Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Hiccup's Sacrifice and Centre

Fire quickly turned ash; it spreads and drifts down to the ground. It was quiet, like the grave. The wind was still, the sun refusing to shine through the darkness, and everyone was holding their breath. They all saw the Red death fallen to its demise and exploded into a giant inferno. But what if Hiccup and Toothless? They were nowhere to be found.

No one was more worried about their location then Stoick. When the way was clear he leapt into the ash ridden fog to find his son.

Meanwhile, Jack and the others are holding Pitch in place by the Gronckle's claw. The expressions on their faces describe how they were feeling. Rapunzel was starting to get very worry, Jack was getting angry for not helping him against the giant dragon, and Merida, well she couldn't decide whether to run out to look for Hiccup, or to jam an arrow in Pitch's eyes.

"Oh, poor Hiccup," Pitch said trying to feel ashamed. "I'm going to miss that boy."

"He's not dead," Merida said with a short temper.

"I'm sure," Pitch sarcastically said with a sickening grin. "I don't think he survived his little trip. I bet he's on his way to...what was it Vikings call in the afterlife?"

Without warning Merida grabbed pitch by his cloak and pulled him close to her angry eyes. "Don't you dare..."

"Merida no," Rapunzel said putting a hand on Merida's shoulders. "He isn't worth it."

"Besides," Jack comments while not taking a eye away from Pitch. "He's already lost."

Somehow, Pitch found that comment very funny. He started to laugh will throwing his head back. "Oh really?" He said. "I lost?"

"Yeah," Jack said, "we stopped you from spreading your corruption, and Hiccup destroyed your little pet. The Vikings and dragons will no longer be living in fear or terror. And as soon as Hiccup comes back, we will deal with you."

"I don't think so," Pitch said as he slaps Merida's hand away from him. "You're forgetting the big picture Frost. I don't want to just strike fear in this sorry little time line, I want to make the guardians no more. And as long as I keep you lot here, my minions are carrying out my orders in our time. Soon the Guardians will cease to exist, and my nightmares will reign over everything."

"We will stop you," Rapunzel said very angry. "Once we're done here we are going to kick your butt."

"Really? And what about Merida's time," Pitch said with an raised eyebrow. "If I understand correctly, you need to go there to get the thing you need to stop me."

"We will go there and stop you," Merida hissed at him.

"Going to be hard with one of your company gone."

"He has survived!" Merida snapped.

"Well, you'll just have to go look for him then. But don't be disappointed when you find nothing but a body of ash." Pitch makes a tornado of shadows and it starts to circle around him.

"No!" Jack yells as he blasts a shot of ice to stop him, but it just bounces off.

"Don't worry frost," Pitch said through his darkness, "I'm sure we'll meet again. And I'll be sure to send the family of DunBroch my condolences." As he laughs, the darkness swallows him and then vanished into the air.

The others looked at that spot with disbelief, "I can't believe we let him get away like that!" Jack yells with frustration.

Rapunzel rushes to his side and places her hands on his arms to calm him down. "Don't worry; we will get him next time."

"What could he be doing in DunBroch?" Merida wonders. "There is no reason to live in fear there. No one is ever really afraid, He'll be powerless there."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Jack said. "Fear comes in all shapes and forms. He'll find something there."

"You think?" Merida said starting to become a little worried.

"Let's not worry about that now," Rapunzel said, "right now, we need to find Hiccup."

As soon as she said that, the other two nod and spread out to look for him.

Merida scanned her area for any signs of her friend, but instead she finds Stoick stumbling over the place.

"Hiccup!" He calls out desperately looking for his son to call back.

"Hiccup!" He tries again.

But still no answer.

"Son!" He shouts, not stopping the water appearing in his eyes.

Merida never saw this side of the chief, as if something was broken inside of him. Makes sense though, his son was lost somewhere in this mess.

But it also made Merida wonder if her mom is going through the same thing...


Both Merida and Stoick reacted to Rapunzel's voice and ran to that area.

When they reached it, they saw Jack and Rapunzel with sad faces. Then they saw Toothless, laying on the ground, almost motionless. His wings were folded infront of him. The saddle had no rider on it, it took some damage with scorch marks on it. Upon closer inspection, they see that tail fin and rod completely damaged and broken.

"It must've burned off during the fight," Jack concluded, but it didn't make him feel any hope. Toothless was here, but Hiccup was not.

Stoick was at a complete lost, his soul was broken in more ways than one today, but this was the deepest scar. He sank down to his knees and looked down at the ground. His son was not here, may have well been burned to ashes. It wouldn't have happened if Stoick didn't treat him the way he did, and charged in head first to battle.

He son was gone, and it was all his fault.

"Oh son," Stoick wallows in despair, "oh son. I did this..."

Rapunzel couldn't help but cry. She closed of her face in her hands, letting her tears soak them. Merida didn't fare better. Inside she was crying her heart out, but she couldn't show that. So she bows her head and refuses to look.

The rest of the Vikings finally caught up to them, but kept their distance. Gobber and Astrid pushed their way to the front, but are utterly stunned to see whys before them.

Astrid's heart almost stopped. Her face was drained with emotion. The person that made her feel again is gone, and she felt so alone. But instead of becoming stone like she normally does, she was on the verge of tears.

Every Viking either cried a tiny bit, or lowers their heads in honour. Some of the dragons that left the island came back to see the aftermath. They quickly conclude that the Night Fury and his Viking friend had slain the queen, and they were finally free. But the loss of them both weighed heavily in their hearts.

Everyone owed a lot to those two; it was because of them that their world is safe. But if everyone had more of an opened mind, they would've treated those two with the respect they deserved. Now it's too late.

Suddenly, Toothless let out a low quiet moan, and fluttered his eyes. Jack, Merida and Rapunzel are sort of happy that he is alive, but it didn't lighten their hearts to think Hiccup might be.

Stoick saw Toothless, and said something that needed to be said.

"I'm so...so sorry..."

Almost at that moment, a glow came from the tail rod.

Jack was the first one to notice this. "What's going on?"

That caught Merida's and Rapunzel's attention. They slightly look up to see magic dust moving from the rod and into the air.

It seems they are the only ones noticing this, as every Viking is still in a depressed state.

The three of them watch as the dust started to form into a physical object, a small green rock with a bronze leaf on it.

"Hiccup's stone," Merida said with her eyes wide.

The stone then flew down to in between Toothless's wings, and glows a shiny green light within them.

"Wait," Jack said with shock. "Does this mean what it means?"

"Could be," Merida said with equal shock.

When the light fades, Toothless opens his wings up to show a beat up, scared, and unconscious Hiccup in his paws. In the boy's hands was the magic stone.

Stoick immediately leaps up and picks up Hiccup in his big hands. He quickly removes his helmet to hear a small but strong heartbeat.

"He's alive," Stoick stumbles with emotion. "You brought him back alive."

Happiness erupted everywhere. The Vikings all cheered and clapped, while the dragons roared for joy. Astrid finally cried, but in a good way. As well did the other teens near her.

Rapunzel couldn't contain her smile as she nearly jumps to her feet. Merida tries to flick away any tears that might've accidentally come down, and put a smile on her face. Jack also couldn't contain the joy of the news, and nearly set the area on ice due to his emotions.

Stoick seemed to be the only one that was calm about this. But in his heart, he changed. He took his time and placed a hand on Toothless's head. "Thank you," he said quietly, "for saving my son."

As Merida look at Stoick holding Hiccup, her eyes drifted to the ground, and a puddle of blood. "What?" She said as she leans over to get a full view of Hiccup. Then she figured out where the blood was coming from.

One of Hiccup's legs from the shin down is missing.

"Oh gods," she hallowed as she quickly grabs everyone's attention. The ones near Hiccup instantly got what Merida was gasping about.

Thinking quickly, Jack made a big snow pack in his hands and placed it on the leg. The blood was quickly turning the snow red, but with his magic jack was able to keep the snow cool and white.

Stoick tore off his fur cape and ripped off a piece to use as a bandage.

"This will have to do until we can get him to the healers," Stoick said as he ties a knot in the cloth. He then surprising looked at the group before him, including Jack.

"Listen," he said with as much heart and soul as he can muster. "I am so sorry about everything I did to all of you."

The others don't really know how to take this guy. First he was planning to kill them, now he wants to make it up.

Rapunzel was the only one who stepped forward. "We can work on the apologies later," she said in a caring yet stern voice. "Right now, Hiccup needs attention."

"Your right," Stoick said lifting his boy in his arms. "But we need to get the blood to stop escaping from him."

Rapunzel smiles as she starts to unbraid her hair.

"I think I can help with that."

The Light of the warm sun reached Hiccup. It felt warm and welcoming. He moved his heavy head and flutters his eyes a bit.

He heard a faint moan, a familiar moan. Then he felt something big and wet touch the side of his head. When his vision starts to come back, he can see his reptilian friend nearby with he's eyes looking at him.

"Hey... Toothless..." Hiccup said finding strength in his vocal cords.

He then starts to get a sense of feeling through his body. His fingers start to flicker, his head swivel around a bit, and he can feel his heart beat strong in his chest.

He can hear a soft moan come from the other end of his bed, and is rather surprised to see Rapunzel almost asleep, her head curled up in her arms. Her hair was spread to every corner of his bed and on top of him.

'What exactly happened to me?' He wonders. 'The last thing I remember was that tail coming down, and everything was black...'

His thoughts were interrupted when Toothless lean in closer to lick him.

"Good to see you too," he said trying to push him away.

But the dragon was relentless; he stepped on the bed to get closer to Hiccup. Unfortunately, he stepped on Hiccup's stomach too.

Hiccup groans and winces in pain, due to how heavy Toothless is. It also woke Rapunzel up.

"What? Where?" She said looking around with drool on her face. She then spots Hiccup fully up, and rush to clean herself to look more presentable.

"Oh Hiccup!" She said in delight. "You're up, I mean you're awake, I mean you're-"

"In my house?" Hiccup said looking around his living room. This was the last place he thought he would be. And it certainly the last place he would expect to see Toothless to be.

"You're in my house?!" He said while seeing Toothless jump high and clawed his way on the rafters above. "Toothless! Don't! Oh come on!"

"You should've seen him," Rapunzel said as she sits on the bed and starts to gather her hair. "He was so worried for you; he wouldn't eat or sleep for days."

"Really," Hiccup said still eyeing his dragon. "How long was I out for?"

"About two days."

Hiccup looked up to see Merida coming down the stairs, and Jack flying down to meet them.

"You had us worried too," Jack said giving Hiccup a hard cold pat on the back.

"Easy Jack," Rapunzel warned him as she braids her hair again.

"Two days?" Hiccup repeats as Merida joins everyone around Hiccup's bed.

"Yes," she said. "Three of you include toady. It would've been more if Rapunzel didn't have her hair trick."

Hiccup was still full of questions. "So what happened? Did we win? Where did Pitch go? Is my father alright? What about-"

"Whoa, one thing at a time," Jack said. "First of all, yes we won."

"The big dragon is no more," Rapunzel chimes in while finishing her braid.

"You father is alright," Merida said as she leans in to Hiccup. "But after what Jack did to him, it will be a miracle if he would ever get warm again."

"Hey," Jack yells at her. "At least I didn't tell him off! You...what you call him... A sniffling Jackanape."

"You froze his beard solid!" Merida retaliates.

"Anyway!" Rapunzel shouts, stopping this before it gets worst. "You father and the rest of the village is fine. And so are the dragons."

"That's great," Hiccup said with a smile. "So what else has happened?" He then saw everyone looking away really nervous.

"What?" Hiccup asked to make them tell him.

"Well," Jack said shaking his hand behind his hair. "There's some good news, some bad news, some really bad news and some interesting news."

That just made Hiccup more confused. "Let's start from the top."

"Well the good news is, you have your stone!" Rapunzel said with glee.

"Really?" Hiccup said with his eyes wide open.

As proof, Merida took the stone out of her quiver and placed it in his hands. Almost in an instant, Hiccup could feel the warmth and the sense of peace coming from it.

"Where was it?" He asks everyone.

"It came out of the metal rod from Toothless's tail thing," Jack said.

"Really," Hiccup said as he studies the stone between his fingers.

"It came when you almost died," Merida said. "By the way, don't do that ever again."

"I keep no promises," he said giving the stone back to her. She quickly puts it back into her quiver and positions it back on her shoulder.

"What about the bad news?" Hiccup asks.

"Pitch got away," Jack informs him.

"That's not too bad," Hiccup shrugs. "We'll get him next time. What about the really bad news."

Everyone proceeded to once again look away, almost in shame.

"What?" Hiccup asks. The stress is almost killing him.

Rapunzel stood up and looked at him with regret. "I'm sorry Hiccup. I did the best I could, I really did..."

"What?" He asked again.

Rapunzel said nothing but eyes at his blankets, around where his feet are. Hiccup quickly removed his covers to see a horrific sight.

Instead of being a left foot, there a peg leg that went up to his shin. The top part was made of a study wood. There was a metal hook that connects it to a big medal piece that levels off as a foot.

"I guess, my hair can't replace limbs," Rapunzel said. "I'm sorry."

Hiccup looked at the others, not being said at all. Instead, he swings with legs around and plant both his foot and his new feature on the floor, getting a sense of balance between them.

Toothless finally jumps down from the rafters and looked at him apologetically. Hiccup saw it in the dragon's eyes, the feeling of guilt. What he and Toothless did, it what made Hiccup become one-footed. But it also saved his life.

He raised his hand and patted Toothless. "It's alright bud," he said. "You did what you had to. You couldn't save all of me." He then looks to the floor, eyeing Toothless's missing tail fin. "But you had to make it even didn't you."

Everyone let out a small giggle or laugh. It was amazing that Hiccup could turn a serious and heartbreak scene into a heartwarming one.

Hiccup then turned back to his friends, "and the 'interesting' news?"

"We'll have to go outside for that," Merida said. "We can go whenever you feel like your ready-"

Without a second thought, he slowly stood up from his bed.

"I didn't mean we can go now," Merida said a little worried.

"It's ok," Hiccup said trying to get his balance on his new feet. "My curious nature will kill me more then this leg."

He then signals everyone to give him space to walk on his own. The first step on his normal foot seems fine. But as he steps with his new leg, the pain overcame him. It made him fall forwards a bit. Luckily, Toothless was right there to catch him.

"Thanks bud," he said.

"Maybe you should walk with him for a bit," Jack offers his suggestion.

Hiccup nods and used Toothless to balance his walk until he got a handle on it. When everyone made it to the door, Hiccup opened it slightly, the sun almost blinding him. But then a Monstrous Nightmare comes flying close to the door, roaring at him.

Hiccup panicked a bit and slammed the door. He wasn't too sure what's going on, is his village being attacked now?

"Oh boy," he said while catching his breath.

"Look again," Merida said as she gestures Hiccup to fully open the door.

Though a little hesitant, Hiccup opened the door again. He sees the dragon right there, but he also sees his cousin Snotlout riding on it.

"Come on guys, get ready!" He cries out and he leads other Vikings riding dragons away.

"What?" Hiccup gasps as he walks through the door and sees the worlds before him.

He was back at Berk, but it was much different than before. There were dragons everywhere, and not one of them is attacking the place. They were mostly on people's roofs, around huge bowls of fish, and helping Vikings repair any broken fixtures. The Vikings didn't seem bothered by the dragons, in fact some of them are riding on the beasts. All of the dragon killing art work was taken down, and everybody seemed to get along really well.

It felt almost like a dream to Hiccup, there's no way this could be for real.

"Jack" he said. "Be honest, am I dead?"

"No, but you gave it your best shot," Jack answers. Everyone starts to head towards the village, except for Toothless. He was staying out so Hiccup can get a full glimpse of his home.

"H-how is this possible?!" Hiccup said.

"Well," Rapunzel explains. "When you were in bed, you father wanted to take your idea and run with it. Sure it wasn't easy at first, especially with this cranky old guy and his sheep."

Hiccup can guess she's talking about Mildew.

"But after telling and teaching everyone what we learned from you, people began to bond with the dragons."

"They all wanted to make a change, because of you," Merida informed.

That sparks a thought into Hiccup. How his stone showed up the way it did, and the way he made an impact to the rest of his tribe.

"I think that might be it," Hiccup said looking out to his village. "My centre...is change. I didn't conform to what my tribe thought of me, I went and try something new. It inspired people to think what they feel is right and wrong, and to go for a new experience. I guess North was right, there is more to me than meets the eye."

"That's one way to put it," Jack said with a smile.

"It turns out all Berk needed was a little of ...this," Merida said as she gestures to Hiccup's whole being.

"You just gesture to all of me," Hiccup said with a smile.

"Most of you," Merida joked as she points to the peg leg.

"Very funny," Hiccup sarcastically said, feeling better walking with his new leg.

That made the whole group start to laugh a bit. The sound of their laughter caught the attention of the nearby Vikings, who immediately dropped what they were doing.

"Hey look! It's Hiccup!" They shout in happiness.

Almost everyone Viking stopped and clapped really loud as the group walked into town. Hiccup was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. The tribe was cheering for him, being him.

Suddenly, a tiny little fairy came flying by, and lands on Jack's shoulder.

"Hey Baby tooth," he said. "Where have you been?"

She angry chirps that she was waiting for them to come back at the arena since she was flicked away. During that time, she was locked on the other side of the Terrible terror's cage and spent the couple of days avoiding being the dragon's snack.

"Sorry bout that," Jack said joke fully.

"Coming through! Make way, make way."

The group turned their heads to see Stoick making his way through the crowd, with Gobber right behind him.

The look on the chief's face was priceless; it was like he was seeing a ghost.

"Dad," Hiccup said with concern.

"Son," Stoick replied. He then races to Hiccup and picks him up in a bear hug.

Unfortunately, it was also crushing his rib bones. "Dad," he gasps. "I can't breathe."

Stoick slowly puts him down and kneels to meet him eye to eye. "I'm just so happy you're alright."

"Thanks dad," Hiccup said loading the tensing between his bones.

Then Stoick turned serious and sincere, "Hiccup, i know I said it before, but I am so sorry for everything."

Hiccup looked at his father, being strong yet broken at the same time.

"Can we start over?" The chief asked. "Would you give me another chance?"

Hiccup didn't hesitate for a second, and nods his head. He's waited so long for his father's love and respect, and now he was getting it. And it wasn't for him acting like his father, it was for being himself. And now they can live as they're supposed to be, a family.

Stoick pulls him in for another big, bone breaking hug. As he pulls away, he felt a hard jab to his arm. He turns around to see Astrid beside him, looking slightly angry.

"THAT'S for scaring me," she said.

Hiccup stuttered with his words in revelation of her punch. "What! Is it always gonna be like this? Because-"

He was cut off when she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

All the Vikings in the area aww as they see the two new love birds.

As Astrid leans away, Hiccup sheepishly smiles. "I can get used to this."

She returns his smile with one of her own.

Gobber then pushed his way through the crowd with an arm full of stuff.

"Glad to see you're awake," he said with a smile. "How do you like the leg? I added a little Hiccup flare to it. Think it will do?"

Hiccup looks down and moves his leg to get a good view of his new foot. "I may make a few tweaks, but I love it."

Gobber then hands him the stuff he carried. Hiccup can already tell that he's got a new saddle and a new tail fin for Toothless.

Speaking of Toothless, he began to charge into the village.

"Night fury!" Someone cried.

"Get down!" Another said as Toothless lept onto his shoulders. He then bounced of him and another set to land near Hiccup.

He giggles as he drops the things and pats his friend on his head. "Bud, thank you, you are amazing."

He then leans in and gives his best friend a hug. Hiccup smiles and says something that sounds like a dream from his past, that he feels he should share now.

"I had a dream

You were there

High above the clouds somewhere

Rain is falling from the sky

But it never touches you

You're way up high"

A group of Vikings nearby got a sense of melody from him, and began to play on a fiddle and several other instruments. Hiccup and Toothless like the beat and began to move their bodies and heads to it.

"No more worries

No more fears

You have made them disappear

Sadness tried to steal the show

But now it feels like many years ago"

Astrid smiles and joins in their little circle of fun and began to sing too.

"And I

I will be with you every step"

The teen Vikings were also having the sense of fun in this.

"Hey! Hey!" They scream.

"Tonight" Astrid continued.

"I found a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever"

Hiccup grabs her hand and they began to side step together

"Come fly with me," Hiccup said

Astrid smiles and sings with the other teens nearby. "oh-oh oh-oh."

"Into a fantasy" Hiccup continued

"oh-oh oh-oh."

"Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me"

Soon, everyone in the area are enjoying this show. They began to clap along with the beat.

Hiccup let's go of Astrid and gestures to his friends to come and join him, not wanting to make them feel left out.

They all shrugged and stepped right on to the dance floor.

"We can fly all day long," Jack said

"Show me the world, Sing me a song" Rapunzel chimed in

"Tell me what the future holds," Merida said with a smile.

"You and me will paint it all in gold!"

Hiccup was internally grateful for his friends staying by his side, helping him when he needed them.

"And I" he said.

I will believe your every word"

The three of them join Hiccup and the middle and preformed a synchronized dance. "Hey! Hey!" They scream

"Cause I" Hiccup continued

"I have a friend in you"

All four of them joined together for the last part.

"We'll always stay together"

"Come fly with me," Hiccup sang by himself

"oh-oh oh-oh" the other three sang

"Into a fantasy,"

"oh-oh oh-oh"

"Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me"

As everyone continued to dance and having a good time, smiles never left their faces.

"Hey!" Everyone shouts.

Just then, Stoick came forward onto the floor. Everyone stop to see him approach Hiccup, taking his big hands and placing them in Hiccup's small dainty ones.

"And I" he said.

"I will be with you every step,"

Hiccup listened to his father's words, letting each one hit his heart.


I found my son in you

And I'll keep you close forever"

Hiccup smiles as he holds his father's hands tight.

"Come fly with me" he said.

"Into a fantasy," Stoick said with a proud smile.

"Where we can be

What we're meant to be," Hiccup told him, with Toothless poking his head between them and nuzzling them.

"Be a family!" They both said together.

Soon the beat came back, and Rapunzel, Merida, Jack and the teens all sang the chorus of the song.

"Come fly with me," they sang

"oh-oh oh-oh," the other Vikings sang and danced.

"Into a fantasy"

"oh-oh oh-oh"

"Where you can be

Whoever you want to be"

Hiccup turned back to all his friends and joins in everyone on the last line.

"Come fly with me!"

Soon, a big party was formed with the village. Everyone was celebrating and having a good time. The dragons were either eating from the fish bowls, or soaring though the skies with the Vikings.

Hiccup wasted no time getting Toothless ready to fly and to test out the new gear. He loved the new tail fin and the skull drawing on it.

"Come on," Astrid said on her Nadder that she named Stormfly.

"Ready bud?" Hiccup asked as he jumps on to his friend.

He responded with his usual gummy smile.

Within seconds, both dragons took off and raced around the village on great speed.

Hiccup looked at Astrid, seeing she was loving the view and adrenaline from up high. The feeling of the wind rushing through your hair, and the force on your body, she loved it.

Hiccup was extremely happy that now everyone can share his world, especially Astrid.

Who would've thought that the girl, who wanted to kill you one day, ends up being your girlfriend the next.

Merida and Rapunzel were happy on the ground for the time being. They knew it sucks that they can't bond with a dragon of their own. But they don't really want to explain to their parents why they will have a dragon following them. Best to stay within their time line rules.

Jack on the other hand was in the sky, trying to keep a mental note of all the dragons he sees. He wants a story to tell Jamie the next time they meet. Maybe he can sneak a terror in his shirt and give it to Jamie as a gift.

But then he quickly realized that was probably a bad idea. Jamie's mom hates it when their dog scratches the couch, it would be a disaster with a fire breathing dragon. So he'll have to make do with just a story.

'Wait till the other guardians hear this though.' He thought.

After about an hour or two, the party is still going on, but it's moved to the great hall. It wasn't a fancy party like snoggletog usual is, but it was a party none the less. Stoick sat on his throne, telling Hiccup the plans to repair the village. But Hiccup's mind was on other things, and the big quest he's on.

"Dad," he said. "I can't stay and help."

"Why not?" Stoick kindly asks.

"Well," Hiccup began. "Pitch is still out there, causing trouble. He's going to attack my friend's homes, and I have to help stop him."

"But you barely woke up," Stoick said. "You're still injured, and your leg-"

"I'm getting used to it now," he said. "But Pitch won't stop spreading his darkness. He might come after here again, I can't let that happen. Besides, my friends did everything to help me, it's only fair I help them. They're counting on me, and I need to help finish this quest."

Stoick sighs before giving his verdict. "You have a point son. The man's magic is strong, and if you were chosen to help stop him, well I couldn't be prouder. But I will ask if you rest tonight and gather your strength. You're gonna need it."

Hiccup smiles as he thanks his dad. He turns around to leave and join his friends.

"Oh, and Hiccup!"

Hiccup turned back to see his father smiling at him.

"Welcome home, son."

Hiccup smiles back, sensing those words true meanings now. For 14 years he's lived on this island, but now it truly feels like home. He has friends and family and now a home, Berk is pretty much perfect now.

With that in mind He rushes to where his friends are sitting with Toothless. The girls were just eating some food while saving a plate for him. Jack just leans against the wall, playing with some snowflakes in his hands.

"Well, my dad gave us his blessing," he told them as he takes a seat. "But we have to rest tonight so we can be ready to go tomorrow."

"Sounds fair," Rapunzel said eating a leg of yak.

"So we'll be off to DunBroch," Jack said making some more snowflakes for the kids playing a little aways from him.

"Yeah," Merida said looking down at her mug. There was defiantly mixed emotions swirled in her. She'll be going home; she'll see her family again. But at the same time, there're the lords that will be pushing for a marriage. And what did they do with her gone of about a week and a half. What happened in her kingdom in that time?

"Are you ok?" Rapunzel asked, sensing Merida's concern.

She snaps back to reality to look at her friends. "It's nothing," she said. "Just don't know what to expect."

Rapunzel smiles as she grabs hold of Merida's hand, "whatever's going to happen, we'll get through it together."

The boys nod in agreement, making Merida feeling slightly better.

Then Toothless came into view, licking Merida's face.

She giggles as she pushes him slightly away. "Thanks toothless."

"It's too bad he can't come with us," Jack said while twirling his staff. "It would be cool to have a dragon on our team."

Hiccup looked at Jack as if he's nuts. "Ummm, you're forgetting Jack, he's coming with us."

"Really?!" Rapunzel said in surprise.

Hiccup nods and shows off his dragon ring. "Emily said as soon as we found each other, toothless can come on this journey with us."

"That's amazing!" Rapunzel shouts with glee.

"Yeah," Jack agrees. "This is going to be way more fun."

Merida nods as she drinks from her mug. "Let's toast to our new companion, and to one step closer to defeat Pitch!" She said as she raises her mug.

Hiccup and Rapunzel grab their mugs, while Jack makes a mocked one out of thick ice.

"Yeah!" They cheer as they clank their mugs together. Feeling ready to face whatever comes at them now.


Into a fantasy by alexander rybak

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