Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Battle on Dragon Island

The fog grew thick around the boats. The Vikings are used it thanks to their failed attempts to find the nest. But now they have a guide to lead them to their destination. Toothless. He was chained down at the chief's ship with a muzzle around his mouth. Toothless tried desperately to escape, but the chains were too strong. Now he has no choice but to lead them to the Red death's nest, to their doom. Soon, he'll hear her call, and be forced to follow it. As much as he dislikes these men, one of them is Hiccup's father and he would hate to see this man die. Who would be there for Hiccup when this is over?

Where ever Hiccup is, Toothless hopes he is safe.

"Arm yourselves," Stoick whispers to the men on the other ships. "And stay within ear shot."

Stoick was focused, ready for whatever was coming. He knows this will be the biggest battle of his life, and now he can end the tyranny of these beasts. If he wasn't so focused, he would jump for joy, couldn't wait for this to end.

He then thought about after the battle, he would have to deal with Hiccup and his friends. He still couldn't get why Hiccup would choose a dragon over his own father. What does he see in that beast? And more importantly, why he kept the nest a secret?

'Well, none of that matters,' Stoick thought as he looked ahead. 'I'll deal with that later. For now, we finish our war."

Nearby, Gobber stared into the water, seeing all the dead bodies and broken boats from times before. He couldn't get what he saw in that prison. Not only did those intruders show they truly care for Hiccup, but also a different side to Stoick he's never seen before. The way Stoick acted, it was almost like a dragon. Actually, the dragon on the boat showed more heart than Stoick did for his son. Sure, Gobber knew his best friend was hard headed, stubborn, and often times reckless. But to treat your own son like a wounded animal was wrong.

Then there was the thing Jack said, that Hiccup could've been taken away if people thought Stoick was hurting him. In some way, the entire village hurt him. Maybe he should've given his apprentice more support, be the mentor to him and care more for him then just his student. Maybe that would've avoided making contact with the dragon, and all of this.

'But if he never met the dragon, then he wouldn't have gotten some good friends,' Gobber thought. Throughout all his time on Berk, Gobber never saw people that cared for Hiccup like they did. They were treating more like a family then just a group on a quest. Gobber then thought that maybe it was wrong to see people like that in jail.

His eyes turned to Stoick who was still facing the path ahead, looking for any sign. Goober recognized Spitelout stepping forward to him. Gobber is certainly hoping he wouldn't pose to Stoick that his son should be heir. It's too fast, and stupid.

"So what's the plan brother?" He asked.

"Find the nest and take it," Stoick answer with a harsh tone.

"Ah good, the old Viking fall back, nice and simple, always works," Spitelout said with a proud smile. He then leans closer to Stoick. "Say, since that boy is a traitor, and that he's been sentenced, you should consider my son, your nephew for the-"

"That's enough," Goober said stepping in between Spitelout and Stoick. "Now is not the time for that."

"I say it's a perfect time for-" Spitelout began.

"Not here, not now," Gobber warns him. "Get back to your position."

Spitelout grumbles as he steps back to his spot, leaving Stoick and Gobber alone.

"You shouldn't be like that Gobber," Stoick said still looking ahead. "We are about to end this war, and take the nest."

Gobber looks at him, shaking his head. "How did it come to this?" he said in a disappointing tone.

"The answer was so easy," Stoick said. "I should've thought of it sooner."

"You? or Hiccup?" Gobber said. "After all, he was the one who figured it out."

"Don't you talk about him now," Stoick said with a hint of anger.

"I think it's the perfect time to talk about him," Gobber said upset. "You have the lad in jail, and are planing to execute him. That is almost inhuman of you."

"He's the traitor!" Stoick said looking at his friend. "I can't treat him any different because he was my son."

"He IS your son," Gobber argued. "Though I'm not sure you've been the proper father for him."

"You're taking the intruders side!" Stoick said with his anger almost up to a boiling point.

"I'm taking Hiccup's side, always have. Sure, I was surprised when I heard he had a dragon friend, but at least he had a friend. I've been watching you over the years, and I respect you. But when it came to Hiccup, you really didn't have a clue or a thought about him. Remember all those meetings in finding the nest? You said 'would you rather come on a dangerous mission that you might come back on, or stay and look after Hiccup?' I can't believe you would use him like that, and then treat him like dirt. I was the one to convince you to let him be with the other kids in training and not to be left out. I know it's hard for you, to look at him and see your wife in his eyes."

"Don't bring Valka into this," Stoic warns him.

"But what you did today is a disgrace to her memory."

"Do you not think it was hard for me to do that?!" Stoick said with anger flaring inside him. "I broke on the inside. But I have no choice; a chief's fist duty is to protect his people, by any means necessary."

Goober step back, shaking his head in disbelief. "This war has changed you Stoick. You are less of the man I knew."

Before Stoick could retaliate, he noticed movement in Toothless's ears. He was picking up something, something calling him. Stoick pushed Gobber to the side and head for the rudder.

In a split second, Toothless became entranced by the call and turned his head to head. Stoick moved the rudder and turned the boat in that direction. The boats behind his did the same thing, following him further into the fog.

As they moved, Gobber thought back to the prison. He remembered Hiccup trying to warn them about something, but he never said what it was. This made Gobber nervous, but he's here now. Might as well go out and fight.

The Vikings kept following Toothless's movements until they felt land. Before them was a huge island with a great big mountain. Smoke came from the top and the ground was almost like ash. Dragon roars and hisses came from the inside the mountain. Toothless came out of his trance and looked in horror at where he is. He knows he shouldn't be here and tries with all his might to escape.

Stoick on the other hand, was proud and happy. After years of searching, he's finally found it. The dreaded dragon nest.

"We're here," he said as he leaps off the boat and onto the shore. As he did, the sound stopped. All anyone can hear was the dead ooh of the wind.

Once every Viking got onto the shores, they immediately set up spikes in the ground and catapults filled with rocks. Every Viking was ready to attack the best and kill all the dragons inside.

Stoick and a group of men were on the front lines, ready to engage when the time is right.

"When we crack is mountain open, all hell is going to break loose," Stoick said looking at the mountain.

"And my undies, good thing I brought extra," Gobber said to lighten the mood, though to little success.

Stoick then steps forward, his mind racing. After so many years it has come to this. "No matter how this ends, it ends today!" He calls out. He then signals the catapults to shoot at the mountain. After about six boulders hit, the side of the mountain came down, making a hole into the face. A torched Boulder was thrown and revealed a lot of dragons hanging off the wall.

Stoick clutches his weapon, and let out a roaring yell. He then charges in, and is ready to attack the first dragon he sees.

But the dragons in that area let go and rush out of that cave. The Vikings swing their weapons to kill, but the dragons were too high. In fact, they were getting higher. They were flying away from the nest and into the sky. Ann's it wasn't just those dragons in that cave, every dragons the Vikings encountered over the years is leaving the nest.

"Is that it?" Gobber said confused. He want the only one confused, Stoick was as well. The dragons they've fought with for so many years just left, just like that.

"We've done it!" Spitelout screams with joy. As he did, the Viking mob also roar with pride and joy.

Stoick wasn't in a celebration mood, something felt off.

His suspicions were confirmed when he heard a low laugh inside the cave.

"A retreat and you think you've won? Vikings truly are clueless."

Stoick and Gobber looked behind them to see Pitch inside the cave. They raised their weapons at him.

"Who are you?" Stoick demands.

"What? Didn't Jack told you about me?" Pitch said as if he was shocked.

"I take it, you're Pitch," Gobber said. "You're a spirit."

Pitch didn't say a word, but smiles a wide smile. The Vikings outside the cave stopped their cheering at looked to their chief. A lot of them can see Pitch while few can't.

"If you are a spirit, how can I see you?" Stoick asked, remembering he couldn't see the other one.

"Because, I'm fear," Pitch answers. He then made a huge shade of himself to the far reaches of the cave. "You all lived your lives in fear, thus you're able to see me."

Stoick was unsure about this new stranger, but Gobber looked at him with anger in his eyes. "So, you're the one that put Hiccup under a spell."

"If you mean giving him a fraction of my powers then...yes," Pitch answers as he disappears into the shadows.

He then reappears behind Stoick. "And he did a marvellous job with them, wouldn't you agree?"

Stoick swung his weapon at Pitch, but it went right through him like air.

Pitch chuckles as he disappears and reappears behind Stoick again. "Nice try, but that doesn't work on me."

Stoick turned around and face Pitch. "so you were the one behind all this. You're the one that turned my son against me! You're the one that made him befriend a dragon and betrayed his tribe!"

"Friends with a dragon," Pitch said. "No,no,no, that was all him. As for turning him against his tribe, against you, that was all thanks to you."

"Don't lie!" Stoick yells.

"I'm not lying," Pitch said as he circles Stoick. "I've seen Hiccup's past, and I have seen what a horrible parent you are."

"Not this again," Stoick said under his breath.

"You would always leave him, belittle him, and abuse him," Pitch said in a guan ting manner. "That put a small flame of hatred inside of him. I just helped brought it up to the surface. Like that old spell of shattered sight. It brought your son's darkest feeling to the surface, and exposed you for what you truly are."

"And that is?" Stoick said in a low voice.

"A fool," Pitch answers in his ear.

Stoick reacts to that by swinging his weapon at Pitch. It causes Pitch to disappear. However, Pitch's laugh echoes around the cave.

"A fool living the shadow of his wife's disappearance. You then became so focused on finding the nest that you left your son in the dust. I've lived for hundreds of years and I've never came across anyone as heartless as you since Hitler."

Stoick's anger came rising again, it was bad enough when you friends says your wrong, but when your enemy says it too. "You don't know who I am!"

"No, but Hiccup does," Pitch playfully says. "It was fun digging through that boy's mind, seeing all the people that hurt him, and abuse him. And you were the worst one chief. Did you ever look at him, or listen to him? What did he look like to you in that cell? An ant? Someone you need to beat up? And they say I'm a monster."

"I'm not a monster!" Stoick yells at him.

"Really," Pitch said appearing in front of Stoick. "I'll let you be the judge of that."

Before Stoick could do anything, Pitch sent out a tornado of shadows around the man. Everyone behind him gasp as Gobber tries to bang his axe into it.

Inside, Stoick felt cold. He looked around for any source of light. What he found instead were shadows of himself, looking at him coldly.

"What are you doing out!" The shadow spoke.

Stoick realized that that thing was using his own voice, his own words against him.

The shadows continued to taunt him.

"Every time you step outside, disaster falls."

"I have your mess to clean up."

"Why can't you be normal?"

"This is serious son! When you carry this axe, you carry all of us with you!"

"You walk like us."

"You talk like us."

"You think like us."

"No more of...this!"

As the shadows taunts get louder and louder, Stoick couldn't believe what he's hearing. This surely can't be him; he's been good to Hiccup. But the words were clear and hard as stone. Stoick recognized that those words used to come from his mouth, and he spoke to Hiccup that way.

"All these years of the worst Viking Berk has ever seen."

"I almost gave up on you."

"No," Stoick said weakly, "was I really...?" He couldn't believe he said those things to the only living family member he has. What was worst was that he realized he was never there for Hiccup, he never was the father he was supposed to be.

"You're right Mildew. The village has endured more peacefully without Hiccup running around breaking stuff. Maybe it's a good sign he's gone for now."

"As long as you are on my island, you will obey my rules,"

"He's the villain!"

"I have no son!"

Suddenly, an axe came through the tornado, slicing it away. "Stoick!" Gobber cried out as he raced to his friend.

Stoick was frozen with shock. These words hit him to the core, and were horrible. What made it more horrible was those exact words came out of his mouth, and were used against his son. In a flash, all the years replayed in his mind. All the times he would go out and leave Hiccup at home, scolding Hiccup for things he didn't do, and watch as his citizens disregard Hiccup as a heir. The worst memories that Stoick witnessed were the time Hiccup was crying in his room at night, and he did nothing to comfort him.

"Oh Odin, what have I done?" Stoick said to himself.

"Let's see," Pitch said making nightmare dust around him. "You disowned your son, your obsession with the nest drove you to a madden state, and you have pretty much led your entire village here to die."

"What are you talking about?" Gobber asked speaking for Stoick.

"Oh," Pitch said as if he's surprised. "Didn't Hiccup warn you about this place? Oh, of course not, you walked away from him without listening to him. Story of your life isn't chief? Well, I won't keep you waiting..." He disappears into a black smoke. Then a giant roar can be heard that shook the whole mountain shook. Rocks began to fall and the ground rumbles.

Stoick got back to his senses and he and Gobber ran from the cave.

"Get clear!" Stoick commands his village. They ran from the mountain in fear as a wall bursts open. Soon a giant dragon came out from the wall and roared into the sky.

"Beard of Thor, what is that?" Gobber said in fear.

Stoick looked up to see this monster came through the wall. It was bigger then any dragon he's ever seen, almost bigger then the mountain at home. It truly looked like regnarock has come, and he released it.

"Odin help us," Stoick said filled with horror.

Laughter can be heard from a top of the dragon. Pitch grabs hold on the spikes on its back and seems to enjoy the terror down below.

"If I'd knew this land was filled with such terrors, I would've come here a long time ago," he said with a sickening smile. "Let's make sure they don't escape."

The red death obeyed Pitch and began to stomp of a few Vikings. They retaliate by firing the catapults at him. But the rocks bounced of the dragon, with no effect. The red death easily stomped on one of them with very little resistance.

Stoick turned to the rest of the Vikings running for the ships. But he saw that was a bad idea; there is no way they can set sail before the dragon attacks.

"No! NO!" He shouts to stop them.

The Red death saw the Vikings heading towards the ships. It then breaths out a mile long fire breath at the ships, burning every signal one of them. The Vikings jumped into the water to avoid the burning masts crashing down. Toothless became trapped in the flames, still chained up. If fear was taken hold of the dragon, it has now. Not for his death, but to not see his friend again.

Pitch was having the time of his life, seeing everyone in fear. "Let's turn the heat up some more!" With a flock of his wrist, some other dragons came out of the cave. But they were different then the usual one, they were covered in a dark shade with very thin slits in their eyes.

Pitch signals the dragons to swoop down and attack the Vikings below. They obeyed him and wreaked terror to the Vikings.

Gobber managed to catch up to Stoick. "Smart that dragon," he said. "Course it helps to have the master of darkness up there."

Stoick payed no mind to his friend. He looked around to see all the destruction around him. All this fire, and death, none of it would happen if he listened to his son's warnings.

"I was a fool," he said to himself.

"So true..."

'That voice...' Stoick quickly turned around to see something he never thought he would see he. His son was here, Hiccup was right behind him. But something was way off. The thing behind him had Hiccup's voice and his form, but is want him. This boy was all in darkness, colour and all. It was almost like Hiccup's shadow. The worst feature was the eyes, the golden, cold eyes.

The figure smirks as it taunts Stoick. "All you had to do was listen to me, and all of this could've been avoided. But old habits die hard."

"Stop it," Stoick whispers in a plea, not wanting this kind of torture.

"Why?" It said raising an eyebrow. "After all, that's what you do best. You've stopped everything I wanted to do, and try to shape me into something like you."

The figure then changed its form, to look like Stoick.

"You wanted this," it said. "It's what you dreamed all your life. Your son out of the way, you found the dragon nest, and you led your tribe with your ambitious plan. You just charged in head first into this, not listening to anyone's concerns, especially your son. How does it feel to have no-"

The figure was cut off by Gobber's axe slicing through it.

"Listen Stoick," Gobber said pulling his friend back. "You need to snap out of it. Your people are in trouble, and are looking to you to lead. We can work out the problems later, we need to focus on the now."

Stoick shook his head before looking at the giant beast destroying the catapults, and the shadow man on top.

But there is no real way to escape, not with the boats on fire. The only option is to hope for some miracle Odin can provide. The only chance for that is to make sure his people will be safe.

He finds Spitelout and calls out an order to him. "Lead the men to the far side of the island." His brother nods, acknowledging the order and started to lead the men away from the dragon. Stoick then turns to Gobber, "go with the men."

Gobber shakes his head and follows Stoick. "I think I'll stay," he said, "just in case you're thinking of doing something crazy."

"I can by them a few minutes if I give them something to hunt," Stoick said pointing to the Red death.

Gobber grabs his hand and clenches it. "You and I can double that time."

Stoick was touched that Gobber is willing to go to Valhalla with him. It would be a great day. Stoick will pay for his mistakes and Hiccup will be safe back on Berk.

Both men charge at the Red death, with their weapons raised above their heads and yelling with mighty roars.

Pitch led the Red death to look at them, chuckling on how idiotic these two are. Don't they know that no matter what these Vikings do, there's no hope. But these two intrigued him; they both have close relationships with Hiccup. Destroying these two would crush any spirit that boy has left.

"Hmmmm," he said rubbing his chin with his fingers. "The mentor...or the father... Why not both." He smiles a grin as the Red death draws its head back to prepare barbecue them.


Suddenly a fire explosion burst on the Red death's back, almost hitting Pitch with its flames. Stoick and Gobber were not as surprised by this as Pitch was.

"What?!" Pitch said angry as he turns his head to the sky.

Flying above him was Jack Frost flying next four dragons with people on top of them. He can see a set of twins riding the Zippleback, the Scottish princess riding with a muscle kid on the Monsterous nightmare, Rapunzel and a big kid on the Gronckle, and he seemed at Hiccup riding with a girl on the Nadder.

"Ruff, Tuff, watch your backs," Hiccup orders the teens. "Move Fishlegs! Watch your balance Merida!"

Stoick looked up, surprised to see his son leading the teens... AND DRAGONS... against this beast.

"Look at us!" Tuffnut cries out with joy. "We're on a dragon! We're on dragons! All of us!"

"I think they got the idea," Jack said looking down to see every Viking almost stopping in their tracks to see the commotion in the skies.

"What the?..." Stoick mouthed, astonished at what he is seeing.

"Every bit of boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were," Gobber comments as he joins Stoick.

Stoick couldn't help but to nod his head.

Pitch however was not impressed, he growled almost like a dragon and points to the group. "Get them!" He orders his smaller dragon slaves.

Jack saw that couple of dragons heading their way and summoned a great gust of wind to blow them all off course.

"Nice one," Rapunzel comments to him.

"Thanks," he said.

Hiccup turned his attention to the Red death, seeing it whole for the first time. It was a lot bigger the anticipated. And having Pitch control the thing wasn't going to be easy to deal with. But as soon as he finds Toothless, he might be able to fight both of them.

First things first though, he has to keep both of them occupied. "Fishlegs, break it down," he said.

"Ok," Fishlegs said studying the beast. "Heavily armoured skull and tail made for bashing and crushing! Steer clear of both! Small eyes, large nostrils, relies on hearing and smell!"

"Ok," Hiccup said before giving everyone's orders. "Lout, Legs, hang in its blind spot! Make some noise, keep it confused. Ruff, Tuff, find out if it has a shot limit, make it mad!"

Ruffnut smiles, "that's my specialty."

"Since when?" Her brother asks. "Everyone knows I'm more irritating."

"Just do what I told you!" Hiccup yells. "Merida, Rapunzel, Jack, you guys can see Pitch. Keep him focused on you, he'll let go of the other dragons."

"So basically, make him mad," Jack said raising an eyebrow.

"Yep!" Hiccup answers before leading Stormfly towards the boats. "I'll be back as soon as I can!"

"Don't worry!" Rapunzel said as she and the rest of the riders charge at the dragon from behind. The red death swung its tail, causing them to drift apart from each other a bit. They flew upwards, to go along the big Guy's back, nearly hitting Pitch. He had to create a shield of shadows to drive the dragons away.

The twins went around to the Red death's head, and began to taunt it.

"Troll!" Tuffnut screams.

"Butt Elf!" His sister said.

"Bride of Grendel!" Tuffnut yells before he and his sister dodges a heavy fire breath.

Jack manages to get into the back of the beast and fires ice at Pitch. He shields it with a wall of shadows.

"Nice try Frost!" Pitch said before making shadow whips and attacking Jack.

Meanwhile, Fishlegs and Snotlout managed to guide their dragons to the Red death's eyes and started to bang away with their weapons and shields, making a clanking noise.

"Ummm, this thing doesn't have a blind spot," Fishlegs said getting scared.

"Then we make one," Merida said as she stands up on the Monsterous Nigtmare and fires an arrow into one of the eyes. The dragon reacts in pain, rearing its head to the ground.

Hiccup looked at every ship, looking for any sign of Toothless. But the smoke makes it hard to see anything. Suddenly, he heard a roar, a very familiar roar. He quickly looks to the sound, and sees his dragon stilled chained to the boat.

"There," he points to Toothless and leads the Nadder towards the position. He then switches places with Astrid and jumps down to the ship.

"Go help the others!" He orders her as he quickly goes to work to freeing Toothless.

Astrid nods and makes her way back to the battle in hand.

Hiccup pulls with all his might to get the muzzle off. "Ok bud, hold on!"

Just as Hiccup predicted, the shadows that were influencing the dragons were starting to wear off. Pitch was so focused to the fight between him and Jack; he didn't realize that his grip on the smaller dragons was disappearing.

Pitch kept whipping at Jack, who kept defending with his ice. Fear might've been believed here, but so was Jack Frost. The kids and people counting on him here were powering him.

Meanwhile, the group was having a easy time banging away on the shields. Slowly, the Red death started to show signs of effect, becoming dizzier.

"It's working?" Rapunzel said looking at the creature.

"Yes!" Fishlegs cheers, "it's working!"

But then the noise is starting to affect the dragons they're riding on, making them wince in pain.

As the Red death's head turned, it slammed right into the Monsterous Nightmare, knocking Snotlout and Merida onto the dragon's big head.

The Gronckle started to spin with dizziness.

"Uh oh," Fishlegs said in fear. "I lost power on the Gronckle."

Rapunzel held on to him for dear life. But her hands slip and she was flung off the dragon. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" She screams at the top of her lungs.

Jack quickly looked to see her falling fast to the ground. He jumped of the back of the Red Death and flew fast, and caught her just in time.

Fishlegs quickly threw his weapon to Snotlout, who just manages to catch it. The boy then unfortunately went down with the Gronckle. The dragon however managed a nice clean landing on the floor, without injuring Fishlegs.

"I'm ok!" He screams with joy.

But then the dragon flipped over, crushing Fishlegs under its body.

"Less ok," he comments.

Thinking quickly, Snotlout took Fishleg's hammer and began to bash it into the dragon's eyes.

"I can't miss," he taunts. "What's the matter buddy? Got something in your eye!"

The dragon reacts by roaring in pain.

Astrid flies over head and calls out to him, "YAY! You're the Viking!"

Snotlout looked at her stunned; that was the first nice complement she's ever given him.

Merida prepared two arrows to jab into the beast's forehead. But they bounced off like a ball to a rock. She then turned around to see Pitch alone. She races to the crown of the dragon's head and prepares an arrow for Pitch's head. She got her target right and fires the arrow. However, instead of hitting him, it went through him.

"Oh right," Merida said, completely forgetting the last time she did that.

Pitch turned around and throws a whip that tied around her bow. She pulls back to free it from Pitch's grasp. But then the Red death moved its head, also moving Merida and Snotlout to the other side of it's head. Pitch let's go of Merida's bows and allows her to fall backwards. She lost her footing and almost falls off the dragon. She luckily grabbed on to one of the coral like horns on the dragon's head. Snotlout wasn't so lucky, he accidentally let go of his weapon and is barley holding on to the dragon.

"Oh no," Rapunzel said looking at the scene. She then turns to Jack. "Put me down and go help them."

He nods as he settles her down near Fishlegs. He then zooms to find Pitch so he wouldn't attack his friends. But as he reaches the Red death, Pitch disappeared from the dragon's back.

"Wha?" Jack said out loud in confusion.

At the same time, Hiccup was having a difficult time getting Toothless out of the contraption that's trapping him.

"Don't worry bud," Hiccup said to try to comfort him. "I'll get you out."

Toothless kept roaring at Hiccup, trying to tell him to forget him and save himself. But Hiccup would hear none of that; he would rather die trying then to give up and loose his best friend.


Hiccup looked up to see Pitch near the mast of the boat.

"Get away!" He shouts at him.

"Why are you doing this Hiccup?" Pitch asked in a caring tone. "What do think this will end? You know the Vikings consider you a traitor, and a screw up. So why help them?"

Hiccup talked as he focused back to freeing Toothless. "I owe them, for what I've done. Besides, their my tribe, and my family, and I'm going to save them."

"Your family?" Pitch questions in a joking kind of manner. "Your family disowned you remember."

I'm not talking about my father," Hiccup snapped. "I'm talking about Toothless. He was there for me when I needed him, so was Jack and Merida and Rapunzel, even Astrid. They were all there for me."

"For now... But once this is over, they will see you as Hiccup the useless again. They will see you as weak, pathetic and-"

"SHUT IT!" Hiccup screams. "I have just about enough of you talking! You may have fooled me once, but it's not going to happen again. I am not alone anymore! I have friends that depend on me, just like I rely on them. They were willing to risk their lives for me, helping me break through the darkness. Now it's my turn to help them, and to make up for what I've done."

Pitch laughed historically at that comment. "You really think you can just jump in, be the hero, and everything will be sugar and rainbows in the end. The Vikings will hate you."

"Maybe," Hiccup replied. "But I have to try. Nothing will happen if I don't try. And I am certainly not leaving my friends here to die alone."

"Then by all means, die with them!" Pitch disappears in a smoke of darkness as the tail of the red death came crashing down. It broke the mast, making it gallon to the boat and slicing it through the middle. Then the dragon stomped I the water, sending a wave top siding the boat.

Toothless was still in chains and was beginning to sink to the sea floor. Seeing his friend is unable to break free, Hiccup quickly swam down, pulling the chain with all his might.

But it was a losing battle. The chain is too thick and strong, and Hiccup was quickly running out of air.

Toothless tries to push him away, knowing that Hiccup can't survive long down here. He did not want to see his friend die on his account.

But Hiccup was relentless; he was willing to die to save his friend. With one final pull, he can feel his air almost gone, and was starting to black out.

Suddenly he felt a giant pull on his shirt, and it pulled him right out of the sea. He coughed a bit, getting air back into his lungs. He looked at the sea, seeing his rescuer dive back down. He couldn't believe who saved him.


Stoick dove down to the bottom of the sea and found Toothless. At first the dragon was completely surprised to see the Viking here, and then became more surprised when Stoick broke the thing connecting him to the chains. He couldn't believe it; the Viking that tormented Hiccup and trapped him came to save him.

Stranger things have happened today.

Without needing to think about it, Toothless grabbed Stoick and flew him out of the water. He dropped him off bear Hiccup and shakes all the water off of him. He quickly saw the Red death and knew he has to end her reign, here and now.

He gestures the battle to Hiccup, and the two of them had the same idea.

"You got it bud," Hiccup nods his head and jumps on Toothless, preparing to take off and join their friends.

"Hiccup," Stoick said grabbing Hiccup's hand. Hiccup looked at his father, and not seeing his usual disproving stare or menacing glare, but a apologetic look on his face.

"I'm sorry, for everything," he said.

Hiccup was taken by this; his father actually apologized for what he's done. Could Hiccup forgive this? All the years of abuse and hatred? But then again, it was also his fault that they're here, and he lashed out his anger at him, and the fact he kept Toothless a secret. In some way, they're both to blame for everything that's gone wrong today.

"Me too," he said in his own apologetic way.

Stoick eyes the battle, then back to Hiccup, "you don't have to go up there."

Hiccup shrugs and repeats words his father usually says to him. "We're Vikings, it's an occupational hazard."

Realizing this may be the last time Stoick sees his son, he holds Hiccup's hand with both of his, and looks him in the eyes. "I'm proud to call you my son."

Hiccup's heart skipped a beat, finally hearing those words from his father. "Thanks dad," he said as he lets go of his father.

In a split second, Toothless leapt off the ground and flying fast into the sky.

Astrid turns around and sees Hiccup and Toothless cutting through the air. "He's up!" She calls out. She then races to the twins and gives off an order. "Get Snotlout outta there!"

The twins nod and race to the dragon. Snotlout sees them and races to the end of the dragon's noes and jumps onto the twin's Zippleback just in time.

"I can't believe that works," Tuffnut said.

Merida managed to pull herself back on to the dragon's head, and was soon face to face with Pitch.

"Need a little help sweetie?" He asks mockingly.

"Not from you!" Merida yells as she takes an arrow and swipes in across his chest. But it phases through him like air, again.

"When will you learn?" Pitch said as he slowly makes a scythe in his hands. "No mortal weapons can hurt me!"

"How about some ice then!"

Hearing that voice caused Pitch to turn around, but only to be knocked off the dragon by a wave of ice. He landed hard on the ground, with Rapunzel looming nearby with Fishlegs and the Gronckle. The dragon stepped on his cloak, holding him down.

"Don't even think of moving," Rapunzel said with her arms crossed.

Meanwhile up on the Red death, Jack quickly got Merida and they flew away, while Astrid and her dragon were flying away in the opposite direction. The Red death saw them and inhales to suck them in. The Nadder tries desperately to escape, but the big dragon was too strong. Astrid looked behind her and saw all the razor sharp teeth, knowing this might be the end.

All the Vikings on the ground watch in horror, but then heard a familiar sound in the air. The sound of the most feared dragon swooping down to attack.

"Night Fury!" A Viking cried out.

"Get down!" Gobber ordered the men.

But the Night fury didn't go after the Vikings; Toothless's target was the Red death's head. It hit its mark with perfect precision. But it also made the Nadder loose balance and accidentally rocked Astrid off its back.

"AHHHHHH!" She screams as she is falling to the ground. Toothless made a quick summersault and got back to save her just in the nick of time. He looked down, seeing she's safe and gave her a gummy smile. He then flips her so she is back on her feet by the time he puts her back on the ground.

Astrid looks at the two of them, praying to Odin that they will be alright. "Go..."

Hiccup looks at the Red Death before turning his attention to Jack and Merida. "Can you two and Rapunzel make sure that Pitch doesn't get involve?"

They both nod their heads.

"What are you going to do?" Merida calls out to him.

"Me and Toothless got the big guy," he said before diving down towards the beast. He knows he needs to get this dragon away from this area. It will get everyone else away from the battle, and Pitch wouldn't be near to help it.

"Ok bud, let's see if this thing can fly," Hiccup said.

Toothless got the hint, and fires a fireball at the Red Death's head. It met it's mark and made the dragon stumble and fall to the ground, shaking the ground.

Jack flies Merida down with him and met Rapunzel, looking at Pitch being held down by the Gronckle.

"Do you think this will hold me!" he roars at everyone. "Fools, I'm the boogeyman! One mere dragon can't hold me!"

Merida pulls an arrow out and points it at him, "you're the fool if you can take us all."

Jack readies his staff to fire at Pitch if need be, "if I were you, I'd stay right there."

Then the ground started to shake as the Red death starts to spread its wings. With one giant push, the dragon was up in the air and began to chase Hiccup. Pitch looks up and smiles at a perfect opportunity.

'If Jack and his friends believe they're keeping me here, they won't go up to help their precious Hiccup. He won't stand a chance against that mighty beast. '

He tries to pull away from the gronckle, making everyone around him react by glaring and point weapons at him.

'Perfect,' Pitch thinks as he smiles a wicked smile.

Hiccup looked behind him and saw the Red Death charging through the sea stacks and having its eyes set on the two of them.

"Well, it can fly," Hiccup comments as he and Toothless dodge the red Death's teeth as it snaps close to them. Hiccup needed to put as much distance between him and the big guy. So he guides Toothless to weave around the sea stacks. Unfortunately, the Red death just goes through them like a rhino, destroying everything in its path.

Hiccup need's to think of something that can give him an edge, but what. In a quick look around he sees the skies above him all dark. It's a perfect place to hide a Night fury. Then he got an idea, a plan to get rid of the Red Death, one that just might work.

He motions Toothless to go up into the clouds, "Time to Disappear!"

Toothless kinda has the idea that Hiccup was thinking of, and moves into a steep climb into the clouds above. The red Death followed them and tries to chomp them. But they easily dodged it and disappears in the clouds.

The red death roars out in frustration, using her senses to seek out her pray.

With a loud screech, toothless came flying down and blasted a hole into its wings. The red death cries out in pain as it happens. Soon Toothless came zooming out again and hitting it on the other wing. Toothless kept going and going until there were about four to five holes in each of her wings.

From the ground, the Vikings and the group could see the light coming from Toothless's plasma blasts, but it was light lightning to them.

The red death had enough and fires out her fire trail all around her.

"WATCH OUT!" Hiccup shouts as he tries to steer Toothless away from the flame. But the fire did manage to catch the makeshift tail fin Hiccup made.

Hiccup looked at it to see it burst into flames. "Ok times up," he said focusing on the battle in hand. "Let's see if this works."

He had Toothless dive in front of Red death. It got its attention with all six eyes locking angry at them.

"come on!" Hiccup shouts at it, "Is that the best you can do?"

Toothless then makes a nose dive to the ground below, with the Red death hot on their trail. Toothless flew faster than he's ever done before, just barely holding on.

Hiccup could tell that the tail is starting to fail, making Toothless slightly unbalanced. "We're good bud, just a little longer," he said trying to steady them.

They can see ground was fast approaching; soon there will be no way to escape. The Red Death saw this and sees it's the perfect opportunity to burn them. It narrows its eyes and prepare to unleash it's fire.

"Hold it Toothless," Hiccup said, listening for the gas in the dragon's mouth.

There it is!

"NOW!" Hiccup cries out.

Toothless quickly turns around and sends a plasma blast inside the Red Death's mouth, igniting the gas inside.

The Red Death hiccup the smoke as the fire is back firing inside its body. Then it quickly realized that it's heading straight towards the ground in a blazing speed. Toothless easily moved out of the way and back into the air thanks to its wings. But the Red death had holes in its own, and when it tries to spread them out, the holes became bigger.

"NO!" Pitch screams as his dragon crashed into the ground and exploded into a fiery inferno.

As the explosion reached for the sky, Toothless and Hiccup realized they'll soon be caught in it. Toothless flies high as he tries to avoid the fire and the dragon's body. But soon, the tail fin was burned off, and Toothless was losing balance. The flames were soon going to overpower them, they had to get away.

But as they flew, the tail of the Red Death was falling in their direction. Toothless flaps his wings hard to get away, but without his tail he can't move anywhere.

"No, NO!" Hiccup cries out just at the Red Death's tail crashes into him and Toothless. It knocked out Hiccup and clipped him off of his dragon.

Toothless cries to Hiccup, seeing him falling fast into the fire. He struggles to get his balance but manages to dive down towards Hiccup to try to save them.

On the ground, everyone watches in horror of the scene. They can feel the heat coming from the fire, and see two figures being swallowed by the flame.

Pitch laughed hysterically seeing this unfold. "I suppose that's one guardian down."

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