Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons


"Oh where could he be? "

Rapunzel was looking for Pascal for about 5 minutes now. She checks the cupboards, the selves and her bedroom. They've been playing hide and go seek twenty one times now, and are now familiar with each other's hiding spots. It's boring sure, but what else are you supposed to do in a one room tower.

She heard him chuckle outside the window. She rushes to the window and opens it fast. She can see her scaly little friend at the corner of the strawberry pot, even with his skin matching the pot.

" Well, I guess if Pascal isn't here. "She played in an unsure melody as she readies her hair. As soon as she hears a chuckle, she whips her hair and grabs him by the tail. "Gotcha!" Pascal screamed in surprise as he changed his skin back to green.

Rapunzel giggles as she lowers him down to her window balcony. "So that's twenty two for me, how about twenty three out of forty five?"

Pascal gave her a look of boredom. Obvious, He was done with the game.

"Okay, what do you want to do then?" they have done a lot today. Painting, reading, knitting, chess, etc. what else is there to do? Pascal simply pointed to the ground outside.

"Yea, I don't think so." She said really cheerful, though nothing would make her happier then to touch the ground. She's been stuck at the top of a tall tower all her life, with only one window and no doors. She looks down at the ground and wonders what the touch of grass feels like, but then remembers why she must stay. "It's not so bad in here. " She turns to Pascal and lifts him in her hand. "Besides maybe soon I can go."

Soon it will be her birthday, another year older. In the stories she's read, most girls would wish for a prince, a castle, or horse to ride on towards the sunset. For Rapunzel, she biggest wish is to see the lights that shine in the night, only on her birthday. She knows those lights must mean something, but wants to see them up close to out why. But she is stopped every time by her mother. Rapunzel knows her mother wants what's best for her, and wants to protect her. But it's time for her to explore the world instead of reading about it.

She looks around her room, looking at all the pictures she drew on the walls. Most are scenes from her favorite stories, or just the outside woods and sunsets. But her prized one was her looking from a cliff's edge and seeing the lights in the distance. "Maybe soon, my life will begin," she said to herself with a half a smile.


A woman's cry came from outside the tower. Rapunzel recognize her mother's voice. It was now or never to ask her. She puts Pascal down on a small table and readies her hair. "Oh Kay." She said under her breath. "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna ask her."

Pascal puffs up his chest, telling her to be brave before he disappears into the environment.


Rapunzel takes a big breath and she goes to the window. She looks down to see her mother in her usual red dress and black cape. Rapunzel grabbed a big chunk of her hair and puts it on a hook. She lets it fall to the ground, and her mother.

"Rapunzel, I'm not getting any younger." Her mother said with a hint of mocking. Soon the hair reaches her, she holds on to it and makes a hook for her foot. When she was all set, Rapunzel pulls her up.

Her mother was pretty heavy, but Rapunzel is used to her weight and thanks to a hook on the window sill, there's not too much stress on her head. As soon as her mom is up and enters the room, Rapunzel gives her a big hug, "welcome home mother."

Gothel returns the hug, "Thank you darling, you must be exhausting after that, I know I am." She said with a hint of mockery.

Rapunzel giggles a bit, trying not to take in that little tease. Gothel walks to put her cloak on a hook, and then looks in a nearby mirror. "Rapunzel come here." She said reaching for her daughter. When she grabbed her, Gothel pulls her in to a half hug. "Do you know what I see dear?"

Rapunzel thought long and hard, but just sees the two of them in the mirror.

"I see a strong, young, confident young woman." Gothel said with pride. Rapunzel sigh at her mother's words.

"Oh look you're here too." Gothel joked. Rapunzel tries not to take it too hard, but some days are hard.

Upon seeing her daughter almost upset, Gothel quickly changed her manor. "You know I'm only joking sweetie," she said pinching Rapunzel's cheek. "You're a dear."

She then goes and takes a seat on a comfy chair, while Rapunzel knees before her with a smile on her face.

"Could you sing for me?" her mother asks as she grabs a nice brush.

They do this every time they get together. Her mom brushes her hair as she sings and old melody. The song causes her hair to glow a golden yellow. The power of it is mysterious and wondrous. Not only will it heal cuts or bruises, but it will even make old age disappear. As she sings her mother's wrinkles and grey hair disappear into beautiful skin and long, silky, curly black hair. After the hair stopped glowing, her mother looked at her with a warm smile, but she notices Rapunzel's smile was bigger than hers.

"Aright, you're excited by something. What is it?" she asks.

" Well," Rapunzel respond nervously, "I'm just excited, in a few days it'll be my birthday. "

Gothel puts her hand on her forehead and shock her head, "No,no,no, it can't be. I distinctly remember your birthday was last year. "

"Well that's thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing." Rapunzel said with a half-smile. "Anyway the thing I really want for my birthday is ...well... What I ask every year...and well..."

Gothel got up and lean to Rapunzel, "Please stop with the mumbling, you know I don't like it. blah,blah,blah, it gets annoying." Realizing her tone was turning harsh, she puts on a pleasant face. "You know I'm only kidding, come on tell me darling. "

"Well," Rapunzel said as she took a deep breath, "I want to see the lights this year. "

Gothel look at her with a puzzle look, "what?"

Rapunzel took another deep breath as she points to a painting on her wall of the lights. "I want to see the lights. "

Gothel looks at the painting then at her. Than laughs it off as she goes to the window. "You mean the stars right. "

"No! I've charted stars and they're always constant. But these, they appear every year on my birthday, mother , ONLY on my birthday. And I can't help but feel like they're ...they're meant for me." Her face than change to one of a hope, and pity. " I need to see them, mother, and not just from my window. In person. I have to know what they are. "

Gothel just smiles and closes the window.

"You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel...!

Look at you, as fragile as a flower

Still a little sapling, just a sprout

You know why we stay up in this tower"

"I know but..." Rapunzel began before gothel shuts her out, while stroking Rapunzel's hair.

"That's right, to keep you safe and sound, dear"

Gothel continues to shut every window and cracks until the room was completely dark.

"Guess I always knew this day was coming

Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest

Soon, but not yet"

"But "


Trust me, pet

Mother knows best"

As soon as the room was dark Rapunzel light a candle so she could see. But gothel keeps creeping up behind her holding various scary things.

"Mother knows best

Listen to your mother

It's a scary world out there

Mother knows best

One way or another

Something will go wrong, I swear

Ruffians, thugs

Poison ivy, quicksand

Cannibals and snakes

The plague"



"But "

"Also large bugs

Men with pointy teeth, and

Stop, no more, you'll just upset me

Mother's right here

Mother will protect you

Darling, here's what I suggest

Skip the drama

Stay with mama

Mama knows best"

Rapunzel became pretty scared, and tries to relight the room. But Gothel just puts out the flames and continues to stalk her daughter.

"Mother knows best

Take it from your mumsy

On your own, you won't survive

Sloppy, underdressed

Immature, clumsy

Please, they'll eat you up alive"

She then pushes Rapunzel to her mirror and goes behind it, revealing Rapunzel's look. She then pushes Rapunzel around like a rag doll, constantly daunting her.

"Gullible, naÎve

Positively grubby

Ditzy and a bit, well, hmm vague

Plus, I believe

Gettin' kinda chubby

I'm just saying 'cause I wuv you"

At this point Rapunzel was left in the dark and is frighten for her life.

"Mother understands

Mother's here to help you

All I have is one request"

A spot light shines on gothel holding her arms out. Rapunzel breathes a sigh of relief and runs to her mother, giving her a big hug.

Gothel returns the hug. "Rapunzel?"

Rapunzel looks at her. "Yes?"

Gothel looks down at her daughter with a serious look and tone "Don't ever ask to leave this tower again."

Rapunzel looks with sadness and understanding, "Yes, Mother. "

Gothel's face change to soft and caring as she streaks down Rapunzel's hair. "I love you very much, dear. "

Rapunzel returns the care. "I love you more."

Mother Gothel smiles the sweetest smile. "I love you most". She said as she gives Rapunzel a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't forget it

You'll regret it

Mother knows best"

Rapunzel and her mother spent the rest of the afternoon cooking dinner and playing a game of chess. Not once did they speak of leaving, Rapunzel's birthday, or the lights. When the sun began to set, Rapunzel sang her song one more time, and then helps her mother to the window. As she readies her hair, gothel gave her enough food to last to tomorrow afternoon. Within a few minutes Rapunzel was lowering her mother to the ground.

She watches as Gothel made her way to the forest near the tower. As gothel was about to leave, she look up at her daughter and waves her goodbye. "I'll be back tomorrow, my flower. "

Rapunzel look on and wave her mom goodbye. "I'll be here." she said with love. As her mom disappears into the forest, Rapunzel lifts her hair up with sadness. She is certain her mom was right. If she was out there, people will only want her hair, but staying in one place didn't help her loneliness. Pascal reappears with a disappointment on his face. She knew why he looks at her like that, she didn't stand up to what her wish is. But with the protection here, why should she leave?

"I've got my mother's love

I shouldn't ask for more

I've got so many things

I should be thankful for

Yes, I have everything - except, I guess, a door"

She looked down; trying to convince herself it was for the best. But it wasn't working.

"Perhaps it's better that I stay in"

Then all of a sudden, something fell from the ceiling. Rapunzel looks up to see a speck of small white dust floating towards her. It touched her nose with a cold sting. Soon more began to fall all around her room. As she wonders how all this white dust could be falling down, a cold snowball hits her in the face. As she dusts off the snow off her face, some blue dust sparkle in her eyes. It was strange, but Her eyes adjusted to see a boy with a blue shirt, white hair and holding a brown stick materialized in front of her. He then spoke softly to her.

"But tell me... when will your life begin?"

Rapunzel looks at him with horror in her eyes, ' how did he get in? How did he get passed mother? What's he going to do with me? ' a million questions raced through her mind. He just puts his hands out with caution.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't worry. "He said." I'm not going to hurt you. "

She was still scared by this stranger, but tries to summon her courage. "Who are you? How did you get in here? Why are you here? How- "

"Take it easy. " He said interrupting her. "My name is Jack. Jack Frost. And I flew in to look for you."

"Flew in?" she questions.

He then summons a huge gust of wind that scatters snow and her hair. He uses the wind to lift himself to her ceiling. She became amazed, but soon, that amazement turns to horror.

"How did you do that?!" She said in horror.

He sinks down and spoke again when his feet touched the ground. "I was born with the ability to do it."

"So," she said become curious. "You're like me?"

"In a way." He said. "Now I need you to come with me."

She became started by this and took a step back. "Why?"

Jack shook his head and sighs. "Because I need your help. Now are you coming or am I gonna just take you."

She instantly felt like a child, being attack by a monster. Her knees began to shake, and her breathing became erratic. "MOTHER! " she rushes to the window yelling at the top of her lungs. "MOTHER!"

Jack became very worry. "Well, that could've gone better." He said under his breath. Leaving no choice, he lifts his staff and shoots out a shot of ice that covered her mouth.

Rapunzel tries with all her might to get it off. Jack quickly makes a big sack out of ice and puts Rapunzel in, along with all of her hair. Pascal, who wasn't happy with what he sees, jumps on Jack's head. But Jack quickly shoves him off and puts him in a nearby vase.

"Sorry about this. " Jack said with a bit of guilt in his voice. "But it has to be done. "

With that, he took out a snow globe from his sweater pouch, and burst it open. He and Rapunzel then travel through, leaving Pascal behind in the dark.


Mother knows best and when will my life begin, both by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater from Tangled

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