the just of it," Jack said shaking his head with his hand to his forehead. It felt like he and the girls have explained this story about a hundred times now. They've explained a lot of what has happened to Stoick. The only thing they've left out was Toothless. They knew that if anyone finds out, the dragon would be in a world of trouble.

"The boy says yes," Gobber spoke to Stoick.

The chief let's out a heavy breath and pressed his fingers together. "And in order to do this, you need to find a certain stone in each of your homes, and use the power stored within to defeat this foe. Forgive me but it's a little hard to comprehend."

"We can certainly understand," Merida said as the nurse tightens a wrap around her arm. "Ouch!" She winces.

Rapunzel looks at Merida while stroking her hair. She knows she can heal Merida in almost a heartbeat, but she'll wait till she and the others can convince the chief that their aim is true.

Stoick spoke again. "The only thing I don't really get, is why Hiccup was chosen."

"Yeah," Astrid shivered with an angry eye. "Why was HE chosen?"

"To be honest, we weren't sure ourselves why any of us were chosen," Rapunzel replied in the kindest way she can. "But it had something to do with us representing a season, and having a special skill that can stop Pitch."

"Skill? What skill?" Snotlout shouted from the crowd. "He might be good against dragons, but Useless can hardly-"

He was cut short with Jack shooting a stream of ice on the floor, making Snotlout slip and fall to the ground.

"Don't ever call Hiccup useless," Rapunzel warns him.

Snotlout grumbles as he stands up and steps off the ice.

"And to answer your question," Merida said turning to face him. "He has a lot of unique skills that helped us through all the problems we've faced."

"You are aware that Hiccup causes a lot more problems than solving them," Snotlout's father tells.

"Are you kidding?" Merida said trying to stand but is pushed back down by the nurse. "When we were captured one time, he was able to fake the guard out and knocked him out cold. When Rapunzel was taken to a tower, he was able to sense a trap ready to happen and found a way around it."

"But still," Snotlout's father, Spitelout, said with more volume. "Why was that runt chosen? They are other more capable worriers here, like Lady Astrid, or my son."

"Yeah," Snotlout said. "I can do a lot more than that little pipsqueak. I can slice a dragon's throat with my pinkie, I can make a boulder break with my forehead, I can..."

Jack huffed as he shoots ice again at the boy, this time having it covers his mouth. Snotlout rips the ice off, but it also leaves a ripping burn on it.

"Ahhh! I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!" He screams as he runs away from the front.

"That'll teach him to be quiet," Jack said flipping his staff.

"I'm sure the invisible boy did that, so can you tell him to behave," Spitelout warns.

"I will if everyone else will stop talking smack about our friend," Jack said to Gobber. Baby tooth sat on his shoulder and nods her head.

Gobber didn't want to say that in front of everyone, so he made what Jack said short and sweet. "He said he will."

"Besides, we already have a worrier on the team," Rapunzel said looking at Merida. "And Jack is also a capable fighter. We needed people who are not all about muscles and strength, but have heart and brains."

"I like my brain," Tuffnut said banging his head. "It's hard and stuff."

Rapunzel foams at that boy's stupidity and focuses back to the council. "Hiccup certainly has brains, and a really caring heart. And Merida has been teaching him how to fight and defend himself. If it wasn't for him, and the others, I might've still be trapped in my tower. He deserves to be with us, more than anyone here."

She receives a lot angry mumbles and scorns for that sentence.

"And what can you do?" Spitelout asks her. "I'm sure you not here just by being a pretty face."

Rapunzel sighs, sensing she should've seen this coming. But she did promise that she wouldn't held anything back, Toothless being the exception. But the best way to explain it, is to show it. She looks to Merida, who is still being bandage up by the nurses. Might as well start there.

So she looks at Spitelout, and pulls her braid over her shoulder. "It's better if I show you." She then walks to Merida, and start to unbraid some of the hair.

Jack looks as she walks, a little nervous about what's she's gonna reveal.

Merida was equally nervous as Rapunzel pushes the nurse away. Merida quickly grabs Rapunzel's arm before she was able to wrap her hair on Merida. "Are you sure?" She asks.

Rapunzel looks at every Viking looking at them, remembering what the people in her world almost did to her because of her hair. But it's the only way to convince everyone here, and it's time to fully stop the hiding. "Yes," she said with a smile.

Merida had to give it up to Rapunzel, she has more bravery then people would think. But then the chattering teeth coming from Astrid caught her attention. She was still covered with bruises and scrap skin from the fight. That gave Merida a considerate thought that might help them get to the bottom of Astrid's anger problems.

"You might want to do the same for her too," she tells Rapunzel, "she needs it too."

Rapunzel didn't quite get the reason why to help the person that almost killed Merida, but it was Merida's idea. "Alright," she said putting some hair around the frozen girl.

"What are you-" Astrid asks harsh.

Rapunzel shush her and finishes her preparation. "Just stay still, and try not to freak out too much."

"Why?" Astrid asks.

"Just, trust me." Rapunzel took in a deep breath before she sang her magical song.

"Flower gleam and glow,

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse,

Bring back what once was mine,"

Gasps came out of every Vikings' mouth as they witness Rapunzel's hair starting to glow, Astrid was especially freaking out by this. She would run away from it, if her legs weren't shaking with cold. When the glow reached Merida, it made her body feel a wave of relief and warmth she felt before.

"Heal what has been hurt,

Changes the fate's design,

Save what has been lost,

Bring back what once was mine,"

The glow from the hair touches Astrid's arm, and a wave of the magic spread throughout her body. Her cold body felt a relief of warmth and it felt calm and relaxing. She then can feel every cut and bruise beginning to lift out of existence and her soul had rested from a long sleep.

"What once was mine," Rapunzel finished and her hair returned to its normal shine. Astrid removes the hair away to see her skin, cut and bruise free. Her body didn't even feel cold anymore. She looks at Merida who was removing the bandages and revealing bare skin. It was as if they weren't in a fight at all.

Astrid screams and jumps back away from the girls.

"I told you not to freak out," Rapunzel said braiding her hair back up.

"This is a girl who wants to kill dragons? Can't even handle glowing hair," Merida scuffs while standing up. Astrid growls and sits back down in her chair.

Stoick looks at Astrid with concern. "How do you feel?"

Astrid looks at her chief, trying to sound like her usual self. "I'm fine."

Stoick then turns his attention back to group, "all hair aside, you seem a really nice group. But the fact that Hiccup is missing is a concern."

"Believe me, we're worried about him too," Rapunzel said.

"And this...Toothless too," Stoick said. "Is he a friend of yours?"

Not really wanting to talk about Toothless, Rapunzel reacted fast. "Yes, he is. In fact, he and Hiccup became pretty close, almost like brothers. I'm sure they're together, wherever they are."

"I wouldn't worry too much," Merida said with convince, "those two can handle any problem, and Hiccup is stronger than you think."

As soon as she said that, a number of Vikings broke out in laughter, including Stoick.

"Did we miss a joke here?" Jack asks confused.

"You'll have to forgive them," Gobber said. "Usually Hiccup and being strong don't go in the same sentence."

"Why not?" Merida said trying to keep her temper down. "Hiccup is capable of being a great warrior."

That only made the laughing grow louder. The group couldn't believe these people are laughing at their friend. They should be thankful the dragon isn't here; he would've blasted them into next week.

"What?" Rapunzel said very upset at seeing this. "Do you all think little of him? He's a strong person! He helped save my life!"

"And mine!" Merida agrees.

"As much as I want to believe you girls," Stoick said trying to calm down, "I've known Hiccup all his life and he is incapable of achieving those things."

"He can and did," Merida argues with the man. "He even knocked me down a few times during fighting practice."

"I'm sure," he said not really believing her.

"It the truth!" She said with force.

"Hiccup has the attention span of a sparrow and is clumsy as a drunken yak; he is not the right choice for your quest thing."

Gobber looked away, remembering Hiccup in his forge. He always payed attention to his work and has often lift heavy weapons onto the shelves.

Merida couldn't take that kind of talk about her friend. "Then you don't know him at all, he isn't any of those things."

"I know him more then you," he argues, raising his voice to intimidate her.

"I'm starting to doubt anyone in this village knows anything about him," Jack said loud enough for everyone who can see him hear him.

"Then how can you think of him so low?" Merida continued to challenge the chief. "He is more Viking then anyone I've met here."

"I agreed," Rapunzel nods. Jack nods his head too in agreement with these women.

"Hiccup is many things, but until he kills the dragon, he isn't a Viking." Stoick said with authority.

"Maybe it's best if he isn't a Viking," Rapunzel said with resolve.

"Excuse me!" Stoick growls at her.

"I agree, if a Viking means being a jerk, then Hiccup shouldn't be a part of it. He deserves more than this village can do."

"Listen lass, I will not let you speak that way to my people!"

"Why not? You seem to not let that be a problem when they talk that way about Hiccup," Merida argues. "Trust me, he told us a lot of stories about this place and how he hates it here."

"Hates!" Stoick questions with anger.

"Yeah," Rapunzel said stepping in front of the chief. "He hates it here, and after the way your people treated us the same way you've treated him, I can see why. I'm surprise that you haven't sent search parties to look for him. None of you were worried about him and don't seem to care about him!"

"Don't you dare say that!" Stoick yells at them.

The entire room was silent, even the crickets wouldn't chirp out of fear. The group only glares at the chief knowing they're right.

Stoick clears his through and reverts to a reasonable chief persona. "You've given us much to discuss. We will return shortly with a decision about what to do with you." Stoick and the council took their leave to a separate room.

The Vikings in the crowd didn't dare to approach the group of children; instead they went to their own groups to express their own opinion. Astrid stayed seated in her seat to await her trail as soon as this was over.

"Well, that went well," Rapunzel comments to her friends.

"I can't believe these people," Merida said putting a hand on her hip. "I mean he told us about his life, but seeing it makes it a lot worst."

"No wonder why he wanted to run away," Jack said to them.


The group looks to see Gobber listening in to their conversation.

"It's true," Rapunzel told him. "Before he started this quest, he as going to run away from here. He couldn't stand it here anymore."

Gobber tries to work out that revelation, but couldn't understand why. "But he was receiving the greatest honour in Viking history, why would he run away?"

"You call killing an honour?" Rapunzel asks crossing her arms. "That's just wrong."

"It's funny though," Jack said swinging his staff around his shoulders. "You seemed to be the only one that's actually curious on what might happen to Hiccup."

"Of course I'm worried for him," Gobber said. "He's like my nephew. As much as other people won't show it, they are worried too."

"Then they've done a great time not showing it," Jack said under his breath.

"I would've expected to see his father begging the chief to look for his son," Rapunzel said.

"Speaking of his father, where is he?" Merida demanded. "I would like to say a few things to him about the way he's been treating Hiccup."

Gobber was taken back a bit, not believing what he just heard. But maybe Hiccup hasn't told them who his father is. "You mean you don't know?" He asks.

"Does it sound like we know?" Jack overacts.

"He only told us about how hard it was to live to his father's expectations, and how he's been treating Hiccup like a failure," Merida told Gobber. "He cried thinking he's failed his father, a son should never have to do that."

"Yeah," Rapunzel nods her head with Baby tooth.

Gobber wouldn't admit it, but he felt glad that someone is sticking up for Hiccup and is defending him. "I admire what you do for my apprentice, and I do agree that his father isn't the best role model, but talking to him about it won't help."

"We can at least try," Rapunzel said very sweet. "Please."

Gobber sighs, can't refuse a girl with an innocent voice. "I just can't believe he's never told you who his father is."

"Where is he then?" Merida asks.

Gobber eyes the throne and the rest of the group looks up confused. "You just talked to him," he said.

That thought clicked into their minds, but they weren't believing it.

"Wait, hold on a minute," Jack said waving his hands in front of him and turning back to Gobbet. "Let me get this straight. That guy... Stoick...the chief of Berk... Is Hiccup's father?!"

"Yep," Gobber said. Baby tooth flies in front of Jack and nods her head in agreement, saying that Gobber is telling the truth.

The group couldn't believe that the biggest brute of the island, the chief that approves violence, could be related at all to their small, kind, caring friend.

"Why wouldn't he tell us?" Rapunzel asks out loud.

"I don't know," Jack said putting a finger on his chin. "When we find him, we'll be sure to ask."

Merida nods at that idea, but then turns her head to Astrid, who is still clearly upset. Merida knew she shouldn't poke the bear, but it might be the best way to find out what's up with her. Or at least gets to the point on why she really wanted to kill her.

"Be right back," she said as she walks away from her group and towards Astrid.


Astrid looks up to see Merida leaning over her. She grumbles and shifts away. "What do you want?" She coldly said. "Came here to rub in your bogus victory."

"If you want someone rubbing in something, you should hang out with that snot-person," Merida said sitting down next to her. "He never seems to shut his trap shut."

Merida tries to make eye contact to Astrid, but she tries moving further off the chair.

"Go away," she commands.

"Not before I ask you something," Merida insists.

"I suppose you want to know why I wanted to kill you," Astrid huffs.

"That's part of it."

"It's because I wanted to follow in the Viking law..."

"That anyone who is different shouldn't be allowed to live," Merida said with a raised eyebrow.

Astrid wanted to say something to her to justify what she was trying to do, but no words came out. She just frowns and looks away.

Merida leans in to ask her question, "Why are you angry?"

"Angry?" Astrid said confused, but her harsh tone hasn't changed. "Who said I was angry?"

"I think it's rather obvious," Merida points out. "Something has really gotten under your skin."

"Do I look angry to you?!" Astrid almost screams.

"You look like you're ready to rip a head off a sheep," Merida said crossed but calm. "And you can argue that it was from the fight, but it isn't. We've arrived a day ago and that same temper you have now, was there yelling at the chief. Why are you yelling at everyone around you?"

"It's none of your business," Astrid scoffs it off, trying to avoid Merida.

"You almost tried to kill me, so it is my business."

"Well you can stuff it!" Astrid screams and looks at Merida. Red stared to fill her eyes, as well as her cheeks.

Merida moved her head back, in realization. "Of course, why didn't I see it before?"

"See what?" Astrid said still maintaining her temper.

"If seen the same thing my mother's eyes," Merida said very quietly. "It's your pride."

"What?" Astrid said confused.

"Your pride has been bruised," Merida explained. "Something or someone has defiled something that should've been yours. But you didn't get it. And now you're acting like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, yelling at people because you feel like they'd turned against you." In speaking those words, made Merida think back to before she left home. She was yelling at her mother and ripping the tapestry. But that was different, she didn't understand. She knew Merida didn't want to go through with the marriage, and just ignored her. Here, Astrid was hurting, and she was pushing away everyone who wanted to help.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Astrid argues, crossing her arms across her chest.

"I think I do," Merida said as calmly as she can. She's no expert like Rapunzel is, but at least she can try. "I've sort of been where you are. But at least you weren't being forced to marry someone you don't know." She snapped before she was about to go own about her own problems and goes back to Astrid's. "Put that aside, you've been beaten, have you? And you hate it. You can't take losing at all..."

"I don't know what kind of world you come from?" Astrid said stern. "But around here, you always strive to be the best, to prove you can be like your fore fathers, and fight like a true Viking. But to lose everything just by dumb luck, it's not fair."

"Life is made of luck," Merida argues.

"But he didn't do it the Viking way!" Astrid yells. But then cursed herself by saying that sentence.

"He?" Merida asks, but the quickly puts some pieces together. "I guessing you mean Hiccup, You seemed really upset when his name was called out. So he did something...wait...he won, that's it isn't it?! He beat you in the dragon arena thing and took the spot that you think you deserve..."

"I did deserve it!"

"That's why you were yelling at the chief that time, and you were quick to challenge me. You wanted to prove you could win back your pride."

"It was mine! I fought hard to get to where I am, and Hiccup only got the win because of dumb luck. He didn't do it the Viking way..."

"He did it his own way," Merida grabbed Astrid's arm to make her look at her. "He thought about his opponent and was able to make it go down without using an axe, while I'm guessing you went charging in with an axe raised. There's more to battle then running and swinging. You should know that better than anyone."

"But it isn't the Viking way."

"Then what is the Viking way?" Merida asks.

Astrid yanks her hand away before answers with confidence. "It's about honour, to be able to raise your weapon and fight with glory. You push away anything weak and useless, and the strong will carry you to tomorrow's fight."

After a moment of letting that sink in, Merida spoke again. "And that's why you don't have too many friends."

"What?" Astrid said confused again.

"You said you push away the weak and useless, well you're pushing everyone away. You only think of yourself and how you can get farther in the village rankings. Screaming and demanding people to give you what you want. Like that idiot over there." She eyes Snotlout, whose lips are still burning from that rip.

"You don't seem to care about other people..."

"You're wrong!" Astrid protests. "I do care."

"You have a funny way of showing it," Merida said with honesty in her harsh tone. "You yell at the chief, you attacked me and my friends, you ignored everyone telling you to stop when you had a knife in your hand, and now you're yelling at me, the one person who came over and asked if you were alright. I don't even want to know what you did to Hiccup."

"I didn't do anything if that's what you're wondering," Astrid said. "All that pushing and name calling thing, that was Snotlout and the twins doing. I wasn't involved with that at all."

"In other words you ignored him," Merida points out. "When he needed someone the most, you turned your back on him. He told us everyone in the village did that, including his father. Now that he has only a few weeks of being happy, you wanted to take that away from him."

Astrid became lost in her thoughts, never really thinking about that before. She has seen Hiccup grow up, always being abused by everyone around him, and she just stood in the side lines. She didn't want to risk her reputation by helping the weakest Viking on earth. But was it really right? Was she that mean to him? Did she really hurt him that bad by doing nothing? Was she being that selfish?

'Arg! Why am I listening to this Scottish girl?' Astrid thought in anger. 'She has no idea what I'm going through. When Hiccup was winning, I became alone. No one would talk to me, or praise me the way they usually do. Hiccup took away everything, leaving me cold and alone.'

"Hiccup is the kindest boy on this island, I don't think you-" Merida was cut off by seeing something heading towards them. It looked long, dark, and it had wings. Merida couldn't get a good look at it with it flying at them with break neck speed.

"Look out!" She cries grabbing Astrid by the shoulders and moving them both out of the way.

The girls hit the floor just as the figure flew right by.

Astrid punches Merida in the arm, clearly upset. "What was that for?"

"That!" Merida said pointing up at the figure. It looked like a long snake like dragon with a cloud like body and yellow eyes. Merida can clearly see it's a nightmare, and it's heading towards a little kid talking to his mother.

"Kid, watch out!" Merida said as she got on her feet and ran to the kid.

Astrid was at first shock seeing this new kind of dragon, but even more shocked of its target. "Gustav!" She yells as she runs to him.

Gustav turned around to see what was with the yelling, but then sees the shadow dragon charging at him. Fear took over his core, making his body too numb to move. The shadow dragon then circles around him, making him scream in terror. Every Viking nearby stopped what they were doing and looked at the kid.

Then suddenly, the dragon goes right through the kid, disappearing in his skin. Feeling woozy, Gustav kneeled down, huffing and puffing.

Merida was the first to reach the kid. She kneels done to meet him eye to eye. "Are you alright kid?" She asks.

Astrid leans over her, trying to push Merida out of the way. "Gustav, it's going to be ok," she said trying to hide her tense tone. As she reaches for Gustav's face, he lifts his head is panic.

The girls back up a bit seeing this kid's eyes, pure black and full of fright.

"No!" Gustav's said trying back away from them. "Get away from me!"

The kid's mother came in from behind the boy and grabbed him. "What's wrong dearly?"

He turns around to face her, only to scream in her face. "Stay away from me! Don't hurt me!" He backs away from everyone, shaking like a leaf.

"No one is going to hurt you," Merida told him.

But then Gustav covers his ears and sinks down to the ground. "Please stop! I can't take it! Stop saying those things! I'm not useless!"

As everyone looks at the kid, another scream came from the crowd. A little girl ran through the Vikings with tears coming down her black eyes. She was covering her ears and keeping her head down.

"Don't say those things! Please! Just stop it!" She cries out. By now, every Viking is wondering what's going on.

Jack, Rapunzel and Gobber ran to Merida and Astrid to see what's happening.

"Odin's beard, what's gotten into those two?" Gobber asks out loud.

"Nightmares," Merida answers as she prepared her bow.

"Nightmares?" Gobber asks the group.

"Remember when told about Pitch and the army he commands," Jack asks Gobber. He nods unsure.

"This would be the army," Jack said readying his staff. Baby tooth quickly hides in his pouch to avoid the fight.

Within seconds another scream can be heard. Everyone can see Fishlegs running through the crowd and was being chased by a shadow dragon. A nearby Viking tries to get the dragon with his hammer, but it phases through it like air and hits another Viking just across the way. As the Viking try to understand what just happened, the dragon picked up speed and went into the running boy. Fishlegs stopped as his eyes turn pure black.

"No!" He cried out like a child. "No! Don't leave me! Don't abandon me!"

Then, the Vikings started to see more of those shadow dragons starting to appear in every shadow of the Great hall. Most of the Vikings start to panic, screaming all over the place. It attracted the council to come rushing in.

"What's going on?!" Stoick yells with a booming voice. But no one can hear it as they try desperately to keep the shadow dragons away. But it was to no avail. Every weapon the Vikings can throw phases through the dragons, and the dragons keep entering people, making their eyes all black and their faces pale.

One dragon was flying towards Gobber, and Merida spots it quickly. She took aim of her bow and shoots an arrow at it. When it hit, the dragon disappears into dust.

"Cool," Merida said looking at her bow. It seems that her arrows can hit the dragons.

Jack also shot some of his ice at the dragons, and it almost freezes them in place.

"So are we the only ones who can hit these things?" Rapunzel asks the group.

"Looks like it," Jack said taking out a bunch of dragons going after a little kid.

"I don't think so," Astrid said taking a dagger and throwing it at a nearby dragon, but the weapon phases through it and sticks out of the wall.

She growled at that turn of events, and was ready to charge head first against the dragon. But then she heard her chief yell.

"Outside! Quickly!"

Everybody raced outside as fast as they can, but it was no better than it was inside.

Night covered the island, and so did the shadow dragons. There were about over a hundred out here. They're chasing anyone they see and making their eyes turn black. Merida and Jack are doing their best to block the dragons, but there were too many shadow dragons.

"Spread out, and try to find a place to hide," The chief orders. A lot of the Vikings ran for their lives, but others are trying to stand their ground. The twins were one of those fools.

"These dragons are so cool," Ruffnut said.

"Yeah, I wonder how many teeth they have." Tuffnut said scratching his chin.

"Let's see," the sister said, pushing her brother to an incoming dragon. It phases through him and made him scare for his life.

"No,no,no,no,no" he said shrinking down to a feudal position and sucking his thumb.

"Really pathetic," Ruffnut said with her hands on her hips. But then a dragon came in from behind her and goes into her. She then goes down and mimics her brother.

"I'm not useless," she whispers to herself. "I'm not useless..."

Elsewhere, Snotlout was running and yelling like a maniac. For some reason, he has three dragons chasing him.

"Why me?" He said referring looking back to see them. "What did I do?"

He then screams to see another dragon appearing in front of him. He tries to break but he was coming in to fast. He ended up clashing with the dragon and having the nightmare dust go into him. It made him freeze with fear as his eyes turned black. The other three dragons came in too, and went into Snotlout. It caused him to cry like a little girl, and making him coward on the ground.

Merida and Jack are trying their best to keep the dragons away from their group, but these dragons don't quit.

"Gobber! What are these?!" Astrid yells above the screams of everyone else.

For the first time in a long time, Gobber was clueless. "I don't know," he said. "I've never seen these dragons before."

"Well, that's just great," Jack sarcastically said as he blasts away a few more dragons away.

Not being able to fight like the others has put a small hindrance on Rapunzel. She hates being left out when everyone else is doing something. "Where's Hiccup when you need him," she said out loud.

The group races to hide underneath a house, taking the time to catch their breath. They look out to see more Vikings being touched by these dragons and then wallowing in fear.

"This is worst then the time the frightmare attack," Gobber said out loud.

Astrid huffs at the mention of that day. The others look more to see who is still fighting. It seems like Stoick and a few council people are still fighting. Everyone else has either run or turned and became scared.

"I didn't know Pitch had such power," Rapunzel said.

"I don't think it is Pitch," Jack openly admits.

"What do you mean?" Rapunzel asks.

Jack thought back to their last encounter with Pitch. He's been doing all his work in the shadows and manipulating scenes to work in his favour. This power is too out of the open and the attacks are a little frantic. Besides, Pitch is more of a fan of horses, not dragons.

"This isn't his style," Jack tells the others.

"Then where are these coming from?" Merida asks out of the blue.

"That's a good question," Jack said looking up to the sky and at the dragons flying overhead. Then he got a crazy idea. "I'll go up and find out."

Even though it's a big risk, it's the only way to find answers. "Be careful," Rapunzel said worried for Jack.

"When am I not careful?" Jack playfully said.

"Do we really need to answer that?" Merida said with a mean look.

Jack shrugs as he flies up into the sky. As everyone watches him going up, Astrid was still a little confused about this boy, why can't she see him?

Jack flies as high as he can; blasting any dragon he comes across. He then made it the cloud line and hid in the clouds, looking down at the island. He can see the dragons attacking the village, and coming from a particular place.

"Really?" He asks out loud before diving down back to his friends.

"They're coming from the arena," he tells them.

"Really?" Gobber questions.

"Exactly what I said," Jack said blasting another dragon away from their hiding spot.

"Why there?" Rapunzel asks everyone.

"Only one way to find out," Merida said preparing her bow to advance.

"Hold on!" Astrid snapped, "Where are we going?"

Everyone forgot that Astrid can't see Jack.

"The aren-" Rapunzel said before Merida clamps her mouth with her hand.

"It might be best if you stay here," Merida calmly said.

"What!?" Astrid said with as much anger as she can muster.

"If it is Pitch that's behind this, then the three of us are the only ones who can actually hit him," Merida explains to her. "You'll just be slowing us down."

"She's right, if your weapons can't touch these things, you can't really help against Pitch," Rapunzel adds.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Astrid yells. "I'm a better fighter then-"

"They're right lass."

Astrid was shocked to hear those words come out of Gobber's mouth.

"As much as I like to fight against dragons, we can't even lay a finger or a hook on them," Gobber said being serious. "It's best if we hide until these people handle this."

"You're kidding me!" Astrid said upset, "You're going to put the fate of our village to these...strangers!"

"Yep, pretty much," Gobber said before turning back to the group. "I'll make sure she stays here, be careful."

"You too," Merida said before she, Rapunzel and Jack ran through the village and to the arena.

Gobber looks as the group runs ahead, unaware that Astrid is grabbing a heavy pot and used it to knock him out cold.

"Sorry Gobber," she said grabbing her axe tight, "but this is my only chance to prove myself." With that resolve in mind, she races off to the catch up to the group.

Merida, Jack and Rapunzel finally reaches the arena, and crept along the sides of the walls. They finally reached the door Merida went through early, with the gates wide open.

"You think he's expecting us?" Rapunzel said peering over to see inside.

The inside seemed darker then they work thought. A giant tornado of shadow dust surrounds a person inside it, and spooling out the shadow dragons heading to the village. The group leans in a bit to see the person inside that powerful tornado, but the shadows were too dark to see who's inside. But everyone can guess who it is though.

"There's Pitch," Merida said reading her bow. "Let's get em."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa feisty pants," Jack said using his staff to block her way. He then leans in, trying to see the person controlling the shadow dragons. In the back of his mind, he knows that can't be Pitch. He doesn't really show off like this, it has to be someone else, but who?

"We need to think this through," Jack said. "We need a strategy, something to gain the upper hand."

"Well, if you have any ideas, we're listening," Rapunzel said.

Jack's got an idea, a crazy one. "Ok, first Merida shoots at the tornado, get him out into the open. Then I blast him with some ice."

"What do I do?" Rapunzel asks.

"Ummm... Be there with moral support."

Rapunzel kinda hates that she's basically doing nothing. But Merida and Jack have more fighting experience then she does. "Ok," she said a little sheepishly.

"Let's do this," Merida said creeping in through the tunnel and at the edge of the door. She looked into the tornado, getting a good aim at the person inside. She pulls her arrow back to her cheek, readying to shoot...


Merida reacted to the scream by accidentally firing the arrow way past her target and to a wall. She looked behind to see Astrid charging right past her.

"What are you doing?!" Merida cried to her in shock.

"What do you think I'm doing," Astrid said looking behind at her and the others from her group racing through the door to meet their friend. "Defending Berk!"

She then raises her axe over her head and runs to the tornado. As she prepares to swing into the thing, a shadow tentacle bursts through the tornado and grabs her axe and lifts it and her off the ground.

"Silly girl," the figure inside said turning to face her.

Astrid's eyes widen seeing nothing but glowing menacing green eyes looking at her. The tentacle then flings her across the arena to where the others are. Jack and Merida prepared for anything this guy could throw at them, while Rapunzel races to see if Astrid was alright.

"Do you really think you can attack me like that?" The figure said again with a hint of anger behind his voice. "This island was full of fools."

The others looked at this figure, thinking they've heard the voice before. It defiantly wasn't Pitch, but it was cold and dark.

Astrid quickly got back on her feet and was about to charge at this thing, but Rapunzel grabbed her arms and held her back.

"Let me go!" Astrid yells at her.

The figures laughed at the scene. "I never realized how truly pathetic you are Astrid."

"That's rich, coming from someone who's hiding in a tornado!" She screams at him.

"Please stop," Rapunzel pleads with her. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into."

"You're calling me a coward!" The figure yells at all them, blowing a big gust of wind at everyone.

"Then come out and fight!" Astrid demands.

The figure laughs again before he spoke. "As you wish, Milady."

Everyone can see the figure moves his hands around, and disperses the tornado apart into winds that blew everyone away. When the wind cleared, everyone looked in horror to see who is standing right in front of them with black eyes and green pupils.

"Hiccup?" Everyone gasps.

Hiccup smiles a dark smile, with wraps of shadows around his hands.

"Miss me guys." He said with a narrow brow and a smile.

Everyone looked at him, confused of what's going on. And why did he look so angry.

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