Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Wrath of Hiccup

"Miss me guys."

Everyone looked at Hiccup, not believing what they're seeing. He is standing right in the middle of the arena, different then what he was before. For one thing, he was angry, more angry then he's ever been. His green pupils are covered by darkness. His hands had sprinkles of black dust around them.

Everyone was too shocked to say or do anything. Rapunzel continues to hold Astrid by her arms, but Astrid was frozen with fear to fight back. Merida's eyes widen seeing her friend like this. As for Jack, a million things went through his mind, mostly questions. Like what happened to Hiccup? How did he get this power? And why is he doing this to his home?

"What?" Hiccup said gesturing to his friends. "Surprise to see me?"

"That's one way to put it," Jack said almost struggling for words.

"Hiccup," Merida said lowering her bow. "Wha?...what happen to you?"

Hiccup chuckled a bit before speaking again. "What happened to me?" He mocked. "I had my eyes open for the first time. I saw the truth about Berk, and what a horrible place it truly is. And the people here are even more so."

"What are you talking about?" Merida asked out of curiosity.

"This island is full of heartless people, who value themselves above everyone else," Hiccup said with a little more anger. "Leaving people like me in the dirt."

"Hiccup, stop it," Rapunzel said quietly. "You're sounding like my ex mother."

Hiccup huffed at her, and continued to glares at everyone. "Says the girl who was locked in a tower all her life. You, none of you know how heartless the people here are."

"But Hiccup," Rapunzel said with a sad face.

"You can't do this!" Merida also said to try to reason with him.

"Why not," Hiccup said with a smirk. "They've been doing it to me. Why not do the same to them."

"But-" Rapunzel began to say.

"Hiccup," Jack said cautiously, looking at him in the eyes. "Pitch has gotten to you, he's obviously put you under a spell, you have to-"

"I'm not under any spell," Hiccup said with confidence. "I'm just realizing the truth. Something I've been denying for so long. I hated here, and I hate everyone one this puny rock!" As he spoke, the shadows circle around the arena, whirling around like violent wind currents.

Jack tries to block the shadows with his own wind powers, but the clashing is making everyone's hair fly into their faces.

"It's because of this island, all of you, that I was always alone!" Hiccup continues. "So now, it's my time, to do to this island what it's been doing to me for 14 years!"

Astrid finally wrestles her way out of Rapunzel's grasp and moved forward to Hiccup with her own anger. "What we did...what the heck did we do to you! You were the one who got all the attention and praise when-"

"Excuse me! I've gotten all the attention?" Hiccup argues with her. As he yells, the dust around his hands became more active, pulsing with his anger. "Where have you been all those years, under a rock? Oh yeah, you were too busy focusing on yourself, making sure miss perfect doesn't ruin her reputation."

"What?" Astrid said, slowly getting angry.

"You," he said pointing at her, "all you cared about was yourself! When everyone else picked on me and abused me, you did nothing to help. Then when I was actually good at something, you made it your mission to bring me down, so you can sit high in that pedestal of yours. You followed me almost every day after training, just because you couldn't stand me winning."

Astrid almost shakes her body, knowing now she's been caught for spying on him. But she has a good reason in her opinion for following him. "I wanted to know how you were cheating and-" Astrid began.

"Oh, of course, the only way to beat the mighty Astrid was by cheating," Hiccup mocked.

"I just wanted everything to return to normal," she yells, with anger starting to fill her eyes.

"Normal!" Hiccup raged with his fist clutch to his sides. "Normal is a firm definition to you. Normal for you is you always winning and having everything serve to you on a platter, while I get left with the scraps and disgrace."

Jack, Merida and Rapunzel just stood where they stand, not sure what to do next. They don't want to see these two fight, but they don't want to raise weapons against their friend and sort of friend.

Hiccup continued his rant against Astrid. "You couldn't stand it, me beating you in something. You were completely miserable. And you know what, it was fun watching you being stupid in comprehending the fact that I won."

"Stupid," Astrid growls as she tightens her grip on her axe. "I'll show you stupid!"

She raised her weapon against the cries of the people on the side. But as she races to slice Hiccup in two, a plasma blast came from the sky and nearly hits her. The blast landed near her feet, causing her to stop.

"Wha?" She said taking what just happened as she stepped backwards.

Everyone heads turned when they heard a growl coming from above. They see a creature they know too well just outside the cage ceiling.

"Toothless?" Merida whispers out loud.

Toothless roars with almost the same anger Hiccup has. He then looks at Astrid with thin slits, ready for the kill.

"That's a...a..." Astrid stuttered in fear.

"A...a... Night fury," Hiccup said mocking her fear. He then waved his hand, making the shadow dust to make the cage break apart a bit, allowing Toothless to jump through and join him in the arena. Hiccup calmly pets his dragon on the head while looking at Astrid. "The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself."

Astrid continued to stare, not believing a dragon is right there, listening to Hiccup like a pet. But then she saw the saddle, and figured out he couldn't have made that overnight. Then she also remembers the other people told the chief that Toothless was a part of their group.

"So...you're friends with a dragon?" She asks to confirm her theory.

Hiccup nods as he continues to rub the dragon's head. "Give the lady a prize."

But as the realization sinks into Astrid, so did her anger raise. "You...you betrayed our tribe...for that thing!"

"This 'thing' is my best friend," Hiccup declared to her. "Even before I met those jokers over there." He glares at his former group.

"What did he call us?" Merida said shocked and angry.

"Remember, he's under a spell," Jack reminds her. Though it's starting to be impossible to remember that.

"Your friend?!" Astrid yelled. "It's a freaking dragon!"

"I know, and your point," Hiccup sneered.

"I knew you were a cheat, probably used that dragon to teach you how to cheat," Astrid said with any confidence she has left. "But to sell your own kind out and attacking them, that's going too far!"

"My kind!" Hiccup yells. He stops rubbing Toothless and focus on her. "It's the first time anyone has ever said that to me. My 'kind' never once gave me any respect, any praise. Despite being an heir, I was tortured. Always getting pushed aside, always getting beaten by my own people, and worst of all, being treated as an outcast, by the people I thought I can trust. Well not any more. Now I'm following your advice, Astrid."

"And what's that?" Astrid asks him.

"I've figured out what side I'm on," he said with a wicked smile. He then lifts his hands to summon waves of shadow dust to wrap around his arms. "And it's not with you."

He pushes his hands forward, sending the shadows in her direction. Astrid quickly dodges out of the away, but accidentally lets go of her axe, leaving it behind and being blasted by the shadows.

Astrid quickly got on her feet and ran away from the second wave of shadows Hiccup blasted out.

"Please! Stop!" She cries out to Hiccup.

But Hiccup didn't stop; he kept flinging his arms towards her and sending out waves of shadows after her.

Rapunzel knew she had to stop him. Maybe talking to him would help. So she races to get in front of Astrid to block her from the shadows.

"Hiccup, you need to stop this. You don't want to hurt her."

"Then you don't know me at all," he respond with a wave of shadows knocking over the two of them.

Jack and Merida rush to their sides, helping them back up.

"Why are you doing this?" Rapunzel asks with a voice full of fear, "we're your friends."

"Friends?!" Hiccup spat. "You were never friends. Friends would never sell you out!"

"What are you talking about?" Jack asks.

"As soon as I was gone, you went and blab out all my secrets!" Hiccup told them. "You told my tribe everything I asked you to keep to yourselves. My hide out, my mission, and my best friend! You told them everything!"

"What? No," Rapunzel said as a plea for Hiccup to listen.

The group can kinda guess that Hiccup somehow found out about the fight, and the meeting with the chief. But they certainly didn't talk about Toothless and their forbidden friendship.

"That wasn't what happen," Merida adds to make Hiccup understand.

"That's what it looked like to me!" Hiccup said with his anger up to a boil point. "I can't believe I actually trusted you, all of you. I thought you were my friends, that you understood me, but I guess was wrong."

"We do understand," Rapunzel said, "we're your friends."

"Not anymore!" Hiccup screams with anger. As he screams, the shadows around the arena began to convert and circle around Hiccup, blowing his hair high into the sky and revealing his eyes burning with hate.

"Please Hiccup," Merida said in the most pleading voice she can muster, "we don't want to fight you."

"Speak for yourself," Astrid said shoving her way back to the front, and looking Hiccup in the eyes. "I need to make sure he doesn't destroy Berk intentionally." She then turns around and attempts to grab Merida's bow.

"What are you doing?" Merida said yanking her bow away from Astrid.

"I need that to fight," Astrid yells at her.

Hiccup sighs seeing this. "You know, I've had enough of you Astrid." He then raised his hand and release a single shot of shadows that took form of a dragon that went right into Astrid through her back.

Astrid screams as she holds her head in pain. Soon, her widen eyes turned black, and her skin turned pale.

"No, no, no." She whispers as she almost collapse to her knees in despair.

"Astrid?" Merida said looking at her and holding her arms.

Astrid screams again and backs away from her. "Don't touch me! Don't hurt me!" She continues to back away from the group until she was inside the tunnel of the arena. She curled up, and started shaking like a leaf.

"What did you do to her?" Jack asks.

"Relax," Hiccup said somehow founding something amusing about this. "She's not injured in anyway, physically at least. She's just experiencing what I've felt all my life. All the hurt, the loneliness and the abuse, all at once."

The three of them were shock that Hiccup is putting the whole island through this. "Just stop this," Rapunzel tries again to plea to him. "You can't do this!"

"Oh yes I can!" Hiccup yells while sending waves of shadows against the others. The attack splits the three of them to separate areas of the arena. Merida and Jack were thrust to the side of the arena, while Rapunzel was on the other side.

But as Rapunzel tried to go back to the others, Toothless blocked her way, growling at her.

Rapunzel slowly backs away from the dragon, holding out her hands in defence. "Easy Toothless, it's me remember," she said trying to calm him down.

Hiccup smiles and chuckles seeing Rapunzel in trouble. It was a strange feeling seeing his once called friends in trouble, almost felt good seeing them helpless as he once was.

"Go on Toothless," he said gleefully. "Time to play."

Rapunzel didn't wait for Toothless to react to his master's commands and ran away from dragon. But Toothless began to chase after her with ferocity and speed.

Jack saw this and shot a stream of ice at Toothless. It managed to freeze his tail fin, but it didn't slow the dragon at all. But it did create some kind of drag on the dragon.

As Jack prepares to fire some more ice at Toothless, a shadow tentacle lashed out at Jack, making him shoot the ice on the floor.

"I don't think so," Hiccup said with dust around his raised hand. "I won't let you hurt Toothless."

"Well, it's a good thing you still have a heart somewhere in there," Jack said under his breath. But he then had to quickly dodge another attack from Hiccup.

Merida also got up from where she landed and readied her bow. She didn't want to fight her friend, but she has little choice in the matter. She needs to snap him back to his senses.

She readies her arrow, and aims for Hiccup's head. But then moves it to the side and made it only brush past Hiccup's hair.

That got his attention, and made him turn his head to her and sees her readying another arrow.

"My aim is true, don't test me!" She yells at him, hoping it will stop him.

"Oh please do," Hiccup mocks. He then fires a shot of shadows at her. Merida rolls out of the way and fires the arrow at him.

A shadow tentacle caught it before it hits his chest and flings it back in her direction.

Jack was able to make the arrow freeze in a wall of ice before it goes to Merida.

"Thanks," she said to Jack.

"No problem," he said before he and Merida moved out of the way from another attack.

As Jack flies out of the way, Baby tooth flies out of his pouch and is horrified at what she sees. Wanting to help, she rushes to Hiccup and chirps in his face.

"Get away from me you pest," he scowled as he flicks Baby tooth away. It was surprisingly more powerful as expected and it sends her flying and crashing to a wall near the terrible terror pen and knocking her out cold.

Rapunzel in the meanwhile, was dealing with a problem of her own. Toothless was creepy towards her, with a blank stare and an angry expression.

"Come on Toothless, snap out of it," she cries out.

But Toothless began to charge up a plasma blast and fired at her. She barely dodges away from the blast, but she was knocked down to the ground. Toothless clawed her dress, and puts a paw on her chest.

'This isn't good' she thought, struggling to break free. She immediately became terrified as she sees Toothless moved his head back, and a purple glow came from his mouth.

Jack also caught sight of what's happening to Rapunzel. Thinking quickly, he fires a shot of ice and made an ice muzzle for Toothless's mouth.

Jack was pleased he was able to save Rapunzel in time, before he had to dodge another attack from Hiccup.

But Toothless still had Rapunzel under his paw. As he struggles to get the ice off his mouth, Rapunzel tries with all her might to push the paw off of her.

"Come on," she grunts. It was just a little frustrating of her situation. With her dress caught in its claws, as well as her hair getting caught in there.

'Wait...my hair...' She thought looking at the end of her braid stuck in one of Toothless's claws. 'I wonder...' She then had a crazy idea that she's not entirely sure it will work.

"Only one way to find out," she said closing her eyes and concentrating on her special song.

"Flowergleamandglow, letyourpowershine, maketheclockreverse, bringbackwhatoncewasmine,"

As she sang, her golden hair shine as it quickly goes down her roots and strains. Toothless looked at her, eyeing the hair as the glow goes down her braid. When the glow touched his claw, there was a shot of pain in his eyes. Toothless tries to back away from the hair, but it was still caught in his claw. Because of how sharp the claws are, some of the strains were cut and turned brown again, but the magic is still getting through. He began to shake his head, as if he's trying to get something out of his head.

But Rapunzel didn't really pay much attention to that, she figures that her plan might be working. She quickly grabs some more of her braid and pressed it on the dragon's chest making sure he feels the full power of her healing hair.

"Healwhathasbeenhurt, changethefate'sdesign. Savewhathasbeenlost, bringbackwhatoncewasmine!"

Toothless's continues to struggle, shaking his head. He tries to roar, but the ice around his mouth made it hard.

But then Rapunzel notice something, the dragon's eyes. They were changing from those thin slits to normal.

Somehow, she can sense whatever spell he's under is breaking and he's fighting back. After one muffled roar, something came shooting out of Toothless, a shadow in the form of a dragon. Rapunzel quickly ran to the dragon and hugs his head as he collapses to the floor. She looks at the shadow, and gives it a mean look. The shadow raids before it disappears into thin air.

Rapunzel's hair returned back to normal with the extra strains of brown. She looks at her friend as he begins to stir. As Toothless opens his eyes, he moans through the ice. When his eyes meet hers, they reveal to be their normal eyes.

Rapunzel sighs as she rubs his head. "Glad your back to normal," she said with a smile. But then she realized something. If her hair can heal Toothless, maybe it can heal Hiccup.

"Guys!" She calls out to the others. "I think I can save Hiccup!"

Unfortunately, Hiccup also heard her. "Save me? Who said I need to be saved?!" He then sends some shadows to knock her away from Toothless and to a wall.

"Hey!" Jack yells, getting Hiccup's attention. "Don't touch her!"

Jack then summons a whirl wind of snowflake and send them blasting at Hiccup. But he just puts up a shield of black dust to protect himself.

Merida the saw her chance, and aims an arrow at his arm. She fires the arrow, and managed to scar the skin of his left arm.

Hiccup screamed as he flinched in pain, holding his arm. "Why you little dyr!" He then summoned a lot of tentacles her way, and pinned her to the wall with a lot of force.

"Merida!" Jack yelled before he had to dodge more tentacles.

Hiccup laughed at the sight of everyone trying to stop him. "Is this really the best you can do? It's pathetic!"

Jack hands clutch his staff, with ice beginning to spread its handle. Anger was starting to creep into Jack, seeing what Hiccup is doing to his friends. But then he had to think that anger is blinding his friend, and he needs to be saved.

As Jack shot more ice at Hiccup's shadows, he also shot ice at the tentacles surrounding Merida, freezing them to ice. With one quick sift of movement, Merida was able to break free and moved away from the wall.

Rapunzel got up off the floor, with Toothless nudging her shoulder. She shakes her head to brush off the dizziness from the impact. With help from Toothless, she was able to get back on her feet.

"Thanks," she said to the dragon.

Toothless then looks at Hiccup, with worried in his eyes. Rapunzel got the sense that he's scared for his friend. She was also scared for him; she knew Hiccup would never hurt his friends. Maybe Toothless could get him back to his senses, and then she can use her healing hair on him.

So Rapunzel tries to take off the ice surrounding the dragon's mouth, but couldn't take it off with her hands. She then sees small loose stones on the ground, probably fallen debris from the fight. She grabbed the biggest rock she could find and hold it high.

"Watch it Toothless," she said as swings the rock down and hits the ice. Thankfully it broke without breaking any teeth or flesh on Toothless.

"Thank goodness," Rapunzel said rubbing the dragon's cheek.

Truth be told, Toothless was in a little pain from the ice smash. But more like an ice cream headache kind of pain. He tries to ignore the pain and runs past Rapunzel and roars at Hiccup.

Hiccup turns around to look at his friend. "Toothless?" He said unsure what's happening.

Toothless roars at Hiccup again, but more of a cry of pain and worry. Tears formed in the dragon's big eyes and in their reflection shows what a monster Hiccup is becoming.

Hiccup was surprised to see his friend like this, but even more so when Rapunzel walked towards him.

"Hiccup," she said with her most innocent, caring voice. "Please, don't do this. We're all worried about you, we care about you. You are among friends here, and we know you don't really want to hurt us. Toothless is scared for you; he doesn't want you to act like this. Please, come back to us."

Hiccup looked at Toothless, still shocked at what he's seeing. "Toothless," he said quietly, taking in his best friend's actions. "You...you...

...you betrayed me!" That anger fuelled the shadows around everyone, making the darkness stronger.

"No, wait!" Rapunzel pleads, but Hiccup sends a wave of shadows to not only attack her, but Toothless too.

Merida had enough of Hiccup's tantrum and fires an arrow to get his attention. But he made the shadow tentacles to form a cocoon around himself, and replied her arrow.

"So it's official then," he declares with more anger than ever before. "I was always alone! I have no friends, no family, no one I can trust!"

"Hiccup, that's not true," Jack said.

"SHUT UP!" Hiccup said to him, his words like a whip. "All of you, everyone on this island, has been putting me down, finding ways to hurt me! Well not anymore!"

His words became darker and colder. It has lost all trace of faith and love. As his anger grew, so did the shadows around everyone. Even the wind around everybody turned black and attacking everyone with force.

"Hiccup! Stop!" Merida shouts using her arm as a shield.

"You're hurting Toothless!" Rapunzel cries Toothless uses his wings to shield her.

"And all of us!" Jack adds.

"That's the point!" Hiccup frowns. "Is to make everyone suffer, just as I have!"

The shadows grew around him, capturing him in an aura strong enough to lift him off the ground.

"All that I have left is my loneliness and my broken heart. I can no longer stand the sight of any of you! So everyone needs to go!"

As he raises a hand, the dust around it forms a sharp dagger. He smiles as he prepares to shoot it at his friends.


The winds dimmed down for everyone to see Stoick with sword in hand, at the door of the arena almost beside Astrid. His face was pale, and his eyes were wide. He looked around the arena, not believing what he's seeing. There was a giant dragon here, with the intruders. He was angry seeing that, but his son grabbed most of his attention.

First of all, he's hovering in midair, surrounded by a shadowy aura. He also had the same dust around his hands that's the same as those creatures earlier. But the main thing that Stoick focused on was his son's eyes. Not the fact that there is darkness around them, but the fact that they were angry.

Hiccup didn't look too pleased to see him. He lowered his hand and looked coldly at the chief. "Hello dad," he said cold.

Everyone else looked at Stoick, seeing this isn't going to go well. Toothless sees this man, not liking the smell coming off of him.

He lets out a warning, menacing growl at him. But Rapunzel grabs his head and held him close to her.

"It's ok, it's ok," she whispers to him. The last thing she really wants is Toothless ending up getting killed. The best she can do is not letting the dragon attack the man. "This is Hiccup's father, it's alright."

But things didn't seem alright. The atmosphere felt cold and uncomfortable. You can cut the tension with a knife.

Stoick staggered into the arena, with his mouth hanging open.

"What? Got nothing to say? That's a first," Hiccup said turning his body to fully face him.

"Hiccup?" Stoick said quietly, making his way towards his son. "You...you're the one behind this attack?"

Hiccup smirks with confidence.

"You're attacking your own home!" Stoick yells with confusion. "Why?"

The smirk dies, as well as any other emotion besides rage.

"This place, is dead to me," Hiccup said coldly as the aura around him grew more violently. "Everything about this place is dead to me."

"But why?" Stoick asked out loud. "Why would you do this? You're my son, you have-"

"YOUR SON!" Hiccup yells, sending a blast on dark wind everywhere. "I was never your son. You would rather go off through treacherous waters in search of the dragon nest then spend one minute with me. You just past me off to Gobber just so you wouldn't have the burden of taking care of me. You never cared enough to call me your child."

"What are you talking about?" Stoick ask. "I do take care of you, I pay attention to you."

Everyone around him, even Toothless groaned and rolled their eyes at this man's stupidity.

"From what we've seen, not really," Jack said out loud.

"How thick are you really?" Hiccup said astounded. "The mighty chief of Berk is clueless when it comes down to his son."

"Gotta give him that," Merida said under her breath.

"I was so proud of you," Stoick said. "I was prouder then any father in the history of Berk when I heard you were doing so well in training."

"Yeah, you were proud of me, when I was becoming more like you," Hiccup said, not hiding the harsh tone in his voice. "Before that, you were calling me the WORST Viking in the history of Berk, and that you have given up on me."

"You really said that?" Rapunzel asked looking at Stoick.

Stoick's core was shaking, despite all the walls he's build up over the years. Now they're all breaking down by his son's harsh words. But Stoick figures none of them are true, he loves his son dearly. Hiccup must know that.

"Everything I've been trying to do, trying to be strong and act tough, was just so you can at least look at me," Hiccup said. "But no matter what I did, it was never good enough for you. You would even listen to me speak to you."

"But we made a deal-" Stoick said, remembering their conversation they had before Stoick left to look for the nest.

"What deal?" Hiccup screams. "You basically forced me into dragon training, even when I told you I didn't want to fight dragons. But did you listen? Did you hear me? Can you hear me now?!"

As he screams, more waves of shadows came charging towards Stoick. He manages to roll out of the way before getting hit. When Stoick recovered, he was shocked that his son attacked him.

"All you wanted was to for me to be like you, strength and all, but you couldn't see that I am so much more than any Viking here. I've done things no one has ever done before. I made friends with a dragon, flew to the skies, saw the world beyond the borders, and yet you can't be contempt to have me as a son. You couldn't handle all of this!"

Hiccup raises his arms and shadow dragons formed around them, with golden eyes glaring at Stoick.

"Well, handle this!" He throws his hands forward and the dragons began to charge at Stoick.

Reverting back to his warrior stance, Stoick swung his sword at the first shadow dragon. But the sword went right through the dragon like air. He quickly turns to see more dragons almost on top of him.

Thinking quickly, Jack flew in front of Stoick and iced the shadow dragons into frozen statues.

"Too close," Jack said under his breath.

Stoick steps back, trying to put everything he just witness into his brain. The shadows, the ice, his son trying to kill him, But it's starting to be too much for the chief.

So he resorts to his usual parental methods. "So you decided to go against your own kind. I don't understand Hiccup. You had so much potential."

"First time you've ever said that," Hiccup said not at all happy.

"All you had to do was to kill a dragon, and you could've been one of us. Be the pride of Berk. The son I always wanted. Why did you throw it all away?! For a dragon?!"

"That dragon, WAS my only friend," Hiccup said with a narrow brow. "He was there for me when no one else was, not even my own father. But I guess it doesn't matter now. I'm alone again as always."

"You're wrong!" Rapunzel yells to him with tears in hers and Toothless's eyes. "You're not alone. We are all here for you. We're here to help you."

"She's right," Merida said putting her bow down to her side. "We're on your side."

"Just calm down dude," Jack said with the same calming voice. "Just listen to us."

But Stoick wasn't as calm as everyone else is. He ran up to Hiccup, with fire in his eyes. "What makes you think you can talk to me like this?! You think you can toss away everything I've done to mold you into a Viking, and you throw it away for your own self interests."

"My self interests?" Hiccup said as if he misheard his father, but the message was clear.

The others couldn't believe that Stoick said that to Hiccup. He's only making this worst.

"That's rich coming from a man who goes only by his own self interests," Hiccup continued. "All you cared about was your reputation, and your righteous path to destroy the dragons. You never gave a thought to me, and how hard and horrible you made my life!"

The shadows grew back around the arena, almost like vines with thrones. They completely incased the top of the arena so no light enter the area.

"I was always alone on Berk," Hiccup yells, not holding anything back. "Everyone turned their back to me, including you." The aura around him became darker, as did his eyes, becoming more animal then human. Shadow dragons appeared everywhere and crawled around the arena walls, scaring the dragons in their cages.

Hiccup raises his arm high, and makes the dust dagger around his hand.

"Now, you pay!" He said with no emotion as he swings his arm down, sending the dust in a wave in Stoick's direction.

Stoick see this attack coming and stood his stance with his sword ready to slice the attack.

Not wanting to take the chance that Stoick was over his head and had no idea what he's doing; Jack made an icy wall to take the attack.

"Move!" Merida yells at the chief as she fires an arrow at Hiccup to distract him.

Stoick didn't move out of the way, instead he runs to attack Hiccup with a mighty roar. Jack quickly made the floor around Stoick ice up so he'll slip and fall.

Hiccup caught Merida's arrow and threw it to the side. "Nice try."

Merida then moved away from her spot at shot another arrow at him, but he caught it again and the next one after that.

Jack's got his hands full trying to keep the Viking chief from doing anything stupid or attacking Hiccup, but it was hard when the guy can't see him. Jack saw no other choice but to quickly uses his ice to freeze the chief's legs in place.

"Sorry bout that," Jack quickly apologize before he fires a stream of ice at the shadow dragons that come their way.

"What is this?!" The chief yells seeing this magic on his feet. He works on breaking his legs free and to continue his righteous path to save the village. If it means stopping Hiccup and maybe hurting him, so be it. "When I get outta this mess Hiccup, you're going to-"

Jack rolls his eyes and iced the man's mouth shut.

"Not so sorry about that," Jack slides as he blocks another attack.

Rapunzel in the meanwhile can only duck while Toothless tries to flick away the dragons that head their way. She hates being useless, especially if her friend is hurting more than ever. But what can she do? She's not a fighter.

Merida rolls away from an attack and took refuge inside the tunnel of the arena. She took the time to look around the arena and Hiccup attacking everyone in there.

"Oh, boy." Merida said to herself as she catches her breath. "How are we going to stop this?"

Then a voice coming from the other side of the tunnel caught her attention.

"No, no please. Don't hurt me."

Merida didn't like seeing Astrid like this. Astrid might've been a jerk, but she didn't deserve to be in this position. Merida quickly shifts over to her and grabs her arms.

"No! No stop! Let me go!" Astrid yells while resisting her.

"Calm down girl," Merida said trying to calm her down. But it wasn't working.

Rapunzel turned her head and saw Merida struggling with Astrid. Then a thought came into her mind. If her hair could heal Toothless, maybe it could heal Astrid. She turns to Toothless, "cover me," she asks.

Toothless nods and helps her get through the battle and to Merida and Astrid.

"Hold her down," Rapunzel orders Merida as she wrapped her hair around Astrid.

"Hope you know what you're doing," Merida comments while eyeing the battle between Hiccup and Jack.

"Only one way to find out," Rapunzel said before she sang her song.

"Flowergleamandglow, letyourpowershine, maketheclockreverse, bringbackwhatoncewasmine,"

The glow from her hair quickly touched Astrid, making her scream in agony. Her head was throbbing in pain, beating harder than her heart. She tries to wrestle out of the hair and Merida's grasp for relief, but she didn't have the strength to fight.

"Healehathasbeenhurt, changethefate'sdesign, savewhathasbeenlost, bringbackwhatoncewasmine."

As Rapunzel finishes her song, Astrid opened her mouth to scream again, and a shadow colour smoke came flying out of it. The shadow took the form of a dragon and roared at the girls. Merida quickly let's go of Astrid and fires an arrow at the dragon, making it disappear.

She then looked back at Astrid, huffing and puffing with sweat over her face. When she crouches over to see her eyes, she is relief that they're back to normal.

"What?... What just happened?" Astrid asked quietly trying to gather her surroundings.

"Give yourself a minute," Rapunzel said while gathering her hair off of Astrid.

Astrid tried to get up on the floor, but her legs are shaking. She tried to recall what just happened to her, but it felt too much for her brain to take. "I was...I was... I was in a dark place...it was cold...uncomfortable...I heard all these...voices...of people I knew... They were being mean...saying horrible...horrible thing to me..."

"Take it easy," Rapunzel said hugging her close to comfort her the way Gothel did when Rapunzel was upset.

Sensing the girl's distress, Toothless crawled closer to nudge her.

However her reaction wasn't what he was expecting. She screamed and tries to move away from him.

"Whoa, it's ok, it ok," Rapunzel said trying to calm her down. "He's alright, he's friendly."

Merida rolled her eyes seeing this once great warrior being a scardy cat. But after what just happened to her, Merida could let this pass.

Rapunzel held Astrid's hand and makes it go towards Toothless's nose and gently nudges it.

Astrid's eyes open at how warm and calm this is. She's been taught that dragons were evil and they would kill you given the chance. Now she's touching one, and it was helping her.

"Ok," she said out loud.

"See, you're feeling better already," Rapunzel points out.

"While I'm glad you're alright, we still have a situation," Merida said while eye Jack defending Stoick against Hiccup's attacks.

Rapunzel rushes to meet Merida, "what are we going to do?" She asks out loud. "We have to stop him, but I don't want to fight him."

"I hear you, but we have to do something to save him." Merida said.

"Save him?"

Rapunzel and Merida look back to a still shaking Astrid.

"He did this to me! To everyone on the island."

"Well, no offence but you guys kinda deserve it," Rapunzel said with little emotion.

"What?" Astrid asked confused.

Rapunzel stepped forward towards Astrid to fill her in. "All of this, could've been avoided if you guys would've been nicer to Hiccup."

Astrid looked at her, stunned. Not only that Rapunzel saved her from the prison in her mind, but the fact that she has a point.

"She's right," Merida said. "Hiccup is like this is because everyone was mean to him. I'm guess Pitch picked up on his hidden anger and brought it to the surface. Its Pitch's powers that controlling, but his anger came from here."

"Clearly," Rapunzel agreed.

"Now, it's up to us to calm him down, show him there are people who care for him."

"Who hate seeing him like this."

The two of them look at Astrid, who is still frozen in place.

"We're going back in there to save our friend," Merida declared. "You'll be safe here." She then looks to Rapunzel, "I'll grab the chief's sword, think you can use it."

"First time for everything," Rapunzel comments as she and Merida race back into the battle.

Astrid looked at them, with her eyes still widen. Toothless looks at her, giving her a nudge of compassion before he races back into the arena, leaving Astrid alone with her thoughts. Her memory played flashbacks of her watching Hiccup. Seeing him getting bullied, being left alone, and being ostracized. She also notes that she was just off the sidelines of those, and just watched. She then looked at Hiccup now, attacking everyone with rage. It made Astrid think, that maybe this is her fault.

In the arena, Jack kept battling the shadows that Hiccup sent his way, making the way for Merida to quickly grab the sword out of the chief's hands. She throws it to Rapunzel, and quickly got out her arrows again and began to shoot more shadows. Rapunzel manages to grab the sword by the handle and swung it like a bat at the shadows. Even Toothless got into the action, trying to blast away any shadow dragons that came his way.

Hiccup looked around him, seeing his former friends attack all his creations. His frustration grew, seeing the others getting the upper hand on him. The shadows reacted to his emotions, and became more wild and chaotic.

"I'll make you all SUFFER!" He yells, sending a shock wave of shadows everywhere. It made the others knocked off their feet and flew over the arena. Jack and Merida hit the walls; Toothless hit one of the doors of the dragon cages, while Rapunzel landed near Hiccup.

She looks at him, with her hair flying everywhere.

"Now is my chance," she said grabbing her hair and whipping it around Hiccup's arm.

As she took a breath to sing her song, Hiccup glared at her. "I don't think so."

He moved his other hand and made a tentacle and sends it to cover her mouth. He then rips of the hair and throws it back at her. He then made some black like chains and pulled her to the ground beneath him.

"Rapunzel!" Merida called out, but only to get caught in similar chains that made her stuck to the wall.

Jack saw what's happening to Merida and prepares his staff to free her. But then he got tangled in the chains as way. As he was flung into the wall, the chains made him drop his staff.

"No!" He yells.

Toothless was caught in the same trap, with chains holding him down and making his mouth shut.

Hiccup looks around at his work, liking how helpless his friends became. He laughed with pride, "Much better. Now you all feel the pain that I had to endure." He looks at Stoick, still frozen in place with ice around his mouth. Stoick muffled a few words, but the anger in his eyes was clear to Hiccup. But he didn't want to see anger; he wanted his father to be scared of him. Hiccup lifts his arm, and made a dagger. "Starting with you."

"No Hiccup!" Merida screams.

"Don't do it!" Jack protests, trying to get out of his predicament.

Even Rapunzel screams in fear, but her words her muffled.

Hiccup payed no attention to them, and focused his narrow eyes on his father. "Now it's time to end my misery." He flings his arm down, sending the dagger straight to his father's head. Stoick closed his eyes for the impact. Hiccup smiles to see his old life ending.


Hiccup's eyes widen to the voice, and the dagger disappears before it could strike. Hiccup lowers his arm as he turns to see Astrid struggling to stand.

"You," he growls.

Astrid used all her strength to walk closer to him, but she doesn't have enough strength to hide the hurt in her face.

"Hiccup, please," she said with her words shaking in her throat. "Stop this."

He huff before turning back to his father. "Not before I rid of everything that made my life hell."

"Hiccup, please, listen to me-" Astrid began.

But Hiccup payed no attention to her and made another dagger in his hand. "Shush, I need to finish my work!" He readies his arm to throw the dagger at Stoick-


Those words made Hiccup hesitate. He looks back at Astrid with confusion.

"What did you say?" He asks.

Astrid took in some deep breaths before taking another step towards him. "I said I'm sorry, for everything."

Hiccup lowers his hand and made the dagger disappear, giving Astrid his full attention.

"You have every right to be mad at us...all of us... But what you're doing is wrong..."

"You think so," Hiccup said.

"Yes," Astrid said trying to stay strong. "Because I know how you feel..."

"What? You know how I feel?! You don't know ANYTHING!" As Hiccup yells, a wave of shadows blast at Astrid in an attempt to make her back down.

But she didn't and continued to stubble her way towards Hiccup. "I've...I've seen...what you've been through...even...even before you sent this curse... I've watch...Snotlout and the others...beat you...bully you...and I stood there...and watch it happen..."

"Thanks for the trip down memory lane," Hiccup snaps before he send another wave at her.

She braced it, and continued her path to him. "But...it did hurt me to see that."

"What?" Hiccup said almost surprised.

"When I was young...I watch what they did to you...I wanted to go to you...to comfort you...but my parents held me back...saying that it wasn't good for a...my reputation...in being a strong...Viking warrior...I let...my parents words and rules...rule my life...but it didn't...it didn't stop tears I cried at night..."

"You...you cried?" Hiccup asked. As he spoke the aura around him started to dim down, but it was still visible.

Astrid nods. "I cried...for all the hardships...and the expectations...that the village had put on me...and I was sad...hearing cries...your cries for help...and I couldn't do anything..."

Everyone watch Astrid stepping closer to Hiccup, somehow getting him to calm down. But as she was getting closer to him, he tries to make her back away with his attacks. But she took them like a warrior and kept going.

"After...years of this...I became a rock...I couldn't feel anything...I was just so focused...on the path my family set me on...being a shield maiden...being what everyone expects you to be...so much that I just ignored everything else that was around me...including you..."

"So you became like everyone else!" Hiccup yells. "You left me in the dust, making my life a living hell!"

"I know!" Astrid screams with tears starting to flow down her cheeks. "It was wrong. It was wrong and I knew it. I was so focused on my destiny and my reputation; I didn't give you a second thought. But then, in the arena, you started to beat me. You were undoing my entire life's work. And I grew angry...angry at you. I thought you...you were destroying my life. I let that anger grew into rage...making me into a different person... I lashed out my frustration at everyone...I wanted to make everyone feel the same hurt that I felt, just like you're doing now..."

"You don't know how I feel!" Hiccup yells at her.

"I let my anger blinded me...I was hurting everyone... But that anger...made me feel for the first time in my life...I...I...I felt alone...unwanted...and pushed aside...and the more I was alone...the angrier I became...I don't...I don't know how you did it...without snapping...it's...it's torture..."

Hiccup didn't want to hear anymore from her, and sent out more shadows to stop her from coming closer. But she braved through everything he sent her way.

"And the worst feeling...was the fact you feel like you had no one to turn to..."

"Stop it!" He yells at her, making the aura around him grow strong. "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"Hiccup..." She said looking at him through her red watery eyes. "You were so alone...you felt miserable...but you...you did something...that no one would dare too..." Astrid looks back to Toothless. "You made friends with a dragon...a night fury no less...and I don't know what you did...but I bet you flew...you went higher than anyone has ever been...he became the first real friend you ever had.

And now look at him...you're hurting him and everyone else around you...you're letting your anger control you!"

"You're wrong!" Hiccup lashed out with a wave of shadows that made Astrid fall to her knees. "I'm just repaying everyone for what they did to me!"

Astrid slowly gets back on her feet, and looks at him. "So you're taking it out on the people… that are trying to help you!"

"I don't want anyone's help! They just hurt me again!"

"So you hurt them back?"

"I wanted everyone to see how rotten they really are!"

"But look at yourself!" She cries out in desperation. "You're becoming like them...like me!"

"No I'm not!" Hiccup yells with the shadows spreading around the arena like lightning.

Astrid took a deep breath before she walks a few more steps until she reaches Hiccup, looking up to his eyes. "You are not alone anymore...Hiccup. Look around you...you're surrounded by people who want to help you, who understands you..."

"STOP!" Hiccup growled at her, and used a shadow tentacle to grab Astrid by the neck. It squeezed her as it lifts her off the ground to meet his eye level.

As everyone around him scream for Hiccup to stop, he just focused all his anger towards his pray. "How could you understand me," he sneers. "You're nothing like me, you understand nothing!"

"Your right," Astrid said gasping for air. "I'm not like you. You..are so kind...so caring...you...you couldn't kill...anyone...not even...a dragon...but you..you are so much more...then any Viking that lived... You have an amazing friendship...you get to go to places the rest of us can only...dream...you were chosen for an quest...you've got a friend I can't see...and yet...he deeply cares for you...we all do.."

As she spoke, Hiccup's eyes moved around. That flame of anger beginning to dimmed, and feelings of guilt and hurt began to surface. Hiccup's not too sure why he should feel this way, one of his biggest pains was suffering, at his mercy. And yet, he didn't feel that pleasure that he felt before. This time, he felt awful.

"I'm so sorry...for what I've done to you," Astrid struggled to say. "But can...can you find it in your heart to forgive me?...maybe give me a ...second chance..." She then lets one of her hands swing off the shadow, and moved it to crease his cheek.

Hiccup touched her hand, feeling the warmth coming from it.

"Please Hiccup..." She pleads with a breathless voice. "Don't … don't go down the path I did...come back...to your friends...to… me...ple...ase..."

Hiccup's mind was racing, almost hurting him. He looked at himself through the tears down Astrid's face, seeing the darkness around him. The darkness he didn't know he had deep down until Pitch brought it out. He was sure of his path, to make everyone hurt the same way he was for so long. And it did felt good, making everyone suffer. But now, now he's not so sure. He's flying next to the girl that hurt him, strangling her, but it wasn't the same feeling. It was making his heart moan in pain, as if it was breaking.

'Why?' He asked himself. 'Why am I feeling this way? I should be happy; I'm making this island pay for everything it did to me. So why aren't I?" he quickly looked around at everyone here. Jack, Merida, Rapunzel, Toothless, his father, and Astrid, all held by his anger. Yet, a lot of them are looking at him in pain, not for what they're being put through, but for him.

He looks again at Astrid, seeing her at the edge of her life. Her hand drops from his face, swings back and forth from her body. He then looked again at the water around her eyes. At that instance, he looked into her eyes, seeing a reflection of him and what he has become.

He drew back, almost in fright. That person was surrounded by darkness and had an obsession to hurt anyone near him. Its eyes were like a monster, like Pitch.

He saw someone else in her eyes, just like he was back when he found Toothless in the woods.

He saw someone that wasn't him.

Soon he felt something cold running down his cheeks. He wiped it away to see the water on his hand. He was crying, his soul was crying. He's doing something he would never think of doing, and he hates it.

"Oh gods," he gasp in fright as he made the tentacle let go of Astrid. She fell and collapse on the floor, gasping to fill her lungs.

Hiccup's hands shake as he looks at them, realizing what he almost did with them. "What have I done?" He whispers to himself.

But then His head screamed in pain, pounding louder than a heartbeat. He jerks and clutches his head tight to battle the pain. He screams with agony as the pain is too much.

As the others watch this, they see the aura around Hiccup turning into the figure of Pitch.

"I don't think so," it said. "I'm not letting you go!"

Hiccup screams as the shadows around him blew around like wind.

"We've got to do something!" Merida calls out.

"If you have any suggestions I'm open to them!" Jack calls back.

Astrid felt some strength returning to her, and she was able to lift her upper body with her arms. She looks up seeing Hiccup in pain and the shadows overtaking him. She then eyes Rapunzel nearby, with her hair flying all over the place. Then she remembered that that hair healed her injuries, and brought her out of the darkness, maybe it will work for him. Breaking this spell.

Adrenaline kicked in and Astrid races to grab some of the hair, and made it wrap around Hiccup's leg.

"What was that song?" She asks herself quickly, thinking back to the song Rapunzel sang. As she remembers, she began to sing to the best of her abilities, and prays to Odin that this will work.

"Flower… gleam and glow, let your … power shine, make… the clock… reverse, bring back what once… was mine!"

Soon, the hair started to glow and made its way down to Hiccup. As it touches him, he began to scream even more. His body senses that the light from the hair is pushing the darkness out, and it was painful.

Wanting to ease him, Astrid quickly grabbed his small hand and held him tight as she continued the song.

"Heal what… has been hurt, change… the fates design, safe what has… been lost, bring back what once was mine!"

Hiccup continued to scream as the shadows around him acted in pain. They shift around, breaking down. The chains surrounding everyone dimmed down and let them go, while some shadows broke the ice keeping Stoick in place. But while everyone watch the scene before them, Stoick fell to the floor, almost knocked out.

But Astrid continued to hold her own against this storm, holding Hiccup's hand and keeping the hair in place. She watches as Hiccup struggles against the darkness controlling him, trying to push it away.

A tear came flowing down as she whispers the last bit of the song. "What once was mine..."

Hiccup jerks his head high, and he screamed in pain. Within seconds, a flow of darkness flew out of his mouth and went to the ceiling of the arena. It kept going until the last of it left Hiccup's body. But then, shadow dragons came into the arena and joined the cluster of shadows above, making a huge thunder cloud.

Within seconds, the cloud explodes, making a shockwave that send everyone to the sides of the arena, leaving no trace of darkness anywhere except for the natural night sky. The moon's light found its way into the arena and lite up the place.

Hiccup gently fell to the floor, and collapsed to the ground. There was a moment of silence in the arena, like the tension has been deflated, calm.

Everyone struggles to get up from what just happened. But Toothless found the strength to crawl to Hiccup and nudges him, making sure his friend is ok. Rapunzel was the second one with enough strength to move. She shifts herself to Hiccup, looking at his innocent face. He didn't look like someone who wants to hurt anyone anymore; this was the face of her friend. She lowers her head down to his chest, hearing a strong heartbeat.

"He's alright," she said out loud a she then turns to Toothless and rubs his head. "He's going to be alright."

Jack finally got up on his feet. Normally, he would grab his staff and fly away, but the worry of his friend overtook his mind and he ran straight to Hiccup.

Merida got up to her legs, seeing her friends surrounding Hiccup with compassion and love. But then she eyes Astrid, in her knees just a bit away. Merida gathers herself and walks to her. She can see Astrid still recovering from all that happened. The tears were still there and her skin was cold and pale.

"You ok?" Merida asked her.

She didn't speak, but stayed completely still. That was a clear sign to Merida that she needed to be left alone. Merida obliges and went to the others and put a hand on Toothless.

"How is he?" She asks everyone.

"I think he's going to be fine," Rapunzel answers, gathering her hair back. "He just need to rest."

As everyone looks at Hiccup, Jack's eyes shot to the top of the arena.

"Umm, guys. Everyone is looking at us."

The girls look up to see the village people looking at them from above, with cross faces. There were also a group of Vikings blocking the entrance of the arena.

"Oh boy," Rapunzel whispers. "I do not like this."

Toothless agrees and lets out a low growl. Merida puts her hand to Toothless, trying to comfort him.

"Easy Toothless, easy." She whispers.

A groan can be heard by Stoick, slowly getting up to see the group surrounding Hiccup. He narrows his eyes as he walks towards to them. As he did, some of the Vikings jump down from the area above, into the arena. Rapunzel hugged Hiccup close to protect him, Merida was trying her best to keep Toothless in check, and Jack cursed himself for leaving his staff behind.

As the Vikings circle around the group, there was an uneasy feeling between everyone.

Stoick the stops and angry shouts out, "get them!"

The shock to the group overtook them and allowed the Vikings to rush in and grab them. They roped Toothless's mouth shut and held him down to the floor, while the other Vikings grabbed the others by the arms. At first Jack was surprised that the Vikings that can see him easily grabbed him, but now he's just struggling against the Viking's firm grip.

Stoick then turn to give the orders to his men. "Put the dragon with the others, and them to the cells!"

"Wait!" Merida cried out while struggling against her captures. "You're doing this to your own son?!"

Stoick turn his back to her and showed little to no emotion. "I have no son," he said coldly.

The group was shocked to hear those words coming out of Stoick, especially since it's that kind of attitude that started all this in the first place. They yell and scream to the Vikings as they're being dragged away.

From where she was, Astrid looks up to see the Vikings leave with the others. Her body was still shaking after what she's been through, but she knows what the Vikings are doing is wrong. She knows there is more going on here, and that whatever happened to Hiccup needs to be stop. Who knows what could happen if that darkness will spread.

She looks around the arena, eyeing a long stick on the ground. She quickly picks it up so no one else will take it, and runs away from the arena.

She now knows that Hiccup has been right all along, that he needs her more than ever. She wants to help him, but how?

From above the arena on the cliff side, Pitch chuckles at the performance that he witnessed.

"Well, now things will be very interesting," he said while his fingers played with a wave of nightmare dust. "What will you do now, Hiccup?"

Dyr means Beast in norse

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