Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


"We've got to get outta here!" Merida grunts as she slams her body against her cell doors.

She's been doing that for about an hour now, and the others were getting tired of hearing her making no progress.

"Stop, You're gonna hurt yourself doing that," Jack said looking at her through his cell.

Everyone was forced into their own cells in this tiny, dirty prison full of dusty rocks and tiny windows. Jack and Merida were on one side, while Rapunzel and an unconscious Hiccup was on the other. There was a patch of grass on the floors, supposing for sleeping. There were no hidden doors underneath, they've already checked. The bar doors and windows were made of iron and wouldn't budge. The Vikings made sure that there was no means for escape, even taking away Merida's weapons and trying up Rapunzel's hair into a really tight bun she can't undo. Jack was first surprised that he could be placed in a cell and can't get out. Despite being a spirit, he can't phase through solid objects. His staff was no where to be found, but he is sure either the Viking's got it or Pitch has it. No one have seen Baby tooth since the arena, but everyone is hopeful that she's alright and probably with Toothless. As for the dragon, they had no idea where he is or if he's alright or not. In the meanwhile, they are stuck here, in a place that was a definite description of a prison, dark and cold.

"No," Merida said refusing to give up, "there has to be a way out of here."

Rapunzel leans her head to the rock wall that separates her from Hiccup. "Why would they do this? This isn't right."

Jack groans as he shifts position. "The Vikings are angry and scarred. People make bad decisions when they're like that."

"I know," Rapunzel said. "But to go so far, it's almost paranoid. And to do what the chief did-"

"I'm going to have a few choice words when he comes back," Merida said slamming her fist at her cell door, only to bring it back to shake off the pain. "One thing's for sure, it's the Vikings' stubbornness that's going to get them killed. I'm worried that if they don't change, there's going to be one less island on the map."

"I'm more worried about what we're going to tell Hiccup," Rapunzel said shifting her body to her cell door to look at Hiccup's cell.

Jack and Merida did the same, feeling awful. Hiccup lays in his cell, looking pale and fragile. He's been through a lot, physically and emotionally. With Pitch's powers he lashed out his anger at everyone, who knows what he'll be like when he wakes up. Mostly he'll be worried about Toothless. But the others don't really have a clue what's happening to him. It was the first time everyone had the same feelings, regret and sadness.

"We'll take it slow, see what he's like," Merida said trying to take charge.

"I feel bad for him," Jack admits, leaning his arms through the bars of his door. "It's not going to be easy."

"Nothing ever is," Merida said moving away from her door and leaned on the wall.

Rapunzel turned to Jack, "are you sure you can't freeze the bars and escape?"

"I'm sure," he said a little irritated. He's been asked that a number of times since they've been thrown into the slammer. Everyone knew his ice powers come from the staff. Without it, he's pretty much useless.

"We'll figure out another way," Merida said looking around her cell. "We have to."

Everyone looked down at that comment, not really believing it.

Rapunzel's window started to let in some sunlight. "Good morning," she said to everyone with a down tone. She then got up on the floor and peered through the window. She had a perfect view of some houses and the sea. The sun was starting to rise and the people are recovering from last night. But no one was in a good mood, least of all the people in the cells. Rapunzel moved out of the way to let the sunshine in, to hopefully give off a warmth feeling.

"Hmm, mmmh,"

Everyone perked up to that sound and ran straight to their cell doors. But only Jack and Merida can see Hiccup finally stirring around the hay. His body stretched, trying to get feeling again. As he turned more towards his cell wall, his eyes started to flutter. Tiredness still made his head a little light and his body heavy, but he uses any strength he has to raise himself off the floor. As he got up though, his vision was a little hazy and his senses are taking a while to kick in.

"Oh, my head," he said grabbing his head to help him focus. He blinked a number of times to get his eyesight to try to focus.

"Hiccup?" Merida quietly said.

Her voice grabbed his attention and turned his body around to locate the source. As he turned, Jack and Merida breathed a huge sigh of relief when they see his normal, forest green eyes.

"Merida?" He called out with his vision starting to come back. At first he only saw her, but then realized that she's in a cell. "What?" As he leans his head forward, he sees similar bars near where he is. He leans forward to get a better idea of what's happening, but finds his whole body is hurting.

"Ow," he groans as he's clutching his head.

"Take it easy," Jack said from his cell.

Hiccup took a deep breath in before letting his arms droop to the floor. He looked around his environment to realize that he's in a Berk cell. "What...what happened?" He asked out loud.

Rapunzel tried to push her face through her door to see him, but could only stick her nose out. "You mean you don't remember," she said a little concern.

Hiccup's mind was throbbing in pain, beating hard like a drum. He searched his mind to figure out what's going on and how he ended up here, but it was a blank. "No," he said trying to gather himself. "I don't...I don't know..."

"Slow down," Merida kindly instructs him. "Take a deep breath, and focus."

Hiccup did just that, though he wasn't feeling any much better.

"Try to remember," Merida continued. "What happened after we split up?"

"Split up..." Hiccup said trying to recall. "I... I was flying...with Toothless..." His mind snapped back to reality. He looked through his cell door to try to find Toothless, but he was nowhere.

"Toothless?" He spoke a little louder, getting worried that his friend isn't answering.

"Toothless!" He calls desperately.

"Shhhh, quiet," Merida said quickly. "We don't want to alert the guard."

Truth be told, no one knew if there is a guard or not. Better be safe than sorry.

But it didn't stop Hiccup's worried state. "Where?... Where is he?"

"We don't know," Jack told him, "the chief just say put him with the others."

"The others?" Hiccup repeated, realizing that his friend is in the arena now. He's now locked up in a cage. As he looks down, he notices a familiar thing on his hand.

"My ring..." He said quietly. He pet it the way he usually does and it glows a faint green. Within seconds, he could hear the familiar roar of his friend, meaning that he's safe and the Vikings haven't killed him yet. "That's... That's good... At least he's still alive. That's good."

"Wish I can say the same about us," Jack comments while gesturing to the cells.

Hiccup's head turned to him. "What...why are we in here?" He asks.

"We'll get to that part in a bit," Merida quickly said to divert him to continue his story. "What happened when you were flying with Toothless?"

Hiccup searched his mind, trying to remember. "We...we were flying...because I thought my stone might've been on a island we visited...during our usual flights. But then...we got...got ambushed. A number of dragons surrounded us... Even ones with...yellow eyes."

"Nightmares," Jack concluded the assumption.

"They chased us away from Berk...into a fog. Then we came to...to..."

"To?" Rapunzel said leaning closer to her cell door.

Hiccup took a deep breath before he said, "the dragon's nest," with no emotions.

The others held back their surprised gasps upon hearing that.

Hiccup's fingers dig into his forehead, trying to remember what happened next. "We flew in, and saw the inside. There was a dragon there, huge...and Pitch, Pitch was there to. He said somethings and I...I..." He lowers his head down to his knees and sea he's his mind to draw up a blank. "I can't really remember anything else after that. All that was there was darkness and sorrow. It was not a great place to be."

"I hear you there," Jack said remember what Pitch did to him to distract him from Easter.

"What did I do?" Hiccup asked his friends with a glimmer of hope in his voice. Hoping that it wasn't anything bad.

Merida looked at Hiccup though her cell bars, not liking what she and the others are going to say. "There's no easy way to say this Hiccup," she said with regret. "You attacked everyone here."

"What?!" He said with a start.

"It's true," Rapunzel regretfully agreed. "You controlled an army of shadows and attacked everyone, making them have nightmares."

Hiccup's body froze, not really remember doing that. But the way he was trapped by the shadows and the hurt, anything could've happened. But for him to attack his island, that was something he never dreamed of doing.

"No..." He said quiet and breathless. "I...I wouldn't...I couldn't..."

"You did," Jack said being serious. "I'm guessing you and Pitch didn't just have a starring contest, he did something to you."

Hiccup went back into his mind, trying to remember what Pitch did to him. "All I remember was darkness, feeling so low..." As he searched his mind, he found himself replaying a hazy memory. It was Pitch talking to him, talking about how much they were alike. Then the memory begins to be hazy, but the words of Pitch became clearer.

He talked about how Hiccup was unloved and unwanted by his friends. He brought up everything wrong in his life, and fuelled his anger. But it clouded his mind too, making him feel cold and alone.

As Hiccup continues to search into his past, certain phrases came into play, things he said through his own lips.

"This island is full of heartless people"

"It was fun watching you being stupid"

"No," Hiccup gasp, realizing that he said those things. He sent dragons to attack everyone and put them in danger. Then he remembered what he said to the people in the nearby cells.

"Friends?!" You were never friends!"

"Get away from me you pest,"

"Is this really the best you can do? It's pathetic!"

"All of you, everyone on this island, has been putting me down, finding ways to hurt me! Well not anymore!"

As Hiccup hears these words, his heart broke more and more. 'How could I have said that?'

"That's the point! Is to make everyone suffer, just as I have!"

"I'll make you all SUFFER!"

Hiccup head hurt even more, making everyone around him scared. But he didn't care how they looked at him, how could they look at him at all after what he done. The worst one is what he almost did to his father.

"Now it's time to end my misery."

"I want... I wanted to...kill him..." He slowly came to realize. Pain couldn't describe how he was feeling. He was beyond broken, and his body felt numb a feeble.

"Oh gods," he whimpers trying to keep himself together. "I'm so...so sorry..."

"Shhh," Rapunzel said trying to reach her hand to his cell. "This was Pitch's doing. it's not your fault."

"Yes it is!" Hiccup snaps. "If I hadn't flown to that nest and listened to him, none of this would've happened. Who knows what kind of scars I made, what my dad would say..."

"Hiccup," Merida said trying to get his attention.

"I mean... I practically made a mess of the village and the souls of everyone here..."


"I don't how they would think of me now? A traitor? What will my father say-"

"Your father disowned you!" Merida almost yells on top of Hiccup.

Hiccup's heart stopped, frozen by what she just said. "What?"

Merida drew in a deep sigh before looking Hiccup in the eye. "I'm sorry, but after that battle your father captured us and disowned you."

"Way to set the mood Merida," Rapunzel said glaring at her. In her opinion, Hiccup has it rough now, no need for further damage. But now it's done, who knows what can happen.

Hiccup felt like his world is shattered into a million pieces and his heart broke. He sank so low on the floor he was almost hoping the earth will swallow him up. His body felt so numb he lost all feeling.

Merida knew it was her fault he's like this, in hindsight she should've seen it coming. She wanted him to know the whole story, to make him face his problems head on. But it didn't turn out the way she hoped. But when can you tell someone that horrible news. Sooner or later they would find out.

But she should've chosen her timing better. "Sorry," she said with regret.

Suddenly, a large clank could be heard from down the hall. Sure enough, the sun's light made a silhouette of a man become larger and larger. Everyone took a step back and held their breath. With a few heavy steps, Stoick came through the hall and stopped at the cells with Gobber close behind him. Stoick stood there, looking at everyone with a narrow brow and a cold stare.

"Good morning to you too," Jack sarcastically said.

Hiccup's eyes widen but his body didn't dare to move. Seeing his father now scared him more than any dragon attack.

No wanting any long silent glances, Merida leaned on her wall and looked at the chief. "What do you want?"

"Maybe he's finally come to his senses and is letting us out?" Rapunzel said hopefully.

"I doubt that," Jack said unhappy.

"I don't get why we're locked in here in the first place," Merida spat out. "Last time I checked, we helped save this tribe!"

"You saved our tribe be allying yourselves to that BEAST," Stoick coldly said. "That's proof enough that all of you are traitors."

"Traitors?" Rapunzel questioned. "Just because we have different opinions. I'll have you know that we've come from different lands where the rules change-"

"As long as you are on my island, you will obey my rules," Stoick said making his way to Rapunzel's cell and slamming his fist on her door. That bang made her jump and crawled back to avoid him.

"Hey! That's enough!" Merida yelled through her bars. She then looks at Gobber, who seemed very sad at this situation. Merida figures the best way to calm the chief down is to have this man talk. "You gotta to tell him that this is a little extreme."

He looked at her with a bit of regret. "Sorry lads, but chief's word is law."

"Great," she said hanging her head low.

Stoick quickly turned around to Gobber with an angry face. "You're only here because you can see the invisible boy, not to talk to the prisoners. Have I made that clear?"

Gobber nods his head, but refuses to look at his friend.

"Now then," Stoick looking back at the others. He eyes Hiccup still lying down in his cage, not moving. Angry, he slams his fist into his cell doors. "WAKE UP!"

Merida leaned into her door to yell at the chief. "He's still asleep," she said with a voice of reason. "He's been through a lot, you can't just-"

Stoick turns to her and glares. "I will do what I want with a traitor."

"That 'traitor' is your son," Rapunzel scolded.

"Not anymore!" Stoick lashes out on them. "He attacked everyone here, and allied himself to the same beasts that took his mother away. He spat on every Viking tradition that he swore to uphold. How is that not a traitor?"

"It would've helped him if everyone was more supportive to him then bashing him," Merida said with the same tone Stoick gave them.

"What did you say?!" He said looking down to her.

Merida can see why Stoick's glare would imitate someone like Hiccup, but she refuses to let this man go own with this behaviour. "Hiccup told us a lot about this place, how it was hard for him to live up to your expectations. He's been breaking his back for you, wanting so much to hear you say that you're proud of him. And what do you do? You say nothing! You don't even give him a glance!"

"I do," Stoick argues, not letting this Scottish girl get the best of him. "I was so proud of him in the arena-"

"Because he was becoming more of what you wanted and not who he was! You should've except him just the way he was and not making him change into something he isn't. You said he had so much potential when you couldn't see that he was already great."

"You don't know him-"

"And you know better?!"

"I WAS his father!"

"In the history of fathers, you are by far the worst," Jack said to him knowing that Stoick wouldn't hear. But he couldn't bare his words anymore. "Take you guys back to my time and Hiccup wouldn't be your son."

"What do you mean?" Gobber said hearing that.

"We have a thing called child protection services," Jack explained. "If people believed that Stoick harms Hiccup physically or mentally, they have the authority to take him away and put him in a safe environment. And after everything that's happened, he would've been taken away a long time ago."

Gobber pause his thoughts; thinking Hiccup would be taken away. He love Hiccup like a nephew, but with everything that's happened, it's almost too much to take. Sure, Hiccup is a traitor and has allied himself with a dragon and these strangers, but Gobber had never seen so many people caring for Hiccup. Gobber became unsure who to side with, his best friend or Hiccup.

"Did the 'ice man' say some bad assumption about me?" Stoick asked in a harsh voice.

"No," Gobber said, not having the heart to tell him what Jack said.

"You say assumption, we say the truth," Merida said with an angry eye.

"What your tongue," Stoick growled why looking to her.

"Why? You seemed to not have that problem with him," Merida shouts while gesturing to Hiccup. "That's all that's left of him after what you did to him."

"What we did to him?! What about what he almost did to this tribe?!" As Stoick roars at her, his anger is getting to a boiling point.

"He only did that because Pitch got to him," Rapunzel said with confidence. "But also through the years Hiccup had to endure here. Did you know that he was about to run away on Toothless before we found him. He couldn't stand being here!"

"Why didn't you tell us about the dragon?" Gobber asked just out of curiosity.

"You didn't ask," Rapunzel kindly answered him. "We just said he was a friend of ours that really cared about Hiccup."

"More than this village ever did," Merida added coldly. "I bet my kingdom is worried about me and has sent out a lot of search parties, but only one person here was actual concern for Hiccup. No wonder Hiccup was upset and angry."

"I was concern," Stoick said, "but I knew he would return and do what was right. I just didn't expect he would turn against his own kind and attack everyone! He was a spawn of Loki-"

"Actually, Loki is surprising an understanding guy," Jack said rolling his eyes. "You know, before he went nuts when he discovered his true origins and-"

"Not helping," Rapunzel said with little emotion.

"He's the villain!" Stoick yells at everyone.

"Not from where I standing," Merida hissed. "He's only this way because of what you and almost every Viking has done to him." She didn't want to include Gobber to that testament, seeing he was the one who was worried about her friend. "He worked so hard just to make you happy. He even trained with me so he can show you that he can handle himself. But you repaid that by shunning him and making him feel unsafe to the point that you drove him away. You should be ashamed of yourself! A leader is to protect his home and the people in it, but you just shoved your son in a dark corner and left him there to wallow in your shadow! You're no chief, least of all a father, you're a monster."

That was the last straw, Stoick banged so hard on her door it shook the entire prison. "I will not allow you to talk to me like that!" He roared with anger backing his words. "As of now, everyone is sentenced to the blood eagle!"

"What? No!" Merida said slowing backing up almost scared.

"I've been hearing that phrase a lot, but I don't really know what that means," Rapunzel said eyeing Jack to give her the details.

"Trust me, you don't really want to know," Jack said with the same amount of fright as Merida. Even though he's a spirit and can't really die, he can't say the same thing about the others. He can't lose his friends, but he can't do anything without his staff.

Hiccup continued to lay in fright, not believing two things. One, that his father is doing this to his friends, and two, his friends are still sticking up for him after what he's done. His heart was broken and yet warm of the love and hate that's around him. But what to do about it?

"Starting with you!" Stoick screams and ushers Gobber to open Merida's door.

"No! You can't do this!" She cries backing her way from the door.

"No!" Jack and Rapunzel cry out in protest.

But Stoick wasn't listening to them, he was more looking forward to take his aggression out on the people who were not welcome anymore.


Everyone froze in place when Hiccup's weak voice reached their ears. They all turned to see him struggling to stand. But he wanted to appear brave, especially when his friends are being brave for him.

"Please, stop," he pleads with his legs shaking. He looked at his father, almost scared for his life, but he had to put all his father's anger towards him and only him. His friends don't deserve to pay for his mistakes.

"I know you're angry," he said, "and you have every right to be. But please...take this out on me. Be mad at me. Just please...don't hurt them! Or Toothless!"

Mentioning the dragon by his name got Stoick's blood boiling. "The dragon? That's who you're worried about? Not the people you tortured and almost killed."

"He was just protecting me," Hiccup protests. "I admit it, I screwed up! I should've said something before now. But please don't punish my friends. If you need to punish someone, punish me. I'm the one who did this."

"Pitch also helped," Jack added to hopefully not make Hiccup blame himself.

Stoick focused hard on Hiccup, opening his cell door and stepped in. But then he punched Hiccup so hard he fell to the ground.

"No!" Merida said witnessing the scene. "Stop!"

But Stoick didn't stop there; he started to kick Hiccup in the gut.

"Please, stop!" Rapunzel is kinda thankful she's not seeing this, but hearing Hiccup's grunts of pain didn't ease her own pain.

Gobber looks at the scene, appalled at what his best friend is doing. He is treating a broken boy like an ant, and he was crushing him.

"Stoick!" He said with a disproval look on his face. "Enough."

Stoick stopped for a bit, letting Hiccup breathe again and winces on the ground in pain. Stoick looks at Gobber not understanding what's wrong.

"What?" Stoick said with aggression. "I'm just treating the traitor to what he deserves. I don't care if you say his my son, because he's not! He threw his lot with them!"

"It's.." Hiccup cough with some blood in his mouth. "It's...not their...fault... They're victims..."

"SHUT IT!" Stoick commands with a loud voice.

But Merida was curious about what is Hiccup is talking about. If there was something he knew; it would be a bad idea to ignore it. "What are you talking about?"

Hiccup coughed a bit before he spoke again. "I saw it...the dragons...only raid us because they have to... If they don't bring back...enough food...they'll be eaten themselves. There is a dragon on their island, that is-"

"Their island?!" Stoick said with full attention. All his life he's been searching for that bloody nest, and his traitorous son found it in no time. "So you've been to the nest..."

Hiccup slightly cursed in saying too much. "Did I say nest..." He hoped that he can make his father understand, and that the dragons were not to blame.

But Stoick picks Hiccup up by the collar and held him close to his angry eyes. "How did you find it?" He threatens with brute force.

"What, no, I didn't.. Toothless did... Only a dragon can find the island," Hiccup said without thinking. But then something else replaced the anger in Stoick, a plan.

In an instant, Hiccup knew what Stoick is planning, and he needs to be stopped. "Oh no! No, no, no, dad! You don't understand! It's not what you think, you don't know what you're up against. It's a dragon you've never seen!"

But Stoick drowns out Hiccup in thinking of his greatest idea yet. He can tie that dragon to a boat and have it lead it to the island. Then his people will kill every last one and be rid of the beasts once and for all. He lets go of Hiccup, making him fall hard on the floor. Then he went through the door and locked it.

But Hiccup didn't give up, he can't let his dad go to the island. "Dad please," he pleads as he rushes to his door and pushes his face through the bars. "I promise you won't win this one!"

But Stoick payed no attention to him, instead he gives the orders to Gobber. "Ready the ships and the men, we set off for the island in an hour. After that, we will deal with these people.

Hiccup pushes his arm through the bars in hopes that he can grab on to anything that can make his father stay. But Stoick ignores the pleas of the boy and made his way to the door.

"Father, no," Hiccup cried out with water forming in his eyes. "For ONCE in your LIFE, would you LISTEN to me! DAD!"

But the sound of the door being slammed closed every shred of hope the boy had. He sank his knees to the floor with tears flowing down his cheeks. No one dare to speak, but they all felt the same way.


After an hour, Rapunzel saw through her window a lot of ships heading towards the horizon. There was no doubt the entire village is on those ships with Toothless, and are heading towards the dragon's nest.

"How does it look?" Jack asked

"Not so good," she said walking back to see the others. While everyone else were near their doors, Hiccup sat down against his wall, looking at his ring. He can hear tiny roars of pain as the ring glows a faint red. Toothless is on that ship, leading them to the nest, to their deaths. Hiccup never felt so low before. His tribe is going to die and it's all his fault.

"So, how bad is this dragon?" Merida asked just out of curiosity.

Hiccup sighs, not bothering to look up. "It's about the size of the mountain and has six eyes and sharp teeth. Is that enough?"

"So those Vikings are basically going to their deaths," Merida confirmed what Hiccup is dreading now.

"It's all my fault," he said burying his head into his knees.

"Don't say that..."

"But it is!" Hiccup almost screams with pity. "If I didn't go to that island...if I hadn't attacked everyone...I haven't opened my big mouth..." Emotion consumed him again and he couldn't hold it in anymore. He let the tears come back and let them out.

Merida hates seeing and hearing Hiccup beaten up on himself. He knows it's not entirely his fault, but thanks to what Stoick and Pitch did, he is taking the blame. She has to keep making Hiccup believe that he is not to blame, and to fix his mistake. "It doesn't matter what happened in the past, what matters is what do we do now. we have to figure out how to get out of here and save the people of Berk."

"Easier said than done," Jack said not getting his hopes up.

"Well, we've got to try," Merida said trying to get pumped with energy. "Despite what they did to us, we can't send them out to die. We have to help them."

"What's the point," Hiccup asked out loud. "They'll never accept our help, not after what I did."

"Don't say that," Jack said.

"But it's true," Hiccup argued. But then fell back to he's usual state.

Rapunzel couldn't stand seeing Hiccup like this. As she leans In towards his cell, she nearly dislocates her arms trying to reach in. "Hey," she said softly. "Please don't beat yourself up like this. What happened last night wasn't entirely your fault."

Hiccup shovels away from her, feeling like he didn't deserve her kind words.

But Rapunzel wasn't done with her speech. "I know what's it's like to be surrounded by darkness, feeling alone and hurt. It can make you believe in all sorts of things that can bring you back to the light. Even if that light turns out to be a woman that lies to you just for your hair. See, you weren't a total dope like me. I was fooled for 18 years, while you were tricked by a man who fueled your anger. Now that anger is gone, you feel like there is no more feeling in you. But you have to look past it, let your pain go, make a new future for yourself."

Hiccup wants to believe there is still a bright future ahead of him, but it seems impossible if his tribe and his best friend are going to die.

"I just..." He said before lowering his head. "I just feel so alone..."

Rapunzel smiles and tries to lean in more. "Haven't you learn anything throughout this adventure Hiccup? You're never alone...

No one's here to guide you.

You feel like on your own.

Only me beside you.

Still, you're not alone."

Hiccup head perks a little hearing her words, wishing he can believe them.

"No one is alone," Rapunzel continued


No one is alone."

Merida and Jack listen in to those words thinking back to their lives. Merida with her mother and Jack with Jamie, they are there for each other when needed. Everyone in this world is never truly alone.

Rapunzel draws back and leans against her wall to talk to Hiccup just in the other side. Without the wall, it looks like they're back to back.

"Sometimes people leave you,

Halfway through the wood.

Others may deceive you,

You decide what's good.

You decide alone.

But no one is alone."

"I just wish," Hiccup said while looking away from her and the rest of his friends.

"We know..." Rapunzel whisper in a comfort voice. Merida and Jack lean in to make Hiccup pay attention to them. They caught on to what Rapunzel words and wanted to join in, let Hiccup know that they are still there for him, and are here to help him.

"Toothless isn't here now." Merida said.

"Wrong things, right things..." Jack chimes in over top

"Who knows what he'd say?" Merida continues her say.

"Who can say what's true?" Jack finished what he was saying.

"Nothing's quite so clear now," Rapunzel picks up

"Do things, fight things..." Merida said determined.

"Feel you've lost your way? "Rapunzel said with compassion.

Jack the picks up where Merida left off, "You decide, but-"

"You are not alone," all three said at the same time.

"Believe me. No one is alone." Rapunzel said first.

"No one is alone," Jack said with a smile. "Believe me."

"Truly..." Merida whispers.

Hiccup wanted nothing more to stop all feeling and just lay down and die. But the words of his friends touched his heart. He wanted so much to believe them, but his head tells him to give up hope.

But the others weren't determined to give up just yet, the had to keep pushing in hope and light. So they decided to say the next part together.

"You move just a finger,

Say the slightest word,

Something's bound to linger,

Be heard. "

"No one acts alone," Merida said to Hiccup to get his attention. "Careful, no one is alone."

Hiccup try to turn to away, but they were relentless to make him feel better.

"People make mistakes!" The three of them said together. Determined to get that point across to Hiccup.

Hiccup's eyes widen as he hears that sentence. He turned to see all his friends reaching out to him with their words.

"Fathers," Jack blurts out.

"Mothers," both Merida and Rapunzel said before being joined by Jack again.

"People make mistakes,"

Hiccup leans to them a little more, wanting to hear what they believe is right.

"Holding their own,

Thinking they're alone."

"Honor their mistakes- " Jack said

"Fight for their mistakes-" Merida shouts

"Everybody makes-" Rapunzel points out

"One another's terrible mistakes," All of them said. Hiccup looks at them with a thought in his mind, taking in all they've said. True, people makes mistakes all the time, all there is to do is what he can do to make it right. But how can he? He'll mess it up like he always does. But he does listen to what the others have to say next.

"Witches can be right,

Dragons can be good.

You decide what's right,

You decide what's good.

"Just remember," the girls said together

"Just remember," Jack joined in.

"Someone is on your side." Rapunzel and Jack said together.

"Our side," Merida said with her eyes reaching out to Hiccup.

Hiccup looked at it, sensing the form of friendship he made with his friends. He remembers that whenever they felt down, he would get to the bottom of their problem and would try to help. Now they're doing the same for him.

"Our side," he said with a small smile.

"Someone else is not." The three of them said

"While we're seeing our side," Jack and Rapunzel said together.

"Our side," Merida said.

"Our side-" Hiccup said catching the spirit of the team within him.

"Maybe we forgot," they all said, Hiccup included.

"They are not alone.

No one is alone."

Hiccup drew back a bit, still not really ready to forgive himself for what he did. But he is surrounded by all these people who care for him; it's almost too much to take in.

"Hard to see the light now," He said drawing his eyes to the window, seeing the sun shine through it.

He then felt his hand being touched by Rapunzel's.

"Just don't let it go." She said raising his hands with hers through their bars.

Jack then reached forward and manages to place his fingers over their hands. "Things will come out right now."

"We can make it so." Merida agrees and reaches her hand out to meet the others.

Rapunzel reaches out her hand with Hiccup's so that everyone's fingers touch, forming a strong bond of friendship

"Someone is on your side," the three of them said looking at Hiccup with a smile.

With that bond, Hiccup a bit better. After everything he did, it felt nice to see some people were willing to forgive him, and is there for him. Now all that's left to do is save his best friend and his tribe. A fear maybe impossible, but maybe with his friends, it can be accomplished. But one thing is true, and he said the same thought as everyone else in the room.

"No one is alone."

Hiccup and his smile, know their bond is still strong. now they just have to find a way out of their predicament.

The moment was cut short hearing the door opened again, which confused everyone. They were sure everyone left to the nest. But they broke their hand holding session and race to the back to their cells. They reminds silent as they hear footsteps coming closer and closer. Soon enough, a familiar Viking lass came into view and looked at everyone.

"Astrid?" Merida questioned looking at her. Everyone thought for sure that she would jump at the chance to be on that boat. But after all that's happened to them, nothing is ever certain.

Astrid doesn't say a word until she leaned against Hiccup's cell door and looked to his window. "It's a mess out there, is it?" She said with little emotion. She then looked to Hiccup, but he really didn't eye her. "I feel almost bad for you. I mean, you must feel horrible. Everyone you love is on that ship. You're going to lose everything, your father, your tribe, your best friend."

"Thanks for getting the mood back in," Rapunzel said with a bit of sarcasm. "And summing that up."

"And all for a dragon," Astrid continues as if she wasn't interrupted. "He must've meant a great deal to you. Shame that now he's the one that's leading everyone to the nest. Just wait when they come back-"

"They're not going to come back," Hiccup snapped at her, feeling despair again. "I've basically sent them to their doom, with Toothless in the front line."

"Stop telling yourself that," Merida shouted over Astrid's shoulder.

As much as he wants to, he can't. Then a thought came into his mind, something that could've stopped this whole mess. "Why couldn't I have killed that dragon when I found it in the woods? If I did-"

"Then you wouldn't be the person you are," Jack said trying to let Hiccup go down this road again.

"Yeah... but," Hiccup said as he started to pace around his cell, getting his legs to work again. "Would've it been better for everyone..."

"Yep," Astrid said with a nod. "The rest of us would've done it."

"You're not helping," Merida said pointing her fingers at her.

Astrid ignored her and turned her attention back to Hiccup with a serious question. "So why didn't you?"

A moment of silent was there in the cells, as everyone looked to Hiccup for the answer.

"Why didn't you?" Astrid asked again.

"I don't know..." Hiccup said recalling that day. He remembered seeing Toothless for the first time, holding that dagger above his head, and just couldn't bring himself to kill the dragon. "I couldn't."

"That's not an answer," Astrid said being serious.

Hiccup couldn't take in anything right now, not emotionally. "Why is it so important to you now!" He snapped.

"Well, being close to death can make a person think," she said with honesty. "What you did to me, changed me. And I want to remember what you say, right now about that dragon."

"It doesn't matter," Hiccup said.

"Yes it does," Astrid argued without raising her voice. "Because I think you're right."

Everyone was taken back to what she said.

"We might be wrong about the dragons," Astrid continued. "Just like I was wrong about you. So I want to know how it started, why you let that dragon lived when the rest of us would've kill it."

"Oh for the love of Thor," Hiccup said getting a little irritated. "I was a coward, I was weak. I wouldn't kill a dragon!"

"You said 'wouldn't' that time!" Merida points out.

"Whatever! I wouldn't!" Hiccup practically screamed into the air. "300 years and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon."

The prison became silent again, clearing out the echo of Hiccup's screams. As he turns away from Astrid to be in his own thoughts, she gives him a caring face and curls her hand on his bar door.

"First to ride one though," she whispers.

Hiccup thought about that, never really thinking about it that way before. He was always the one that causes disasters, and the tribe always thought of his idea being idiotic. But he was able to do something that no one has ever done before and is able to soar to new heights, and see the world in a way no one has ever seen. Maybe not killing Toothless was the best thing he's ever done in his life.

"So," Astrid said waiting for an answer.

Hiccup can only give the most honest answer he can muster. "I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was." He turned around to face her with a calm face. "I looked at him, and I saw myself."

Those words sank into everyone's minds. They knew Hiccup is kind, but to go so far into looking into someone and seeing a reflection of your soul is deep. That proves that Hiccup and Toothless were more than just friends, they were family. They would protect each other no matter the cost, and they would care for each other like brothers. Toothless became Hiccup's family, and Hiccup became Toothless's world. Those two formed a bond no one could break.

Astrid looks at Hiccup, getting what he means. "I bet he's really frightened now," she said almost provoking him to take some kind of action to help his friend. "What are you going to do about it?"

Hiccup shrugs as he looks around the cell. "First I'm going to figure a way out of here, then...ehh...probably something stupid."

"Good, but you've already done that," Astrid said playing with her words and raising an eyebrow.

Hiccup looks at her, getting a sense of an idea. He then forms a plan, a crazy stupid one, but just the thing that can maybe save Toothless and his tribe. "Then something crazy."

Astrid smiles as her hand goes under her skirt to grab something clinging. "That's more like it," she said pulling a ring of keys from under her skirt and dangling them. She then quickly unlocks his door and the other doors.

"Thanks," Merida said with a smile. But then the thought of what they've through came into mind. She needs to clear the air between them, but saying that she was wrong is something she's not good at. Better try to make this one good. "Listen, about before. I.."

"I know what you mean," Astrid said with the same smile, understanding what she means. Astrid also couldn't admit when she's wrong, but today is full of surprises. "I'm sorry about what I did to you and...you know..."

"I get it," Merida chuckled. "I'm sorry too..."

"While I'm glad we're being happy here, I think there's a Viking fleet we need to stop," Rapunzel reminds everyone.

Everyone ran down the hall, but Astrid stopped them as they reach a table with their gear on it. As everyone went to grab their stuff, Jack notices his staff wasn't there.

"I believe this belongs to you," Astrid said to Jack while holding on to his staff.

"Glad you can see me," he said reaching for it.

"I'm glad too," she said. Suddenly she pulls the staff back and punches Jack in the arm.

"OW!" He shouts in pain.

"That was for the ice," Astrid said while shaking off the frost on her hand.

"I think I liked it better when I was invisible," Jack said as he grabs his staff from her. His powers instantly flowed back into his body and he felt better.

"But you kinda deserved it too," Rapunzel said as Hiccup tries to make her hair loose again. After removing some bands and sticks, her hair became one long braid again.

"Better?" He asked.

"Better," she answers.

As Hiccup looks at Rapunzel, he also receives a punch from Astrid. "That's for what you did to me in the arena."

Hiccup shrugs while rubbing his arm. In a way he sort of expected that to happen. What he didn't expect was Astrid leaning to him and giving him a small peck on his cheek.

"That's for everything else," she said with a smile.

Just then, everything became quiet for Hiccup, except his heartbeat. It was a feeling he's never felt before.

"You two, stop staring at each other and let's go," Merida said with her weapons in hand.

As everyone ran out the door, the village almost became bare. The only people around were children.

Hiccup took the lead and led the others power walking through the village.

"Who else is here?" He asks Astrid.

"Only the elders and children," she answers. "Oh, and our classmates."

"Gather the teens and have them meet me in the arena." He orders her."

"Got it," she replied and heads off in another direction.

He then led his group to the arena and looked at the iron doors holding the dragons.

"So, what is the plan?" Rapunzel asks him.

"In a nutshell," Hiccup said. "We're going to ride these dragons to the nest and save everyone."

"That's your plan!" Jack said in surprised. "That's 12% of a plan."

"Barely a concept," Merida added.

"Trust me," Hiccup said approaching one of the doors, "it's going to work. A lot of these dragons kinda know me from the arena, and they know I never really want to kill them." As he walked towards the door, he knows that the monsterous nightmare is on the other side. The one he was scheduled to kill. "This one will be tricky, but I'm pretty sure I can train him."

"You sure?" Merida asks.

"Ehh...about 12%" Hiccup answers looking at her. "You might want to step back though and loose the weapons for now."

Merida nods and drops her bow. She remembers when she first met Toothless and doesn't want to repeat that same mistake.

As Hiccup goes towards the door, he turns around to see all his old classmates entering the arena. They looked like they've recovered well from what happened. But they crossed their arms and looked like they're ready for a fight.

"If you're looking to get eaten, I'd go with the Gronckle," Fishlegs said being serious.

Hiccup wasn't sure if they are here to help him or to beat him up.

Tuffnut stepped forward pretty close to Hiccup and looked at with the most serious face he's ever made. "You were wise to seek the help from the world's deadliest weapon," he said with a low voice and twirling his fingers.

"Uh," Hiccup said a little surprise.

"It's me," Tuffnut said gesturing to himself.

He was then pulled back and replaced with Snotlout with a genuine smile. Something Hiccup has never seen. "I LOVE this plan," he said getting excited.

Then he was pushed aside to make room for Ruffnut. "You're crazy," she said before leaning in an whispering, "I like that."

Astrid pulled on Ruffnut's braid to move her aside before it got too weird. "So, what is the plan?"

Hiccup was not expecting so much support from the people who used to bully him. But he guessed what he did to them might've changed them to be a little more understanding.

But he quickly snapped back to reality to get on with his crazy idea. "We're going to save our tribe, and stop a huge dragon and Pitch."

"Pitch?" Fishlegs questioned.

"The guy that put Hiccup under that spell," Rapunzel said.

"But," Hiccup continued. "In order to do that, we're going to need some help. That's where the crazy part happens."

"You had us at crazy," Tuffnut said with his sister by his side smiling and banging his head with her helmet.

"Alright," Hiccup said. "First things first, for what I'm about to do, we can't have you guys holding on to any weapons."

"Not even a shield?" Fishlegs said becoming a little nervous.

Wanting to ease him, Rapunzel went over and gently holds his hands. "It's going to be ok," she said with a smile.

"Nothing," Hiccup reminds everyone. He then turns to Jack. "I need you to slightly open the monsterous nightmare cage. I'll go in alone and try to tame him. While I'm do that, you open the other doors. Let in a cool breeze to make them calm and they'll come out on their own."

Jack nods as he flies to the door lever, ready to pull it.

Hiccup then turns to Merida, "can you keep these guys calm and make sure they don't make any sudden movements?"

"Sure," she said walking towards the group and stops beside Astrid and Snotlout.

"This isn't going to work," Snotlout said quietly and nervously. "He's going to get killed."

"Not if you let him do his thing," Merida said. Then she turns to him as well as the rest of the group. "By the way, if I hear any one of you pick on Hiccup again..." She bangs a fist to the palm of her hand, and makes a look at screams 'kill'. Everyone got that message pretty clear and the twins and Snotlout nod their heads frantically.

"Is it wrong to say how much I love that girl," Tuffnut asked his sister.

"Umm... Yes!" She replied.

With that said, Hiccup signals Jack to open the door. A giant roar came from the door and the light of fire can be seen through the cracks. Hiccup puts on a brave and gentle face as he walks through the doors with his arms outs infront of him.

"It's ok, it's ok," he said before entering through the doors.

No one can tell what's going on in there, but it seemed very calm.

The group had mixed emotions. The twins seemed almost excited, while Snotlout and Fishlegs were getting nervous. As for Rapunzel, Merida and Astrid, they knew that it was going to be ok.

Jack went ahead and opened up the other dragon pens. The dragons though didn't enter the arena, maybe being to scared of all the people there.

But within his moments, Hiccup came out of the pen, walking backwards with a red dragon trailing. It was the first time Merida, Jack and Rapunzel saw a new dragon up close. The monsterous nightmare was a long skinny dragon covered in flame like details and spikes. Its wings replaced its arms and it's long tail swingers back and forth. On its giant head were two horns spilling upward. It seemed entranced by Hiccup's hand and was calm as it follows him outside.

The group wondered at this, seeing a ferocious dragon behaving so calm. They knew that Hiccup trained a Night fury, but seeing it was amazing.

Though Snotlout was still a little nervous. Out of instinct, he leaned down to pick up a broken spear on the floor.

Astrid saw this and lightly taps on his arm. "Uh-uh," she reminded him. He quickly dropped the weapon and leaned back up.

Hiccup leads the dragon to the group, never taking his eyes off the dragon. He led the dragon towards Snotlout and reaches out for his hand.

"What are you doing?" Snotlout said in fright. The dragon snorted a bit, making the boy jump back.

"It's ok," Hiccup said grabbing his cousin's hand. He then placed in to the nightmare's nose, almost underneath where the horn is.

Then Snotlout felt something, a connection to the dragon. If was weird and wonderful at the same time. Snotlout fear was replaced with a wide smile, and the dragon seemed very happy too.

"Wow," Snotlout said feeling wonderful. But before Hiccup turned to leave, Snotlout turns to him without letting go of the dragon.

"Listen, Hiccup," he said full of emotion. "I'm...I'm...I'm sorry, for all those mean things I said before."

"Wow, Snotlout," hiccup said being touch by this new side to Snotlout.

"Don't get me wrong though," Snotlout said being back his usual persona. "I'm still better then you, and I will pick on you cause that's what cousins do. But at this moment, you're a pretty cool guy Hiccup."

Hiccup shrugged, better take the apology anyway he can. "Thanks," he said with a smile as he sees the monsterous nightmare lick Snotlout almost off the ground.

Soon, the other dragons start to ease into the arena. The first one that came out was the Gronckle. It was rather small but fat. Its skin had a rock like texture and there was a big rock swinging from its tail.

The second one is quiet unique, the Zippleback. It had two heads with long necks. Each head had a set of horns. As for the body, it was quiet low with four stubbed legs, but its tail split in the middle, making two different tails.

"The last one was the Nadder. This one had a spike crown on its head and spikes at the end of its tail. It was high on its two legs and its wings spread as it walks out of the pen.

The Vikings looked at these dragons with awe, happy to see they're willing to help. Astrid made the first move, steeping forward towards the nadder. She raised her hand to the dragon, hoping the dragon can see that it can trust her. After a sniff of her hand, it lowers its head to touch her. Astrid then felt what Hiccup and Toothless felt, a strong bond between her and the dragon.

Fishlegs eyes the Gronckle, though is really nervous about getting close. But with Rapunzel as a guide, she leads him to the dragon while holding his hand. When they got to the dragon, she guides his hand to the dragon's head to hopefully establish a bond. But the dragon backed up a bit with its eyes wide. Fishlegs saw in its eyes that the dragon was scared, and he needs to make sure it has no need to fear him.

"It's ok," he whispers, "I'm not going to hurt you if you don't hurt me. So pleeeease don't hurt me." He reaches his hand forward and closed his eyes. Within seconds, he feels the rough skin in the Gronckle and a bond was formed.

"Cool," he said rubbing the dragon like a cat.

As for the twins, making a bond was surprisingly easy. Each Zippleback head seemed to like one of the twins and bowed their heads down to them. The twins touched a head, and it was like sharing a brain with the dragon.

Hiccup smiles at the scene, happy that things are going so well. His plan might work after all.

"So what's next?" Merida asked, pretty proud of Hiccup right now for getting everyone together. She, Jack and Rapunzel wait for their orders, and the others look to Hiccup for instructions.

This is it for Hiccup; it was time to be a leader, to right his wrong, and to save his tribe, his father and his best friend.

"First, we'll get you something to hold on to," he said with a smile. "Then, we go save the day."


No one is alone from Into the Woods

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